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WPT Prime Vietnam: Zarvan Tumboli Beats Ashish Munot Heads-up to Win India It’s 2nd WPT Vietnam Main Event Trophy & Career-Best ₹1.02 Crore!

WPT Prime Vietnam: Zarvan Tumboli Beats Ashish Munot Heads-up
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  • Namita Ghosh May 30, 2022
  • 5 Minutes Read

The writing was on the wall! Zarvan Tumboli had entered the inaugural WPT Prime Vietnam Main Event final table as the overwhelming chip leader and went wire-to-wire, besting the record 777-player field to emerge as the first-ever WPT Prime Main Event champion. Team India’s dream run in the showstopper tourney concluded after Tumboli beat fellow countryman, the 2018 WPT India Main Event champion, PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot, heads-up to claim the bragging rights!

With the victory, the 30-year-old Tumboli, who had won the BPT ₹100K Highroller for ₹50.03 Lakhs just two months back, etched his name in Asia’s live poker history. Not only did he wing WPT’s most prominent live tournament in Asia and the biggest open event to be hosted in Vietnam, but he also landed his second WPT trophy and a career-best VND 3.050 Billion (~₹1.02 Crores)! After MPL Poker Pro Dhaval Mudgal, who won the 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event, Tumboli has become the second Indian to lift the WPT Vietnam Main Event trophy!

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal


Tumboli was in the driver`s seat almost throughout the day and lost his advantage only briefly. However, he pulled ahead into a significant lead after cracking Minh Quang Nguyen’s aces with his nut flush, breaking Nguyen’s chip-leading streak, and there was no looking back for him after that. Tumboli soon eliminated Nguyen in fifth place.

The two Indians didn`t shy away from locking horns and got into many pots against each other. A heads-up between the Indians was a pipe dream when the FT began. While Tumboli was a runaway chip leader, Munot had his work cut out as the second shortest stack at the start of the day. However, the PokerGuru Ambassador pulled out a comeback for the ages as he rummaged through the stacked competition to get to the heads-up finale with his countryman – assuring India its second WPT Vietnam Main Event title!

The heads-up lasted all of 30 minutes before Tumboli took it down in front of an Indian rail that included IPC Megastacks High Roller champion Alok Birewar, Young Gun Anuj Yadav, Chirag Sodha, Apoorv Goel, Harshad Barve, PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh, Jasven Saigal, and Kunal Patni.

Munot, who had won the 2019 WPT India Main Event for ₹63.48 Lakhs, secured a career-best live score of VND 2.025 Billion in second place.

Along with Tumboli and Munot, nine Indian players cashed the Main Event. The list includes Kunal Patni (22nd), Jasven Saigal (27th), Young Gun Gaurav Sood (36th), PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh (54th), MPL Poker Team Pro Dhaval Mudgal (57th), recent WPT Prime Vietnam Event #15 champion Aditya Sushant (85th) and Harsh Dembla (94th).


Indian Cashes at WPT Prime Vietnam Main Event

RankPlayerPrize Amount
1st Zarvan Tumboli$131,394 (~ ₹1.02 Crores)
2nd Ashish Munot$87,237 (~ ₹67.65 Lakhs
22ndKunal Patni$4,739 (~3.67 Lakhs)
27thJasven Saigal$4,006 (~₹3.10 Lakhs)
36thGaurav Sood$3,446 (~₹2.67 Lakhs)
54thLaksh Pal Singh$2,628 (~₹2.04 Lakhs)
57thDhaval Mudgal$2,369 (~₹1.84 Lakhs)
85thAditya Sushant$1,852 (~₹1.44 Lakhs)
94thHarsh Dembla$1,745 (~₹1.35 Lakhs)


The final table was formed following the elimination of Trung Van Phan (10th for $16,408).

You can watch the FT replay below.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Zarvan Tumboli – 6,550,000 (131 BBs)
  2. Minh Quang Nguyen – 3,870,000 (77 BBs)
  3. Trung Van Nguyen – 2,865,000 (57 BBs)
  4. Trung Nam Tran – 2,795,000 (56 BBs)
  5. Do Kwan Nam – 2,365,000 (47 BBs)
  6. Tuan Anh Tran – 1,620,000 (32 BBs)
  7. Denis Pham – 1,615,000 (32 BBs)
  8. Ashish Munot – 1,025,000 (21 BBs)
  9. Tien Van Pham – 545,000 (11 BBs)


Final Table Recap

A few hands into the final table, PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot scored a much-needed double-up. In a battle between the blinds, Munot shoved from the small blind and big blind Do Kwan Nam reshoved. Munot showed pocket nines versus Nam’s pocket queens. He was on the verge of being eliminated but hit the two-outer on the flop to score a double-up!

