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Two Plus Two Poker Forums Sold to Hand2Note Owners For Undisclosed Amount

Two Plus Two Forums Sold
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  • Namita Ghosh July 21, 2021
  • 2 Minutes Read

Arguably the most popular online forum for poker players worldwide, Two Plus Two has new owners. Mason Malmuth, the co-founder of the Two Plus Two forum, broke the news in a forum post on July 13, announcing that the forum`s new owner is Hand2Note HUD, a software company, although the transaction amount was not disclosed.

“Those of us, including myself who run this site, are getting old,” wrote Malmuth announcing the news.

Underlining that he would be turning 70 this fall, Malmuth said that it was time for young people on top of the latest programming technology to take over. He wrote, “I’ve a necessary announcement to make. This website, www.twoplustwo.com has been offered. It’s exhausting to consider that it was 24 years in the past when twoplustwo.com was launched, and at the moment after we began with only one discussion board, we thought it was solely fifty-fifty we might get a post up. However, right here we’re a few years and over 60 million posts later, and it’s time for brand new youthful individuals to take over and make this website higher than it has ever been.”

Mason Malmuth
Mason Malmuth


The deal does not include the Two Plus Two publishing enterprise, a thriving business that will continue to function separately.

Two Plus Two, operational since 1997, is one of the longest-standing pillars of the poker industry. The forum has provided seamless means for the poker community to connect and discuss updates on poker incidents, gossip, strategy, and more. The one place for all important discussions surrounding poker and other gaming developments, the forum had lost some of its traffic in recent years in the wake of the increasing popularity of social media.

Two Plus Two also tweeted the news, sharing a link for a forum post where Hand2Note founder, the Vancouver-based Russian Andrii Plakhotnyi, outlined his plans for the forum.



New Changes in the Offing

Hand2Note HUD is a third-party poker monitoring software program that claims, “We’re going to be the preferred monitoring software program by 2023.”

According to its new owners, the change of ownership will see several changes on the Two Plus Two forums. And the changes are already evident. Almost immediately after the news of the change in ownership was announced, all banner ads on the site were removed.

According to the new owners, more changes are in the offing. For one, the restrictions on the site’s marketplace will also be removed soon, and it will become free for everyone. The forum’s ban policy is also to be revised.

In the thread post, Plakhotnyi said, “We aim to make 2+2 the most powerful and well-recognized community of poker professionals on the internet. We want people who aren’t even familiar with poker to know that the most intelligent community is 2+2.”

He identified the key components of his company’s vision for Two Plus Forums:

– “In the years to come, we are going to build an AI-powered forum platform for the future and host it on twoplustwo.com (instead of forumserver.twoplustwo.com).

– We don’t intend to make radical changes to the current forum (design, etc.) in the short term. We subscribe to the adage that one needn’t fix what isn’t broken.

– We’ll focus on building an international community of professional poker players. – We’ll also focus on user growth.

– We’ll furthermore address the problem of strict moderation and bans.

– We’ll always prioritize user experience over mere profits.”

Plakhotnyi also emphasized that users can look forward to changes that will encourage companies, coaches, and others to post about themselves, their products, and their services for free, gather feedback about the forum and analyze this data.

Keen to build a community spirit and build the social network, Platkhotnyi has also launched a Discord and Telegram channel and adapting to the changing times; Two Plus Two now also has a new Facebook page.


Content Courtesy: PokerNews.com

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