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Vishal Bajaj, Ashutosh Kumar, Chandan Arora & Deepesh Raka Crack the Sunday Majors

Vishal Bajaj, Ashutosh Kumar, Chandan Arora, Deepesh Raka
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis February 21, 2022
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The online action was relatively sluggish for the second Sunday in a row.

PokerGuru Ambassador Vishal Bajaj emerged as the Sunday hero as he topped the weekend charts on the back of his breakout run in Spartan Poker’s Sunday Superstack, netting ₹8.18 Lakhs. The PokerGuru Staking player added almost ₹9.26 Lakhs from his Sunday grind.

The IPPA streamer Ashutosh Kumar championed Adda52 Millions for ₹6.11 Lakhs. Sahil Nair came second for ₹4.27 Lakhs.

PokerBaazi’s BSS SuperStack saw Chandan Arora walk away with the title (his first this year) and a personal-best ₹4.80 Lakhs. The inaugural NPS Main Event champion Mohammad Azhar secured the runner-up payday worth ₹3.37 Lakhs.

Deepesh Raka shipped PokerStars India’s Sunday Special Progressive KO for ₹3.30 Lakhs, just as Lavesh Meena hit the rail in second place for ₹1.90 Lakhs.

Akshat Sharma was the last player standing in Adda52’s Sunday Showdown and won ₹1.91 Lakhs.

The former The Millionaire champion Rishab Malik persisted with his stellar form as he took down the (7-Max) BSS SPRINT for ₹1.71 Lakhs, bagging his fourth title on the site in the last five days.

The UVS wrapped up in style with Induprakash Mishra taking down the UVS Main Event on BLITZPOKER for ₹1.38 Lakhs, following a four-way deal.

Young Gun Devang Yadav, Induprakash Mishra, Shubham Agarwal, Avinash Koneru, Mohit Agrawal, Sonu Shejpal, Rahul Sengar, Tanay Parekh, Sanchit Anand, Manoj Sharma, and Shreyas Chopra won the other Sunday flagships!

Here are the Sunday highlights!

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Spartan Poker

The MTT regs seem to be awaiting weekend flagships like The Millionaire or Prestige as, for the second time since the 12th edition of IOPC got over, the 35 Lakhs GTD Sunday Superstack helmed the site`s Sunday roster. Sporting a 11,000 buy-in, the 8 PM event brought in 408 hopefuls, collecting a guarantee-crushing 40.80 Lakhs prize pool. After almost nine hours of gameplay, PokerGuru Ambassador Vishal ‘CrownUpJr’ Bajaj came out on top, winning the Sunday Superstack for the second time for 8.18 Lakhs. ‘cashcrop’ finished runner-up for 5.43 Lakhs.

Vishal Bajaj
Vishal Bajaj


Vishal Bajaj collected 9.26 Lakhs collectively last night through three deep runs. His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in Spartan Poker’s Sunday Superstack for 8,18,040

> 6th in Adda52 Millions for 1,06,250

> 46th in PokerStars India’s Sunday Special – PKO for 2,500

Vishal Bajaj’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 5.64 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 2.38 Crores | Titles Won in 2021: #4 | Finished #10 in the 2021 Leaderboard Standings

Even in the absence of a weekend flagship, the Sunday MTTs on Spartan Poker registered a flurry of activity, with the last of the UVS events winding down to a close.

The only multi-flight event at the UVS, the 15 Lakhs GTD UVS – Everest, filled in a total of 2,632 participants across 10 starting flights, experiencing a 1.84 Lakhs deficit. Day 2 ran from 10 PM to 2:53 AM and ended with Deepanshu ‘TheManager’ taking down the title for 1.94 Lakhs ‘Asad-1’ locked in a runner-up payout worth 1.89 Lakhs, courtesy of a heads-up deal.

Deepanshu’s Spartan Poker stats: Site Winnings: 22.92 Lakhs | Site Profits: 2.65 Lakhs

BLITZPOKER`s Induprakash ‘LARA LARA’ Mishra kept his February heater going as he raced past the 977-entry field in the 10 Lakhs GTD UVS #45 – Main Event to win 1.38 Lakhs. A four-way deal ensured ‘FadeOrHoldz’ (2nd for 1.23 Lakhs), ‘AAnogood’ (3rd for 1.08 Lakhs), and Ankit ON_MY_MAC’ Bajaj (4th for ₹91,407) the other top payouts. The ₹1,100 buy-in event filled in 23,000 in overlays, and the top 87 places received payouts.

