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The Trending Six Plus Hold ‘em Variant Likely to Launch on PokerStars
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  • PG News August 31, 2018
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PokerStars has been surprisingly swift in introducing new gaming thrills on the PokerStars client this year. Close in the heels on its earlier launches, Split Hold ‘em and Showtime Hold ‘em, the gaming giant now looks poised to launch another new Hold ‘em variant – ‘Six Plus Hold ‘em’.

Also known as short deck poker or ‘six-plus puke’, the game adds to the classic Texas Hold ‘em in a brand new way. It is played with a 36-card deck with deuces through fives removed and a few rule changes. For instance, flushes beat full houses and aces can play both as the highest card and as a five to complete a nine-high straight.

The latest update to the PokerStars client includes new graphic files containing the logo of Asian Gaming, hinting that a partnership of sorts may be in the offing between PokerStars and Asian Gaming for launching the game.

The short deck poker variant originated on the cash tables in Macau in 2015 and over the last few years it has gained a lot of traction, particularly since the format has the unstinting support of two top players, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, who appeared together in an Asian Gaming Fans YouTube video in June 2015 for the same.

Ivey also promotes the idea of luck combined with strategy, that comes into play in this format of poker. “It’s still poker, so you have to be patient when you need to be patient and be aggressive when you need to be,” Ivey has stated earlier, talking about the short deck format.

The shortened deck increases the chances of certain hands. The probability of being dealt strong cards are higher and the odds of being dealt pocket aces are double, while that of completing a straight, increases from 31% to 48%, leading to more action and bigger pots.

Its noteworthy that Connective Games was one of the first adaptors of Texas 6+ and introduced the variant in the international market. Russia facing online poker operator PokerDom was one of the first sites to introduce the game in 2015.

While the format is fairly popular in the card rooms of UK including the Aspers casino, the Triton Montenegro and Triton Jeju series this year also saw the format being introduced in several tournaments.

PokerStars has clearly identified the growing popularity of the game and if the latest upgrades on the PokerStars client are anything to go by, poker enthusiasts may soon get the chance to play Six Plus Hold’em on PokerStars.

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