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This Week in Poker: August 4 – 10

This Week in Poker: August 4 – 10
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  • Namita Ghosh August 12, 2021
  • 5 Minutes Read

In the PokerGuru feature ‘This Week in Poker,’ we bring you the weekly roundup of the most significant online scores by Indian MTT players and the top stories from both the live and online poker circuit. Here are this week’s top stories!

This past week again brought on abundant action for online MTT players with the WPT Online India series on Adda52 and PokerBaazi`s APT Online India series setting the virtual felts ablaze. The APT Online India series powered down on Sunday, and it is none other than the series’ Super High Roller champion Rajat Sharma who sits on top of the weekly charts with over ₹25 Lakhs in total winnings. The former banked is also our “PokerGuru Star of the Week!”

Young Gun Arsh Grover etched his name in the history books as a two-time ‘The Millionaire’ champion. The 25-year-old poker phenom joined an elite club of players comprising Sriharsha Doddapaneni, Manish Lakhotia, Manoj Pentakota, Yudhishter Jaswal, among others, as he bagged his second The Millionaire title on Sunday for ₹17.78 Lakhs. He wrapped up the week with ₹24.68 Lakhs in total earnings.

PokerGuru Ambassadors Mithun Mahesh, Vishal Bajaj, Ankit Wadhawan, Laksh Pal Singh, and Ashish Ahuja, along with Young Guns Kanchan Sharma and Neel Joshi, and Anant Purohit, Ankit Modi, APT Main Event champion Subhayan Das, Rising Star Ritwik Khanna, and Chirag Sodha featured among the other top scorers of the week.

While the WPT Online India series has been dominating the attention of the MTT regs, Spartan Poker’s Ultimate Value Series (UVS) has also been pulling in the low-to-mid stakes crowd. Kicking off on August 9, the series is slated to run till August 15 and promises over ₹1 Crore in guaranteed prizes.

Picking up the pace from the UVS series will be PokerDangal’s Dangal Value Series (DVS) that runs from August 15 to 22. With ₹35 Lakhs in prize pool guarantees on offer, the series also promises ₹5 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes.

The GGPoker/Natural8-leg of the 2021 WSOP Online Series is on the verge of completing two weeks, and seven WSOP bracelets have been awarded at the series so far.


Online Railbird Report

The two-time Millionaire champion Rajat Sharma was on a roll this week. On Friday, Sharma trounced a 166-strong field in the ₹80 Lakhs GTD APT #35 Super High Roller to bag his career-first APT title and a hefty ₹20.64 Lakhs. Sharma also FT-ed the APT #49 Main Event, in all earning over ₹25 Lakhs. His trailblazing run makes him the week`s top performer and also our PokerGuru Star of the Week!”

Rajat Sharma
Rajat Sharma


His top finishes include:

> 1st in the APT#35 Super Highroller ₹80 Lakhs GTD for ₹20.64 Lakhs

> 8th in APT#49 Main Event ₹1 Crore GTD for ₹1.75 Lakhs

Young Gun Arsh Grover is hot on Sharma’s trail and collected ₹24.68 Lakhs over the week. Grover was Sunday’s biggest winner, as he took down Spartan Poker`s flagship ‘The Millionaire’ for a cumulative ₹17.78 Lakhs, becoming the seventh player in history to clinch the tournament for a second time!

Arsh Grover
Arsh Grover


His top finishes include:

> 1st in The Millionaire ₹1 Crore GTD for ₹17.78 Lakhs (Cumulative)

> 1st in Monster Stack ₹8 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.76 Lakhs

> 9th in APT#22 Championship Event ₹50 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.21 Lakhs

PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun Mahesh picked up two title wins and ran deep in the WPT Gladiator, in all fattening his online bankroll by ₹23.26 Lakhs. Mahesh hit the Thursday headlines after winning his first APT trophy in the APT #29 Highroller on PokerBaazi for a site-best ₹16.57 Lakhs.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh


His top finishes include:

> 1st in APT#29 Highroller ₹75 Lakhs GTD for ₹16.57 Lakhs

> 3rd in WPT Gladiator ₹30 Lakhs GTD for ₹2.98 Lakhs

> 1st in Mukkamaar ₹9 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.73 Lakhs

The Young Gun’s were a force to be reckoned with this past week as three of them delivered stunning performances. The 2020 leaderboard topper Gaurav Sood added a whopping ₹19.28 Lakhs to his name, primarily on the back of his victory run in the APT #22 Championship Event for ₹12.06 Lakhs.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


Another Young Gun, Kanchan Sharma, pulled scores worth ₹18.26 Lakhs, headlined by her winning the Destiny for ₹7.02 Lakhs. Sharma also placed third in The Millionaire for ₹6.85 Lakhs.

