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WSOP 2018: Ryan Bambrick Wins Maiden Bracelet in Event #30 – $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha For $217,123, Indian-Origin Pushpinder Singh Finishes 9th

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  • PG News June 17, 2018
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Event #30: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was a hard-fought event. What started with 799 players on Day 3 came down to just 13 runners on the final day. Topping them all was Ryan Bambrick (cover image), who was able to clinch his first-ever WSOP gold bracelet and the top prize of $217,123 by defeating Sampo Ryynanen in the heads-up play.

Bambrick started playing poker in 2010 and appeared in his first WSOP event in June 2017 at the $ 1,500 H.O.R.S.E. (Event #14) where he placed 38th for $4,173. He has since cashed in seven WSOP events and has total live earnings of $263,829.

In the post-match interviewBambrick said, “I was just trying to play my best game the whole time. I was really focused on trying to win. I wasn’t really concerned about the pay jumps. I just wanted to win a bracelet, to be honest with you.”

Notables who managed to make it among the top 117 players who cashed in the event included Jiaqi Xu (10th place for $11,596), Jeanmarc Thomas (11th place for $11,596), Alexis Gavin (12th place for $11,596) and Victor Ramdin (13th place for $9,173), Scott Clements (14th place for $9,173), DJ MacKinnon (15th place for $9,173), Farid Jatti (16th place for $9,173), Colin York (17th place for $7,378), Dave Greene (18th place for $7,378), Mark Wahba (19th place for $6,037) and Majid Yahyaei (20th place for $6,037).

Final Table Recap

The nine-player final table included Pushpinder Singh, Randy White, Danny Woolard, Jody Fayant, Jared Ingles, Phillip Riley, Timothy McDermott, Sampo Ryynanen and Ryan Bambrick.

The first player to go was Indian origin player Pushpinder Singh in ninth place. He raised from early position with and was called Sampo Ryynanen from middle position with . The flop fell giving Singh a two pair, he bet 170,000 and Ryynanen re-raised putting Singh all-in. Singh called and the turn gave Ryynanen hope of hitting a back-door straight. With the river bringing the Ryynanen got there with a broadway straight and Singh had to depart.

Less than 15 minutes later, Singh was joined at the rail by Randy White. Ryan Bambrick raised from early position and was met with a 3-bet jam from White in the big blind. Bambrick called and both players tabled their cards. White held and Bambrick tabled . With the board running , Bambrick got three-of-a-kind kings eliminating White in eighth place.

Danny Woolard was busted in seventh place when he potted from under-the-gun with and was called by Tim McDermott from big blind with . The flop came and the chips went in. The : turn and the river brought McDermott a full house and Woolard had to depart.

Jody Fayant was next to go in sixth place. He shoved all-in with and was called by Ryynanen from small blind with . The community cards opened not helping either player. In the end Ryynanen’s kings edged Fayant out of the game.

Jared Ingles was sent to the rail in fifth place when he called all-in from big blind with after McDermott 3-bet from the small blind with . The showdown was in McDermott’s favour ending Igles`s deep run in the event.

Around 2 hours later, it was Phil Riley’s turn to exit. McDermott 4-bet with and Riley called with putting himself at risk. The board gave McDermott trip nines eliminating Riley in fourth place.

Tim McDermott became the third-place finisher in the event. He raised from the button with and received a call from Bambrick holding in the big blind. On the flop , McDermott jammed and Bambrick check-called. The two remaining streets opened and to give Bambrick a full house.

It did not take too long for the heads-up between Sampo Ryynanen and Ryan Bambrick to reach a conclusion. On the final hand, Bambrick raised from the button with and was called by Ryynanen from big blind with . The flop gave Ryynanen a pair of sevens and he shoved all-in. Bambrick called putting Ryyanen at risk. The turn and the river did not improve Ryynanen’s hand and just like that Bambrick picked up his first WSOP bracelet.

Ryan Bambrick
Ryan Bambrick

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Ryan Bambrick – $217,123

2. Sampo Ryynanen – $134,138

3. Timothy McDermott – $93,639

4. Phillip Riley – $66,342

5. Jared Ingles – $47,713

6. Jody Fayant – $34,843

7. Danny Woolard – $25,841

8. Randy White – $19,469

9. Pushpinder Singh – $14,904

Content & image courtesy WSOP.com.

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