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WPT Prime Vietnam 2023: India’s Khushboo Asnani Finishes 4th in the Ladies Event; Laksh Pal Singh & Kanchan Sharma Among Top Stacks on Day 2 of 8 Max Main Event Warm Up

Khushboo Asnani, Laksh Pal Singh & Kanchan Sharma
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis May 24, 2023
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The 2023 WPT Prime Vietnam is in its final week, and the Indian contingent has been a powerhouse throughout the series, picking up 23 cashes, including 13 FT finishes and a title victory.

The most recent addition to India’s ever-growing FT tally came from Khushboo Asnani, who secured her first score in the series, finishing fourth in the VN₫ 3.30 Million WPT Ladies Event and earning VN₫ 8.67 Million. However, Australia’s Donna Lea took home the championship title in the same event, winning VN₫ 35.30 Million.

The VN₫ 2 Billion GTD 8 Max Main Event Warm Up saw Indians Laksh Pal Singh (380,000) and the 2023 WPT Prime India ₹12.5K Ladies NLH champion Kanchan Sharma (368,000) amass top stacks, making it among the 60 Day 2 survivors.

Other Indian players, including Ashish Munot (356,000), Jasven Saigal (268,000), Romit Advani (231,000), Amit Tejura (167,000), Harsh Bubna (157,000), Dhaval Mudgal (130,000), Siddharth Jolly (119,000), J Raju (101,000), Amit Kaushik (86,000), and Mohit Bohra (45,000) also advanced to Day 2.

Australia’s Hanna Azimai, the Day 1B chip leader, maintained her lead with 617,000, standing out as the overall chip leader on Day 2 of the 8 Max Main Event Warm Up.

Other notable victories included China’s Jinlong Hu (Won VN₫ 4.40 Million Deepstack NLH for VN₫ 137 Million), Vietnam’s Tuan Anh Tran (won VN₫ 4.40 Million NLH Turbo for VN₫ 72 Million), and Vietnam’s Ta Nhat Vu (won VN₫ 3.30 Million Hyper NLH for VN₫ 67 Million).


Australia’s Donna Lea Chmapions the WPT Ladies Event For VN₫ 35.30 Million; India’s Khushboo Asnani Finishes 4th

Buy-in: VN₫ 3.30 Million

Entries: 20

Re-entries: 7

Prize Pool: VN₫ 78.57 Million

Places Paid: 4

The WPT Ladies Event attracted 27 competitors, including regular festival attendees like the 8 Max Main Event Warm Up Day 1B chip leader Hanna Azimai and Candy Duong. Despite stiff competition, Donna Lea from Australia triumphed in the end, turning her VN₫ 3.30 Million buy-in into a prize of VN₫ 35.30 Million and earning her inaugural WPT trophy.

Donna Lea
Donna Lea


Lea reflected on her victory, saying, “The timing couldn’t have been better; we were on vacation, and when we discovered this event was taking place, we flew in from Nha Trang. The competition was intense, and my start was slow to the point where I thought I wouldn’t progress much. However, I took my time, maintained patience, and eventually got here. The final challenger put up a strong fight, but I was fortunate to get the two pair. I haven’t participated in a tournament for two and a half years, so this victory is particularly special—it’s my first win.”

India’s Khushboo Asnani, the wife of live circuit reg Romit Advani, picked up her career-first live score in the WPT Ladies Event, finishing fourth for VN₫ 8.67 Million.

Khushboo Asnani
Khushboo Asnani


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Donna Lea – VN₫ 35,300,000
  2. Jeongwon Lee – VN₫ 21,200,000
  3. Ngoc Huong Nguyen – VN₫ 13,400,000
  4. Khushboo Asnani – VN₫ 8,670,000


Australia’s Hanna Azimai Headlines 60 Survivors to Day 2 in the 8 Max Main Event Warm Up; India’s Laksh Pal Singh & Kanchan Sharma Among Top 10 Stacks

Buy-in: VN₫ 16.50 Million

Entries: 471

Prize Pool: VN₫ 6.853 Billion

Places Paid: 60

The VN₫ 2 Billion GTD 8 Max Main Event Warm Up hosted two starting flights, registering 471 entries and generating a guarantee-smashing VN₫ 6.853 Billion prize pool.

Day 1B chip leader, Hanna Azimai from Australia, emerged as the runaway chip leader with 617,000 – the only player to bag over 600K chips.

Hanna Azimai
Hanna Azimai


Dương Phệ (590,000) and Day 1A chip leader Đinh Quang Huy (560,000) rounded out the top three stacks.

A total of 12 Indians advanced to Day 2 of the 8 Max Main Event Warm Up, with Laksh Pal Singh (380,000) and Young Gun Kanchan Sharma (368,000) bagging the ninth and tenth biggest stacks among the 60 survivors.

