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WSOP 2018: Team India Wages Tough Battle on Day 2C of Main Event, 9 Indians March Into Day 3

WSOP 2018: Team India Wages Tough Battle on Day 2C of Main Event
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  • PG News July 7, 2018
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Nerves went tingling and the excitement reached a crescendo at the poker tables at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where the $10,000 No-Limit Hold ‘em Main Event Championship opened for battle between 3,480 survivors who returned on Day 2C, including 19 players from the Indian contingent. At the end of the day’s play, nine among them have marched into Day 3!

Among the top runners from the Indian camp who survived Day 2C were two bright young talents – Jaideep Sajwan (356,500) and Kartik Ved (307,300). Joining Sajwan and Ved will be Team PokerStars pro Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal who has vast experience and a 13-year exposure to the challenges of the Main Event. Agarwal had a swingy day and lost several crucial pots but managed to ride back up, eventually bagging 126,000 in chips.

9stacks qualifiers Vivek Rughani (234,800) and Nishant Sharma (231,600) along withSriharsha Doddapaneni (182,100), Yudhishter Jaswal (109,500), Apoorva Goel (134,000) and Paawan Bansal (48,000) also sailed past the day’s play and will be seen in action on Day 3 where Kavin Shah (88,000) and Dharmesh Patel (67,100) from among the Day 2AB survivors will be joining them.

Overall we shall be seeing 11 Indian hot steppers in action tomorrow when play resumes for the big prize and the world championship title!

Meanwhile on Day 2 of Event #66: $1,500 No-Limit Hold ‘em, India’s Aditya Sushant who had fielded through the 1,351 entries along with 226 others ended his run in 161st place for $2,343 (~₹1.61 Lakhs). Raghav Bansal made a deeper run and finished 121st for $2,658 (~₹1.82 Lakhs). Longsheng Tan (993,000) is leading the 26 remaining survivors who will come back tomorrow to play down to the champion!

Event #67: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty pulled in a field of 833 participants, out of whom only 125 made it to Day 2. Leading them all is Robert Oxenberg with 210,200 chips in his bag, while Indian challengers Nipun Java and Navkiran Singh also made it to Day 2. Java bagged a stack of 36,100 while Singh will resume Day 2 grind with 28,200 chips.

WSOP 2018 Coverage
WSOP 2018 Coverage

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event – World Championship

Passions ran high as Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event – World Championship moved into the second day of play for 3,480 survivors of the Day 1C starting flight. There were disappointments, unexpected upheavals and shocking pots that brought many short stacks to higher spots while many promising players returned to the rail.

Only 1,688 players progressed to Day 3 and this includes nine Indian challengers headlined by Jaideep Sajwan who will be returning on Day 3 with a stack of 356,500. Sajwan began the day with a stack of 91,100 and put in a productive day of work at the felts to chip up considerably by the end of play.

Jaideep Sajwan
Jaideep Sajwan

Another strong contender from the Indian camp is Kartik Ved, who is holding a stack of 307,300. Ved’s journey up the charts has been quite remarkable as he began Day 2C with only 66,500 in chips and maneuvered his way through the different levels adding to his stack along the way.

Kartik Ved
Kartik Ved

Team PokerStars pro Aditya InterventionAgarwal who bagged 60,300 chips after his run through the Day 1C flight saw intense and challenging action when the play began. He chipped up early but his stack swung wildly all through the day. The day ended for Agarwal with him bagging 126,200.

Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal

As always, Agarwal shared his Day 2C journey on Twitter.

9stacks qualifiers Vivek Rughani and Nishant Sharma were the other spirited challengers who were spotted flexing their poker prowess today. Rughani began with a healthy stack of 111,800 and bagged 234,800 for Day 3 and close behind him is Sharma who started the day with 63,200 and will resume play with a stack of 231,600.

Vivek Rughani
Vivek Rughani

Sriharsha Doddapaneni’s day began with a modest 45,200 in his kitty but by the time the play was halted, Doddapaneni had chipped up to 182,100.

Following Doddapaneni is Yudhishter Jaswal who has been riding high at the back of his recent victory in the DSCP Event #96: $1,600 NLHE Bounty where he pocketed $109,443 (~₹75.25 Lakhs). On Day 2C, Jaswal entered with a modest stack of 76,300 and has taken it up to 109,500 while Apoorva Goel who started with 69,400 will now return with 134,000.

