Daniel Dvoress Clinches Maiden Triton Title in Event #17: $20K Short Deck Ante-Only For $214,000

Daniel Dvoress
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 26, 2023
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The 2023 Triton Super High Roller Series Cyprus concluded with Event #17: $20K Short Deck Ante-Only. As the second short-deck event of the series, it drew an impressive field of 29 entries (17 unique) and culminated in the crowning of Canada’s Daniel Dvoress (cover image) as the champion!

Dvoress, with an impressive record of over $7 Million in Triton winnings and 16 final table finishes, including a commendable fifth-place finish in Event #5: $40K NLH 8-Handed, had been elusively close to securing a Triton trophy on several occasions. His moment of triumph finally arrived! The victory in the $20K Short Deck Ante-Only not only handed him the long-awaited Triton trophy but also added a handsome $214,000 to his bankroll, pushing his live tournament earnings to an astounding $24.04 Million. In a fitting celebration of his achievement, he was also awarded the Shamballa Jewels bracelet.

Sitting at #4 on Canada’s All-Time Money List, Dvoress showcased a stellar performance, denying the revered American poker titan, Tom Dwan, his career-third Triton title. Dwan gracefully accepted the runner-up position with a payout of $148,000.

“There are segments of the tournament where it gets a little bit silly,” Dvoress admitted when asked whether he found short-deck to be a more skillful game than regular hold’em. “There’s runaway stacks at the final table, things like that. By no means it is simpler. It’s a more gambly game than no limit, but it’s no less skilful…I think at the beginning of the tournament, there’s more skill because there are more multi-way pots.”

Dvoress, as one of the pioneering advocates of short deck poker, found it particularly rewarding to clinch his first Triton victory in this very format. He remains an enthusiastic promoter of the game, always eager to contribute to its expansion and popularity.

“One of the issues is that the barrier to entry feels like it’s a little bit high,” he said. “All of the tournaments that are running, that are televised, that are running online, they’re high buy-ins. The people that are good, they’re really good, and it’s kind of hard for someone who might feel that they’re a little mediocre to enter the scene.”

“Jason [Koon] had a good idea where you have a tournament where you have an amateur and a pro tournament, so if you’ve never played short deck before you can play with people who have never played short deck before. And then you combine them after. Not my idea, but thought I’d float that.”

With only the top five places getting paid, the rush to finish in the money was intense, especially for Jason Koon and Stephen Chidwick, who were gunning for one final chance for Player of the Year points.

Koon only needed to cash to make his victory certain, but fell out in 12th place, far away from the money line. Chidwick was required to win the tournament to take the top spot in the POY standings but finished fifth for $55,100 instead.

As the tournament advanced, Denys Chufarin (4th for $68,000) and the champion of Event #13: $30K PLO, Mike Watson (3rd for $94,800) were eliminated, leading to a thrilling heads-up between Tom Dwan (6.58 Million – 132 antes) and Daniel Dvoress (2.97 Million – 59 antes).

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan


What initially seemed like a smooth victory for Dwan turned into an intense showdown, as Dvoress demonstrated tenacity and resilience. The Canadian staged a stunning comeback, leveling the stacks and even edging slightly ahead over the course of three levels of heads-up play.

The decisive hand, which also marked the first all-in call of the heads-up, saw Dvoress limping with and Dwan raising with . Dvoress responded with a call, and the flop revealed . With a flopped pair of Jacks, Dwan had the upper hand, while Dvoress had the potential for a flush draw. All the chips were pushed into the pot when Dvoress check-raised Dwan. The on the turn seemed harmless, but the river card swung the game dramatically in Dvoress’s favor. The trip sevens sealed the Triton title for Dvoress, leaving Dwan as the runner-up.

As the Triton tournament room began to clear out, even Dvoress admitted he would not have a proper celebration.

“I am going to have zero party tonight,” he said. “I’m sorry. I’ve gotta pack! I have a car to catch in about an hour.”

Daniel Dvoress
Daniel Dvoress


Complete Payouts (USD)

  1. Daniel Dvoress – $214,000
  2. Tom Dwan – $148,000
  3. Mike Watson – $94,800
  4. Denys Chufarin – $68,000
  5. Stephen Chidwick – $55,100


Content & Images Courtesy: Triton Poker

Images by Joe Giron/Poker Photo Archive

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