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Get Ready For An Action-Packed November on Adda52 as WPT Announces the Complete Schedule of the WPT Online India Series

WPT Online India
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly October 17, 2020
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Starting November 5, the domestic poker community will be bowled over by the World Poker Tour (WPT) that is making a comeback as the WPT Online India series on Adda52.com! Boasting a whopping ₹13.5 Crores in prize pool guarantees, the series comprises 154 tournaments that will play all the way through November 22.

Almost a month after first unveiling the brand-new mega-series, WPT and Adda52 yesterday released the complete schedule and other details of the upcoming series. And we must say there were a lot of excellent offerings to unpack. With a whopping 32 WPT trophies, leaderboard prizes worth ₹35 Lakhs across the MEGA and MINI leaderboards, and other value-added prizes for the Main Event champion, there’s a lot of gold that the brand will be giving away. Moreover, Adda52 will also be live-streaming a host of events at the online series.

Talking about the upcoming series, President and CEO of WPT, Adam Pliska, said, “This season, the WPT continues to grow in emerging markets across the globe with record numbers set in the Asia-Pacific region. We are confident WPT Online India will set another peak for prize pools in this market. Players can look forward to enjoying a full WPT series from the comfort and safety of home.”

“It is my pleasure to welcome you all to WPT Online India and hope you enjoy your play on the Adda52 Network. I would like to thank the management and staff of Adda52 for their support of the World Poker Tour, and you, the players, for making this event a great success,” he further added.

However, let’s start by taking a look at the schedule first.