Kanchan Sharma
Kanchan Sharma


Fellow Young Gun Neel Joshi earned over ₹18.13 Lakhs, much of which he pocketed in the WPT India Mini Highroller that he won for ₹16.47 Lakhs.

Neel Joshi
Neel Joshi


PokerGuru Ambassadors Vishal Bajaj, Ankit Wadhawan, Laksh Pal Singh, Ashish Ahuja, Anant Purohit, Ankit Modi, Subhayan Das, Rising Star Ritwik Khanna, and Chirag Sodha were the other top scorers of the week.

Notable Winners of the Week

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Rajat ‘LungFakeer’ Sharma₹20.64 LakhsAPT #35 Super Highroller ₹80 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Arsh 'BigggTymeR' Grover₹17.78 LakhsThe Millionaire ₹1 Crore GTDSpartan Poker
Mithun 'thepokeraja' Mahesh₹16.56 Lakhs APT#29 Highroller ₹75 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Neel ‘neeljoshi23’ Joshi₹16.47 LakhsWPT India Mini Highroller ₹60 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Subhayan ‘arjun100’ Das₹15.16 LakhsAPT#49 Main Event ₹1 Crore GTDPokerBaazi
Gaurav 'gaug17' Sood₹12.06 LakhsAPT#22 Championship Event ₹50 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Paawan 'ukissmyace' Bansal₹9.97 LakhsAPT#23 Mini Main ₹50 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
TejuHel₹8.02 LakhsSunday Superstack ₹40 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
happyfish₹7.94 LakhsWPT Superstack Classic ₹30 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja₹7.65 LakhsWPT Gladiator ₹30 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Kanchan ‘Midge Maisel'
₹7.02 LakhsDestiny ₹23 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Sukriti ‘Jason Koon’ Dembla₹7.02 LakhsThe Elite ₹30 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Yudhishter ‘McFly’ Jaswal₹6.49 LakhsThe Big Deal ₹30 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna ₹5.51 LakhsWPT Tuesday Feature 8-Max ₹22.50 Lakhs GTDAdda52
ashadcrkm₹4.52 LakhsWPT Bounty Classic PKO ₹15 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Sriharsha 'ivey2' Doddapaneni₹4.42 LakhsWPT Deepstack ₹17 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Gokul 'The Greek Freak' Raj₹4.32 LakhsTrending Thursday ₹21 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Ashish 'rocky3705' Ahuja₹3.95 LakhsWPT 3000 ₹15 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Ankit 'd00mtr00p3r' Wadhawan₹3.85 LakhsWPT Wednesday Rush ₹20 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Dhiraj 'supernuts' Lakhotia₹3.75 LakhsWPT Monday Feature 6-Max ₹15 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Debneil "ChhotaDon" Mukherjee₹3.26 LakhsMega Stack Millionaire Bubble ₹16.50 Lakhs GTD
Spartan Poker
Nitin 'philhermouth' Arora₹3.18 LakhsAPT#30 DST ₹15 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Sreekanth ‘n0thing’ Narayan₹3.06 LakhsAPT#48 BIG KO ₹15 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Kamal ‘kamalpunjabi’ Punjabi₹3.01 LakhsSunday Special – Progressive KO ₹15 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
TheTamizhDurrr₹2.96 LakhsAPT#25 6-Max Turbo ₹15 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Mohammad ‘Bund_Blaster’ Azhar₹2.76 LakhsSunday Highroller ₹12 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Anmol ‘freakweird0’ Agarwal₹2.72 LakhsAPT#50 Megastack ₹12 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Vishal ‘darky012’ Ojha₹2.62 LakhsWPT Monster Turbo ₹10 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Atishay 'nutscracker' Samuel₹2.38 LakhsThe Endeavour ₹12 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Ritwik ‘Ritwikkhanna’ Khanna₹2.34 LakhsAPT #38 (6-Max) Turbo ₹12 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Akshay ‘LalaSaab’ Kapoor₹2.19 LakhsHighroller ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Smikijoejr₹2.10 LakhsAPT#27 Monsterstack ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
SatyenTrehan₹2.04 LakhsAPT#47 Monsterstack ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Rajesh 'rajesh_asi' Kumar Shukla₹1.98 LakhsWPT Lazy Sunday ₹8 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Ravindra ‘wormhole’ Arikeri₹1.98 LakhsWPT Mini 6-Max ₹8 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Randeep ‘randysingh’ Lather₹1.97 LakhsAPT#51 Afterparty ₹8 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Rakesh 'rockynockals' Kalla₹1.84 LakhsFuturistic ₹9.5 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Tanmay ‘Truman’ Benara₹1.87 LakhsAPT #36 Freezeout ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Arsh 'BigggTymeR' Grover₹1.76 LakhsMonster Stack ₹8 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Harshad ‘omglukbox’ Barve₹1.69 LakhsReCharge ₹8 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Pratibh 'pratibhsaluja' Saluja₹1.66 LakhsThe Big Show ₹7.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
