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WSOP 2018: Denis Timofeev Wins Event #73: $1,000 DOUBLE STACK No-Limit Hold’em For $199,586

WSOP 2018: Denis Timofeev Wins Event #73: $1
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  • PG News July 13, 2018
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Besting a field of 1,221 players, Russian player Dennis Timofeev (cover image) has taken down Event #73: $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em (30 minute levels) at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP), also winning his maiden bracelet and $199,586 in prize money.

Timofeev faced seasoned Spanish pro Leo Margets in the swingy heads-up match that saw both players making their bid for the chip lead through a number of all-in showdowns but it was Timofeev who finally prevailed.

“I don’t understand what’s happened!” Timofeev said, “I like to play Turbos and Hypers online, and it’s good in live tournaments too because you don’t need to play for a lot of days to win the big money. I just played my game, sometimes I was very lucky.” Timofeev’s prior WSOP earnings amounted to a total $23,286, attributed to his deep runs in two WSOP tournaments in 2017. Timofeev has been a regular in different EPT events and following this victory his overall live tournament earnings have gone up to $770,927.

“The tournament is fast and it’s difficult to make huge mistakes. Of course sometimes you shove queen-ten into queens, but it’s OK if you know some maths. This WSOP has been no good for me. This is only my second ITM. My first was for $600 in The GIANT, so this is a nice comeback to finish off the Series,” the WSOP bracelet champion added.

54 players returned on Day 2, and after the first four levels only half of them remained in the field leading to a redraw for the final three tables. Evan Lipshultz who was the start-of-the-day chip leader was among the big stacks alongside Michael Galagher, Justic Young and Hien Nguyen.

At a point when former Main Event final tablist Jake Balsiger (14th for $9,155) was ousted, Timofeevheld more than 2 Million in chips.

Action was equally fast paced on the final two tables and Eli Loewenthal (11th for $11,566) and Michael Gallagher (10th for $11,566) were eliminated at the two separate tables almost at the same time.

The final table was led by Timofeev and Lipshultz, who held the biggest stacks.

WSOP 2018 Coverage
WSOP 2018 Coverage

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Denis Timofeev – 2,550,000

2. Evan Lipshultz – 2,200,000

3. Justin Young – 1,625,000

4. Ben Yu – 1,400,000

5. Thiago Nishijima – 1,275,000

6. Hien Nguyen – 1,025,000

7. Juan Carlos Martin – 725,000

8. Jason Johnson – 675,000

9. Leo Margets – 475,000

Final Table Recap

American player Jason Johnson was the first player to exit the official final table after his ace-four ran into Young’s ace-ten and the latter paired his ten on the turn, ending Johnson’s run in ninth place.

Brazilian bracelet winner Thiago Nishijima then moved all in from the hijack with ace-seven and was called by Timofeev in the big blind with pocket kings. The board didn’t improve Nishijima’s hand and he settled for an eighth place finish.

American pro Hien Nguyen who was already short-stacked open-shoved for his last 290,000. Action folded to Timofeev in middle position who raised to 500,000. All the remaining players folded. Nguyen showed while Timofeev tabled . As tablemate Yu commented, “A classic flip, fours against king-five.” The board ran out , Nguyen missed the counterfeit outs and bounced off in seventh place.

The second Spaniard on the final table, Juan Carlos Martin was the next player to exit. Young raised to 175,000 from the hijack and Martin shoved for 605,000 from the big blind. Young asked for a count before calling. Martin turned over against Young’s . The board ran out and Young hit trip kings on the turn eliminating Martin in sixth place.

A few hands later, Yu raised to 250,000 from UTG and Justin Young shoved for 800,000 from the small blind. Yu made the call and tabled against Yu’s . The flop completed Yu’s straight draw and Young would need another ace or ten to survive but the turn was the while the fell on the river. Young was eliminated in fifth place.

Timofeev then went on chipping up but Lipshultz gave a tough fight and the duo kept taking pots from each other in a tussle to take over the lead. Timofeev doubled through Ben Yu leaving him short-stacked, and eliminated him in the next hand when Yu moved all in from the button for 795,000 and Timofeev in the small blind re-shoved for 4,600,000. Timofeev`s were clearly superior to Yu’s and the board favored Timofeev ending Yu`s run in fourth place.

Three-handed play saw several shoves and folds before Evan Lipshultz was shown the door. From the small blind, Lipshultz moved all in for 2,500,000 and Timofeev called off from the big blind. He held and Lipshultz tabled . The board ran and Timofeev raked in the pot sending Lipshultz out in third place.

Heads-up began with Leo Margets and Timofeev playing it cautious over small pots but soon Timofeev gained the lead. Margets gave him a tough fight, doubling up twice and action slowed down as both players took no chances in subsequent hands, folding to the other’s bet. Timofeev then doubled up in a hand where he held ace-seven and flopped two pairs against Margets pocket deuces.

On the final hand of the event, Timofeev moved all in from the small blind for 9,950,000 and Margets in the big blind snap-called, putting her last 2,250,000 at risk. Both players tabled their cards with Timofeev showing against Margets`s . The board ran and Timofeev rivered a flush to win the bracelet!

Denis Timofeev
Denis Timofeev

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Denis Timofeev – $199,586

2. Leo Margets – $123,297

3. Evan Lipshultz – $87,831

4. Ben Yu – $63,327

5. Justin Young – $46,221

6. Juan Carlos Martin – $34,157

7. Hien Nguyen – $25,560

8. Thiago Nishijima – $19,371

9. Jason Johnson – $14,871

WSOP 2018 Coverage
WSOP 2018 Coverage

Content and image courtesy: WSOP.com.

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