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WSOP 2022: Michael Wang Wins Career-Second Bracelet in Event #87: $5K 8-Handed NLHE ($541,604), Kartik Ved Finishes 4th (~₹1.37 Crores)

Michael Wang & Kartik Ved
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis July 18, 2022
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The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event #87: $5,000 8-Handed No-Limit Hold’em was, as its name suggests, a ‘turbo’ affair. Despite the chaotic interruption on Saturday, a champion was crowned earlier today within 12 hours of play. The man of the moment was Michael Wang, who clinched his career-second bracelet after denying Farid Jattin (2nd for $334,747) the title in heads-up, taking home the $541,604 payday!

Wang had won his career-first bracelet seven years ago when he defeated Bryn Kenney heads-up in Event #2: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em at the 2015 WSOP. He has accumulated $1,210,278 in WSOP winnings over the years, including two bracelets and two circuit rings.

“Two is better than one,” Wang said in the post-tournament interview moments after securing victory. “I didn’t have super strong expectations coming into today after all the craziness of last night. I just kept getting deeper and deeper, and I just didn’t take the prospect of going all the way that seriously. It’ll take some time to process, but I’m feeling great right now”

Wang said he escaped uninjured from last night’s stampede, having been in the room when it happened. “I turned to my left and just saw a sea of people fleeing and sprinting. Everyone around me was either running or under the table. It was scary. I legitimately thought there was a shooter in the casino; it didn’t even cross my mind that it was fake.”

Wang entered the heads-up as a huge underdog staring at a 6:1 chip deficit to Jattin and would double quickly to reduce the arrears. Another double up came with Jattin jamming with the bottom pair, only for Wang to have rivered a flush. With the stacks level, Wang doubled up again and eventually grabbed the title.

Wang only had compliments for his eventual heads-up opponent Farid Jattin. “I think Farid’s a total monster. He’s a really strong player, and he’s not afraid to pull the trigger. I think that’s why it’s difficult to play with him. He just has no fear, and for that, I really respect his play. Against a player like that, I’m not entirely surprised he found some hands to bluff with, and luckily I just had the hands to call.”


PokerGuru Ambassador Kartik Ved Finishes 4th

PokerGuru Ambassador Kartik Ved continues to dazzle at the 2022 WSOP. The former bracelet winner cashed eight events at this year’s series, and he came within touching distance of picking up his second bracelet in Event #87: $5,000 8-Handed No-Limit Hold’em. One of the top stacks entering the final table, Ved had a bad patch of luck that led to his untimely fall in fourth place, fetching him $172,103 (~₹1.37 Crores) – his third-best finish at the WSOP.

Kartik Ved
Kartik Ved


The Goa resident’s deepest run at the series came in Event #66: $ 1,000 No Limit Hold’em – Mini Main Event, when he finished third for $275,593 (~₹2.17 Crores). This happens to be his career-best score at the WSOP, followed by his bracelet win in the 2020 WSOP Online Series Event #64: $840 Turbo Bounty NLHE for $234,433 (~₹1.76 Crores).

Due to the unforeseen interruption on Day 47 of the 2022 WSOP, Day 1 of the event ended abruptly with no EOD chip counts being released by the WSOP. Ved had informed us that he bagged 114,000 for Day 2.

His name first popped up on the Day 2 coverage during Level 20, and he was already flying high, having climbed into the top ten in chips with 1.50 Million. Three levels later, his stack had improved to 2.30 Million. After the final three tables were redrawn, Ved sat atop 2.375 Million in chips.

During Level 24, Ved eliminated David Mzareulov in 22nd place ($18,073) when Mzareulov’s were bested by his . The Indian pro’s stack crossed 3 Million following the elimination.

David Mzareulov
David Mzareulov


Twenty-four minutes later, Ved knocked out Eli Ross in 21st place ($18,073). The latter’s failed to hold up against Ved’s that rivered a Broadway straight, pushing Ved’s stack to 3.50 Million.

Eli Ross
Eli Ross


Our ‘desi’ pro was also involved in a hand with the six-time bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu. The hand in question saw Ved check-raise Negreanu’s 120,000 bet to 250,000 on the flop . Negreanu called. Ved shoved on the turn. Negreanu had 450,000 behind but ultimately folded. With this, Ved`s stack reached 4 Million.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu


During Level 25, Tom McAllister pitted his against Ved’s . The board brought and Ved’s rivered flush, ousted McAllister in 16th place ($18,073).

Tom McAllister
Tom McAllister


By the dinner break, Ved was second in chips with 4.60 Million. He held onto his second-largest stack of 4.60 Million when the final two tables were redrawn.

With 12 players left in the field, Ved held the second-largest stack of 5.90 Million.

Soon after, the 2014 WSOP Main Event champion Martin Jacobson jammed for just under 1 Million with , and Ved called off with . Jacobson was ahead preflop, but the flop pushed Ved ahead with trip Queens. The turn and river bricked for Jacobson, resulting in his 12th place departure ($26,728).

Martin Jacobson
Martin Jacobson


By Level 27, Ved was chip leader on Table 2 with a stack of 7 Million. He won the last hand before the final table redraw. With the flop open , Fred Goldberg fired a bet, and Ved called. Goldberg bet 525,000 on the turn. Ved called again, and Goldberg checked the river. Ved bet 1.50 Million, and Goldberg eventually folded. “Show one, good for the game,” said Goldberg. Ved flipped over the first and then the , revealing he had quads.