g.sharma04₹1.52 LakhsUppercut MAGIC Edition ₹7 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
FuckedUpLife₹1.50 LakhsWPT Moonlight ₹6 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Chirag ‘miyagi’ Sodha₹1.45 LakhsAPT #32 (6-Max) ₹8 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Yash 'scylla' Jain₹1.43 LakhsAPT#24 SuperStack ₹7 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Sanjay ‘Raskolnikov’ Chauudhury₹1.36 LakhsAPT#46 Hyper (5-Max) Turbo ₹7 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
“sarryu”₹1.35 LakhsThe Race ₹6.75 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Debneil 'ChhotaD0N' Mukherjee₹1.29 LakhsBattle Royale 7-Max ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Siddhanth 'bullzeyepower' Kapoor₹1.28 LakhsWPT Table For 6 ₹7 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Chirag ‘chilling’ Sodha₹1.25 LakhsWednesday Vibes ₹6 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Ajay Sharma₹1.15 LakhsSixth Sense ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
allinpavbaji₹1.11 LakhsMoney Heist ₹8 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Vinay ‘vinay09’ Rajpal₹1.05 LakhsAPT #34 KO ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
₹1.04 LakhsWPT Classic ₹4 Lakhs GTD
Ankita 'ankumalik' Ajay
₹1.02 LakhsWPT Multiplier ₹4 Lakhs GTD
Shivam 'cyflopse' Jain
₹1 LakhWPT Hustle ₹4 Lakhs GTD
Vinay ‘vinay09’ Rajpal₹98,114APT #28 Megastack ₹6 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Mohit 'thejoker' Mehta₹85,702APT#26 Hyper Turbo ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Akshay ‘LalaSaab’ Kapoor₹85,427Night on Stars ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Aditya ‘KesarDa’ Kesharwani₹84,000APT#21 KO ₹4 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Yash 'YOSHER' Jain
₹81,975WPT Hustle ₹4 Lakhs GTD
Kuldeep ‘don_31’ Kumar₹68,870APT#20 WTB ₹3 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Saahib 'saahib' Bawa
₹66,416WPT Late Night PKO ₹3 Lakhs GTD
Aman’KarmaPoker’ Parakh₹65,440APT #33 Timebomb ₹8 Lakhs GTD
FHIRSE₹57,912The Classic ₹3 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Amit Suresh ‘Kavipri’ Gehani₹57,905Monster Stack ₹3 Lakh GTDSpartan Poker
robert_ford9₹57,778Big Bubble Rush ₹3 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Aditya 'konstantinn' Singh₹55,243Monster Stack ₹3 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Avinash 'i_fart_you_faint' Kumar
₹54,900WPT Daily Warmup ₹2 Lakhs GTD
ronukl₹51,070Night DST ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerBaazi
kracker₹50,947Night Rider - Monster Stack ₹2.10 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Vasu ‘aggrolegend’ Ramanan₹48,950The Classic PKO ₹2 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Pratibh ‘pratibhsaluja’ Saluja₹39,260Turbo ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
ShipIT@MONEY₹38,434Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
RAV1619₹36,773Deepstack ₹1.75 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Monish 'monish1965' Kumar
₹36,400WPT Battlefield ₹1.4 Lakhs GTD
JC1870₹33,878Big Bubble Rush ₹1.75 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
cobainkurt₹30,856Night Rider – Monster Stack ₹2.10 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
breaking bad₹24,787The Centurion ₹1 Lakh GTDSpartan Poker
Siddharth ‘gangnam_gangi’ Gangwar₹23,896Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
Queenofaces₹22,000Wednesday PLO ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerDangal
Sandeep ‘goldypaji' Malik₹20,164Ultra KO 75% 50K GTDPokerStars India
myvictori₹17,076Afternoon on Stars ₹60K GTDPokerStars India
nikhil020791₹12,004Deepstack ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
Anantha ‘Art-of-Limping’ Nallepally₹11,240Primetime Grind ₹50K GTDPokerStars India
₹8,937WPT Party Bash
₹8,700WPT PLO
Sarfraz Mohamed 'sarfoboss' Ibrahim
₹7,898WPT Win the Button
₹7,597WPT Regular 250
Aishwarya ‘Titica’ Khurana₹5,575Striker ₹35K GTDSpartan Poker
₹3,797WPT 4 Max KO
₹2,525WPT Regular 55


