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WPT India: Sandeep Tulsyan Wins ₹30K NLHE SuperStack For ₹19 Lakhs; Bharat Janardhan Leads 41 Survivors in High Roller

Sandeep Tulsyan
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  • PG News November 10, 2017
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Live action has taken center stage at Casino Deltin Royale in Goa, which is currently playing host to the first-ever World Poker Tour (WPT) India. The weeklong extravaganza kicked off on November 7 and will close out on November 13 after its headline ₹55K Main Event crowns a champion.

The second event of the series, 30K Superstack NLH event attracted a solid field of 284 runners with the top 31 places making it in the money. The last man standing was Sandeep Tulsyan (cover image) who banked a cool ₹19 lakhs for his finish. Incidentally, Tulsyan started the eight-handed final table at the bottom of the heap but juggernauted his way to the top to clinch the title.

Running alongside the final day of SuperStack event was the highest buy-in event on the schedule i.e. ₹100K High Roller event which drew 148 runners. The field was whittled down to just 41 survivors on Day 1 yesterday and the remaining players reconvene at 3pm today to play down to a winner.

Notables still in the mix include current chip leader Bharat Janardhan who bagged 403,500 in chips alongside Sumit Sapra (304,600), Yudhishter Jaswal (270,400), Sahil Agarwal (133,300), Meherzad Munsaf (102,200), Rajnish Kumar (101,500), Amit Jain (70,500), Sumit Asrani (52,000), Bryan Huang (51,700) and Muskan Sethi (43,300) among others.


30K NLHE SuperStack

As was the case in the opening event, the field was full of notables including Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba, Adda52 Team Pros Kunal Patni and Tarun Goyal, WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant, Dhaval Mudgal, Maria Kirloskar, Abhishek Panda, Eka Vedantham, Nishant Sharma, Vivek Rughani, Vidwath Shetty, Mayank Agarwal and Sharad Rao to name a few.

Adda52 pro Tarun Goyal was the first one to hit the rail and his elimination opened a floodgate of bustouts and among those who missed out on the money were Kanishk Upreti, Nikhil Agarwal, Firoz Khan, Satish SP, Minissha Lamba, Gaurav Jain, Vinod M, Sharad Rao, Muskan Sethi, Mani Singh, Deepak Raina, Varun Gupta, Bobbe Suri, Kanishka Samant, Mukesh Reddy, Amit Sur, Anil Gulati, Devesh Thapar and Tushar Agarwal.

The money bubble burst after Naman exited the event in 32nd place. Patni opened and Naman jammed holding . Patni tank-called tabling and clipped two pairs on the board to take down the pot eliminating Naman from the event. With Naman’s elimination the remaining 31 survivors were guaranteed a min cash of ₹60,500 and returned the next day to play down to a winner.

Sumit Sapra bagged the overnight chip lead with 614,000 and trailing him was Pawan Jain with 511,000 in chips. Anup Palod (456,000) and Jagdeep Singh (447,000) rounded up the top 4 stacks.


Day 2 Recap

Action was in full swing on Day 2 right from the start and with each survivor guaranteed a piece of prize pool, it didn’t take long before the final table was formed.

The list of eliminations included Joynel (10th place), Kunal Patni (11th place), Sumit Sapra (12th place), Prashant Sekar (13th place), Ankit (14th place), Apaar Gautam (15th place), Zarvan Tumboli (16th place), Shariq Khan (17th place), Nikhil Jalan (18th place), Puneet Dave (19th place), Amit Tejura (20th place), Niranjan (21st place), Vikram Kumar (22nd place), Romit Advani (30th place) and Rubin Labroo (31st place).

Short-stacked Daniel Weinman went out on the final table bubble. Pawan Jain open shoved holding 7x 4x and Weinman called with a better 10x 3x. Jain managed to complete a straight on the board 2x 6x 3x 8x 5x to eliminate Weinman in ninth place.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Abhishek Jalan – 1,520,000
2. Samit Mehta – 1,200,000
3. Pawan Jain – 1,15,000
4. Jagdeep Singh – 650,000
5. Nishant Sharma – 620,000
6. Anup Palod – 525,000
7. Somesh H – 330,000
8. Sandeep Tulsyan – 109,000


Final Table Recap

Somesh H was the first casualty of the final table and fell at the hands of Samit Mehta. Mehta opened and Somesh 3-bet. Action folded back to Mehta who called to see the flop 3x Qx 3x with both players checking their option. The turn Jx also got no action and the river 6x completed the board. Mehta decided to shove this time as he had slow played his flopped full house with pocket queens and got the call from Somesh who tabled pocket aces to bow out in eighth place.

PLO expert Jagdeep Singh fell next in seventh place. Singh was short and shoved with 7x 3x and Abhishek Jalan looked him up with Qx Jx. The board brought the 5x 6x 10x Ax 2x and Jalan won the pot eliminating Singh in the process.

Next up, Mumbai’s Nishant Sharma exited at the hands of Mehta. The latter opened and Sharma shoved holding , The eventual champion Sandeep Tulsyan also joined the action and shoved over the top with pocket kings. Samit tanked before laying down his hand. No surprises on the 4x Ax 3x Ax 2x board and Sharma walked out.

Anup Palod’s tournament run came to an end next. Palod shoved with Ax 9x and Samit Mehta called tabling pocket tens. Mehta hit a set on the board to bust Palod.

Incidentally, Samit Mehta was sent packing by Pawan Jain. Jain had been quite silent on the final table till this point and emerged to eliminate Mehta in fourth place.

Down to the last three players, Jalan was leading the pack with an overwhelming chip lead and soon Pawan Jain fell in third place. Jain jammed with and Sandeep Tulsyan called tabling pocket fives. The board blanked out and Jain busted to set the heads-up battle in motion between Jalan and Tulsyan.

Tulsyan who had started the final table as the shortest stack, maneuvered his stack to a point where he held over double the chips as his opponent and he didn’t waste time to finish him off. The final hand saw Tulsyan shoving with pocket fives and Jalan called off with . The community cards bricked out and just like that Tulsyan took down the title!

Sandeep Tulsyan
Sandeep Tulsyan

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Sandeep Tulsyan – ₹19,00,000

2. Abhishek Jalan – ₹12,53,000

3. Pawan Jain – ₹8,08,000

4. Samit Mehta – ₹6,27,000

5. Anup Palod – ₹5,09,000

6. Nishant Sharma – ₹4,04,000

7. Jadgeep Singh – ₹3,23,880

8. Somit H – ₹2,51,000

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