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Michael Hudson Demolishes 667-Strong Entry Field to Win the WSOPC Potawatomi Main Event For $207,159

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis February 12, 2019
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Following four days of intense action, the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Main Event at Potawatomi, Milwaukee has finally found a winner in Michael Hudson (cover image). The event attracted 667 entries generating $1,010,505 in prize money. Outlasting the huge entry field, Hudson grabbed his maiden WSOPC gold ring for a six-figure payout of $207,159.

The 32-year-old faced some tough competition on the final table but played aggressively to take down the event, taking his total WSOP winnings to $237,260. In fact, with this win Hudson has also booked his seat into the 2019 Global Casino Championship.

The Illinois-based poker pro had been absent for live tournament action for some time. Explaining his absence, Hudson said, “Yeah, I haven’t really been playing much… came out for the big event. It’s the first tournament I’ve played all series… and just got lucky.”

“I just play here and there,” Hudson explained, regarding his professional poker career schedule. “I’m sure I’ll play like the Hammond [Circuit], but I’m not going to like grind my life away.”

Other notables who also cashed in the event included names like Aaron Massey (14th for $12,682), Mohammed Nuwwarah (15th for $12,682), Christopher Roth (22nd for $7,346), Neil Scott (45th for $3,739) and Indian-origin player Ravi Raghavan (48th for $3,375).


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Michael Hudson – 7,850,000

2. Hank Sitton – 2,870,000

3. Brett Apter – 2,195,000

4. Kevin Saul – 1,810,000

5. Damjan Radanov – 1,355,000

6. Josh Turner – 1,265,000

7. Nathan Braungardt – 1,100,000

8. Cody Brinn – 805,000

9. Eric Wasylenko – 770,000


Final Table Recap

The nine-handed final table kicked off with some of the biggest names on the WSOP circuit in attendance including seven-time gold ring winner Josh Turner, two-time gold ring winner Cody Brinn, ring winner Damjan Radanov, Hank Sitton, and winner of the Potawatomi Six-Max Brett Apter.

Hudson began Day 3 with a massive chip advantage. To make things worse for his opponents, Hudson scored the first two knockouts of the day, i.e. Eric Wasylenko (9th) and Cody Brinn (8th), and took his stack over 10 Million.

The other six players held an average of less than 2 Million. Eventually the short stacks proceeded to fall. Nathan Braungardt was eliminated in seventh place, Damjan Radanov dropped in sixth place, and Brett Apter went bust in fifth place.

Finishing in fourth place was Kevin Saul when his were cracked by Turner’s which bettered to two pairs of aces and queens on the runout .

Down to three-handed play, Hank Sitton raised to 200,000 from the small blind and Hudson called from big blind. The flop fell and Sitton continued for 300,000 while Hudson called. The turn revealed and Sitton shoved all-in for about 1,150,000. Hudson snap-called and both player turned over their cards.

Hank Sitton

Michael Hudson

Though Sitton had pocket rockets, they were no match for Hudson’s flopped full house. The river was inconsequential as Sitton bowed out in third place.

Hank Sitton
Hank Sitton

The heads-up play between Michael Hudson (16,920,000) and Josh Turner (3,100,000) began with the former enjoying a massive lead over the latter. Turner fought hard and started to mount a comeback and even succeeded in overtaking Hudson at one point, but shortly thereafter, Hudson won it back.

Josh Turner
Josh Turner

It wasn’t long before the final hand was played, when Turner limped from the button with and Hudson checked with . The flop came and Hudson checked again, while Turner bet for 250,000. Hudson check-raised all-in and Turner called. The turn and river completed the board and Hudson with his flopped bottom pair of fives took home his first-ever WSOP Circuit ring along with an impressive $207,159 in prize money.

Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Michael Hudson – $207,159

2. Joshua Turner – $128,183

3. Hank Sitton – $94,017

4. Kevin Saul – $69,917

5. Brett Apter – $52,698

6. Damjan Radanov – $40,248

7. Nathan Braungardt – $31,144

8. Cody Brinn – $24,414

9. Eric Wasylenko – $19,381

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