Spartan Poker’s Ultimate Value Series is Back with 1 Crore-Plus in Prizes (August 9- 15)

Spartan Poker is back with another edition of its popular Ultimate Value Series (#UVS). Catering to the low to mid-stakes players, the series runs from August 9 – 15, promising ₹1+ Crore in guaranteed prizes & ₹3 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes!

Spartan Poker UVS August 2021 edition



PokerBaazi Launches Two Face Leaderboards Awarding ₹5 Crores in Prizes

On August 6, PokerBaazi launched the “₹5 Crore Two Face Leaderboards,” putting up a ginormous ₹5 Crores in prizes across two leaderboard sprints – the ₹3.50 Crores GTD Cash Smash 6.0 and the ₹1.50 Crore GTD Loss Insurance Cover – over its five-week run.

Read the complete report here


PokerDangal to Host Dangal Value Series With ₹40 Lakhs in Prizes

PokerDangal is all set to host its popular MTT series, the Dangal Value Series (DVS). The series commences its run on Independence Day, i.e., August 15, and will run all the way through August 22. DVS boasts ₹35 Lakhs in prize pool guarantees and offers another ₹5 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes!

Dangal Value Series

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Tamil Nadu Government Announces Plans to Introduce New Law Banning Online Games

According to a statement issued by Tamil Nadu State Law Minister S. Regupathy, the government plans to introduce a law banning online games like rummy. The announcement came almost immediately after the Madras High Court struck down the Tamil Nadu Gaming and Police Laws (Amendment) Act 2021.

Tamil Nadu plans to ban online gaming

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WSOP Online 2021 Updates

The international leg of the 2021 WSOP Online Series had some of the best poker players in the world battling it out to win the coveted gold bracelets on GGPoker/Natural8 this week. So far, the series has awarded seven gold bracelets, with the most recent one clinched by Brazil’s Eduardo Pires, who won Event #7: $1,500 Millionaire Maker for $1.38 Million.

Eduardo Pires
Eduardo Pires


Read the complete report here

This series has been a strong outing for Brazilians so far, with three of the seven bracelets taken down by them. The second biggest winner at the series (so far) is Brazil’s Thiago “IneedWasabi” Macedo, who won Event #4: $800 Double Chance NLHE for $161,637.

Thiago Macedo
Thiago Macedo


Read the complete report here


And with this, we conclude this week’s roundup of the latest news updates and developments from the world of poker. We will return next week with our weekly report. Stay tuned.

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