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This Week in Poker: October 21 – 27

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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly October 28, 2020
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In the PokerGuru feature ‘This Week in Poker,’ we bring you the weekly roundup of the most significant online scores by Indian MTT players and the top stories from both the live and online poker circuit.

Here are this week’s top stories!

This past week was a special one, not only because of the exhilarating online action that kept player spirits high but also because the country celebrated the auspicious festivals of Durga Puja and Dussehra. But now that the Goddess has gone back to her heavenly abode and Ravan has been vanquished, let`s get you the week`s top stories!

The beloved Millionaire franchise returned yet again on Spartan Poker. The weekend headliner 1 Crore GTD The Millionaire was taken down by ‘Tokio999’ for a seven-figure score of 17.29 Lakhs. What makes this feat truly remarkable is that this was the second time in October that the mystery user won the Millionaire title. Chopping the top prize with ‘Tokio999’ for an almost comparable 17.20 Lakhs was an old-timer on the MTT circuit, Sumit Sapra, who gets the bragging right of becoming this week`s “PokerGuru Star of the Week!”

Young Gun Arsh Grover, PokerGuru Ambassador Gokul Raj, and accomplished regs Ravindra Arikeri and Sanat Mehrotra were among the other top scorers this week.

PokerStars India’s weekly leaderboard race, ‘Star of The Month’, wrapped up its third week with Adwait ‘adwait pol’ Pol capturing the pole position with 710 points. Sagar ‘sagarpupull’ Choudhury (655 points) and Himanshu ‘[email protected]’ Kataria (648 points) finished second and third in the standing.

Moving over to industry news, this was an eventful week for India’s leading fantasy sports portal Dream11, the title sponsor of the ongoing IPL 2020. The gaming behemoth acquired AI fantasy sports start-up FanDuniya for an undisclosed amount. Not just that, the company got a legal reprieve as well after the Rajasthan High Court dismissed a petition filed against the company accusing it of indulging in gambling.

However, despite Dream11’s good fortune, the online gaming industry continues to face backlash from the south-Indian political sector. Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder, Dr. S. Ramadoss, and Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy have sent representations to the central government to ban online gaming.

Perhaps the most significant piece of news pertaining to the poker industry came in just hours ago today when Goa’s state government announced that casinos would be allowed to reopen from November 1.


Online Railbird Report

Spartan Poker’s 1 Crore GTD The Millionaire almost invariably turns out to grab the most attention in our weekly recap, and this week was no different. Gathering 1,796 entries, the tourney saw a new record being set as the yet-unknown player ‘Tokio999’ came out on top to win the title for a mouth-watering 17.29 Lakhs. While the prize money was nothing out of the ordinary for this flagship tourney, what made this victory stand out was that this was the second time in three weeks that the mystery player won this prestigious tourney!

APL Ambassador and former Millionaire Lite champion, Sumit ‘Sands Myth’ Sapra chopped the top prize with ‘Tokio999’ to collect 17.20 Lakhs. As ‘Tokio999’ has chosen to remain anonymous, the “PokerGuru Star of the Week!” title goes to Sapra instead.

Sumit Sapra
Sumit Sapra


Young Gun Arsh Grover is another player who has been in phenomenal form lately. Ranked #2 on the yearly rankings, Grover was one of our top scorers this week. Playing under the moniker ‘bigggtymer’, Grover battled across a 996 strong field in Adda52’s 60 Lakhs GTD Grand Mega Suits Finale on Sunday, claiming the title and top prize of 12.70 Lakhs.

