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WSOPE 2018: Dhawal Lachhwani Among Top Stacks With 14 Remaining in €1,100 Monster Stack, Manish Goenka Finishes 29th For ₹2.60 Lakhs

Dhawal Lachhwani & Manish Goenka
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  • PG News October 22, 2018
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After a busy four days on the felts, the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) €1,100 Monster Stack NLHE is treading fast towards the finish line. Day 2 played out with 165 players coming in from three starting flights. Bagging up chips at the day’s conclusion were 14 finalists led by Luiz Ferreira Filho (cover image), who holds a stack of 4,350,000.

Always the ones to remain in the forefront, Team India have been running well through this series. Three Indian challengers, Dhawal Lachhwani (1,650,000), Manish Goenka and Bharath Janardhan jumped in on the action through different starting flights and reached Day 2. While Lachhwani is among the top stacks with 14 remaining survivors who will resume play on Day 3, Goenka ended his run in 29th place for €3080 (₹2,60,721). Janardhan however, failed to cross the money line and busted empty-handed.

Looking at how the starting flights had run out, Day 1A ended with 30 players out of 148 who entered, while Day 1B saw 204 entries come in and 56 among them making it to Day 2. The final flight i.e. Day 1C attracted 314 hopefuls and 80 made it to Day 2.

In all, the event attracted 666 entries creating a total prize pool of €639,027. The payouts were announced right as Day 2 began, with the top 100 runners assured a minimum €1,605. The winner will add an impressive €134,407 to his bankroll, in addition to winning the coveted WSOP gold bracelet!

Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the event kicked off with China’s Quan Zhou, who was chip leader of the Day 1A with 519,500, holding the overall chip lead. Following him in stacks were Day 1C chip leader, Oleg Netaliev who held 472,000, and Frank Rohrmueller with 399,500.

A number of Indian challengers were seen entering through the three starting flights and three of them, Bharath Janardhan, Manish Goenka and Dhawal Lachhwani advanced to Day 2. While Janardhan had ended Day 1A with a stack of 126,500, the other two had entered on Day 1C and on Day 2, Goenka returned with 210,500 and Lachhwani with a stack of 167,000.

Meanwhile, Madhav Gupta, Rakesh Lalwani and Shravan Chhabria entered the event on Day 1B but failed to make it past the opening day. All three fired another bullet on Day 1C, along with Goenka and Lachhwani, but without success.

In fact, Lalwani was the first one to be eliminated on Day 1C and went out to Maksym Lavrov, who hit a set on the flop.

Lachhwani’s Day 2 run was remarkable and he kept a steady stack through the better part. With only 45 players left in the field, Lachhwani coolered Stoyan Obreshkov and sent him packing to the rail in a hand where he held against Obreshkov’s . Both players flopped two pairs on the flop , but Lachhwani’s hand was superior and while the turn was of no help for him or Obreshkov, Lachhwani improved to a full house on the river to eliminate Obreshkov. As the day was drawing to a close, Lachhwani chipped down on losing a hand to Mario Llapi’s pocket kings, but finally bagged a stack of 1,650,000 for the final day.

Dhawal Lachhwani
Dhawal Lachhwani

Meanwhile, Janardhan’s bracelet hopes ended with his elimination early on Day 2 and he returned to the rail empty-handed.

Goenka performed fairly well through Day 2 and scored a crucial double up that saw him sail past the bubble. Holding , Goenka clashed with Karim Alleg who tabled . The board ran and Goenka paired both his cards to double up on Alleg.

However, Goenka’s tournament run ended in 29th place and he bowed out of the tournament after he was confronted by Aleksei Ivanov in a hand where both players moved all in heads-up. Ivanov was at risk with his trailing Goenka’s . However, he hit a straight draw on the flop and completed the straight on the turn and Goenka was then drawing dead, hoping for a king on the river, which never came. The river gave Ivanov a double-up on Goenka. Goenka was eliminated and pocketed €3080 (₹2,60,721) for his efforts.

Manish Goenka
Manish Goenka

The King’s Casino regular and co-founder of The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) later shared his elimination hand on social media, “Busted 29th in the WSOPE Monster Stack…,” wrote Goenka on Facebook.

Christian Thiry (17th for €4,455) and Yang Zhang (18th for €4,455) were among the latter eliminations of the day while the last player to be shown the door on Day 2 was Daniel Smiljkovic (15th for €5,513) who, despite flopping a pair of kings was busted by Michal Mrakes’ queen-high straight.

Trailing Filho in stacks are 2018 WSOP $2,500 NLHE winner Timur Margolin (4,110,000) and Raul Henriquez (2,810,000). Interestingly, Filho’s father Luiz Ferreira (510,000) has also managed to advance to Day 3, while €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter champion Mykhailo Gutyi (1,275,000) is among the big stacks.

Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho
Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 2

  1. Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho – 4,350,000
  2. Timur Margolin – 4,110,000
  3. Raul Henriquez – 2,810,000
  4. Andrei Konopelko – 2,360,000
  5. Alexandre Viard – 2,180,000
  6. Amar Begovic – 1,660,000
  7. Dhawal Lachhwani – 1,650,000
  8. Henrik Brockmann – 1,335,000
  9. Mykhailo Gutyi – 1,275,000
  10. Sebastian Ulrich – 1,240,000

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Image/Content Courtesy: wsop.com

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