2020 WPT Online India Complete Schedule

Date/DayTimeEvent No.Event NameGTDBuy-in
November 51.00 PM1WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 52.00 PM2WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 54.00 PM3WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 57.00 PM4WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 57.30 PM5WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 58.00 PM6WPT Kickoff₹30 Lakhs₹5,500
November 59.00 PM7WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 59.30 PM8WPT Big Game 30 L₹30 Lakhs₹15,000
November 511.00 PM9WPT Late Night PKO₹3 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 61.00 PM10WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 62.00 PM11WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 64.00 PM12WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 67.00 PM13WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 67.30 PM14WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 68.00 PM15WPT India Mini Highroller₹30 Lakhs₹7500
November 69.00 PM16WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 69.30 PM17WPT India PLO Championship₹15 Lakhs₹11,000
November 611.00 PM18WPT Late Night₹3 Lakhs₹880
November 71.00 PM19WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 72.00 PM20WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 74.00 PM21WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 77.00 PM22WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 77.30 PM23WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 78.00 PM24WPT Bounty Classic PKO₹15 Lakhs₹4,500
November 79.00 PM25WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 79.30 PM26WPT Mini 6-Max₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
November 711.00 PM27WPT Late Night PLO₹2.5 Lakhs₹880
November 81.00 PM28WPT Hustle₹2 Lakhs₹660
November 82.00 PM29WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 84.00 PM30WPT Lazy Sunday₹8 Lakhs₹1,750
November 86.00 PM31WPT 2500₹20 Lakhs₹2,500
November 87.30 PM32WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 88.00 PM33WPT Super Stack₹30 Lakhs₹5,500
November 89.00 PM34WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 89.00 PM35WPT India Bounty Championship₹20 Lakhs₹6,000+₹4,000+₹1,000
November 810.00 PM36WPT Monster Turbo₹10 Lakhs₹2,500
November 811.00 PM37WPT Late Night PKO₹2.5 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 91.00 PM38WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 92.00 PM39WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 94.00 PM40WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 97.00 PM41WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 97.30 PM42WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 98.00 PM43WPT Monday Feature₹15 Lakhs₹3,500
November 99.00 PM44WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 99.30 PM45WPT Table for 6₹7 Lakhs₹2,750
November 911.00 PM46WPT Late Night PKO₹2.5 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 101.00 PM47WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 102.00 PM48WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 104.00 PM49WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 107.00 PM50WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 107.30 PM51WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 108.00 PM52WPT Tuesday Feature₹15 Lakhs₹3,850
November 109.00 PM53WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 1010.00 PM54WPT Mini 6-Max₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
November 1011.00 PM55WPT Late Night PLO₹2.5 Lakhs₹1,100
November 111.00 PM56WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 112.00 PM57WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 114.00 PM58WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 117.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1A-₹1,100
November 117.30 PM60WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 118.00 PM61WPT Wednesday Feature₹20 Lakhs₹2,750
November 119.00 PM62WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 119.30 PM63WPT Deepstack₹17 Lakhs₹7,500
November 1110.00 PM64WPT Moonlight₹6 Lakhs₹1,800
November 1111.00 PM65WPT Late Night₹3 Lakhs₹880
November 121.00 PM66WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 122.00 PM67WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 124.00 PM68WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 127.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1B-₹1,100
November 127.00 PM69WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 127.30 PM70WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 128.00 PM71WPT Thursday Feature₹30 Lakhs₹5,500
November 129.00 PM72WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 129.00 PM73WPT India Super High Roller₹65 Lakhs₹55,000
November 1211.00 PM74WPT Late Night PKO₹3 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 131.00 PM75WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 132.00 PM76WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 134.00 PM77WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 137.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1C-₹1,100
November 137.00 PM78WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 137.30 PM79WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 138.00 PM80WPT Friday Feature (3 RE Max)₹20 Lakhs₹6,600
November 139.00 PM81WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 139.30 PM82WPT Mini PLO₹10 Lakhs₹7,500
November 1311.00 PM83WPT Late Night₹3 Lakhs₹880
November 141.00 PM84WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 142.00 PM85WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 144.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1D-₹1,100
November 147.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1E-₹1,100
November 147.30 PM86WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 148.00 PM87WPT Diwali Special₹15 Lakhs₹2,500
November 149.00 PM88WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 149.30 PM89WPT Mini 6-Max₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
November 1411.00 PM90WPT Late Night PLO₹2.5 Lakhs₹880
November 151.00 PM91WPT Hustle₹2 Lakhs₹660
November 151.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1F-₹1,100
November 152.00 PM92WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 154.00 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event 1G-₹1,100
November 157.00 PM93WPT Mega Stack₹30 Lakhs₹5,500
November 157.30 PM94WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakh₹550
November 159.00 PM95WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 159.00 PM96WPT India 6 Max Championship₹35 Lakhs₹11,000
November 1510.15 PM59WPT India Mini Main Event Day 2₹25 Lakhs
November 1510.00 PM97WPT Monster Turbo₹6 Lakhs₹2,500
November 1511.00 PM98WPT Late Night PKO₹2 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 161.00 PM99WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 162.00 PM100WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 164.00 PM101WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 166.00 PM102WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 167.00 PM1032.5 Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1A-₹11,000
November 168.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1A-₹550
November 168.00 PM105WPT Monday Feature₹15 Lakhs₹3,500
November 169.00 PM106WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 169.30 PM107WPT Table for 6₹6 Lakhs₹2,750
November 1611.00 PM108WPT Late Night PLO₹2.5 Lakhs₹880
November 171.00 PM109WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 172.00 PM110WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 174.00 PM111WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 177.00 PM1032.5 Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1B-₹11,000
November 176.00 PM112WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 178.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1B-₹550
November 178.00 PM113WPT Tuesday Feature₹25 Lakhs₹4,400
November 179.00 PM114WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 1710.00 PM115WPT Mini 6-Max₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
November 1711.00 PM116WPT Late Night PKO₹3 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 181.00 PM117WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 182.00 PM118WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 184.00 PM119WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 187.00 PM1032.5 Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1C-₹11,000
November 188.00 PM120WPT Wednesday Feature₹20 Lakhs₹2,750
November 188.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1C-₹550
November 189.30 PM121WPT Deepstack₹17 Lakhs₹7,500
November 189.00 PM122WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 1810.00 PM123WPT Moonlight₹6 Lakhs₹1,800
November 1811.00 PM124WPT Late Night₹3 Lakhs₹880
November 191.00 PM125WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 192.00 PM126WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 194.00 PM127WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 197.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1D-₹11,000
November 196.00 PM128WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 198.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1D-₹550
November 198.00 PM129WPT Thursday Feature₹30 Lakhs₹5,500
November 199.00 PM130WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 199.30 PM131WPT Mini 6-Max₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
November 1911.00 PM132WPT Late Night PKO₹3 Lakhs₹880+₹220
November 201.00 PM133WPT Hustle₹1.7 Lakhs₹660
November 202.00 PM134WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 204.00 PM135WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 207.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1E-₹11000
November 206.00 PM136WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 208.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1E-₹550
November 209.00 PM137WPT India High Roller₹50 Lakhs₹27,500
November 2010.00 PM138WPT PLO Bounty₹5 Lakhs₹4,000
November 2011.00 PM139WPT Late Night₹3 Lakhs₹880
November 211.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1F-₹550
November 212.00 PM140WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 214.00 PM104WPT India Madness 1G-₹550
November 214.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1F-₹11,000
November 214.00 PM141WPT Alpha₹2 Lakhs₹990
November 217.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1G-₹11,000
November 216.00 PM142WPT Multiplier₹3 Lakhs₹1,250
November 218.00 PM143WPT Weekender₹15 Lakhs₹4,400
November 219.00 PM144WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 2110.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1H-₹11,000
November 2110.00 PM145WPT Table for 6₹5 Lakhs₹2,750
November 2110.00 PM104WPT India Madness - Day 2₹15 Lakhs-
November 2111.00 PM146WPT Late Night PLO₹2.5 Lakhs₹1,100
November 221.00 PM147WPT Hustle₹2 Lakhs₹660
November 221.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1I-₹11000
November 222.00 PM148WPT Classic₹5 Lakhs₹1,500
November 224.00 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT 1J-₹11,000
November 226.00 PM149WPT 2500₹20 Lakhs₹2,500
November 227.30 PM150WPT Battlefield₹1 Lakhs₹550
November 228.00 PM151WPT India - Mike Sexton Tribute₹30 Lakhs₹11,000
November 229.00 PM152WPT Novemberfest₹1.5 Lakhs₹750
November 2210.15 PM1032.5Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT - Day 2₹2.5 Crores-
November 2210.00 PM153WPT Moonlight₹6 Lakhs₹1,800
November 2211.00 PM154WPT Late Night PKO₹2.5 Lakhs₹880+₹220


WPT Online India Main Event

Now that you’ve taken the time to check out the complete schedule, you know that this series’ pièce de résistance will be the ₹2.5 Crores GTD WPT India Main Event. Since it is the star attraction, it will commence towards the business end of the series, from November 16.