Arsh Grover
Arsh Grover


The notable winners of the week include –

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Tokio999₹17.20 LakhsThe Millionaire ₹1 Crore GTDSpartan Poker
Arsh ‘bigggtymer’ Grover₹12.70 LakhsGrand Mega Suits Finale ₹60 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Gokul ‘Super Kings’ Raj₹7.40 LakhsThe Elite ₹35 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Ravindra ‘wormhole’ Arikeri₹6.86 LakhsAdda52 Millions ₹25 Lakhs GTDAdda52
TheDarkKnightReturns₹6.77 LakhsSunday SuperStack ₹35 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Sanat ‘mehro2511’ Mehrotra₹6.19 LakhsGodfather ₹25 Lakhs GTDAdda52
PsychG0D₹5.62 LakhsThe Ballers ₹22.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Kunal ‘TiltAtma’ Patni₹5.40 LakhsDestiny ₹25 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Aditya ‘gangajal’ Sushant₹5 LakhsThe Weekly Highroller ₹20 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
branthebroken₹4.50 LakhsThe Summit ₹18 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Gaurav ‘gaug17’ Sood₹4.20 LakhsBSS SuperStack ₹20 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Bharat ‘dorasingh’ Vasan₹3.91 LakhsUltron ₹18 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Anurag ‘GutshotHaiBro’ Srivastava₹3.12 LakhsSunday Highroller ₹15 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Armaan ‘tandavam’ Kochhar₹3.07 LakhsMaverick ₹15 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Harsh Kumar ‘kakori kabab Dembla₹2.93 LakhsSunday Special Progressive Knockout (PKO) ₹15 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Gaush₹2.88 LakhsTitan Stack ₹13 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
varunkandaswami₹2.62 LakhsHighroller ₹12 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
beherapunya2111₹2.43 LakhsInception ₹10 lakhs GTDAdda52
footrocks₹2.31 LakhsBig Slick ₹12.50 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Monish ‘Monish1221’ Annthem₹2.27 LakhsThe Pride ₹10 LakhsPokerBaazi
raghav1990₹2.18 LakhsUppercut MAGIC Edition ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Ss_gilli₹2.12 LakhsTGIF ₹11 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Chirag ‘BadSirck’ Khandelwal₹2.10 LakhsThe Bout ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Gaurav ‘zillastar’ Bhandari₹2.10 LakhsHijack Huskies ₹7.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Bharat ‘Thinkfloyd’ Vasan₹2.10 LakhsThe Crest ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Xhudai₹2 LakhsDangal Showdown ₹10 Lakhs GTDPokerDangal
Armaan ‘space ace’ Kochhar₹1.97 LakhsMonster Stack ₹7.5 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
KidPoker2412₹1.83 LakhsReCharge ₹10 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Kanav ‘SneakyBlinders’ Parwal₹1.74 LakhsMoney Heist ₹8.50 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Sandeep ‘effuno007’ Varma RS₹1.32 LakhsBattle Royale ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Pranav ‘GarviGujarat’ Desai₹1.29 LakhsBSS Monster 6-Max ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Haider ‘haider’ Madraswala₹1.26 LakhsGrinders#33 Main Event ₹6 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Jatin.ahuja₹1.24 LakhsThursday MonsterStack ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh ₹1.23 LakhsHurricane ₹4.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Rahul ‘qwerty3239’ Singhroha₹1.12 LakhsMonster Turbo ₹5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Rajat ‘Happyfish’ Mahajan₹1.12 LakhsTable for 6 ₹4 Lakhs GTDAdda52
ankumalik₹1.15 LakhsRunning Hot ₹5.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Armaan ‘Armaan007111’ Kochhar₹1.10 LakhsBig Bubble Rush ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Armaan ‘space ace’ Kochhar₹1.06 LakhsThe Flash ₹5.50 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Karan ‘999AykA999’ Jain₹1.03 LakhsEliminator Progressive KO ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Aarchit ‘Aarchit’ Dhadwal₹98,069La Luna ₹4 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Armaan ‘Armaan007111’ Kochhar₹95,585Night on Stars ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
picnic123₹86,000Reraise ₹2 Lakhs GTDKhelo365
Prashanth ‘nemesis9961’ Sekar₹78,340The Classic ₹3 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
sayal11₹77,485Hexagram ₹3 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Rajneesh ‘msdhoni’ Thakur₹77,250Grinders#24 Friday SuperStackPokerBaazi
Mohak ‘Tiltin’ Kapoor₹77,250Grinders #14 6-Max Wednesday SuperStackPokerBaazi
Esoteric₹71,159House Party ₹4 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Parmaatma₹64,962Night Rider – Monster Stack ₹2.45 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Noobdaddy7₹58,000Monster Stack ₹2.50 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Vysh4987₹56,376Night Rider Monster Stack ₹2.45 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Mr.blue1205₹56,344Monster Stack ₹2.5 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
p10babu₹53,600Monday MegaStack ₹2 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Rajneesh ‘msdhoni’ Thakur₹53,600Grinders#29 Saturday MonsterStack ₹2 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
KidPoker2412₹52,926Monster Stack ₹2.25 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Mojji₹51,367Ultimate 6 Card PLO ₹2 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Terrier ₹49,787Ultimate PLO ₹2 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Aurkodyuti 'schak87' Das₹48,970Night Rider - Monster Stack ₹2.45 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
animess₹46,087Night Rider – DeepStack Turbo ₹2.20 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Ganguli24₹46,000MegaSpalsh ₹1 Lakh GTDKhelo365
latulkumar₹42,000Ragnarok ₹2 Lakhs GTDPocket52
tiltpoker19₹33,344Night Rider DeepStack Turbo ₹2.20 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
mansh55₹25,688Deepstack ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
magnum736₹23,341Sunday Supersonic ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
Shrvan ‘SSAHisoka’ Amlekar₹23,000Hercules ₹1 Lakh GTDPocket52
Yuvi10₹23,000Hercules ₹1 Lakh GTDPocket52
PepperChicken₹22,434Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
realruny₹22,197Afternoon on Stars ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
cherishqueen₹20,000Dominator ₹50K GTDKhelo365
[email protected]₹19,327Bigstack Turbo ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
sumitm74₹17,079Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
DreamTrendz₹16,500Pocket Jacks ₹75K GTDPocket52
rvk874₹16,500Monday Blues ₹75K GTDPokerDangal
gogikaran₹16,500Pocket Jacks ₹75K GTDPocket52
AASHIRVAAD₹12,900Rivered PLO ₹30K GTDKhelo365
abhijeet007₹12,900Prime Time PLO ₹30K GTDKhelo365
inderenggi₹12,900Hitman PLO ₹30K GTD Khelo365
phycoz₹12,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
Chakri01431₹12,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
ThrowChips₹12,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
Pubg2222₹12,000Nitro PLO ₹30K GTD Khelo365
Abzr₹11,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
Bijay ‘Jarvis590’ Sarkar₹11,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
ProBaby₹11,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
Ashu079₹9,200Grinder 2.0 ₹20K GTDKhelo365
inderenggi₹9,200Grinder 2.0 ₹20K GTDKhelo365
maklas₹8,600Grinder 2.0 ₹20K GTDKhelo365
RASHDIP₹7,500Point Blank ₹15K GTDKhelo365
Chlambaba123₹6,800Grinder 2.0 ₹20K GTDKhelo365
Pubg2222 ₹6,000Bounty Hunterzzz ₹15K GTDKhelo365


