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WSOP 2022: Quincy Borland Tops Massive 14,112-Entry Field in Event #68: $1K Million Dollar Bounty to Win Maiden Bracelet ($750,120)

Quincy Borland
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis July 7, 2022
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After running four starting flights followed by another three days of intense action, Event #68: $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty of the 2022 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) has finally crowned a champion in Quincy Borland (cover image). The Albert Lea, Minnesota resident, banked a career-best $750,120 payday, along with his first-ever gold bracelet!

Before taking down the $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty event, Borland only had three recorded live scores to his name, two of them at the WSOP.

When asked how he feels, Borland replied, “Strange…spacey, it doesn’t feel like it’s real.”

When asked what was going through his mind throughout the final table, Borland responded, “I was just focused on the bracelet, I didn’t care about the money, I didn’t even look at the payouts. I just wanted that bracelet.”

As for his heads-up match against fellow American Kevin Hong, Borland said, “I had been patient all final table, not being too aggressive, but when we got heads-up, I changed up my style. But I also got hands, so…”

Hong had started the heads-up battle with a 2:1 chip lead. But Borland kept chipping away at Hong and soon pulled ahead. Borland won most pots, leaving Hong frustrated, and was focused on winning the bracelet. While he only pocketed three minimum bounties throughout the tournament, in the end, he walked away with the gold bracelet and the massive first-place cash prize.

The biggest selling point of Event #68: $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty was the mystery bounties, specifically the $1 Million jackpot bounty. In a weird twist of irony, Matt Glantz, who had previously criticized the event, won the grand $1 Million bounty after eliminating Justin Lett (535th for $2,780) in a brutal bad beat on Day 2. Glantz even gave Lett $5,000 from his bounty winnings for the beat that ensured him the Million dollar payout. Glantz cashed in the event in 42nd place for $20,730.

Matt Glantz
Matt Glantz


Complete List of Mystery Bounty Payouts

Bounty PrizeCollected By
$1,000,000Matt Glantz
$500,000Arin Youssefian
$250,000Azim Popatia
$100,000Ramon Kropmanns
$100,000Daniel De Almeida
$100,000David Timmons
$50,000Jose Annaloro
$50,000Patrick Tardif
$50,000David Shmuel
$50,000Tjan Tepeh
$50,000Spencer Champlin
$50,000Danny Bigelow
$25,000Christopher Doan
$25,000Michael Smith
$25,000Wojciech Barzantny
$25,000Raed Abualfilat
$25,000Daniel De Almeida
$25,000Rainer Kempe
$25,000Michael Smith
$25,000Steven McCartney
$25,000Liam Murphy
$25,000Joshua Rothberg
$25,000Pei Li
$25,000Pei Li
$25,000John Fields
$25,000Charles Combes
$25,000Timothy Chung
$25,000John Fields
$25,000Yusheng Lin
$25,000Gabriel Moura
$25,000Dylan Smith
$25,000Dave Stefanski
$25,000Matthias Habernig
$25,000Nathan Tuthill
$25,000Jarod Minghini
$25,000Florian Duta
$25,000Michael Riddle
$25,000Adam Waldon
$25,000John Scrimenti
$25,000Corey Smith
$25,000Raymond Latinsky
$25,000Raymond Latinsky
$25,000Artan Dedusha
$25,000Patrick Tardif
$25,000Giovanni Petroni
$25,000Brandon Sheils
$25,000Eric Bonin
$25,000John MacDonald
$25,000Young Phan
$25,000Mike Del Vecchio

Four Indians made their way into Day 2. Nirav Parekh picked up his first-ever WSOP cash, finishing 60th for $14,130 (~₹11.17 Lakhs), managing the deepest run from Team India. Nishant Sharma (89th for $8,360, ~₹6.63 Lakhs), Gokul Krishna (217th for $5,260 ~₹4.17 Lakhs), and Aditya Systla (234th for $4,560 ~₹3.62 Lakhs) rounded out the Indian scores.

Nirav Parekh, Nishant Sharma, Gokul Krishna and Aditya Systla
Nirav Parekh, Nishant Sharma, Gokul Krishna and Aditya Systla


Other notables who cashed the event included Natalie Hof (13th for $48,180), Florian Duta (26th for $31,200), Nathan Gamble (43rd for $20,730), Paul Hizer (60th for $14,130), Leo Margets (63rd for $11,790), and Indo-American Raminder Singh (83rd for $8,360).