Do Kwan Nam
Do Kwan Nam


Around 40 minutes later, Tien Van Pham shoved his 400K tack from UTG+1. The action folded to big blind Minh Quang Nguyen, who called. Pham held ace-five, but Nguyen tabled pocket sevens and rivered a full house, eliminating Pham in ninth place.

Tien Van Pham
Tien Van Pham


Tumboli soon scored his first knockout of the day as he sent Trung Nam Tran packing in eighth place. Tran open-jammed for 795K from the hijack with queen-jack, and Tumboli called from the button holding cowboys. Nothing on the board helped Tran.

Trung Nam Tran
Trung Nam Tran


Tumboli soon extended his lead by collecting a pot off Do Kwan Nam. The play halted for the first break of the day, and shortly after the action resumed, Nam found his ace-nine cracked by Minh Quang Nguyen’s ace-seven that flopped a pair, busting him in seventh place.

Play continued for over two hours before the final table saw its next knockout. In the meantime, fellow countrymen Ashish Munot and Zarvan Tumboli jostled in a pot where Tumboli raised from the small blind with jack-six and Munot 3-bet holding pocket queens. Tumboli tanked for a while before mucking his cards.

Munot clashed with Trung Van Nguyen – his ace-ten going up against Nguyen’s pocket tens. The board opened a queen-high straight, resulting in a chopped pot.

Munot then scored another double-up through Denis Pham, with his pocket eights besting the latter’s pocket sixes.

The six finalists took a break, and around 20 minutes after the play resumed, Minh Quang Nguyen picked up his third final table victim in Tuan Anh Tran. Tran raised all-in with pocket sixes, and Nguyen, who had pocket tens, called from the small blind. Nguyen was leading, and another ten on the flop ended Tran`s dream run in sixth place.

Minh Quang Nguyen dethroned Tumboli as the chip leader for a brief period, but the Indian pro scored a massive double-up through him to climb back into the lead. In one of the most decisive hands on the FT, Tumboli raised to 325K with from the button. Nguyen 3-bet to 875K from the big blind with . After the flop, Nguyen bet 600K and Tumboli raised to 1.5 Million. It got more heated as Nguyen 3-bet to 3.2K, and Tumboli called. Tumboli hit the nut flush on the turn. Nguyen shoved, and Tumboli snap-called. With the landing on the river, Tumboli scooped the pot and got up from his seat in jubilation. He now held a monster stack of 123 big blinds, crippling Nguyen to only five big blinds!

The evident then happened. Minh Quang Nguyen, who had gone from chip leader to the shortest stack, was soon eliminated by Tumboli in a hand where Tumboli raised to 300K from the button, and Nguyen jammed from the big blind. Tumboli called.

Minh Quang Nguyen
Minh Quang Nguyen


Minh Quang Nguyen

Zarvan Tumboli

The rundown brought no help for Nguyen who left to collect the fifth-place payout.

The very next hand, Denis Pham jammed with from the cutoff. Munot looked down at from the big blind and called it off. Munot’s aces kept him ahead through the board, and he climbed up to 43 big blinds, eliminating Pham in fourth place.

Denis Pham
Denis Pham


Down to the three-handed play, Munot kept applying pressure on Trung Van Nguyen and a few forced folds left the latter with only five big blinds. Tumboli soon finished the job, eliminating Nguyen in third place with his getting there on the board to dominate Nguyen’s .

Trung Van Nguyen
Trung Van Nguyen


With Nguyen’s elimination, it was an all-Indian heads-up with PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot going ‘Mano o Mano’ against fellow countryman Zarvan Tumboli who held a 149 BB stack to Munot’s 37 BBs. The heads-up match began with fireworks as Munot lost an early pot. Tumboli continued his aggression, but Munot soon doubled up before Tumboli won his chips back and extended his lead further.

Ashish Munot
Ashish Munot


Soon, Munot, who was down to less than 2.4 Million, jammed the button. Tumboli called from the big blind.

Ashish Munot

Zarvan Tumboli

After the flop, Tumboli asked for a king and got his prayers answered as the landed on the turn. The completed the board, and Tumboli won the pot with a full house of kings and jacks to emerge as the first-ever WPT Prime Vietnam Main Event champion and win his second WPT trophy!

Zarvan Tumboli
Zarvan Tumboli


Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Zarvan Tumboli – VND 3,050,000,000
  2. Ashish Munot – VND 2,025,000,000
  3. Trung Van Nguyen – VND 1,500,000,000
  4. Denis Pham – VND 1,115,000,000
  5. Minh Quang Nguyen – VND 1,115,000,000
  6. Tuan anh Tran – VND 640,000,000
  7. Do Kwan Nam – VND 490,000,000
  8. Trung Nam Tran – VND 380,873,700
  9. Tien Van Pham – VND 300,000,000


Content & Images Courtesy: World Poker Tour & So Much Poker

Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates from the 2022 WPT Prime Vietnam!

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