Overall it was an action packed day with its fair share of drama. There were a lot of intense moments where players like Paawan Bansal saw their stacks trickle down. Bansal had started the day with 150,700 but later in the day found himself in a brutal hand in which he lost a 250,000 pot where his ace-king was pitted against an opponent’s ace-two. Both players having flopped a pair of aces on the flop ace-ten-five went all in. However, Bansal suffered big when his rival rivered two pairs. Although Bansal has moved into Day 3 with 48,000 chips, he’s still very much on the edge, and will have to really spike it up when the battle resumes on Day 3!

For Vikram Kumar the run ended when he found himself at the receiving end of an angle shoot in a hand where the player under-the-gun raised the pot to 1,500 and Kumar raised it to 6,500 from the button. On this, the player in the big blind first feigned to raise to 9,000 and then suddenly changed his mind and raised the minimum of 6,500. Finally, Kumar jammed 51,000 to his opponent’s 10,000 bet on which the opponent snap-called. In the 110,000 pot, Kumar lost with his pocket kings vs. pocket aces of his opponent and bounced out of the event.

Mayank Jaggis downward drive started with him losing two hands where his king-queen lost to pocket fives as his opponent rivered a full house against Jaggi’s flush. In the next hand his pocket queens lost to his rival’s pocket kings and his stack dwindled to 25,000. Jaggi busted out when his ace-king was trailing his opponent’s pocket kings and the flop gave him a top pair of aces but his opponent hit a flush on the turn to end his Main Event journey.

Akash Malik was down to 14 big blinds when he got coolered in a hand when his pocket queens lost to pocket kings.

Perhaps the most memorable elimination was that of Jasven Saigal who had started with a short stack of 12,800 and was done in by the mighty Phil Ivey. The hand saw Arne Comis raise to 1,600 from the early position and he picked up calls from Andrew Boccia who was in middle position, Keith Lutz in hijack, Ivey in the cutoff and Saigal in the big blind. The flop was checked by both Saigal and Comis while Boccia bet 5,500 and Lutz folded. Ivey made the call and Saigal decided to shove. Comis quickly folded and Boccia asked for a count. The dealer confirmed the all-in was for 16,600 in all, Boccia and Ivey both called. They both checked through the turn to the on the river. Boccia checked and Ivey bet 20,000 on which Boccia folded. Saigal held for flopped two pairs and Ivey revealed for a turned flush!

The two Indian lady pros Nikita Luther and Muskan Sethi, both featured among the eliminations today. While Luther who started with a stack of 71,000 had a tough day in office with several bad beats, PokerStars India Team Pro Muskan Sethi was eliminated when her aces were cracked by her opponent’s King-Queen on the last level of Day 2C.

Shashank Jain (69,300) and Amit Jain (53,000) also had substantial stacks at the start of the day but were unable to advance to Day 3, while the short-stacked Abhinav Iyer (8,600) also failed to find that early double up and perished.

Team India Update After Day 2C

Team India Update After Day 2C
Team India Update After Day 2C

Indian Players Coming Back For Day 3

Indian Players Coming Back For Day 3
Indian Players Coming Back For Day 3

Ignacio Sanchez is leading the Day 2C survivors with a stack of 627,000. Sanchez climbed up the leaderboards early on in the day and took a big pot down towards the end of the evening to seal his lead. Close on his heels are Eric Sfez(551,900), Matthew Klapstein (531,700), Victor Choupeaux (521,600) and Collen Yamagishi (504,300) .

Other big stacks for Day 3 include Phil Ivey (434,200), Ivan Luca (339,900), Samuel Touil (405,500), Jan-Eric Schwippert (338,600), Ludovic Geilich (333,900), Cliff Josephy(285,400) and Phil Hellmuth (162,700).

Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez

Top Ten Chip Counts At The End of Day 2C

1. Ignacio Sanchez – 627,200

2. Eric Sfez – 551,900

3. Matthew Klapstein – 531,700

4. Victor Choupeaux – 521,600

5. Collen Yamagishi -504,300

6. Farhad Jamasi – 503,400

7. Randy Eklund – 492,000

8. Nils Tolpingrud – 475,400

9. Cory Albertson – 475,100

10. Louis Boutin – 434,600

Event #66: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em

The $1,500 NLHE drew in a crowd of 1,351 on the opening day which was reduced to 1,248 runners by the end of Day 1. On the completion of the Day 2 proceedings, the player pool has been further reduced to 26.

While a number of Indian challengers are busy in the Main Event, some of the them who busted jumped into this event including Aditya Sushant, Raghav Bansal and Kunal Patni. While Patni was eliminated on Day 1, Bansal and Sushant made it through to Day 2 with stacks of 45,900 and 105,900 respectively.

Bansal managed to double through Timur Margolin earlier in the day. He limped in from the button while Margolin checked from big blind. The flop fell and both players checked to see the turn . Thereafter, Margolin bet 4,100 and Bansal called. On the river , Margolin moved all-in and Bansal snap-called with his remaining 21,000. Margolin turned over and Bansal tabled to win the pot with a set of kings and increased his stack to 73,000 on the bubble.

However, he was unable to make it much further and finished 121st for $2,658 (~₹1.82 Lakhs) while Sushant placed 161st for $2,343 (~₹1.61 Lakhs).

Nevertheless, Indian-origin player Shyam Srinivasan is still in the running with a healthy stack of 370,000.

Commanding the chip lead is Longsheng Tan with 993,000, along with Heng Zhang (938,000) and Stephen Bierman (744,000) rounding up the top three.

Some of the other runners who are also well-placed with commendable stacks include Georgios Angelo Tavoularis (340,000), Austin Hughes (281,000), Xiaoqiong Liu (255,000) and Alan Snow (220,000).

Among the notables who hit the rail were WSOP bracelet winners Ben Yu, ArkadiyTsinis, Ryan Bambrick, Kenny Hallaert and Brock Parker.

Longsheng Tan
Longsheng Tan

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 2

1. Longsheng Tan – 993,000

2. Heng Zhang – 938,000

3. Stephen Bierman – 744,000

4. Trey Brabham – 603,000

5. Michael Wasserman – 590,000

6. Timur Margolin – 513,000

7. John Pannucci – 512,000

8. Rex Clinkscales – 420,000

9. Daniel Weinman – 401,000

10. Chen Yu Hung – 374,000

Event #67: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty

833 entrants featured in the opening day of Event #67: $1,500 PLO Bounty, setting up a prize pool of $708,050. With the money bubble bursting after an hour long play on the final hand of the day, 125 players will return for Day 2 assured of a min-cash of $1,421.

India’s Nipun Java was seen in action and raked up a stack of 36,100. Having scored at the WSOP 27 times, the two-time bracelet winner is in the hunt for his third gold bracelet and will be looking to add to his scorecard of $733,259 (~₹5.04 Crores) further.

Nipun Java
Nipun Java

Team India’s Navkiran Singh has also made it to Day 2 of the event with a stack of 28,200 chips.

The frontrunner on the Day 1 leaderboard is Robert Oxenberg with 210,200 and is closely followed Georgios Karavokyris (207,000) and Haibo Chu (190,800).

Some other well-known names who found a bag today were Jameson Painter (94,000), Aaron Mermelstein (76,200), John Holley (60,900), David Williams, (60,400), Jeff Gross (28,600), Robert Mizrachi (23,600) and Benny Glaser (12,600).

At the same time, many top pros like Daniel Negreanu, NHL superstar Phil Kessel, Noah Schwartz, Robert Williamson III, Erik Seidel, Frankie O’Dell, Jeff Lisandro, Dominik Nitsche and Scott Bohlman fell out during the course of the day.

Robert Oxenberg
Robert Oxenberg

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 1

1. Robert Oxenberg – 210,200

2. Georgios Karavokyris – 207,000

3. Haibo Chu – 190,800

4. Christopher Doan – 181,200

5. William Gibbons – 163,100

6. Igor Sharaskin – 132,600

7. Christina McAlpin – 132,200

8. Tiahang Zhang – 119,200

9. Elio Saade – 111,800

10. Fernando Brunca – 111,600

WSOP 2018 Coverage
WSOP 2018 Coverage

Content and image courtesy: WSOP.com.

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