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Get Ranked on BLITZPOKER’s Daily Premier Leaderboard to Win From ₹1 Lakh in Prizes Daily! (April 4 – 30)

BLITZPOKER Daily Premier Leaderboard
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  • Namita Ghosh April 4, 2022
  • 2 Minutes Read

BLITZPOKER – a part of Quadnet Poker Network – is bustling with promotions. Be it flagship tournaments like IOPC, UVS, the FTS, or cash game offers, site users have experienced the thrills of the best-in-the-industry promotions. And running alongside the biggest-ever The Millionaire Serie is a fantastic cash-game-centric offer that packs quite a punch.

BLITZPOKER’s April promotion – Daily Premier Leaderboard – has been curated especially for the low-stakes cash game players. The Daily Premier Leaderboard went live on April 4 and will run through April 30, making for a total giveaway worth ₹27 Lakhs!

Play your favorite cash games from the ₹1/₹2 to ₹5/₹10 stakes to get ranked on the ₹35K Holdem Leaderboard, 55K PLO Leaderboard, and the ₹10K OFC Leaderboard. Fifty players stand a chance to win from ₹1 Lakh in Game Bonus daily!

Let us find out more about how the Leaderboards work.


The Daily Premier Leaderboard

The Daily Premier Leaderboard is a straightforward leaderboard race! Any player putting in volume at the ₹1/₹2, ₹2/₹5, and ₹5/₹10 NLHE and PLO cash table or playing OFC games is automatically credited leaderboard points based on the number of hands they play.

All you have to do is hit the cash game tables on BLITZPOKER, and if you make the cut, Daily Premier Leaderboard Game Bonus gets credited to your BLITZPOKER account at 6 AM the next day.

There are no fixed payouts, and prizes are proportionate to the points you collect. Hence, the more you play – the more you can win!

The top-20 ranked players on the NLHE and PLO leaderboards qualify for the daily prizes. For OFC players, the ranking is done on a Point Score ranging from 1 to 5, and the top 10-ranked players will get a share of the daily prizes.

Here is a more detailed look at the three different leaderboards.


₹55K PLO Leaderboard

Anyone playing PLO cash games at the ₹1/₹2, ₹2/₹5, and ₹5/₹10 stakes stands a chance to win from ₹55,000 in Game Bonus daily. The PLO leaderboard will award the top-20 ranked players prizes each day.

StakesLB Points/ HandDaily PrizeDaily Winners
1/21₹55,000Top 20
2/52₹55,000Top 20
5/103₹55,000Top 20


₹35K NLHE Leaderboard

Open to NLHE cash game players at the ₹1/₹2, ₹2/₹5, and ₹5/₹10 stakes, the top 20 ranked players get a share of the ₹35,000 Game Bonus daily.

StakesLB Points/ HandDaily PrizeDaily Winners
1/21₹35,000Top 20
2/52₹35,000Top 20
5/103₹35,000Top 20


₹10K OFC Leaderboard

Players on the OFC tables will be ranked on a points score system, and ₹10,000 in Game Bonus will be distributed among the top 10-ranked players daily.

StakesLB Points/ HandDaily PrizeDaily Winners
11₹10,000Top 10
22₹10,000Top 10
53₹10,000Top 10

NOTE: All prizes will be credited as Game Bonus, and only raked hands will be considered for the promotion.

If you’re a low-stakes cash game player hunting for value, BLITZPOKER`s Daily Premier Leaderboard offers you an enticing ₹1 Lakh daily across the different poker variants.


Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from BLITZPOKER!

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