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WPT DeepStacks Marrakech 2018: Francois Tosques Wins Main Event For MAD1,000,000 ($106,095)

Francois Tosques
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  • PG News October 1, 2018
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With a MAD13,200 buy-in, the 2018 World Poker Tour (WPT) DeepStacks Marrakech Main Event took place at Casino de Marrakech. Held over four days, the Main Event featured two starting flights attracting an overall field of 431 entries. Outlasting the massive field to take home his career-first WPT title was Frenchman François Tosques (cover image), who took home MAD1,000,000 ($106,095) in prize money.

“It’s crazy because I was short-stacked most of the tournament. I never expected to win this; this is very crazy. I finished two and a half months ago, when I was in heads-up I just wanted to win it,” Tosques said afterwards in an interview with WPT Royal Flush Crew member Alexandra Gray.

With the top 55 places assured payouts, several notables finished in the money including Tobias Peters (11th for $9,549), Mathieu Chevalier (13th for $7,957), Jimmy Livramento (21st for $3,713), Dani Rodriguez (32nd for $3,024) and Patrick Caveriviere (47th for $2,758).

Abdullatif Attia (10th for $9,549) bubbled the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Kalidou Sow – 2,855,000

2. Ramon Sol – 2,335,000

3. Francois Tosques – 1,915,000

4. David Pecheur – 1,555,000

5. Jaouad Abida – 1,230,000

6. Fabio Pinho Damaso – 1,210,000

7. Mathieu Papineau – 915,000

8. Jean Montury – 495,000

9. Sebastien Boyard – 415,000

Final Table Recap

Early on the final table, David Pecheur lost a big pot and soon thereafter, faced a raised of 115,000 from Jaouad Abida. Pecheur 3-bet jammed for 715,000 from the small blind and Abida tanked for a while before calling.

David Pecheur card 3card 3

Jaouad Abida card 1card 3

The boardcard 2card 3card 3card 3card 2 missed both players, leading to Pecheur’s ninth place exit.

During level 28, Abida raised the pot to 200,000 and Sebastien Boyard shoved all-in for 365,000 from the hijack, while Kalidou Sow called from the big blind. Abida then moved all in over the top. Sow checked his cards again and mucked pocket tens face up. Boyard turned over card 3card 3 and Abida tabled pocket queens. The flop fell card 3card 2card 1 and Boyard picked up a gutshot straight draw along with his one over card. The card 1 turn and card 3 river however bricked for Boyard and he busted in eighth place.

30 minutes later, Abida got into another big pot with a raise of 250,000 from under-the-gun and Jean Montury jammed from the small blind for approximately 600,000. Abida snap-called.

Jean Montury card 2card 2

Jaouad Abida card 3card 2

The flop brought card 1card 3card 3 and Montury needed a nine to stay alive in the Main Event. But it all came crashing down for Montury as the card 3 and card 3 completed the board, giving Abida a pair of eights and sending Montury to the rail in seventh place.

Immediately after the dinner break, Abida raised to 210,000 and Mathieu Papineau called from the big blind. The flop ran card 3card 3card 2 and Papineau check-raised all-in for about 1 Million. Abida called after investing a continuation bet of 400,000. Papineau tabled card 3card 3 and Abida showed card 2card 3. Abida was ahead with a flopped pair of aces but Papineau had outs to a clubs flush and a seven-high straight. Unfortunately, the turn card 1 wrecked his chances, and the river card 3 wasn’t enough to prevent his sixth place elimination.

Down to five-handed play, Kalidou Sow shoved all-in from the cutoff and Francois Tosques re-shoved from the button even as the rest of the table folded.

Kalidou Sow card 3card 2

Francois Tosques card 3card 2

The community cards opened card 3card 3card 2card 1card 2 and Tosques’ queen kicker knocked Sow out in fifth place.

In a limped pot to the card 1card 1card 3 flop, Ramon Sol and Tosques checked through in a battle of the blinds. The card 1 turn resulted in a bet of 260,000 and which received a call, taking the action all the way to the river card 2. Sol checked and Tosques bet 690,000. Sol check-raised all-in for 2,265,000 and Tosques asked for a count and 30 seconds later decided to call. Sol flipped over card 1card 3 revealing his bluff as Tosques tabled card 3card 1 to take away the pot with his rivered full house, eliminating the former in fourth place.

Finishing in third place was Fabio Pinho Damaso who went head-to-head against Abida, with the flop showing card 1card 3card 3 and 400,000 in the middle. Both players moved their stacks in the middle with Damaso the player at risk. Damaso had card 2 and Abida held card 2card 3. The card 2 on the turn gave hope to the Moroccan rail and an inconsequential card 2 on the river, ensured Damaso’s elimination.

Francois Tosques (9,310,000) and Jaouad Abida (3,615,000) entered the heads-up battle with the former in a commanding lead. Abida gave a tough fight to Tosques and even managed to double up. However, on the final hand of the event, Abida moved all-in and Tosques called.

Jaouad Abida card 3card 2

Francois Tosques card 3:@card 1

The board ran card 3card 3card 3card 3card 2 and Tosques rivered two pairs – kings and eights. Abida’s deep run ended in the runner-up place, as Tosques claimed his maiden WPT title and first-place prize money of MAD1,000,000 ($106,095).

Francois Tosques
Francois Tosques

Final Table Results (MAD)

1. François Tosques – MAD1,000,000

2. Jaouad Abida – MAD700,000

3. Fabio Pinho Damaso – MAD440,000

4. Ramon Sol – MAD315,000

5. Kalidou Sow – MAD240,000

6. Mathieu Papineau – MAD195,000

7. Jean Montury – MAD156,000

8. Sebastien Boyard – MAD130,000

9. David Pecheur – MAD108,100

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