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WPC-SEAPT 2022: Yu Je Nam, Tzai Wei Phua, Cao Ngoc Anh, Jinyoung Kim, Yannick Léonard & Norbert Koh Shi-Fu Win the Last Few Events at the Series

Yu Je Nam, Tzai Wei Phua, Cao Ngoc Anh, Jinyoung Kim, Yannick Léonard & Norbert Koh Shi-Fu
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis September 26, 2022
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The VN₫ 20 Billion GTD WPC-SEAPT Series, which ran from September 16 to 25, was the first time World Poker Championship (WPC) teamed up with South East Asia Poker Tour (SEAPT). The series hosted at the Grand Loyal Poker Club Hanoi in Vietnam wrapped up proceedings yesterday with six tournaments crowning champions.

Korea’s Yu Je Nam emerged as the biggest winner on the last day of the series after shipping the Super High Roller for VN₫ 1.828 Billion. He struck a three-way deal with David Erquiaga (2nd for VN₫ 1.131 Billion) and Lee Chang Hwan (3rd for VN₫ 707 Million).

Young Gun’s Shardul Parthasarathi (3rd for VN₫ 191 Million) and Gaurav Sood (14th for VN₫ 157 Million) scored in the event.

Tzai Wei Phua was the next biggest winner, taking down the High Roller Single Day for VN₫ 1.018 Billion. From India, Ankit Jajodia (5th for VN₫ 205 Million), Gaurav Sood (9th for VN₫ 102 Million), Manoj Pentakota (13th for VN₫ 80 Million), and Siddharth Mundada (15th for VN₫ 80 Million) cashed the event.

Vietnam’s Cao Ngoc Anh was the last player standing in the Megastack Event, banking VN₫ 555 Million up top. Indian pros Deepak Bothra (23rd for VN₫ 22.50 Million), Sumit Sapra (31st for VN₫ 16 Million), and Jasven Saigal (40th for VN₫ 14 Million)) made the payouts list.

USA’s Jinyoung Kim trounced the 199-entry field in the Bounty Hunter Event for VN₫ 337.28 Million. Amit Kaushik (12th for VN₫ 16.50 Million) and Siddarth Singhvi (25th for VN₫ 6 Million) round out the Indian finishes.

France’s Yannick Léonard (Won Event #16: Megastack Closer for VN₫ 204 Million) and Singapore’s Norbert Koh Shi-Fu (Won Event #18: Megastack Closer Turbo for VN₫ 52.76 Million) won the other tournaments yesterday.


Yu Je Nam Champions Super High Roller For VN₫ 1.828 Billion

Korea’s Yu Je Nam championed over the 108-entry field in the VN₫ 66 Million (~$2,783) buy-in Super High Roller, taking home the lion’s share of the VN₫ 6.285 Billion (~$265,103) prize pool worth VN₫ 1.828 Billion. A three-way deal ensured David Erquiaga (2nd for VN₫ 1.131 Billion) and Lee Chang Hwan (3rd for VN₫ 707 Million) the other top payouts.

Young Gun Shardul Parthasarathi picked up his third series score, finishing ninth for VN₫ 191 Million. This also happened to be his second final table finish of the series.

Shardul Parthasarathi
Shardul Parthasarathi


Another Young Gun, Gaurav Sood, picked up his second series cash, placing 14th for VN₫ 157 Million.

Yu Je Nam
Yu Je Nam


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Yu Je Nam – VN₫ 1,828,600,000*
  2. David Erquiaga – VN₫ 1,131,000,000*
  3. Lee Chang Hwan – VN₫ 707,000,000*
  4. Renato Villanueva Jr – VN₫ 471,000,000
  5. Florent Remi – VN₫ 367,000,000
  6. Dang Thi Hue – VN₫ 294,000,000
  7. Ong Jing Xiang – VN₫ 250,000,000
  8. Ngyuen Van Trung – VN₫ 216,000,000
  9. Shardul Parthasarathi – VN₫ 191,000,000

*denotes a three-way deal


Tzai Wei Phua Wins High Roller Single Day For VN₫ 1.018 Billion

The VN₫ 33 Million (~$1,391) buy-in High Roller Single Day attracted 123 entries, creating a VN₫ 3.579 Billion (~$150,961) prize pool. Tzai Wei Phua topped the competition to win the title and the top prize of VN₫ 1.018 Billion. Nguyen Thu Thuy Duong came second for VN₫ 659 Million.

Four Indians cashed the event, with Ankit Jajodia running the deepest, finishing fifth for VN₫ 205 Million.

Ankit Jajodia
Ankit Jajodia


Picking up his third series cash, Young Gun Gaurav Sood came ninth for VN₫ 102 Million.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


Manoj Pentakota (13th for VN₫ 80 Million) and Siddharth Mundada (15th for VN₫ 80 Million) rounded out the Indian scores in the event.

Tzai Wei Phua
Tzai Wei Phua


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Tzai Wei Phua – VN₫ 1,018,000,000
  2. Nguyen Thu Thuy Duong – VN₫ 659,000,000
  3. Teddy Pham – VN₫ 389,000,000
  4. Grant Gardner – VN₫ 271,000,000
  5. Ankit Jajodia – VN₫ 205,000,000
  6. Ng Thien Minh – VN₫ 168,000,000
  7. Dinh Tien Thanh – VN₫ 140,000,000
  8. Eric Wasylenko – VN₫ 117,000,000
  9. Gaurav Sood – VN₫ 102,300,000


Vietnam’s Cao Ngoc Anh Takes Down Megastack Event For VN₫ 555 Million

The VN₫ 8.80 Million buy-in Event #15 kicked off with 329 starters, gathering a VN₫ 2.55 Billion prize pool. Cao Ngoc Anh bested the competition to collect the top prize of VN₫ 555 Million after a fourteen-hour long marathon to the finish line.

