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WSOP 2022: Bryan Schultz Takes Home Career-First Gold Bracelet in Event #18: $1,000 Freezeout ($330,057)

Bryan Schultz
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  • Arpit Jain June 11, 2022
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35-year-old Bryan Schultz came out on top in Event #18: $1,000 Freezeout of the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Chicago native Schultz picked up his first WSOP bracelet and a $330,057 cash prize after defeating Young Sik Eum (2nd for $203,949) in the heads-up clash.

Speaking about his Day 2 run, Schultz said, “I mean, winning a bracelet seemed so far away. I didn’t even think it was possible”.

“I was really tuned in. I feel like I was prepared, so I was ready for all the spots that came at me. I wasn’t nervous.”

The event clocked in 2,663 entries, which helped create a jui $2.37 Million prize pool and the top 400 players finished ITM.

The sole member of Team India who managed to walk past the money line was former WSOP bracelet winner and PokerGuru Staking’s Kartik Ved (123rd for $2,773 ~$2.16 Lakhs).

A few former WSOP bracelet winners who ran deep enough to cash included Yaser Al-Keliddar (20th for $12,351), Marco Johnson (50th for $6,906), and Shaun Deeb (160th for $2,463).

Indo-Americans Shiva Dudani (17th for $15,264), Shiv Lala (111th for $2,773), Gaurav Raina (144th for $2,463), Vineet Pahuja (161st for $2,463), Nikhil Gera (170th for $2,463), Manish Vaswani (171st for $2,463), and Shankar Pillai (292nd for $1,751) also boarded the money bus.

Other notables who finished ITM included Adam Adler (22nd for $12,351), Daniel Weinman (35th for $10,084), James Little (47th for $6,906), Michael Souza (73rd for $4,194), and Jennifer Lawyer (98th for $3,153).

Rob Brown’s (11th for $23,939) elimination set up the unofficial ten-handed final table.

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Young Sik Eum – 9,600,000
  2. Angela Jordison – 7,000,000
  3. Harry Rubin – 6,500,000
  4. Bryan Schultz – 6,400,000
  5. Robert Hofer – 6,300,000
  6. Tony Dam – 5,800,000
  7. Seth Fischer – 3,700,000
  8. Kevin Legerski – 3,300,000
  9. Nick Palma – 3,250,000
  10. Michael Holtz – 2,000,000


Final Table Recap

The first player to bow out of the FT was Seth Fischer, who lost a huge pot to Nick Palma and got down to crumbs. He jammed his last 950,000 holding , and Harry Rubin called with pocket eights. The board blanked out, and Fischer exited in 10th place.

After 30 mins, short-stacked Kevin Legersk jammed with , and got called by Young Sik Eum who tabled a better . The board ran and Legerski said, ”Good game guys” before leaving his seat

Mike Holtz settled for an eighth-place finish when his were no good against Bryan Schultz’s pocket jacks.

Around 20 minutes later, Tony Dam got busted in seventh place. Shultz got dealt pocket jacks, and opened. Dam jammed with and Schultz called. The board ran and Dam got knocked out.

Within minutes, Robert Hofer ripped it in holding pocket nines, and Schultz called with . Schultz managed to flop a queen on the board , and Hofer busted in sixth place.

Next up, Schultz opened, Young Sik Eum and Nick Palma both called to see the flop . Eum bet, Palma shoved, Schultz folded, and Eum called.

Nick Palma:

Sik Eum:

The turn gave Eum the broadway straight, and the river secured the pot for him, while Palma got dusted in fifth place.

Within five minutes, Schultz opened with pocket kings, and Harry Rubin called from the small blind holding . On the flop, Schultz bet, and Rubin check-called. The turn opened the and Rubin jammed. Schultz snap-called and took down the pot after the river completed the board. Rubin exited in fourth place.

The lone female on the FT, Angela Jordison’s run in the event ended next when her failed to beat Eum’s .

Heads-up, Schultz began with 30 Million chips against Eum’s 21.20 Million, and it didn’t take long for Schultz to seal the deal.

In the final hand of the night, Schultz limped with , and Eum jammed holding . The board ran and Schultz claimed his maiden WSOP bracelet!

Bryan Schultz
Bryan Schultz


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Bryan Schultz – $330,057
  2. Young Sik Eum – $203,949
  3. Angela Jordison – $151,544
  4. Harry Rubin – $113,532
  5. Nick Palma – $85,761
  6. Robert Hofer – $65,326
  7. Tony Dam – $50,180
  8. Michael Holtz – $38,874
  9. Kevin Legerski – $30,375


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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