Induprakash Mishra
Induprakash Mishra


Induprakash Mishra ITM-ed three events last night, collectively banking 1.78 Lakhs. His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in Spartan Poker’s UVS #45 – Main Event for 1,37,318

> 7th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #46 Everest for 36,510

> 16th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #47 Monster Stack for 4,860

Induprakash Mishra’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 88.27 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 10.09 Lakhs | Titles Won in February: #4

Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Bajaj was among the breakout performers of the day and rounded up 1.97 Lakhs in total winnings from three deep runs. His ITM finishes include:

Ankit Bajaj
Ankit Bajaj


> 8th in Spartan Poker’s Sunday Superstack for 1,02,816

> 4th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #45 – Main Event for 91,407

> 116th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #46 Everest for 3,465

The 5.50 Lakhs GTD UVS #43 logged in 616 entries, posting a 5.54 Lakhs prize pool. The user ‘pranjal1990’ grabbed the most significant portion of the prize pool worth 88,897 following a heads-up deal with Vaibhav ‘Vakeel.sahab’ Arora (2nd for 87,790).

Vaibhav Arora
Vaibhav Arora


The UVS #43 runner-up finisher, Vaibhav Arora, raked in 1.10 Lakhs (overall) on the back five ITM finishes at the UVS. His ITM finishes include:

> 2nd in Spartan Poker’s UVS #43 for 87,790

> 20th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #46 Everest for 16,530

> 68th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #45 – Main Event for 3,500

> 7th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #39 for 1,728

> 22nd in Spartan Poker’s UVS #41 for 1,197

‘Neitin’ (Won UVS#47 – Monster Stack 3.50 Lakhs GTD for 79,740), Avinash ‘avinkon’ Koneru (Won UVS#40 – 2.25 Lakhs GTD for 57,488), Manoj ‘cutymannu’ Sharma (Won UVS#41 – 1 Lakh GTD for 22,901), ‘Minimalist’ (Won UVS#44 – 1 Lakh GTD for 17,703), and Shreyas ‘Batman_07’ Chopra (Won UVS#39 – 40K GTD for 10,237) shipped the other UVS titles.



PokerBaazi’s BSS series made for an eventful day of Sunday MTT`s! The Sunday headliner, 20 Lakhs GTD BSS SuperStack, was undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the day. The ₹5,500 buy-in event filled in 478 entries, and the top 54 finishers got a share from the 23.90 Lakhs prize pool (almost 20% more than its listed guarantee). After almost eight-and-a-half hours of gameplay, Chandan ‘darkfish’ Arora shipped the event to collect his first title of the year and a career-best 4.80 Lakhs. The NPS Main Event championed Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar came second for 3.37 Lakhs.

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora


Chandan Arora ITM-ed two other events, collectively adding 4.93 Lakhs in prize money. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 4.32 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 1.63 Crores

Shashank ‘Westworld’ Jain crossed the money line in three events (including two FT scores), filling in an impressive 5.29 Lakhs to his Sunday tally. His ITM finishes include:

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain


> 3rd in Adda52 Millions for 2.91 Lakhs

> 3rd in PokerBaazi’s BSS SuperStack for 2.17 Lakhs

> 18th in Adda52’s Mega Suits for 21,250

Shashank Jain’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 3.61 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 1.02 Crores

PokerBaazi’s ‘₹10 Mein 10 Lakhpati’ promised to make 50 Lakhpati`s across five Sundays. The last of these weekly events played out last night. The 10 buy-in event registered a ginormous 14,450 entries (3,874 unique and 10,576 re-entries). After five hours and fifty-three minutes of play, the top ten finishers walked away as Lakhpatis. The winners include: Abhijeet ‘ERROR404’ Kumar, ‘thebabayaga’, ‘Psychokc’, ‘soumen8514’, ‘deerejraz123’, ‘Sanju876’, ‘SPYARROW’, ‘rahejajatin’, ‘tonton’, and ‘rishi123bul’ – and each of banked 1 Lakh in cash prize.

Abhijeet Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar


‘sumit5643’ money-bubbled the event in 11th place to receive a OnePlus Nord phone as consolation.

The BSS had two 5 Lakhs GTD events running on Sunday. The BSS MonsterStack 6-Max got underway at 5 PM. The 2,750 buy-in event attracted 279 entries, collecting a 6.97 Lakhs prize pool (almost 40% more than its listed guarantee). The top 36 places got paid with a min-cash worth 4,743. The former SSS – The Millionaire Legends winner Young Gun Devang ‘laila’ Yadav took down the event for 1.54 Lakhs. ‘CR7Fever’ (2nd for 1.08 Lakhs) and Karan ‘Mahadevpoker’ Pantola (3rd for 69,541) secured podium finishes.

