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Dmitrii Perfilev Wins Maiden Live Tournament Title in WSOPC Coconut Creek Main Event, Indian-Origin Sheddy Siddiqui Finishes Runner-Up

Dmitrii Perfilev
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  • PG News September 26, 2018
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The $1,700 Main Event at World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Seminole Casino Coconut Creek crowned a winner on September 24. Besting a 735-strong field, Dmitrii Perfilev (cover image) took down the event for a staggering payday of $222,691.

Perfilev, who had a single WSOP score to his name prior to the event, also claimed his career-first live tournament title. In addition to the coveted WSOPC gold ring, he also won a seat into the 2019 Global Casino Championship.

A businessman by profession, Russia-born Perfilev is a known regular in Florida and Omaha is his favorite poker variant. He entered the WSOPC Coconut Creek Main Event and warded off a number of prominent opponents to reach the finale where he defeated Indian origin Sheddy Siddiqui heads-up to win the event.

“For me, the money is not so special, but I’m excited for first place,” Perfilev said after his win. “It’s my second tournament of the year. My first one came at the Isle and I made third place. And now I improve my results. I’m happy because I like the practice, but I don’t play tournaments for a while.

Talking about his association with poker, Perfilev said, “I play poker since I turned four years old. It was like a small computer. Not like a CD. It was like an audio cassette plaque. It was poker where you could connect it up to the TV and you could play with the joystick and the one button.”

The event ran through two starting flights generating a prize pool of $1,113,525. A total of 81 players made it in the money and prominent names among them were Jose Reyes (18th for $11,325), Andrew Sutton (25th for $6,781), Nathan Woodside (27th for $6,781), Brian Hastings (38th for $4,009) and Jerry Wong (71st for $3,018).

The elimination of Dustin Murphy (10th for $16,903), Joshua Abady (11th for $16,903) and Ken Bruno (12th for $16,903) narrowed the field down to the final nine players.

Final Table Recap

Lloyd Gunther was eliminated from the final table at the hands of Cesar Solares who held pocket queens against Gunther’s king-ten that didn’t improve on the board. Gunther left for the rail in ninth place.

Next up, Sheddy Siddiqui eliminated Jose Gelcid in eighth place after his ace-five improved to a two pair on the board, with Gelcid’s six-four failing to catch up.

Jordan Schneider’s run ended in seventh place in a hand where he clashed with Michael Amato whose ace-ten dominated Schneider’s ace-four.

For Michael Amato chipping up through Schneider didn’t help much as he was soon put to the test in a hand where Solares opened to 240,000 from early position and Perfilev 3-bet to 675,000. Amato 4-bet to 3,260,000 and Perfilev retaliated with a quick call. He tabled card 3card 1 and was leading against Amato’s card 2card 3. The board ran out card 2card 3card 2card 1card 1 and Perfilev’s pocket aces eliminated Amato in sixth place.

In the very next hand, Stu Paterson moved all in for 1,090,000 and Perfilev snap called from the big blind. Paterson tabled card 3card 1 against Perfilev’s card 3card 2. Paterson was trailing but managed to pair his ten on the card 2card 2card 1 flop. However he lost the pot on the rundown card 3 and card 3 hitting the rail in fifth place.

The four-handed play went on for a while before Siddiqui raised to 450,000 from under the gun and was called by Cesar Solares from the small blind. Perfilev also made the call from the big blind. On a flop of card 1card 3card 3, Perfilev and Sidiqui checked while Solares moved all in for 3,300,000. Perfilev quickly folded, while Siddiqui snap-called.

Siddiqui: card 3card 1

Solares: card 3card 3.

Siddiqui was leading with two pair and the card 2 turn gave Solares more outs with a gutshot straight draw but the card 1 river blanked out for him and Solares was eliminated in fourth place.

Harry O’Brien then moved all in from the small blind for 2.6 Million and Perfilev called from the big blind. O’Brien tabled card 3card 2 and was dominated by Perfilev’s card 2card 3. The board ran card 3card 1card 2card 3card 1 and while both players paired their ace to make three-of-a-kind, Perfilev held a higher kicker and it was O’Brien’s turn to head to the cashiers desk in third place.

Perfilev entered the heads-up play against Sheddy Siddiqui with a commanding lead and in the very second hand it was all over. Siddiqui moved all in for 4 Million with card 3card 3 and Perfilev called holding @13scard 2. The board ran out card 3card 1card 1card 3card 3 and Perfilev’s king high won him the title.

Dmitrii Perfilev
Dmitrii Perfilev

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Dmitrii Perfilev – $222.691

2. Mohammad Siddiqui – $137,298

3. Harry O’Brien – $101,219

4. Cesar Solares – $75,441

5. Stuart Paterson – $56,979

6. Michael Amato – $43,595

7. Jordan Schneider – $33,773

8. Jose Delcid – $26,491

9. Lloyd Gunther – $21,034

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