WSOP 2018: Yueqi Zhu Wins 1st Bracelet in Event #35 – $1,500 Mixed Omaha For $211,781

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Finally, after 19 years of playing the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Chinese poker pro Yueqi Zhu (cover image) is wearing his dream on his wrist! Zhu won his first-ever WSOP bracelet in Event #35: $1,500 Mixed Omaha where he bested a field of 773 players to reach the top, towering over the two other final table fielders on the final day for $211,781 in prize money.

It wasn’t really surprising though, since Zhu had 78% of the chips coming into the final day and he didn’t waste much time to relegate the two other contenders to the rail!

The victory just added a glittering tournament title to his WSOP profile, also taking his total WSOP earnings to $1,238,211. While Zhu already had an impressive 70 WSOP cashes, his first-ever WSOP cash came way back in 1999 when he finished 11th in the $2,500 Limit Omaha. The closest he has ever come to winning a WSOP gold bracelet was in 2016 when he finished runner-up in the $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed. His most notable WSOP cash was in 2010 when he finished third in the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship for $225,325.

A prize pool of $1,043,550 saw notables like Phil Hellmuth (35th for $5,252), Erik Seidel (43rd for $3,741), Barry Greenstein (53rd for $3,256), and Zachary Rieselman (62nd for $2,895) taking home their share on Day 2.

31 players came back on Day 3 to play down to a winner, with all of them guaranteed a payday of at least $5,252. As the play progressed, many heavyweights like Robert Mizrachi (14th for $10,139) fell along the way. Following him, Robert Jackson (13th for $10,139), Sean Moore (12th for $10,139), Sergey Zaporozhets (11th for $13,114), David Barraclough (10th for $13,114) and Clip Jett (9th for $13,114) busted out, paving the way for the unofficial final table.

After Nathan Gamble was eliminated (8th for $17,279) from the unofficial final table, the play swerved to the finale.

Final Table Recap

Although he had entered the unofficial final table with a third of all chips in play, Ryan Hughes was the first final table competitor to get busted out. Playing Omaha-8, Hughes lost a hand played against Gabriel Ramos where he managed only a single pair of queens against Ramos’ two pairs- of eights and nines and busted out in seventh place.

In a Big-O game, Peter Neff confronted Fuchs and on the flop, he could muster only a Broadway against Fuchs jacks, the latter needed a jack for the win or an ace for a chop. When a jack on the river brought Fuchs trip jacks, Neff went railing out in the sixth place.

Next, in a hand of Omaha-8, Jon Turner confronted Fuchs and Ramos, and while Fuchs folded after the flop came to , Turner and Ramos shoved all in to prompt a showdown. Turner showed and Ramos tabled . Though Turner was trailing he had a chance to improve with a bottom pair and a flush draw. showed up on the turn, giving him a second flush draw and increasing his outs but the on river sealed his fate and Turner got relegated to the rail in the fifth place.

In the very next hand, Ramos ousted Matthew Gregoire. After Ramos raised and Gregoire made the call, the flop was peeled out. Ramos bet and Gregoire called again. The on the turn prompted Ramos to bet on which Gregoire pushed all his remaining stack in. Ramos called tabling and Gregoire tabled . Ramos was holding a set of kings and though Gregoire held straight, flush and low draws, he got bricked when the sprung upon the river. Gregoire was eliminated in the fourth place.

The three-handed play went on for some time before play was halted for the day. Zhu had entered the final day with 4,515,000 while Ramos had 970,000 and Fuchs held 310,000.

Final Day Recap

Clearly it was Carol Fuchs who had the shortest stack and although she doubled up through Ramos in the very first hand on the final day, she was also the first player to be railed out. In a Limit Omaha 8-Or-Better game, Zhu raised the button and Fuchs called from the big blind. The flop came and Fuchs checked. Zhu bet on which Fuchs called. The turn was on which Fuchs decided to check while Zhu bet. Putting herself at risk, Fuchs called. Zhu tabled and Fuchs showed . Fuchs had turned a six-high straight and six-five low but she was lagging behind Zhu who had seven-high straight and a 6x5x4x3xAx low. The river did nothing for Fuchs and she was ousted in third place.

Heads-up between Zhu and Gabriel Ramos ended through a game of PLO-8, Ramos3-bet to 300,000 from big blind after Zhu made it 100,000 from the button. Zhu called, and the flop came . Ramos bet 75,000 and Zhu min-raised to 150,000. Announcing all-in, Ramos pushed all his 430,000 chips in the pot on which Zhu snap-called. Zhu showed and Ramos tabled . Ramos had flopped the top set but Zhu had an overpair and a straight draw. The turn and the river brought Zhu a king-high straight and Ramos was relegated to the rail in second place while Zhu was declared the champion.

Yueqi Zhu
Yueqi Zhu

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Yueqi Zhu – $211,781

2. Gabriel Ramos – $130,850

3. Carol Fuchs – $89,488

4. Matthew Gregoire – $62,226

5. Jon Turner – $44,007

6. Peter Neff – $31,662

7. Ryan Hughes – $23,182

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