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WSOP Online 2021: Aleksei “Ha KoJleHu” Vandyshev Wins Main Event Online Championship For Life-Changing $2.54 Million!

Aleksei Vandyshev
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  • Namita Ghosh September 12, 2021
  • 2 Minutes Read

Russia’s Aleksei “Ha KoJleHu” Vandyshev (cover image) won his career-first bracelet and a life-changing $2.54 Million! The 28-year-old Russian poker coach had entered the paused Event #27: $5,000 Main Event Online Championship final table in the second chip lead, trailing Brazil’s Edson Tsutsumi Jr. Both players were neck-to-neck in stacks, and Tsutsumi was visibly aggressive on the final table. While it looked like Tsutsumi would walk away as the champion, Vandyshev scooped the title to win the most prestigious bracelet at the series.

In a pre-recorded interview before the final table, Vandyshev exuded confidence that he would win the Main Event. “I think my strength as a poker player is that I have a built-in crystal ball, so I see it when people try to trick me. I think I can win because I don’t care at all about ICM. I will always find a way to bring home the bacon. I want the bracelet, and I want it really badly. Other players should think twice because if they fight me, they will only prolong the suffering – the magic is with me.”

That said, Vandyshev’s run to the bracelet was anything but smooth. He was chip leading at one point but became the short stack several times. Nevertheless, his nine years of poker-playing experience came in handy as the poker coach came from behind to win the bracelet.

The Main Event registered 4,092 participants across 27 starting flights, falling over $500K short of its $20 Million prize pool guarantee. A total of 450 players earned at least $11,104.

Day 2 began with 720 players that included several Indians, including former bracelet championMandovi’ who placed 27th for $68,301 (₹50.15 Lakhs).


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Edson “CrownUpTsu” Tsutsumi Jr – 60,403,591 (101 BBs)

2. Aleksei “Ha KoJleHu” Vandyshev – 54,232,812 (90 BBs)

3. Joe “assisup4rent” Serock – 45,567,634 (76 BBs)

4. Espen “COVFEFE-19” Jorstad – 19,575,928 (33 BBs)

5. Christine “Yunaa” Do – 15,918,120 (27 BBs)

6. Nikita “VSMPZD” Kuznetsov – 13,454,800 (22 BBs)

7. Dawid Smolka – 13,154,945 (22 BBs)

8. Renan “legal” Meneguetti – 12,581,552 (21 BBs)

9. Dimitrios Farmakoulis – 9,067,144 (15 BBs)


Final Table Recap

On the second hand of the final table, Greece’s Dimitrios Farmakoulis was eliminated in ninth place by Joe “assisup4rent” Serock.

Forty-five minutes later, Poland’s Dawid Smolka was sent packing by Vandyshev in eighth place.

Brazil’s Renan “legal” Meneguetti fell to countryman Edson “CrownUpTsu” Tsutsumi Jr, losing with queen-ten to Tsutsumi’s ace-nine in seventh-place.

The six-handed table was cut down to three players in 90 minutes, following the elimination of Espen “COVFEFE-19” Jorstad, Joe “assisup4rent” Serock, and Christine “Yunaa” Do in quick succession.

Tsutsumi was responsible for eliminating Serock and Do, and in just ten hands of three-handed play, he took out Nikita “VSMPZD” Kuznetsov. Tsutsumi`s ace-ten was trailing Kuznetsov’s ace-jack but flopped a ten to take down the hand with two pair.

The heads-up between Vandyshev and Edson “CrownUpTsu” Tsutsumi Jr went on for the better part of an hour. The deciding hand of the event saw Tsutsumi raising to 5.2 Million with pocket sevens. Vandyshev 3-bet for almost 25 Million holding pocket tens. Tsutsumi jammed, and Vandyshev responded with a call. Nothing changed on the board, and Vandyshev’s tens scored him the win.

Aleksei Vandyshev
Aleksei Vandyshev


Final Table Results (USD)

1. Aleksei “Ha KoJleHu” Vandyshev – $2,543,073

2. Edson “CrownUpTsu” Tsutsumi Jr – $1,907,035

3. Nikita “VSMPZD” Kuznetsov – $1,430,073

4. Christine “Yunaa” Do – $1,072,405

5. Joe “assisup4rent” Serock – $804,191

6. Espen “COVFEFE-19” Jorstad – $603,058

7. Renan “legal” Meneguetti – $452,229

8. Dawid Smolka – $339,124

9. Dimitrios Farmakoulis – $254,308


Content & Images Courtesy: WSOP & PokerNews

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