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WPT Prime Cambodia: David Erquiaga Wins Main Event For $137,008 (3-Way Deal), India’s Kunal Patni (6th) & Ankit Jajodia (7th) Rake in FT Scores

David Erquiaga, Kunal Patni & Ankit Jajodia
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis August 22, 2022
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After an exciting final table run, the record-breaking 2022 World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Cambodia $1,100 Main Event has found a champion. Once the dust settled, Filipino pro David Erquiaga was the one walking away with the Main Event trophy and a $137,008 cash prize shortly after striking a three-way deal with Chi Jen “Justin” Chu (2nd for $120,980) and Junnie Pamplona (3rd for $106,482).

Erquiaga is a well-known player in the South-Asian circuit. He recently won his career-seventh PokerStars LIVE title after shipping Event #40: ₱50,000 Mixed PLO/NLH High Roller Freezeout at the 2022 APPT Manila. Erquiaga is currently ranked 11th on the Philippines’ all-time money list.

Erquiaga had some work to do on the final table, where he started with a below-average stack ranked sixth in chips among the nine finalists. Undeterred, he steadily fought his way to the top and eliminated Ankit Jajodia, Patrick Soh, Jean Robert Autran, Junnie Pamplona, and the eventual runner-up Chi Jen “Justin” Chu to win his second WPT live title.

The Indian rail had two players to cheer on the FT! Grabbing most of the attention was Kunal Patni, who entered the final table sporting a massive stack and was second in chips at the start of the day. The former banker lost his chip advantage as the field whittled down to six players. He eventually lost his tournament life in sixth place after his ace-ten lost out to Junnie Pamplona’s ace-king that rivered a straight. Nevertheless, the Deepstack NLH winner banked a hefty $35,690 (~₹28.48 Lakhs). Patni had previously scored thrice in the series. He also collected 250 points for the Player of the Festival (POF) rankings, a leaderboard he leads by 25 points.

The second Indian on the final table, Ankit Jajodia, brought the sixth-biggest stack into the final table. He crashed out in seventh place for $27,510 (~₹21.96 Lakhs).

Jojadia has been on an FT spree over the past few months. While his final table finish in the Main Event was his third cash of the series, his deepest run this summer came in the 2022 APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP VND 5 Billion GTD Main Event, where he finished third for a career-best VND 920.59 Million (~₹31.42 Lakhs).

Bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer bubbled the final table on Saturday, finishing 10th for $16,880 (~₹13.48 Lakhs)


Team India Cashes in the WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event

6Kunal Patni$35,690~₹28.48 Lakhs
7Ankit Jajodia$27,510~₹21.96 Lakhs
10Abhinav Iyer$16,880~₹13.48 Lakhs
14Pradeep Sharma$10,830~₹8.65 Lakhs
16Ritwik Khanna$8,830~₹7.05 Lakhs
20Kanchan Sharma$7,280~₹5.81 Lakhs
21Siddhanth Kripalani$6,070~₹4.85 Lakhs
25Puttamsetty Raja Sekhar$5,120~₹4.09 Lakhs
29Jasven Saigal$5,120~₹4.09 Lakhs
31Ashish Munot$5,120~₹4.09 Lakhs
35Gaurav Sood$4,380~₹3.50 Lakhs
46Amit Kaushik$3,780~₹3.02 Lakhs
68Laksh Pal Singh$2,640~₹2.11 Lakhs
69Sameer Agarwal$2,640~₹2.11 Lakhs
82Kaushal Vasa$2,210~₹1.77 Lakhs
87Dhanesh Chainani$2,210~₹1.77 Lakhs
88Akshay Kapoor$2,210~₹1.77 Lakhs
89Sumit Sapra$2,030~₹1.62 Lakhs
91Ankit Wadhawan$2,030~₹1.62 Lakhs
104Zarvan Tumboli$2,030~₹1.62 Lakhs
105Pratibh Saluja$1,900~₹1.52 Lakhs
122Abhinandan Sarda$1,810~₹1.45 Lakhs
127Anil Adiani$1,810~₹1.45 Lakhs
131Ankit Jajodia$1,810~₹1.45 Lakhs

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Chi Jen Chu – 8,615,000
  2. Kunal Patni – 6,640,000
  3. Junnie Pamplona – 4,275,000
  4. Jean Robert Autran – 3,735,000
  5. Ankit Jajodia – 2,990,000
  6. David Erquiaga – 2,895,000
  7. Hoang Van Nguyen – 1,005,000
  8. Patrick Soh – 680,000
  9. Ji Jun Xu – 625,000


Final Table Recap

The final table witnessed its first elimination nearly an hour into play. Hoang Van Nguyen found his king-jack cracked by Jin Ju Xhu’s pocket jacks that flopped a set.

