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WSOP 2022: David Perry Outlasts 4,786-Entry Field in Event #43: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em to Win Career-First Bracelet ($241,729)

David Perry
  • Naman Sharma June 22, 2022
  • 3 Minutes Read

David Perry (cover image), a defense attorney by profession, overcame a field of 4,786 entrants in Event #43: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em at the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) to become one of the newest members of the ‘WSOP Bracelet Winners Club.’ He walked away with the lion’s share of the $2,010,120 prize pool worth $241,729 and his career-first gold bracelet after defeating the online MTT phenom Chris Moorman (2nd for $241,729) heads-up!

After the final hand, Perry was overcome with emotions. When asked how the win made him feel, he said, “Blessed, grateful!” He also mentioned, “I’ve been in Vegas since 1985, came here with $612 and two suitcases; this is my community.”

With an affordable $500 buy-in, the event attracted many Indians, but only three managed to finish in the money, namely Young Gun Siddharth Karia (209th for $1,552 ~ ₹1.21 Lakhs), Tarun Goyal (595th for $876 ~ ₹68,441), and Himmat Singh (671st for $801 ~ ₹62,581). All three players fell out after the money bubble burst on Day 1.

Day 2 saw 202 players return to contend for the grand prize, and the action was fast-paced as it took about 12 hours on Tuesday for the event to wrap up.

Among the players who returned for the final day but fell short of the final table were Day 1 chip leader Lorenzo Negri (24th for $9,126), Women in Poker Hall of Famer

Maria Ho (115th for $1,976), and two-time bracelet winner Anson Tsang (118th for $1,976).

Following the elimination of the 2014 WSOP Millionaire Maker winner Jonathan Dimmig (11th for $17,741), the unofficial final table was formed.

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts

  1. David Perry – 19,600,000
  2. Phong Than Nguyen – 16,000,000
  3. Daniel Marcus – 13,000,000
  4. Daniel Eichhorn – 11,825,000
  5. Chris Moorman – 11,200,000
  6. Josh Prager – 10,500,000
  7. Sebastien Guidez – 9,450,000
  8. Elven Espinar – 8,100,000
  9. Henry Reyes – 8,000,000
  10. Robert Pettit – 7,300,000


Within 15 minutes of the unofficial final table redraw, Robert Pettit shoved all-in from the small blind with . Daniel Marcus, who had opened from an early position, snap-called with his , putting Pettit at risk. The board blanked for Pettit, ending his run in tenth place.


Final Table Recap

Half an hour into the final table action, Daniel Marcus’ were up against Chris Moorman’s . Marcus’ chances were slim, and the community cards offered no help, eliminating him in the ninth place.

Twenty minutes later, Moorman caught his next prey, Henry Reyes, whose were no match for Moorman’s . Both players flopped a pair of nines on the board . However, Moorman’s King-high kicker won him the pot, dismissing Reyes in eighth place.

Half an hour later, Elven Espinar lost a massive pot, doubling Daniel Eichhorn in the process.

Elven Espinar

Daniel Eichhorn

The community cards opened , and Espinar spiked an Ace on the river to seal the deal.

Soon after, Espinar jammed from the cut-off for 4 Million against Moorman’s 2.4 Million raise. The latter called, turning over , while Espinar held . Espinar was in the lead, and the flop and turn did not change the equation. Espinar had to avoid a Queen or an eight on the river to win the pot, but to his horror, the river brought the , handing Espinar a bad beat and ending his run in seventh place.

Moorman continued his rampage on the final table picking up his third elimination in Phong Than Nguyen. The latter’s were busted by Moorman’s . The hand was yet another case of a brutal bad beat. Nguyen was a 95% favorite to take down the pot after the board revealed , giving him trip Aces. But a miracle on the river turned the tide in Moorman’s favor, who rivered a boat, knocking Nguyen out in sixth place.

Sebastien Guidez followed Nguyen to the rail minutes later. The Frenchman jammed against Josh Prager’s . The runout missed both and Prager’s Queen kicker ousted Guidez in fifth place.

Despite raking in Guidez’s chips, Josh Prager could not extend his stay at the final table for too long. After losing a massive pot to Moorman, he fell out on the next hand in fourth place. Prager’s were cracked by Eichhorn’s , who made a six-high straight on the river.

Ten minutes later, Moorman eliminated Daniel Eichhorn with his getting the better of Eichhorn`s on the runout . Moorman turned a straight, sending Eichhorn packing in third place.

Eichhorn’s exit set up the heads-up match between David Perry and Chris Moorman. Despite the slew of eliminations that had come at the hands of Moorman, the duo began the heads-up battle roughly even in chips. Perry was on the offensive from the get-go and kept building pressure on the two-time bracelet winner. The heads-up lasted less than an hour, with Perry taking home his career-first bracelet.

Chris Moorman
Chris Moorman


On the final hand, Perry limped from the button, and Moorman checked to see the flop open . Perry fired a bet of 6.4 Million. After counting out his stack, Moorman announced all in and Perry snap-called.

Chris Moorman

David Perry

Moorman was in the lead with the Queen high and an open-ended straight draw, but Perry had the outs to his flush draw. The turn gave Perry a pair of deuces, pulling him into the lead. The river signaled the end of Moorman’s dream run for a career-third bracelet.

David Perry
David Perry


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. David Perry – $241,729
  2. Chris Moorman – $149,405
  3. Daniel Eichhorn – $111,341
  4. Josh Pregar – $83,623
  5. Sebastien Guidez – $63,302
  6. Phong Than Nguyen – $48,299
  7. Elven Espinar – $37,148
  8. Henry Reyes – $28,802
  9. Daniel Marcus – $22,512


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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