The local player rode his final table chip-lead to victory as he beat Singapore’s Benjamin Sai (2nd for VN₫ 393 Million) in the heads-up play.

An Indian team trio, including Deepak Bothra (23rd for VN₫ 22.50 Million), Sumit Sapra (31st for VN₫ 16 Million), and Jasven Saigal (40th for VN₫ 14 Million), boarded the money bus.

Deepak Bothra
Deepak Bothra


Bothra collected his second series score after his FT finish in the WPT SEAPT Main Event (7th for VN₫ 480 Million).

Last night`s Spartan Poker ITM #18 – Blizzard and Adda52 Big Game finalist Sapra collected his second series score in this event. He previously placed 55th in the WPT SEAPT Main Event for VN₫ 58 Million.

Saigal had ITM-ed the Main Event (106th for VN₫ 33 Million), and this was his second cash of the series.

Cao Ngọc Anh
Cao Ngọc Anh


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Cao Ngọc Anh – VN₫ 555,000,000
  2. Benjamin Sai – VN₫ 393,000,000
  3. Đinh Quang Huy – VN₫ 232,000,000
  4. Đặng Hoàng Việt – VN₫ 158,000,000
  5. Foo Yong Kiang – VN₫ 122,000,000
  6. Kim Ho Geun – VN₫ 102,000,000
  7. Phạm Quang Văn – VN₫ 85,000,000
  8. Nguyễn Minh Quyền – VN₫ 69,000,000


USA’s Jinyoung Kim Conquers Bounty Hunter Event For VN₫ 337.28 Million

The ₱6.60 Million buy-in Event #13: Bounty Hunter drew 199 players, creating a VN₫ 760.18 Million prize pool. Jinyoung Kim outlasted them all to win the WPC-SEAPT trophy and the VN₫ 337.28 Million (~$14,225) (VN₫ 147.20 Million in bounties) first-place cash prize.

Sweden’s Jonas Magdalinski pocketed a runner-up payday of VN₫ 253.30 Million (VN₫ 125.50 Million in bounties).

Two Indian pros crossed the money line, Amit Kaushik (12th for VN₫ 16.50 Million) and Siddarth Singhvi (25th for VN₫ 6 Million).

Amit Kaushik
Amit Kaushik


Kaushik collected his fourth cash in the series after his twelfth-place finish in the Bounty Hunter. His other ITM finishes came in Event #3: Bounty Hunter Event (13th for VN₫ 14 Million), Event #5: Super Stack (18th for VN₫ 14.50 Million), and Event #7: Mystery Bounty (13th for VN₫ 32 Million).

Spartan Poker’s ITM #16 Sunday Supersonic second-place finisher Singhvi collected his second score in the series. He previously cashed Event #7: Mystery Bounty (37th for VN₫ 18 Million).

Jinyoung Kim
Jinyoung Kim


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Jinyoung Kim – VN₫ 337,280,000*
  2. Jonas Magdalinski – VN₫ 253,300,000*
  3. Bùi Quốc Diện – VN₫ 201,000,000*
  4. Đỗ Quang Thắng – VN₫ 47,500,000
  5. Kang Hyomo – VN₫ 36,700,000
  6. Duong Van Quang – VN₫ 30,500,000
  7. Park Ji Bok – VN₫ 26,000,000
  8. Cho Sun Il – VN₫ 22,500,000

* Including Bounties


France`s Yannick Léonard Wins Megastack Closer For VN₫ 204 Million

Event #16: Megastack Closer had 122 hopefuls buying in for VN₫6.60 Million and pooling in VN₫ 710.04 Million in prize money. France’s Yannick Léonard shipped the event for VN₫204 Million.

Vietnam`s Nguyen Anh Minh took home VN₫ 130 Million in second place, while another local player Nguyen Thai rounded out the podium, pocketing VN₫ 75.50 Million in third place.

Yannick Léonard
Yannick Léonard


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Yannick Léonard – VN₫ 204,000,000
  2. Nguyen Anh Minh – VN₫ 130,000,000
  3. Nguyen Thai – VN₫ 75,500,000
  4. Nguyen Tran Ngoc – VN₫ 53,000,000
  5. Nguyen Tuan Hung – VN₫ 41,000,000
  6. Newby Micheal Alfreed – VN₫ 33,000,000
  7. Nguyen Khac Quang – VN₫ 27,500,000
  8. Doan Minh Tuan – VN₫ 23,500,000


Singapore`s Norbert Koh Shi-Fu Ships Megastack Closer Turbo For VN₫ 52.76 Million

Event #18: Megastack Closer Turbo recorded a starting field of 27 entrants, generating a VN₫ 104.76 VN₫ prize pool. Singaporean poker pro Norbert Koh Shi-Fu bested the field to win the WPC SEAPT trophy and a generous VN₫ 52.76 Million up top!

Koh beat local pro Nguyen Thi Minh Thanh heads-up, who secured second place for VN₫ 26 Million.

Norbert Koh Shi-Fu
Norbert Koh Shi-Fu

Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Norbert Koh Shi-Fu – VN₫ 52,760,000
  2. Nguyen Thi Minh Thanh – VN₫ 26,000,000
  3. Nguyen Long – VN₫ 16,000,000
  4. Trent Fechter – VN₫ 10,000,000


Content & Images Courtesy: SoMuchPoker

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