The ₹11,000 buy-in Main Event is a multi-flight event that comprises of 10 starting flights.

>Day 1A – November 16 at 7 PM

>Day 1B – November 17 at 7 PM

>Day 1C – November 18 at 7 PM

>Day 1D – November 19 at 7 PM

>Day 1E – November 20 at 7 PM

>Day 1F – November 21 at 4 PM

>Day 1G – November 21 at 7 PM

>Day 1H – November 21 at 10 PM

>Day 1I – November 22 at 1 PM

>Day 1J – November 22 at 4 PM

Day 2 will take place on November 22, starting at 10:15 PM.

The first-ever WPT Online India series will also be offering ‘Added Value.’ Under this promotion, the Main Event winner will, in addition to the ginormous top prize, be awarded the WPT Main Event trophy, a Hublot Classic wristwatch worth ₹10 Lakhs, and a WPT Passport worth $5,000.


Highlight Tournaments

While the Main Event will undoubtedly be the showstopper, there are many more events that players can look out for. In total, there are 32 WPT trophies up for grabs!

A total of nine events will be played every day for 18 days, out of which seven will be played daily, which are:

>WPT Hustle at 1 PM

>WPT Classic at 2 PM

>WPT Alpha at 4 PM

>WPT Multiplier at 7 PM

>WPT Battlefield at 7:30 PM

>WPT Novemberfest at 9 PM

>WPT Late Night PKO at 11 PM

Two big-guarantee primetime events will take place every day at 8 PM and 9:30 PM.

While the Main Event offers the most significant guarantee, the ₹65 Lakhs GTD WPT India Super High Roller has the highest buy-in worth ₹55,000 and will run out on November 12, 9 PM onwards.

Another marquee tourney on the schedule is the WPT India – Mike Sexton Tribute. The Poker Hall of Famer and legendary WPT Commentator passed away on September 7, losing the battle to prostate cancer. Often referred to as the ‘voice of the WPT,’ the former WSOP bracelet winner was a decorated poker pro, and his loss will always be felt by the global poker community.

The ₹11,000 entry buy-in event, hosted in Sexton’s honor, will play out on the last day of the series from 8 PM and sport a ₹30 Lakhs prize pool guarantee. The winner of this event will receive the Mike Sexton Tribute trophy, along with a $1,000 WPT Passport as a part of the ‘Added Value’ promotion. Not only that, as all the proceeds from the event will be donated to the PokerGives Foundation founded by none other than Sexton himself.

Speaking to PokerGuru, Manish J. Adnani, Business Head – Poker of Delta Corp, shared his excitement regarding the upcoming series. “I am looking forward to the series and seeing the new champions emerge given that we have a range of events with 32 feature trophy events and a massive main event. Wish the players the very best in their hunt for glory. Run good!”

Manish Adnani
Manish Adnani


MEGA & MINI POS Leaderboard Events

The WPT Online India will feature two leaderboards: the MEGA POS Leaderboard and the MINI POS Leaderboard.

The MEGA POS Leaderboard promises ₹25 Lakhs in prizes, with the eventual leaderboard topper taking home ₹10 Lakhs. Scoring in any of the 29 marquee tourneys will fetch players MEGA POS leaderboard points.


The MINI POS Leaderboard assures ₹10 Lakhs in cash prizes, with the leaderboard topper walking away with ₹3 Lakhs. Players have to finish ITM (in-the-money) in any of the 125 daily tourneys to collect MINI POS Leaderboard points.


Both the MEGA and MINI POS Leaderboard toppers will win “Player of the Series” (POS) trophies!


Registration Process

As the mega-series will play out on India’s leading online poker site, Adda52, all players who already have an account can simply log in to play. However, for players who are yet to create their account on Adda52, follow these four easy steps:

>Step 1: Visit the Adda52 website

>Step 2: Click on the Login/Sign-Up button

>Step 3: Register your mobile number

>Step 4: Fill in your Personal Details

Talking about Adda52’s association with WPT, VP Marketing of Adda52, Nishant Jaiswal said, “Adda52.com, an entity of Delta Corp group, is proud to host the prestigious WPT Online India 2020. The team at Adda52 is pumped to deliver on the action expected. Innovative structures, exhaustive streaming for players to tune into, and many more category first initiatives can be expected to enhance your gaming experience. Welcoming all players to make their mark and bag the prestigious trophies for WPT Online India.”

Keep following PokerGuru for more updates from the 2020 WPT Online India series!

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