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WSOP 2018: Nicholas Seiken Wins Event #44 – $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship For $287,987

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  • PG News June 25, 2018
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Starting with a player pool of 109, the final day of Event #44: $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Championship at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) saw the 13 remaining finalists coming back one last time for a shot at the bracelet. Topping them all was Nicholas Seiken (cover image), who claimed his first WSOP gold bracelet and the top prize worth $287,987.

With five WSOP cashes under his belt, Seiken made his first appearance at this annual tournament series last year in Event #18: $565 Pot-Limit Omaha where he placed 75th for $2,928. He also has nine WSOP Circuit cashes to his name, bringing his total earnings at the WSOP to $74,602.

During the post-event interview, Seiken said, “This is my first stand-alone triple draw tournament. I played the 8-Game four or five times but I haven’t even played the $1,500 Triple Draw. I played the 2-7 Triple Draw in the 8-Game and I was like, ‘I like triple draw, I want to play some triple draw.’ The only thing that gave me a shot was having so many chips because I was playing against such good players.”

WSOP 2018 Coverage
WSOP 2018 Coverage

Final Day Recap

Day 3 had six eliminations before the final table convened starting with Tyler Meservy (13th for $14,864), Calvin Anderson (12th for $19,428), Quek Sechariah Sheng (11th for $19,428), Steven Tabb (10th for $25,712), Michael Noori (9th for $25,712) and Christopher Kruk (8th for $34,450).

Final Table Recp

The seven-handed final commenced with Nicholas Seiken (1,661,000) commanding the chip lead, followed by Farzad Bonyadi (943,000), Randy Ohel (859,000), Matt Glantz (796,000), Kristijonas Andrulis (656,000), Jason Gray (457,000) and Hanh Tran (76,000).

The short-stacked Hanh Tran was the first casualty on the final table. The action began when Tran moved all-in with his remaining 3,000 from under-the-gun while Randy Ohel raised from the button. Jason Gray decided to join in from big blind and drew two cards as Tran and Ohel picked one and two respectively. Gray check-raised a bet from Ohel and the latter called. Once again, Tran exchanged two cards and Ohel took one while Gray patted. This was followed by a bet from Gray that received a call from Ohel and all three patted. Finally, after Gray check-called one last time, Ohel showed his hand 8x6x5x3x2x and won the pot, ending Tran’s run in seventh place.

Soon thereafter, Jason Gray followed Tran to the rail in sixth place. Gray open-jammed from under-the-gun with 38,000 and was put at risk by the two players in the blinds i.e. Ohel in the small blind and Nicholas Seiken in big blind. Ohel drew three while Gray and Seiken drew two. Ohel and Seiken checked and all three players drew two. Ohel now bet prompting Seiken to fold. Ohel patted as Gray drew two. The former declared a wheel as the latter was drawing dead with 8x6x4x.

An hour later, Matt Glantz’s deep run finished in fifth place. Ohel raised, Glantz 3-bet from small blind and was called by Ohel. Glantz had 58,000 behind him and both players discarded two cards. Following a bet from Glantz, and a raise from Ohel, Glantz announced all-in. Glantz patted while Ohel castoff one. Glantz tabled 8x5x4x3x2x but failed to defeat Ohel’s 7x6x4x3x2x.

Thereafter, Farzad Bonyadi raised from the button, receiving calls from Kristijonas Andrulis and Ohel from the blinds. The first draw presented two-three-two with only Ohel discarding three cards. Andrulis led out, Ohel raised and Bonyadi made it three bets for most of his stack. Andrulis and Ohel called and drew one card each as Bonyadi stood pat. He ultimately moved all-in and was called by both his opponents. Andrulis and Ohel picked one each to hit the river for a three-way showdown while Bonyadi patted. But it was Andrulis’ 8x6x5x4x3x that busted Bonyadi’s 10x9x7x4x2x eliminating him in fourth place.

With Seiken raising from the button, Kristijonas Andrulis 3-bet to counter the move but received a 4-bet from Seiken instead and called. Andrulis took two and Seiken took one. Andrulis check-called as the same draw was repeated. He made another check-call and both players peeled apiece on the last draw, where Andrulis went all-in with his last 60,000 as Seiken called. Andrulis had eight-seven but they were no match for Seiken`s eight-seven perfect.

Andrulis’ departure set up the heads-up match between Randy Ohel and Nicholas Seiken. The action on the final hand saw Seiken raising which was met with a 3-bet from Ohel. Seiken drew three as Ohel discarded two. Both players checked and cast away two each. Ohel bet, as Seiken raised. Ohel moved all-in and Seiken snap-called. Tabling 7x6x5x4x2x, Seiken was able to secure the WSOP bracelet and top prize while Ohel revealed Jx9x8x7x3x, settling for a runner-up finish!

Nicholas Seiken
Nicholas Seiken

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Nicholas Seiken – $287,987

2. Randy Ohel – $177,992

3. Kristijonas Andrulis – $125,190

4. Farzad Bonyadi – $89,078

5. Matt Glantz – $64,131

6. Jason Gray – $46,722

7. Hanh Tran – $34,450

WSOP 2018 Coverage
WSOP 2018 Coverage

Content & image courtesy WSOP.com

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