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Hear What Shivam Mishra, Nand Kishore, & Biswajit Mondal, the Standout Winners in IndiaPlays Micro Poker League, Had to Say About the Series

Hear What Shivam Mishra, Nand Kishore, & Biswajit Mondal
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  • Namita Ghosh April 4, 2023
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Fast-growing online poker site, IndiaPlays, hosted the first-ever IndiaPlays Micro Poker League (IMPL) – an exciting 24-day tournament festival catering specifically to the micro to low-stakes grinder – from March 10 to April 2.

The IMPL was an absolute blast for the upcoming players, offering them a well-rounded schedule of 71 affordably priced tournaments and a juicy ₹35 Lakhs in guaranteed prize money.

With so much value up for grabs, many players locked in hefty profits but headlining the winner’s list were Shivam Mishra, Nand Kishore, and Biswajit Mondal.

IndiaPlays reached out to them, and they came out with rave reviews of the tournament series. Here is what each of them had to say.


Shivam Mishra, AKA Mformaut (Total Winnings – ₹2,71,340)

Shivam Mishra, aka ‘Mformaut,’ had an exhilarating ride in IndiaPlays’ IMPL, banking ₹2,71,340 in the series. Recapping his IMPL run, Mishra revealed that there are many gaming applications, but he prefers IndiaPlays most of all.

Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra


I have played every tournament in the IMPL series, and I find playing on the site very easy,”

Mishra added that he has won close to ₹5 Lakhs on IndiaPlays. He pointed out that the site’s money withdrawal and deposit mechanism is also quite good, supported by solid customer service. “IndiaPlays’ customer service is the best, awesome.”

The gaming enthusiast feels that if you play well, you get fewer bad beats, emphasizing once again that he had had the best gaming experience on IndiaPlays.

*Some of his statements have been translated from Hindi


Nand Kishore AKA Baazigar11 (Total Winnings – ₹1,42,501)

Playing under the moniker ‘Baazigar11,’ Nand Kishore thrashed out ₹1,42,501 in winnings across the IMPL, though his primary focus was on the Main Event.

Kishore said about his strategy through the series, “I’m a mid-stakes tournament player, so I separated all tournaments with GTDs over 100K, among which my main focus was on the Main Event. The preparation paid off and gave me one of my biggest winnings, which sums up my total winnings in IMPL at around 150K.”

Nand Kishore
Nand Kishore


He commented on IndiaPlays’ MTT offerings, “Bounty tournaments are the best in IndiaPlays. Although there were few bounty tournaments with big GTDs, bounty tournaments and a huge GTD Main Event caught my attention when the schedule of IMPL was released. I had fun. I will request IndiaPlays to keep organizing these events on a regular basis!”

He outlined his near-term and long-term poker goals, “My main focus is on increasing my poker skill and bankroll to crush the mid-to-high stakes. In the high time frame, I envision myself challenging and playing at the highest stakes possible among some of the best players.”

One of the top winners at the IMPL, Kishore, was all praises for the site and how it encourages recreational and micro-stakes players looking to build their bankroll.

Games are evolving daily. There are players who are crushing it off the table, whether it’s in the field of poker study or discipline. Today, we need to have an extra edge if we want to be a winning player in the long run, like game awareness and bankroll management. Indiaplays has one of the softest player fields in the Indian circuit, with good GTD tournaments. All we need is consistency and discipline from our side.”


Biswajit Mondal AKA Biswajit7001 (Total winnings – ₹48,250)

Biswajit Mondal, who plays as ‘Biswajit7001’ on IndiaPlays, had recorded winnings of ₹48,250 at the IMPL.

Fresh from the IMPL ride, Mondal recalled, “I like to play PLO5 and PLO6 as I learned that IndiaPlays has started IMPL with multiple small and big GTD tournaments. I registered myself for most of the Bounty Tourneys. Bounty tourneys are the best.”

Biswajit Mondal
Biswajit Mondal


He added, “I had an amazing time during this IMPL series on IndiaPlays as I enjoyed a lot and also earned (cashed) most of the tourneys, and I wish IndiaPlays to come up with this multiple tourneys every month.”

Mondal began playing IMPL tournaments in March, grinding through most of the schedule. “I started playing IMPL tournaments in March and played most of the tourneys, and I won around ₹70,000 in the series.”

Besides tournaments, Mondal likes to play cash tables and usually grinds on the mid and high-stakes tables. And like Nand Kishore, he has his eyes set on higher goals in poker, “I would like to play poker professionally and compete with all the best players.”

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