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WSOP 2018: Joe Cada Wins 3rd Bracelet in $3K NLHE Shootout Event

WSOP 2018: Joe Cada Wins 3rd Bracelet in $3K NLHE Shootout Event
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  • PG News June 4, 2018
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The World Series Of Poker (WSOP) 2018 fire is blazing full on in Las Vegas and just as two events got over on Saturday. The third bracelet event has also found a noteworthy winner.

The $3,000 No Limit Hold ‘em Shootout event concluded after former WSOP Main Event champion Joe Cada (cover image) denied 2015 WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen the title and in the process won his third WSOP gold bracelet.

A total of 363 entries made their way to play the tournament that began on May 31 and by June 2, the final table was set with the field narrowed down to 10 players, with poker eminents like Anthony Reategui, Joshua Turner, Harry Lodge, Ihar Soika and WSOP champions Joe McKeehen and Sam Phillips, all in the running.

Cada took 196 hands to win the event and pocketed the first-place purse of $226,218. For Cada, who’s also the youngest WSOP Main Event winner, the heads-up with McKeehen would have been a breeze since he was chip leading by a big margin but for a rigid fight from Phillips. Ultimately Cada won the final hand, and Phillips had to settle for the runners-up payday of $139,804.

A triumphant Cada was ecstatic on winning the event, “I’m feeling great, it’s tough to win any No-Limit tournament. It means a lot to win my third bracelet. I have loved the WSOP ever since being a kid, I watched it all the time on TV. Winning these bracelets, it’s unreal. You’ve got to just run good and I’m lucky to run better than everyone else. I like shootouts because you have to adjust constantly”, he said.

Final Table Recap

Americans dominated the final table with only two players, Jack Maskill and Lodge from the UK and Soika from Belarus.

Action began with Anthony Reategui starting on a strong note but it was McKeehen who sent the first player to the rail. Jeffrey Trudeau ran his flopped two pairs into McKeehen’s nut-flush and got eliminated in tenth place.

Next, Sam Phillips flopped top pair with his king-queen on a flop and Turner’s never materialized into a flush and he bounced off in ninth place.

After few hands, Taylor Wilson shoved with pocket kings and Reategui called with pocket sixes. Reategui hit a straight on the river and he eliminated Wilson in eighth place.

Reategui was going strong until he lost his entire stack to McKeehen when both players had a flush but the latter held a better one that got him the pot.

From here on, McKeehen began to dominate the table. Ihar Soika shoved with and McKeehen called with . The board ran and just like that, Soika busted in sixth place.

With only five players left it was Harry Lodge who busted out next. The Brit with ace-king ran into McKeehen’s pocket tens.

The next bustout took place on the 161st hand of the final table when Cada raised to 90,000 from the cutoff which was called by Jack Maskill in the big blind. The flop came and both players checked. The turn came , Maskill check-called Cada’s 105,000 bet and the river brought . Maskill checked again, and Cada went all-in. After a few minute’s hesitation, Maskill called. Maskill`s were against Cada`s and the latter scooped the pot to send Maskill packing in fourth place.

After more than a dozen hands, McKeehen busted, he opened from the button and Cada with three-bet to 415,000. McKeehen moved all in and Cada snap-called. The flop came . The on turn and on river spelled doom for McKeehen who bumped off in third place.

The heads-up between Phillips and Cada was played through 23 hands where Phillips fought Cada by doubling-up twice. There was back and forth action between the two through several hands and Phillips took over with only five hands left to play and Phillips winning three of them.

The tables however turned, right on the penultimate hand, Cada raised, Phillips shoved and Cada called. With near-equal stacks, Cada had while Phillips held . The board ran out . In the end, Cada’s pocket sixes held. The stacks were counted, Cada had 2,610,000 and Phillips had 2,750,000 in all. After the chips were moved across to Cada, Phillips was left with 140,000.

On the final hand, Phillips went all in with and Cada called with . The board ran the . The flop brought both players a pair but the jack on the turn sent Phillips out of the tournament in second place with $139,804.

On his heads-up with Phillips, Cada said, “I couldn’t get rid of Sam and he couldn’t get rid of me, he had his chance. But hats off to Sam on playing so well.”

Joe Cada
Joe Cada

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Joe Cada – $226,218

2. Sam Phillips – $139,804

3. Joe McKeehen – $101,766

4. Jack Maskill – $74,782

5. Harry Lodge – $55,480

6. Ihar Soika – $41,559

7. Anthony Reategui – $31,435

8. Taylor Wilson – $24,013

9. Joshua Turner – $18,526

10. Jeffrey Trudeau – $14,437

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