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WSOP Online 2020: Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin Wins Event #30: $500 NLHE Senior’s Event For $64,411

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  • RUPAM THAKUR July 31, 2020
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The penultimate bracelet event of the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online series running on WSOP.com, Event #30: $500 No-Limit Hold’em Senior’s Event, took 10 and a half hours to find a champion. Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin (cover image) from Long Branch, New Jersey outlasted the 720-strong field (541 unique players and 179 rebuys) to win the lion`s share of the $324,000 prize pool worth $64,411.20. He overcame a massive 6:1 chip deficit in the heads-up to win his first WSOP gold bracelet.

With $158,814 in career live winnings, his best score is the $87,998 he had won for taking down the $1,090 NLHE at the Borgata Winter Poker Open in 2011. He had seven WSOP cashes to his name before this bracelet victory, worth a modest $5,218.

It was a tight race to the money with only 126 places paid, and a min-cash worth $648.

A bevy of notables fell short of making it into the money, and the last player to leave empty-handed was John ‘PapaJJJTN’ Stout.

Some of the more privileged who secured a slice of the prize pool included Terry ‘mrterry007’ Fleischer (17th for $2,203.20), Greg ‘FossilMan’ Raymer (43rd for $1,263.60), Phil ‘Lumestackin’ Hellmuth (67th for $842.40), Layne ‘scoop87’ Flack (76th for $777.60), Kenna ‘STAXS’ James (85th for $712.80), Lena ‘helixpoker’ Evans (95th for $680.40), and Roland ‘prngls12’ Israelashvili (107th for $648).

The anonymous player ‘vegasvice’ (10th for $3,466.80) was the last player to fall before the final table was set.

You can also watch the FT replay below.


Nine players took their seats on the final table with Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock (2,958,316) entering the last leg of the tournament as the chip leader. The eventual winner Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin (2,872,240) was a close second followed by ‘dusty16’ (2,871,444).

‘bigfatpirate’ (486,474), ‘gwitsch’ (423,059), and Al ‘BigAl16’ Riccobono (238,118) were all sporting the shortest three stacks at the start of the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock – 2,958,316
  2. Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin – 2,872,240
  3. dusty16 – 2,871,444
  4. Brian “ggtdm” McGill – 2,103,607
  5. muskrrr – 1,792,042
  6. Carmen ‘cjdstable’ Dimaria – 551,222
  7. bigfatpirate – 486,474
  8. gwitsch – 423,059
  9. Al ‘BigAl16’ Riccobono – 238,118


Final Table Recap

The shortest stack on the final table, Al ‘BigAl16’ Riccobono was the first to be eliminated in ninth place. Riccobobo’s ace-ten off-suit failed to connect on the board against Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock’s ace-king off-suit.

Al Riccobono
Al Riccobono


Half an hour later, Carmen ‘cjdstable’ Dimaria exited in eighth place. Dimaria got it in good with vs. Brian ‘ggtdm’ McGill’s . Unfortunately, celebrations were short-lived as McGill flopped a set of tens to derail Dimaria.

8th Place finisher - Carmen Dimaria
8th Place finisher – Carmen Dimaria


A minute later, anonymous user ‘bigfatpirate’s bracelet hunt came to an end. The player three-bet jammed with and ‘muskrrr’ made the call with . The board gave ‘muskrrr’ a runner-runner straight to send ‘bigfatpirate’ packing in seventh place.

7th place finisher - ‘bigfatpirate'
7th place finisher – ‘bigfatpirate’


At the same level, ‘dusty16’ was eliminated by Brian ‘ggtdm’ McGill in sixth place. ‘dusty16’s had some catching up to do against McGill’s . The flop gave ‘dusty16’ the lead. The turn was also safe, but the river gave McGill a pair of queens, ending ‘dusty16’s dream run in the event.

6th place finisher - ‘dusty16'
6th place finisher – ‘dusty16′


The remaining five players fought it out for another twenty minutes before ‘gwitsch’ fell out in fifth place. Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock doubled up through ‘gwitsch’ when his hit a runner-runner king-high straight against ‘gwitsch`s’ , to leave the later with just 3BBs. Four hands later, ‘gwitsch’ moved all-in with , and Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin called with . With no help from the board, ‘gwitsch’ was relegated to the rail.

5th place finisher - ‘gwitsch’
5th place finisher – ‘gwitsch’


Next in line was Brian ‘ggtdm’ McGill in fourth place when Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock’s ran over his .

4th place finisher - Brian McGill
4th place finisher – Brian McGill


Soon after that, Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock departed in third place. With the board open , Pock check-jammed for a pair of kings. He was surprised to see ‘muskrrr’ table for turned trips. The river bricked for Pock setting the heads-up play in motion.

Allen Pock
Allen Pock


Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin started the heads-up with a 6:1 chip deficit against ‘muskrrr’ and fought tooth and nail to pull ahead. Soon after that, the final hand of the tournament got dealt. On a flop , ‘muskrrr’ moved all-in with and Lessin made the call with for two pairs. The turn gave Lessin a full-boat and the bracelet!

Jonathan Lessin
Jonathan Lessin


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin – $64,411
  2. muskrrr – $39,820
  3. Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock – $27,864
  4. Brian ‘ggtdm’ McGill – $19,796
  5. gwitsch – $14,256
  6. dusty16 – $10,433
  7. bigfatpirate – $7,744
  8. Carmen cjdstable Dimaria – $5,832
  9. Al ‘BigAl16’ Riccobono – $4,471


Content & Images Courtesy: WSOP.com and PokerNews

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