Adwait Pol Headlines Week #3 of PokerStars India’s ‘Star of The Month’ October Leaderboard

PokerStars India’s mega leaderboard race, ‘Star of The Month’, completed its third week on Sunday with Adwait Pol topping the rankings. Playing under the moniker ‘adwait pol’, he gathered 710 points to claim the top seat. Sagar ‘sagarpupull’ Choudhury (655 points) and Himanshu ‘[email protected]’ Kataria (648 points) were next on the 25-player list qualifying for the Finale.

Adwait Pol
Adwait Pol


Read the complete report here


Dream11 Hogs the Spotlight After Acquiring AI Start-Up FanDuniya, Gets Legal Reprieve From Rajasthan HC

Fantasy sports giant Dream11 made the headlines for two particular reasons this past week. For starters, it acquired AI fantasy sports start-up FanDuniya for an undisclosed amount. It also got legal relief as the Rajasthan High Court dismissed a petition seeking a ban on the company`s activities on the grounds that fantasy sports were akin to gambling.

Read the complete report here


PMK Founder S. Ramadoss & Puducherry CM V Narayanasamy Request Union Government to Ban Online Gaming

Less than a month after the state government of Andhra Pradesh enforced a ban on real-money online gaming, Tamil Nadu-based politician and Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder, Dr. S. Ramadoss, has urged the central government to ban online gaming on a national scale. Citing the case of a Puducherry youth, Vijaykumar, who had committed suicide after facing massive financial losses due to his online gambling habit, Ramadoss argued that real-money online gaming can ruin the lives of individuals and their families.

Dr. S Ramadoss
Dr. S Ramadoss


Read the complete report here

Joining Ramadoss on his quest to get real-money online gaming banned in the country is Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy. The latter has requested the Union Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to ban online rummy and other gaming sites for similar reasons cited by Ramadoss.

V Narayanasamy
V Narayanasamy


Read the complete report here


With this, we conclude this week’s roundup of the latest news updates and developments from the world of poker. We will return again next week with our weekly report. Stay tuned.

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