The final day had 33 players returning with a shot at winning the bracelet, and it took four hours and thirty minutes to play down to the last nine.

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Wojciech Barzantny – 100,500,000
  2. Michael Smith – 84,500,000
  3. David Timmons – 60,000,000
  4. Arash Asadabadi – 58,500,000
  5. Christopher Doan – 59,000,000
  6. Kevin Hong – 39,500,000
  7. Ramon Kropmanns – 38,500,000
  8. Quincy Borland – 29,500,000
  9. Nellie Park – 24,500,000
  10. Daniel De Almeida – 20,500,000


Christopher Doan fell out in 10th place ($60,440) after running his pocket nines into kings.

Christopher Doam
Christopher Doam


Final Table Recap

Ramon Kropmanns was the first final table casualty when he moved all-in for 30 million on the button, and Kevin Hong, who was in the small blind, called to put him at risk.

Ramon Kropmanns

Kevin Hong

The community cards opened, and Hong’s kicker came into play, sending Kropmanns to the rail in ninth place.

Soon enough, Daniel Al Meida and Arash Asadabadi were eliminated together by Wojciech Barzantny’s pocket kings.

Al Meida shoved all in for 24.5 million from the middle position, and Asadabadi on the button re-shoved for 54 million. Barzantny, who had both players covered, called off from the small blind.

Daniel Al Meida:

Arash Asadabadi:

Wojciech Barzantny:

The board ran out , and Barzantny screamed “Yes, baby!” as he took down the biggest pot of the tournament. Al Meida and Asadabadi departed, banking the eighth and seventh place payouts, respectively.

This was where it all began for the soon-to-be champion Quincy Borland, who went on a hot run after doubling up through Wojciech Barzantny. Barzantny raised to 8 million from the button, and Borland shoved for 19 million more. Barzantny called.

Quincy Borland

Wojciech Barzantny

The flop gave Barzantny an open-ended straight draw, but the runout was clean for Borland, getting him a double up.

Nellie Park was the next to fall. She shoved all-in for 20 million from the small blind with , and Michael Smith snap-called her in the big blind with . The community cards opened , and just like that, the last women remaining in the tournament walked out in sixth place.

Nellie Park
Nellie Park


Almost an hour later, Borland open-raised 12 million in the hijack and David Timmons three-bet to 24.5 million in the small blind. The action folded to Borland, who moved all-in for 57.5 million, which Timmons snap-called.

Quincy Borland

David Timmons

The board ran out , and Borland’s full-house got him a double up, catapulting him to third in chips.

In the next level, Michael Smith’s were cracked by Hong’s with all the chips going in on the flop , and Smith with his aces was the player at risk. It was a classic cooler, and unfortunately for Smith, he got out-flopped. However, he still outs to a flush and could catch the two aces left in the deck, but the runout blanked out for him, bringing about an unfortunate end to his terrific run in fifth place.

Michael  Smith
Michael Smith


About 30 minutes after the break, Wojciech Barzantny moved all-in from the button for 65 million with . To his displeasure, Borland holding called off from the small blind, putting Barzantny at risk. The board ran , cutting short Barzantny`s tournament run in fourth place.

Wojciech Barzantny
Wojciech Barzantny


Less than 20 minutes later, David Timmons moved all in from the button with for his final 45 million, and Kevin Hong, defending his big blind, called off with . The community cards fell , and Hong’s pair of sixes came out on top as Timmons left the final table in third place.

David Timmons
David Timmons


Quincy Borland and Kevin Hong were left to battle it out heads-up for the alluring WSOP bracelet and the lion’s share of $750,120 in the prize money.

Kevin Hong
Kevin Hong


Heads-up began with Hong commanding a 2-to-1 chip lead over Borland, but Borland won most of the following few pots to get ahead and took down the title in under an hour.

On the last hand of the tournament, Hong raised from the button for 20 million, and Borland shoved all in, covering Hong, who made the call.

Quincy Borland

Kevin Hong

The board came and Borland’s better hand held, making him the newest addition to the list of bracelet winners at the 2022 WSOP!

Quincy Borland
Quincy Borland


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Quincy Borland – $750,120
  2. Kevin Hong – $463,610
  3. David Timmons – $351,800
  4. Wojciech Barzantny – $268,550
  5. Michael Smith – $206,250
  6. Nellie Park – $159,380
  7. Arash Asadabadi – $123,910
  8. Daniel De Almeida – $96,940
  9. Ramon Kropmanns – $76,316


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO, PokerNews & WSOP

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