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Tobias Peters Wins 2018 WSOP International Circuit Holland Casino Rotterdam Main Event For €67,766

Tobias Peters
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  • PG News September 10, 2018
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The four-day long €1,650 Main Event of the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) International Circuit Holland Casino Rotterdam attracted a total of 181 runners and ultimately crowned a champion in Netherlands based Tobias Peters (cover image), who banked a payday of €67,766, along with the coveted WSOP Circuit gold ring for his victory.

Ranked 13th on the Netherlands All Time Money List, Peters has total live earnings of $1,624,790. Peters was the top ranked Dutch player in the Global Poker Index (GPI) rankings but was recently taken over by Joris Ruijs who had a phenomenal run in European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona.

“Joris had an amazing run in Barcelona. I hope this victory is enough to claim back my top spot. After this, I’m going to Cyprus, Morroco and the Czech Republic, so if I’m behind there are plenty of opportunities to take the number one spot again”, Peters said in the post-event interview.

With only the top 21 places receiving payouts, the competition to finish in the money was fierce. However, among the notables who reached the money were Valeriy Chupin (11th for €4,944), Jer el Salsero (12th for €4,944), Oguzhan Yildiz (13th for €4,071), Alex van der Werf (14th for €4,071), Farid Chati (15th for €4,071), Majid Bozakraft (16th for €3,404), Zeus Post (17th for €3,404), Marcel Schouten (18th for €3,404), William Rankin (19th for €2,888), Emiel Broekhof (20th for €2,888) and Robert Auer (21st for €2,888).

Wim Emo finished 10th for €4,944 and bubbled the final table.

World Series of Poker International Circuit Holland Casino Rotterdam
World Series of Poker International Circuit Holland Casino Rotterdam

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Stephane Cordeille – 1,211,000

2. Bart Beenen – 1,153,000

3. Tobias Peters – 1,056,000

4. Brian Kamphorst – 589,000

5. Sidney Steinmann – 372,000

6. Govert Metaal – 358,000

7. Jacco van Hooren – 294,000

8. Jay Oosterbaan – 205,000

9. Bap de Haas – 158,000

Final Table Recap

Short-stacked Bap de Haas was the first elimination on the nine-handed final table. He shoved all-in from the button with 91,000 and Jacco van Hooren called from the big blind. De Haas showed card 1card 2 and Van Hooren turned over card 3card 2. The runout card 3card 3card 3card 2card 3 missed both players, but Van Hooren’s king high was good enough to eliminate De Haas in ninth place.

Within an hour, Van Hooren raised from the early position to 40,000 and Govert Metaal moved all-in from late position for 164,000. Van Hooren called putting Metaal’s tournament life at risk.

Govert Metaal card 3card 3

Jacco van Hooren card 2card 3

The flop card 1card 2card 3 put Metaal in the lead with the top pair of aces, but the turn card 1 gave Van Hooren the edge who picked up three-of-a-kind kings. The river card 3 was inconsequential and Metaal busted out in eight place.

Immediately after Metaal’s elimination, Sidney Steinmann moved all-in from small blind holding card 2card 3. Stephane Cordeille tanked for a while and then called from the big blind with card 1card 3. The board card 3card 3card 1card 3card 3 did not help Steinmann, resultoing in his seventh place finish.

Six-Handed Chip Counts

1. Stephane Cordeille – 1,410,000

2. Tobias Peters – 1,248,000

3. Bart Beenen – 1,112,000

4. Jacco van Hooren – 1,105,000

5. Brian Kamphorst – 338,000

6. Jay Oosterbaan – 238,000

Final Day Recap

Out of the six runners who returned for the final day, Brian Kamphorst was the first to bid goodbye. Van Hooren raised from early position to 35,000 and Kamphorst moved all in for 336,000. The other players folded and Van Hooren called. Kamphorst’s ace-king was up against Van Horren’s pocket rockets. The flop fell card 3card 2card 3 and Kamphorst picked up outs with a backdoor flush draw. The turn card 3 kept him in the hunt but the river card 1 ended his run in sixth place.

Next to go was Jay Oosterbaan when he moved all-in from under-the-gun for approximately 98,000. Peters and Van Hooren folded and Bart Beenen called. After Stephane Cordeille folded his big blind, Oosterbaan turned over card 3card 3 and Beenen revealed card 2card 2. The community cards fanned out card 1card 2card 3card 2card 3. Oosterbaan failed to better his hand and was sent packing in fifth place.

Finishing in fourth place was Jacco van Hooren. He raised from under-the-gun for 50,000 and Cordeille called to see the flop card 3card 3card 3. Cordeille called and Van Hooren continued with a bet of 83,000. Cordeille moved all in for 397,000, covering Van Hooren. Van Hooren called and both players tabled their cards.

Stephane Cordeille card 3card 3

Jacco van Hooren card 1card 3

The remaining streets brought card 3 and card 1. Cordeille rivered two pairs of nines and sevens, effectively knocking Van Hooren out of the competition.

Down to three-handed play, Stephane Cordeille raised the button to 60,000 and Peters 3-bet to 205,000 from the small blind. Beenen folded and Cordeille 4-bet all-in for 1,200,000. Peters called and turned over card 2card 3 and Cordeille showed card 3card 2. The board spread out card 3card 1card 3card 3card 3 and Cordeille was railed in third place.

With Cordeille’s exit, the heads-up battle between Tobias Peters (3,300,000) and Bart Beenen (2,100,000) began with Peters in the lead. On the final hand, Beenen moved all in from the button for his last 371,000 and Peters called.

Tobias Peters card 1card 3

Bart Beenen card 2card 3

Beenen flopped a pair of fours with card 1card 1card 3, but the turn card 3 gave Peters the lead with a top pair of kings. The river card 1 missed both players, relegating Beenen to the runner-up title while Peters took home the first-place prize money of €67,766, along with the prestigious WSOP Circuit gold ring.

Tobias Peters
Tobias Peters

Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Tobias Peters – €67,766

2. Bart Beenen – €41,861

3. Stephane Cordeille – €30,226

4. Jacco van Hooren – €22,199

5. Jay Oosterbaan – €16,585

6. Brian Kamphorst – €12,602

7. Sidney Steinmann – €9,735

8. Govert Metaal – €7,645

9. Bap de Haas – €6,099

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