Shortly after that, Jean Robert Autran climbed into the chip lead after taking down back-to-back pots off Kunal Patni and Chi Jen Chu.

The short-stacked Patrick Soh scored a crucial double-up through Patni, with his ace-eight dominating the latter’s ace-six.

Autran extended his lead further even as Soh doubled up again.

The players went on a short break, and when they returned, Jin Ju Xhu lost all his chips to Junnie Pamplona, with his ten-nine getting no help against the latter`s king-jack.

Less than 15 minutes later, India’s Ankit Jajodia was eliminated in seventh place. The hand in question began with David Erquiaga making a raise to 275,000 from the cutoff. Jajodia shoved for 2.7 Million from the small blind. Erquiaga quickly double-checked his cards before calling.

Ankit Jajodia

David Erquiaga

Jajodia paired his queen on the flop but the turn and the river couldn`t get him past Erquiga`s cowboys.

Ankit Jajodia
Ankit Jajodia


With six players remaining, Jean Robert Autran dominated the play. On the side, Patrick Soh scored his third final table double-up.

Autran was neck-to-neck with David Erquiaga while Kunal Patni slipped to the middle of the pack.

Patrick Soh soon scored another double-up through Patni – his ace-ten getting the better of Patni’s king-queen. Patni paired the king on the flop, but Soh made a flush to scoop the pot, bringing Patni down to 12 BBs.

Having entered FT with the second-biggest stack, India’s Kunal Patni suffered a series of setbacks to go down to crumbs. Less than 10 minutes after losing the pot to Soh, Patni raised to 1.5 Million, and Pamplona shoved for 3.775 Million. Small blind Erquiaga asked for a count before mucking his cards. Soh also folded, and Patni jammed.

Kunal Patni

Junnie Pamplona

The flop sprinted Patni ahead with a two-pair, and he stayed ahead on the turn, but the river turned the tide in Pamplona’s favor, who took down the pot with his straight, sending Patni packing in sixth place.

Kunal Patni
Kunal Patni


Next up, Patrick Soh was eliminated in fifth place in the first hand after the second break. Erquiaga jammed from the small blind with pocket nines, and Soh called all-in from the next seat with his 10 BB stack. The flop brought a pair of tens for both players, and the queen on the turn didn’t change the situation. However, the jack on the river completed Erquiaga’s broadway straight, ending Soh`s run.

Junnie Pamplona then scored a massive double-up through Autran to soar into the chip lead. The remaining four players took turns winning pots, and Pamplona took down two hands in a row to continue his upward climb.

Jean Robert Autran was the next to fall with his running into Erquiaga’s . The board bricked, and Erquiaga’s King-high kicker ended Autran`s title hopes in fourth place.

The remaining players started discussing a deal and soon came to an agreement, each locking in six-figure payouts. They kept aside $24,000 for the eventual champion while deciding on the following prize distribution:

David Erquiaga – $133,408

Chi Jen “Justin” Chu – $110,980

Junnie Pamplona – $106,482

The second place finisher would receive another $10,000 on top, while the winner would earn an extra $14,000, including the seat worth $10,400 for the WPT World Championships and $3,600 in cash.

Less than 30 minutes later, Junnie Pamplona jammed on the button for 8 Million, holding . Erquiaga tanked for a while before calling off with . The board ran , and Erquiaga’s flopped pair of Queens knocked Pamplona out in third place.

David Erquiaga (25,050,000 – 63 BBs) held a commanding lead over Chi Jen “Justin” Chu (6,350,000 – 16 BBs) at the start of the heads-up match, and it took him about ten minutes to finish the job.

On the final hand, Erquiaga pushed all-in from the button, and Chu called, putting his tournament life on the line.

Chi Jen “Justin” Chu

David Erquiaga

The community cards opened , and Erquiaga flopped pair of tens got him the WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event title, while Chu lapped up the extra $10,000 for a runner-up payday worth $120,980.

David Erquiaga with his rail
David Erquiaga with his rail


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. David Erquiaga – $137,008*
  2. Chi Jen “Justin” Chu – $120,980*
  3. Junnie Pamplona – $106,482*
  4. Jean Robert Autran – $62,060
  5. Patrick Soh – $46,820
  6. Kunal Patni – $35,690
  7. Ankit Jajodia – $27,510
  8. Ji Jun Xu – $21,430
  9. Hoang Van Nguyen – $16,880

David Erquiga also won a seat worth $10,400 to the WPT World Championships

*denotes a three-way deal


Content & Images Courtesy: World Poker Tour &

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