Devang Yadav
Devang Yadav


Devang Yadav picked up another three ITM scores, worth a cumulative 2.07 Lakhs. His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in PokerBaazi’s BSS MonsterStack for 1.54 Lakhs

> 32nd in Spartan Poker’s Sunday Superstack for 28,152

> 15th in PokerStars India’s Sunday Special – PKO for 18,341

> 23rd in PokerBaazi’s BSS (7-Max) SPRINT for 6,854

Devang Yadav’s online stats (excluding PokerStars India): Lifetime Winnings: 4.64 Crores| Lifetime Profits: 1.81 Crores | Titles Won in 2022: #2

The BSS (7-Max) SPRINT drew 408 entries, generating a 8.16 Lakhs prize pool (over 60% more than its advertised prize pool). The 2,200 buy-in event paid out 45 places. Rishab ‘ryuk’ Malik was the last player standing and won 1.71 Lakhs. The EndBoss 2020 finalist has been an unstoppable force on PokerBaazi and completed a hattrick of title wins on the site on Friday, making this his fourth title victory on the site in the last five days! ‘Shubhamagrwal’ finished runner-up for 1.20 Lakhs.

Rishab Malik
Rishab Malik


Rishab Malik crossed the money line in four other events, collectively adding 2.44 Lakhs. His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in PokerBaazi’s BSS SPRINT for 1.71 Lakhs

> 5th in PokerBaazi’s BSS MonsterStack for 38,642

> 21st in PokerStars India’s Sunday Special – PKO for 14,400

> 54th in Adda52’s Mega Suits for 11,250

> 10th in Spartan Poker’s UVS #43 for 8,556

Rishab Malik’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 3.76 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 1.36 Crores | Titles Won in 2022: #6

Sabur ‘sabur’ Ali (Won Daily Boost 2.50 Lakhs GTD for 62,957), Mohit ‘mohitag08’ Agrawal (Won BSS 2 Lakhs GTD for 47,425), Sonu ‘sonushejpal’ Shejpal (Won BSS Kickoff 1 Lakh GTD for 42,525), Rahul ‘GhatakTheGreat’ Sengar (Won BSS Night SPRINT 1.5 Lakhs GTD for 40,572), and ‘dgurwara’ (Won BSS Afternoon SPRINT 1 Lakh GTD for 24,456) won the other PokerBaazi marquees.


PokerStars India

PokerStars India skipped the Sunday Highroller yesterday, but its 15 Lakhs GTD Sunday Special – Progressive KO brought truckloads of value for players! The 5,500 buy-in event signed up 206 participants, registering a glaring 4.70 Lakhs in overlays. The 23 places benefited from the significant value added by the site. Deepesh ‘deep12322’ Raka was the last player standing and won 3.30 Lakhs, booking his first title victory of the year. Lavesh ‘lavesh786’ Meena placed runner-up for 1.90 Lakhs.

Deepesh Raka
Deepesh Raka


Deepesh Raka’s online stats (including Spartan Poker & PokerStars India): Lifetime Winnings: 1.55 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 24.06 Lakhs

The 1.50 Lakhs Big Bubble Rush logged in 153 entries. The 1,100 buy-in event paid out 17 places from the 1.53 Lakhs prize pool. Tanay ‘TanayP’ Parekh won the event for 36,991 after defeating ‘Ricky000029 $$$’ (2nd for 18,819) heads-up.

Tanay Parekh
Tanay Parekh


Tanay Parekh lapped up over 67,449 yesterday, counting his two other deep runs. His ITM finishes include:

> 1st in PokerStars India`s Big Bubble Rush for 36,991

> 3rd in PokerBaazi’s Daily Boost for 28,415

> 27th in PokerBaazi’s BSS for 2,042

Tanay Parekh`s online stats (excluding Adda52): Lifetime Winnings: 47.44 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 11.78 Lakhs

Sanchit ‘devilsanchit’ Anand (Won Sunday Storm 1.50 Lakhs GTD for 29,434), ‘sumitm74’ (Won Ultrasonic 1.25 Lakhs GTD for 26,502), ‘$00th$ayer’ (Won Total 100% KO 40K GTD for 20,975), ‘PLAYTIGHT32’ (Won Afternoon on Stars 50K GTD for 15,292), and ‘I am VR4Poker’ (Won Deepstack 50K GTD for 10,621) championed the other PokerStars India marquees.



It was an adrenaline-charged Sunday on Adda52, with the site laying out a stacked MTT schedule headlined by two 25 Lakhs GTD flagships. The 11,000 buy-in Adda52 Millions registered a 249-player starting field, falling just one buy-in short of hitting its advertised guarantee. The top 27 spots got paid, and the 9 PM event ended at 5.41 AM. The IPPA streamer and last week`s Wednesday Vibes champion, Ashutosh ‘Akp125602’ Kumar, walked away with the title and the 6.11 Lakhs up-top. He defeated Sahil ‘you3bi4b’ Nair (2nd for 4.27 Lakhs) heads-up.

Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar


The 7.30 PM Mega Suits also guaranteed the same 25 Lakhs but at half the entry buy-in of the Adda52 Millions, i.e., 5,500. And like the Adda52 Millions, it missed the break-even quorum by one entry, filling in 499 entrants. ‘Fletcher03’ was the last player standing and won