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WSOP 2022: James Todd Comes Out on Top of a Record 3,209 Field in Event #54: $500 Salute to Warriors to Win his Maiden WSOP Bracelet & Career-Best $161,256

James Todd wins WSOP 2022 Event 54
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  • Namita Ghosh June 29, 2022
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The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event #54: $500 Salute to Warriors gathered a record-breaking 3,209 players and took three days to crown a winner. James Todd (cover image) was the player posing for the winner picture once the last hand was dealt and picked up his first WSOP gold bracelet and a personal-best $161,256 in prize money.

Todd, who works as a personal trainer, has been playing poker for the last 25 years and only recently started taking coaching for the game. He had his girlfriend and friends railing him on the final day and displayed remarkable composure and focus as he eliminated five players on the final table, including the start-of-day chip leader Brett Coltman, who finished runner-up for $99,676.

Talking about his run, Todd later said, “I kinda did expect it. I came into this trip wanting and planning on leaving with a bracelet…I can’t explain it.”

He also gave credit to his girlfriend for believing in him. “Her just being here, rooting for me, means the world…You know I’ve been showing her pictures of bracelets, telling her I’m going to win, showing my clients. She believed in me the whole time, and so has my son.”

He added, ‘‘I felt God’sGod’s peace with me the entire time.”

One of the cheapest events on this year’s schedule, Event #54 generated a massive $1,315,690 prize pool on the back of the record-breaking field, raising $74,809 for the USO (United Service Organizations) and other charities. The top 482 finishers earned at least $800 from the prize money.

Three Indians, namely Paawan Bansal (200th for $1,277 – ₹1.01 Lakhs), Muskan Sethi (202nd for $1,277 – ₹1.01 Lakhs), and Jaydeep Dawer (463rd for $800 – ₹63,200) fell out in the money on Day 2.

Among the other notables who earned payouts were veteran and celebrity poker host Shaun Colquhoun (251st for $1,126), former bracelet winners Yueqi Zhu (194th for $1,277), and Steve Zolotow (141st for $1,460), James Lovell (81st for $1,952), and Barry Greenstein (63rd for $2,691).

Only 21 players returned on Tuesday to play down to a winner, and it took just five hours from start to finish to wrap things up.

The 10-handed final table was formed a little over an hour and a half into the day. Along the way, Allan Dancer (21st for $6,839), Scott Shafman (19th for $6,839), Matthew Vaughan (18th for $6,839), Christopher Bowen (14th for $8,424), and Richard Alati (11th for $13,059) fell out of contention.

Brett Coltman (45,00,000) entered the final table in the chip lead.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Brett Coltman – 45,000,000
  2. James Todd – 44,000,000
  3. Patrick Pilko – 17,000,000
  4. Maximo Martinez – 11,700,000
  5. Zyad Qasem – 10,000,000
  6. Todd Saffron – 9,200,000
  7. Randy Levin – 7,825,000
  8. Nicholas Sena-Hopkins – 7,500,000
  9. Rigoberto Rodriguez – 6,400,000
  10. Elias Neto – 3,500,000


Final Table Recap

Less than 10 minutes into play, chip leader James Todd sent Zyad Qasem packing in 10th place.

The remaining nine players went on a 15-minute break. Shortly after play resumed, Patrick Pilko eliminated Maximo Martinez in ninth place with a full house of kings and eights dominating Martinez’s two-pair of queens and eights.

Elias Neto quickly hit the rail next in eighth place.

Over the next hour, Todd Saffron, Nicholas Sena-Hopkins, and Rigoberto Rodriquez fell out in quick succession.

Next up, Brett Coleman dispatched Randy Levin in fourth place. The hand in question began with Coltman limping from the small blind. Big blind Levin opted to check. Coltman checked the flop flop, and Levin jammed for 7.6 Million. Coltman snap-called.

Randy Levin

Brett Coltman

The turn and the did not help Levin.

Less than 50 minutes later, Todd eliminated Patrick Pilko in third place with dominating Pilko’s on the runout .

Todd (124,500,000) held a towering lead over Brett Coltman (35,950,000) at the start of the heads-up play and took down the title in just the third hand of the match. In the end, Coltman jammed for 26.8 Million, and Todd called it off.

Brett Coltman

James Todd

Todd paired both his cards on the board , locking in his first WSOP gold bracelet and $161,256 in first-place prize money.

James Todd
James Todd


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. James Todd – $161,256
  2. Brett Coltman – $99,676
  3. Patrick Pilko – $75,486
  4. Randy Levin – $57,554
  5. Rigoberto Rodriguez – $44,180
  6. Nicholas Sena-Hopkins – $34,146
  7. Todd Saffron – $26,574
  8. Elias Neto – $20,824
  9. Maximo Martinez – $16,433
  10. Zyad Qasem – $13,059


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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