Ved stormed into the final table with the second biggest stack of 8.30 Million, behind Farid Jattin, who had 9.10 Million. It was a star-studded final table with four bracelet winners, including Ved. With nine bracelets, Erik Seidel (2,150,000) was the most decorated player on the table.

By the time the ninth-place elimination of Erfan Geula ($42,149) took place, Ved had jumped into the chip lead with 8.80 Million. Ved and Jattin butted heads for the chip lead for a while.

Ved went on to eliminate Will Nguyen (8th for $54,185) during Level 29. With only seven players left in the fray, Ved’s stack touched 11.25 Million.

Soon after, Ved lost two massive posts to Seidel and slipped down to 7.50 Million. By Level 31, Ved was still second in chips with 7.30 Million, Michael Wang had taken over the chip lead with 9.30 Million.

Towards the end of Level 31, in a decisive hand, Ved lost a significant pot to Wang and dropped to 3.82 Million. Fifteen minutes later, Ved was eliminated by Jattin in fourth place.

Despite the play getting disrupted on Day 1, the event registered 573 entrants. With extra levels played on the final day due to the unscheduled halt on Day 1, 192 players returned at the start of play. Just 86 of them would make it in the money, and the money bubble burst with the elimination of Darren Elias, guaranteeing the remaining players at least $8,085.

Darren Elias
Darren Elias


Vanessa Kade (10th for $33,300), Elio Fox (11th for $33,300), GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu (13th for $26,728), Andrew Kelsall (15th for $21,800), Chad Eveslage (18th for $18,073), Nacho Barbero (24th for $15,233), Maria Ho (30th for $15,233), Mike Matusow (31st for $15,233), Winamax Team Pro Joao Vieira (36th for $13,059), Phil Hellmuth (38th for $13,059) and Daniel Strelitz (40th for $11,388) were among the notables who finished in the money.

With the elimination of Erfan Geula in ninth place ($42,149), the eight-handed final table was formed.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Kartik Ved – 8,800,000
  2. Farid Jattin – 7,600,000
  3. Michael Wang – 3,500,000
  4. Fred Goldberg – 1,800,000
  5. Billy O’Neil – 1,800,000
  6. Yuval Bronshtein – 1,700,000
  7. Erik Seidel – 1,700,000
  8. Will Nguyen – 550,000


Final Table Recap

Will Nguyen became the first final table casualty after he three-bet all in for 1,150,000 against Farid Jattin, who opened for 400,000. Kartik Ved, who was to act, announced a re-raise to 1,180,000, forcing Jattin off his hand.

Will Nguyen

Kartik Ved

The flop gave Ved gutshot draws to go along with his two overs. The turn gave Ved a flush draw, and an anti-climactic on the river confirmed Nguyen’s elimination.

Quickly after that, Fred Goldberg shoved all-in for his last 500,000 against Jattin.

Fred Goldberg

Farid Jattin

Goldberg managed to make a two-pair on the board against Jattin’s top pair and doubled up. In the next hand, Goldberg wagered his entire stack with that went up against Jattin’s . The community cards opened , ending Goldberg`s run in seventh place.

Less than ten minutes later, Billy O’Neil followed Goldberg to the rail. Jattin opened to 400,000, and O’Neil three-bet all in for 2,450,000. Wang four-bet jammed, and Jattin folded.

Billy O’Neil

Michael Wang

The board ran busting O’Neil in sixth place.

Ved helped Yuval Bronshtein double up; however, it was not reported live. Soon Erik Seidel pulled off the same stunt. Seidel open-shoved for 900,000, and Ved raised it to 3,000,000, forcing the other players to fold.

Erik Seidel

Kartik Ved

The community cards opened , and Seidel’s pocket pair got him a much-needed double-up.

Less than half an hour later, Seidel again shoved from under the gun for 1,300,000, and Ved called, hoping to exact revenge.

Erik Seidel

Kartik Ved

Ved had Seidel dominated, but unfortunately for the Indian, the board gave Seidel the winning pair of queens on the river, helping him squeeze out another double up through the erstwhile chip lead.

Yuval Bronshtein was the next player to fall. He moved all-in on the button for 2,450,000, and Jattin, who had him covered, called in the small blind.

Yuval Bronshtein

Farid Jattin

The board opened and Jattin took down the pot, eliminating Bronshtein in fifth place.

Indian stalwart Kartik Ved`s chase for a second bracelet ended in fourth place. His failed to hold up against Jattin’s on the board .

Jattin was on a hot run as he went on to eliminate nine-time bracelet winner Erik Seidel next in a preflop all-in showdown.

Erik Seidel

Farid Jattin

The board ran , and Jattin`s pair of eights sent Seidel packing in third place.

Michael Wang entered the heads-up as a huge underdog staring at a 6:1 chip deficit to Jattin. Undeterred, Wang went to score a couple of double-ups to pull into the lead shortly before the final hand was dealt.

Farid Jattin

Michael Wang

Wang flopped trips on the board and improved to quads on the river to win his second WSOP bracelet.

Michael Wang
Michael Wang


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Michael Wang – $541,604
  2. Farid Jattin – $334,747
  3. Erik Seidel – $238,321
  4. Kartik Ved – $172,103
  5. Yuval Bronshtein – $126,089
  6. Billy O’Neil – $83,740
  7. Fred Goldberg – $70,734
  8. Will Nguyen – $54,185


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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