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WPC-SEAPT 2022: Vietnam’s Nguyen Quang Minh Clinches Main Event Title (VN₫ 3.22 Billion); PokerGuru Ambassador Kartik Ved Finishes Runner-Up (VN₫ 2 Billion)

WPC-SEAPT 2022: Vietnam's Nguyen Quang Minh Clinches the Main Event Title
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis September 24, 2022
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The final table of the VN₫ 8 Billion GTD WPC-SEAPT Main Event of the 2022 WPC-SEAPT Series ran for over five hours, finally crowning a champion in local player Ha Manh Tuong who took home the title and top prize of VN₫ 3.22 Billion!

The Vietnamese pro had entered the final table with the third biggest stack and had a rather swingy time on the felt. He eliminated Nguyen Quang Huy, Eric Wasylenko, and Nguyen Quang Minh en route to face India’s Kartik Ved in the heads-up showdown.

Kartik Ved
Kartik Ved


The PokerGuru Ambassador was ahead by just a million chips at the start of the heads-up play. A brutal bad beat that saw Tuong river a King-high straight crippled Ved’s stack, and the Goa resident failed to bounce back. A few hands later, it was all over for Ved, who settled for a second-place finish worth VN₫ 2 Billion.

This win marked Tuong’s third live title of the year and his second win at the Grand Loyal Poker Club Hanoi, where the WPC-SEAPT Series is also being held.

Another Indian who had made it to the final table, Deepak Bothra, was one of the day’s earlier casualties. He walked out in seventh place for VN₫ 480 Million.

Deepak Bothra
Deepak Bothra


The Main Event had attracted 1,020 entries generating a guarantee-crushing VN₫ 17,809,200,000 (~$751,126) prize pool. Day 2 had started with 128 runners returning to the felts, with only the final eight making it through to the final day.

Bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer (9th for VN₫ 295 Million), PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (25th for VN₫ 90 Million), Kunal Patni (30th for VN₫ 90 Million), Young Gun Shardul Parthasarathi (31st for VN₫ 90 Million), Sumit Sapra (55th for VN₫ 58 Million), Siddharth Mundada (62nd for VN₫ 51 Million), Young Gun Gaurav Sood (92nd for VN₫ 35 Million) and Jasven Saigal (106th for VN₫ 33 Million) were among the Indians who cashed the event on Day 2.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Kartik Ved – 9,000,000
  2. Nguyen Quang Minh – 6,100,000
  3. Ha Manh Tuong – 4,100,000
  4. Hao Seo – 2,675,000
  5. Jason Lau – 2,625,000
  6. Nguyen Quang Huy – 2,550,000
  7. Deepak Bothra – 2,000,000
  8. Eric Wasylenko – 1,600,000


Final Table Recap

On the fifth hand of the final table, Hao Seo raised to 250,000 from the middle position. Action folded to Kartik Ved on the button who 3-bet to 625,000. Seo jammed with his last 1.80 Million stack, holding . Ved snap-called turning over . The board ran and missed both players. Ved’s pocket Jacks eliminated Seo in eighth place, pushing the former’s stack to 11 Million.

Five hands later, Nguyen Quang Minh raised to 275,000 from the cutoff. Deepak Bothra, the shortest stack on the final table, moved all-in for his remaining 1.20 Million from the button. Action folded back to Minh, who promptly called for 925,000.

Nguyen Quang Minh

Deepak Bothra

The rundown revealed , giving Minh a flopped pair of Queens and knocking Bothra out in seventh place.

Finishing in sixth place was Nguyen Quang Huy when his lost out to Ha Manh Tuong’s

Next to go was Jason Lau. His were no match for Minh’s that flopped a pair of Queens on the board, eliminating Lau in fifth place.

Down to four-handed play, Eric Wasylenko was the next casualty on the final table, walking out in fourth place. He shoved all-in pre-flop from the button for 1.50 Million with , and Tuong re-shoved for 6.10 Million from the small blind holding . The rest of the table folded and the board showed . Tuong spiked an Ace on the river, sending Wasylenko to the rail.

With the final three players left on the final table, Nguyen Quang Minh was the shortest stack with just a million chips left. He moved all-in from the small blind with . Ved (17 Million) with and Tuong (12 Million) with called. The flop fell . Ved and Tuong checked to see the turn. Both players checked through to see the . Tuong took down the 3.80 Million pot with a turned pair of Queens, eliminating Minh in third place.

The heads-up between Kartik Ved (16 Million) and Ha Manh Tuong (15 Million) began with just a million chips separating the players.

A few hands into the heads-up match, Tuong raised to 750,000 with and Ved 3-bet to 2.40 Million with . Tuong used a time bank before moving all-in for 13 Million. Ved thought for a while before calling for 10 Million. Tuong hit a one-card King-high straight on the board, delivering a brutal bad beat to Ved and crippling his stack to 5.30 Million. Tuong’s stack jumped to 26 Million.

A couple of hands later, Ved jammed from the big blind for 5.10 Million, and Tuong called after asking for a count.

Ha Manh Tuong

Kartik Ved

The community cards read , and Tuong rivered a boat to clinch the title, relegating Ved to a runner-up finish.

Ha Manh Tuong
Ha Manh Tuong


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Ha Manh Tuong – VN₫ 3,226,200,000
  2. Kartik Ved – VN₫ 2,000,000,000
  3. Nguyen Quang Minh – VN₫ 1,450,000,000
  4. Eric Wasylenko – VN₫ 1,080,000,000
  5. Jason Lau – VN₫ 820,000,000
  6. Nguyen Quang Huy – VN₫ 620,000,000
  7. Deepak Bothra – VN₫ 480,000,000
  8. Hao Seo – VN₫ 375,000,000


Content & Images Courtesy: SoMuchPoker

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