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WSOP 2022: Jonathan Woof Headlines 16 Players to Final Day of Tournament of Champions

Jonathan Woof
  • Naman Sharma July 20, 2022
  • 3 Minutes Read

Day 50 of the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was relatively tame compared to the hurricane of activity over the past few weeks. With all the open bracelet events in the books, the final bracelet event of the summer, the Tournament of Champions, played out its Day 2.

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Day 2 of the Tournament of Champions saw 144 decorated runners taking their seats, and after ten levels of play, only 16 contenders bagged and tagged to Day 3. Canadian Jonathan Woof (2,190,000) had the most chips in the bag at the end of the day’s play, with Carlos Loving (1,800,000), Robert Cowen (1,685,000), Benjamin Kaupp (1,250,000), and Erik Bauer (985,000) rounding out the top five day-end stacks.

Yuliyan Kolev (870,000), Ali Eslami (790,000), Gianluca Speranza (520,000), Dominick Sarle (425,000), and Antoine Vranken (340,000) are among the big names still in contention.

The invitation-only million-dollar freeroll freezeout tournament registered a 470-player starting field after 16 more runners joined the fray before the start of Day 2. The top 60 places were assured a min-cash of $3,500.

With the money bubble looming and hand-for-hand play underway, Dan Smith put in a massive raise from the button before Maxx Coleman moved all in from the small blind for around 150,000. Daniel Strelitz re-shoved from the big blind for about 113,000, and Smith called.

“I’ve never stone-bubbled a live tournament before,” Strelitz said.

“You really want to say that now?!” someone at the table asked before the cards were turned over.

Daniel Strelitz

Maxx Coleman

Dan Smith

The community cards opened to give Coleman a set of tens and improve Strelitz to a better set on the turn with a one-outer. Strelitz tripled up to avoid bubbling and keep his live tournament record clear, while Coleman received a small side pot to stay alive.

Daniel Weinman money-bubbled the tournament in Level 16 when he got coolered at the hands of Carlos Loving.

Daniel Weinman

Carlos Loving

The board ran out , and Loving’s pocket rockets held, eliminating Weinman to burst the money bubble.

Ivan Deyra (17th for $7,400), Eric Smidinger (19th for $6,200), Dan Smith (28th for $5,300), Daniel Strelitz (29th for $5,300), Maxx Coleman (41st for $4,600) and WSOP 2022 Player of the Year Dan Zack (55th for $3,500) were some of the notables who fell out after the money bubble burst.

The 16 survivors have all locked in at least $7,400. The eventual champion will take home $250,000 and the last gold bracelet of the series, along with the bragging rights of having defeated all other bracelet and WSOP Circuit ring winners.

Day 3 starts at 11 AM (PDT) on July 20, where a winner will be crowned, bringing the 53rd annual WSOP to a close.

Jonathan Woof
Jonathan Woof

Final Day Chip Counts

  1. Jonathan Woof – 2,190,000
  2. Carlos Loving – 1,800,000
  3. Robert Cowen – 1,685,000
  4. Benjamin Kaupp – 1,250,000
  5. Erik Bauer – 985,000
  6. Gregory Wish – 955,000
  7. Raul Garza – 915,000
  8. Yuliyan Kolev – 870,000
  9. Ali Eslami – 790,000
  10. Ryan Messick – 660,000
  11. Eric Bensimhon – 525,000
  12. Gianluca Speranza – 520,000
  13. Domnick Sarle – 425,000
  14. Antoine Vranken – 340,000
  15. Ryan Hohner – 300,000
  16. Alan Gibson – 275,000


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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