Laksh Pal Singh & Kanchan Sharma
Laksh Pal Singh & Kanchan Sharma


Ashish Munot (356,000), Jasven Saigal (268,000), Romit Advani (231,000), Amit Tejura (167,000), Harsh Bubna (157,000), Dhaval Mudgal (130,000), Siddharth Jolly (119,000), J Raju (101,000), Amit Kaushik (86,000), and Mohit Bohra (45,000) were the other Indians who also made the cut.

Top 10 Chip Counts at the Start of Day 2

  1. Hanna Azimai – 617,000
  2. Dương Phệ – 590,000
  3. Đinh Quang Huy – 560,000
  4. Jun Hao Wu – 539,000
  5. Lucio Giassi – 489,000
  6. Phan Minh ĐứC – 491,000
  7. Yeh Hung Wei – 459,000
  8. Vũ ĐứC Trung – 440,000
  9. Laksh Pal Singh – 380,000
  10. Kanchan Sharma – 368,000


China’s Jinlong Hu Clinches VN₫ 4.40 Million Deepstack NLH For VN₫ 137 Million

Buy-in: VN₫ 4.40 Million

Entries: 99

Re-entries: 23

Prize Pool: VN₫ 473.36 Million

Places Paid: 16

China’s Jinlong Hu is quickly making a name for himself this year with several trophies and deep tournament runs already to his credit. He recently added a Deepstack NLH title to his list of accomplishments, securing his first-ever WPT trophy. This victory also brought him a substantial prize of VN₫ 137 Million.

The event attracted a competitive field of 122 entrants, with 16 of them earning a share of the total VN₫ 473.36 Million prize pool.

Jinlong Hu
Jinlong Hu


Final Table Results (VN₫)

  1. Jinlong Hu – VN₫ 137,000,000
  2. Bao Pham – VN₫ 85,000,000
  3. Duc Minh Vu – VN₫ 51,000,000
  4. Cuong Trinh – VN₫ 32,000,000
  5. Da Huu Dinh – VN₫ 23,600,000
  6. Do Duc Nguyen – VN₫ 20,400,000
  7. Frederick Robitaille – VN₫ 17,760,000
  8. Tien Manh Nguyen – VN₫ 15,600,000
  9. Aleksei Varashev – VN₫ 13,700,000


Vietnam’s Tuan Anh Tran Wins VN₫ 4.40 Million NLH Turbo For VN₫ 72 Million

Buy-in: VN₫ 4.40 Million

Entries: 47

Re-entries: 14

Prize Pool: VN₫ 236.68 Million

Places Paid: 6

Local player Tuan Anh Tran triumphed over the 61 contenders in the VN₫ 4.40 Million NLH Turbo, clinching the WPT trophy and VN₫ 72 Million top prize. The Vietnamese player struck a heads-up deal with Azerbaijan’s Khayal Abbasov, and the latter took home VN₫ 63.20 Million in second place.

Tuan Anh Tran
Tuan Anh Tran


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Tuan Anh Tran – VN₫ 72,000,000*
  2. Khayal Abbasov – VN₫ 63,200,000*
  3. Zemedkun Zewdu Masrsha – VN₫ 31,400,000
  4. Long Pham Nguyen – VN₫ 21,300,000
  5. Luan Haitao – VN₫ 16,600,000
  6. Kyle Bao Diep – VN₫ 13,000,000

*denotes a heads-up deal


Vietnam’s Ta Nhat Vu Ships VN₫ 3.30 Million Hyper NLH For VN₫ 67 Million

Buy-in: VN₫ 3.30 Million

Entries: 47

Re-entries: 17

Prize Pool: VN₫ 186.24 Million

Places Paid: 8

While Vietnam’s Ta Nhat Vu narrowly missed the trophy at the WPT Opener, he made up for this setback in the Hyper Turbo NLH event on Day 7 (Monday, May 22). The fast-paced tournament was completed in an impressive four hours, with Vu demonstrating superior skill in overcoming the competition of 64 entrants. He also secured a significant prize of VN₫ 67 Million for his efforts.

Ta Nhat Vu
Ta Nhat Vu


Complete Payouts (VN₫)

  1. Ta Nhat Vu – VN₫ 67,000,000
  2. Cong Tien Nguyen – VN₫ 39,400,000
  3. Linh Hai Hoang – VN₫ 24,600,000
  4. Michael Wilklow – VN₫ 16,800,000
  5. Masafumi Shimizu – VN₫ 13,000,000
  6. Tangirbergen Yespolov – VN₫ 10,200,000
  7. Suji Hwang – VN₫ 8,440,000
  8. Nam Hai Chu – VN₫ 6,800,000


Content Courtesy: So Much Poker & World Poker Tour

Images Courtesy: So Much Poker & Crown Poker Club

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