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WSOP 2022: Patrick Leonard & Espen Jørstad Champion Event #55: $1,000 Tag Team ($148,067)

Patrick Leonard & Espen Jørstad
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis June 30, 2022
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Four days of high-octane action in Event #55: $1,000 Tag Team of the 53rd annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) came to a close on Wednesday with Team Leonard (cover image) — comprising Patrick Leonard and Espen Jørstad — emerging as the newest WSOP Tag Team champions!

Team Leonard held the second shortest stack among the ten teams entering the final table on Day 3. They hung on tight to make the final day with the third biggest stack of the five teams. By the time Team Leonard reached the heads-up, they were staring at a 1:6 chip deficit against Team Paggeot (Jamie Kerstetter and Corey Paggeot), who dominated much of the final table action.

Team Leonard stuck to their guns and fought back, eventually claiming the chip lead and title. This was the career-first bracelet win for both Leonard and Jørstad. Both players banked $74,042 each.


Leonard and Jørstad joined hands for the Tag Team event through an Instagram post. But the duo had only good things to say about each other. Jørstad played all of Day 1, and Leonard said he had a lot of confidence in his partner.

Jørstad, meanwhile, had only praise for his partner after a series of “absurd” plays midway through the tournament. “He was just making some absurd adjustments,” said Jørstad. “Folding tens to a three-bet and the opponent shows aces. Folding jacks and the guy shows queens. Just absurd plays. And I was like ‘Ok, we’re winning this.'”

Leonard said that the biggest advantage he and Jørstad had was their freshness, dividing the time at the table over the past few days to capitalize on it on the final table. “A lot of people had played solo for the last few days,” said Leonard. “Some had played four days by themselves, whereas we’ve probably played about 50:50. We were fresh and taking hours in, hours out, and when I was out, I was studying, and I knew what to do coming in, so that was our biggest advantage.”

“We were prepared for a really hard grind,” said Jørstad. “We had two coolers in our favor in the beginning, and that got us up pretty good.”

Despite watching the final hand from the sidelines, Jørstad said that he himself felt all in watching Leonard in action. “I felt 100% of the all-in,” said Jørstad. “It was against the team we wanted to get heads-up against as well. Jamie is obviously very popular in the community; everyone loves her – Corey as well – it felt really nice getting heads-up with them and winning in the end.”


Though Team Paggeot lost the bracelets, they were gracious in defeat, with Jamie Kerstetter and Corey Paggeot taking to Twitter to congratulate Team Leonard.


The Tag Team event locked in 913 entries, creating an $812,570 prize pool. The top 137 teams were assured payouts.

From India, Team Luther (Spartan Poker Pro and former Tag Team bracelet champion Nikita Luther & Indo-Swiss player Dinesh Alt) had made the cut for Day 2 but exited in 124th place for $1,611 (~₹1.27 Lakhs).

Nikita Luther
Nikita Luther


The elimination of Team Ripper (Wagner RipperWalter Ripper) (11th for $8,941) set up the ten-handed final table.

Wagner Ripper
Wagner Ripper


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Corey Paggeot – Jamie Kerstetter – 3,330,000
  2. Yutaro Tsugaru – Taichi Ichikawa – 2,970,000
  3. Franco Spitale – Martin Pochat – 1,855,000
  4. Zachary Vankeuren – Gabriel Ramos – 1,855,000
  5. Curtis Knight – Chris Barnes – 1,615,000
  6. Renato Spahiu – Nicholas Velentzas – 1,600,000
  7. Mackenzie Kraemer – Jon Schiller – 1,400,000
  8. Adam Russell – Ryan O’Grady – 1,350,000
  9. Patrick Leonard – Espen Jørstad – 1,020,000
  10. Michael Savakinas – Satoshi Tanaka – 900,00


Final Table Recap

After an hour of the final table set up, Team Savakinas hit the rail in 10th place. Michael Savakinas ran into Jamie Kerstetter’s . The board bricked, ending Team Savakinas hopes of winning the Tag Team bracelets.

Michael Savakinas
Michael Savakinas


Next to go was Team Knight when their were cracked by Team Leonard’s that rivered a Broadway straight on the board. Team Knight walked out in ninth place.

Curtis Knight
Curtis Knight


Finishing in eighth place was Team Russell when their was bested by Team Paggeot’s that flopped two pair on the runout .

Adam Russell
Adam Russell


Minutes later, Jamie Kerstetter of Team Paggeot shoved all-in from the cutoff with . Renato Spahiu of Team Spahiu called from the small blind for his remaining 850,000 with the . The community cards revealed eliminating Team Spahiu in seventh place.

Renato Spahiu
Renato Spahiu


Team Vankeuren was the last team to be eliminated on Day 3. Zachary Vankeuren pitted his against Yutaro Tsugaru’s (Team Tsugaru) . The latter turned two pair on the board , dismissing Team Vankeuren in sixth place.

Zachary Vankeuren
Zachary Vankeuren


Final Day Chip Counts

  1. Corey Paggeot – Jamie Kerstetter – 7,975,000
  2. Yutaro Tsugaru – Taichi Ichikawa – 4,900,000
  3. Patrick Leonard – Espen Jørstad – 2,235,000
  4. Franco Spitale – Martin Pochat – 1,850,000
  5. Mackenzie Kraemer – Jon Schiller – 1,250,000


Final Day Recap

The Day 2 chip leaders Team Kraemer were eliminated 13 minutes into the final day’s play. Mackenzie Kraemer moved all-in pre-flop with and Jamie Kerstetter called off with . The community cards blanked, dismissing Team Kraemer in fifth place.

Mackenzie Kraemer
Mackenzie Kraemer


Ten minutes later, the action folded to Jamie Kerstetter, who jammed from the small blind. Short-stacked Franco Spitale (Team Spitale) called all-in.

Franco Spitale

Jamie Kerstetter

While Team Spitale was ahead pre-flop, the flop gave Team Paggeot the lead with a pair of tens. The turn [ and river bricked, eliminating Team Spitale in fourth place.

Franco Spitale
Franco Spitale


Less than an hour later, Team Tsugaru‘s were cracked by Team Paggeot’s , which bettered to a pair of eights on the river, ousting Team Tsugaru in third place.

Yutaro Tsugaru
Yutaro Tsugaru


The heads-up between Team Paggeot (15,600,000) and Team Leonard (2,650,000) began with the former in a commanding lead. Despite starting on the backfoot, Team Leonard steadily built up their stack, and after about two hours into the match, they snatched the title away from Team Paggeot.

Jamie Kerstetter - Corey Paggeot
Jamie Kerstetter – Corey Paggeot


On the final hand, Patrick Leonard moved all-in from the big blind. Corey Paggeot tanked for a while before tossing in a call chip and putting his team at risk.

Patrick Leonard

Corey Paggeot

The board ran out declaring Patrick Leonard & Espen Jørstad as the new Tag Team champions!

Patrick Leonard & Espen Jørstad
Patrick Leonard & Espen Jørstad


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Patrick Leonard & Espen Jørstad – $148,067
  2. Jamie Kerstetter & Corey Paggeot – $91,513
  3. Yutaro Tsugaru & Taichi Ichikawa – $65,059
  4. Franco Spitale & Martin Pochat – $46,904
  5. Mackenzie Kraemer & Jon Schiller – $34,299


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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