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WSOPE 2018: Tamir Segal Wins €550 Colossus NLHE For €203,820

Tamir Segal
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  • PG News October 16, 2018
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The first winner at the ongoing World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) currently underway at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic has been crowned. Besting a massive field of 2,991 entries, Israel’s Tamir Segal (cover image) took down the €550 COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold’em and walked away with a gold bracelet along €203,820 payday.

Segal defeated Polish player Wojciech Wyrebski, who had entered the final day as chip leader, in the heads-up play to win the title. While this is not the first live tournament win for Segal who has previously won two titles at the 2016 Wynn Casino Recurring Tournaments, this is by far his biggest score ever and with this win his all time live cashes now stand at $245,169.

The tournament easily crushed its €1 Million guarantee with the prize pool touching €1,435,412. While there were eight starting flights, more than half the entries at the event came in through the final two flights.

A total of 296 players returned to the felts on Day 2 with only 10 among them remaining for the final table action by the end of play.

Indian challengers Shravan Chhabria and Rakesh Lalwani were both seen in action at the event. While Chhabria’s run ended short of the money on Day 1G after he was eliminated by Daniel Boros, Lalwani managed to advance to Day 2 where he finished 188th for €2,227 (₹1,90,419). Lalwani’s previous 23rd place finish on Day 1D for €802 (~₹68,541) helped him rake in a total €3,019 (~₹2,58,139) at the event.

Klaus Schiefer (11th for €13,410), Day 2 chip leader Nico Mussini (12th for €13,410), Netanel Amedi (13th for €11,566), Jan Bednar (16th for €8,365), Sebastian Kos (17th for €8,365), Pawel Skrzypczak (33rd for €5,412), Michael Mandl (46th for 3,635), Indian-origin Sanjay Sahijwani (135th for €1,515) and six-time WSOP bracelet winner Chris Ferguson (150th for €1,515) were among the big names who fell short of the final table.

Final Day Chip Counts

1. Wojciech Wyrebski – 11,875,000

2. Hannes Neurauter – 11,825,000

3. Dariusz Glinski – 9,350,000

4. Krasimir Yankov – 8,625,000

5. Tamir Segal – 8,500,000

6. Bjorn Bouwmans – 5,850,000

7. Nelio Gatta – 5,000,000

8. Francesco Delfoco – 4,850,000

9. Aksel Ayguen – 4,725,000

10. Flavio Decataldo – 4,625,000

Final Table Recap

Action on the final day was fast paced and the finale was reached within just the first four hours of play. While the final table was to be live streamed, hole cards were not shown until only the final eight players were remaining,

Prior to that, the field saw its first elimination when Nelio Gatta moved all-in for 12 big blinds with ace-jack suited but ran into Segal’s pocket fives. The flop came ten-five-ten and Segal hit his full house. Gatta got up and both players shook hands even before the card 3 card 3 completed the board. Gatta was eliminated in 10th place.

Bjorn Bouwmans was sent packing to the rail next, in a hand where he raised to 1,200,000 from the cutoff and Segal moved all in on the button with the bigger stack. Bouwmans called, exclaiming, “I want to win!Call!” He tabled card 3card 3 against Segal’s card 1card 3 and stayed ahead through the card 2card 1card 3 flop. However, Segal took the lead after pairing his queen on the card 3 turn. Bouwmans now needed a king to stay in the running but the card 3 on the river quashed his hopes, and he exited in ninth place.

Next up, Krasimir Yankov was eliminated in eighth place in a hand where he clashed with Wybreski, who led out for 1,250,000 from the early position and action folded to Yankov in the cutoff. Yankov decided to move all in for 4,900,000 holding card 3card 1 and action folded back to Wyrevski who made the call with card 1card 2. While the card 1card 3card 3 flop was a blank for Yankov, he picked up a straight draw on the card 1 turn but the card 3 on the river blanked out and Wybreski collected the pot, sending Yankov to the rail.

Flavio Decataldo’s tournament run ended in seventh place after he slid in a raise of 2,250,000 from early position and was called by Segal from the small blind. On the card 1card 1card 3 flop, Segal checked, while Decataldo moved all in for 8,850,000, prompting Segal to snap-call. Decataldo’s card 3card 2 were looking good to win until Segal flipped over his card 1card 3. The rundown card 2 turn and card 3 was a mere formality as Segal scooped the pot eliminating Decataldo in the process.

Segal then knocked out Francesco Delfoco from the final table in sixth place. His 1,200,000 raise from under the gun was called by Delfoco who pushed in his last 725,000 from the button. Segal tabled card 3card 3 against Delfoco’s card 3card 1. The flop came card 3card 1card 3 and Segal hit a set of deuces while the rest of the board with the card 1 turn and the card 2 river didn’t favor Delfoco.

Hannes Neurauter was bounced out in fifth place after his all in move from the button for 2,300,000 was called by small blind Segal and Aksel Ayguen in the big blind. The flop fell card 2card 1card 3 and Segal check-folded to Ayguen’s all in move. Neurauter turned over card 3card 3 against Ayguen’s card 3card 2 and picked up a flush draw on the card 3 turn, but the card 2 on the river was a blank and Neurauter left for the rail.

One hand later, Dariusz Glinski was shown the door by Ayguen, who led out from under the gun with card 1card 3 and Glinski moved all in from the button with card 3card 3. Action folded back to Ayguen who called. The rundown card 2card 1card 1card 2card 1 brought a winning two-pair for Ayguen, while Glinski was eliminated in fourth place.

Despite railing two players on the final table, Aksel Ayguen couldn’t stay in action much longer. After losing several pots, Ayguen became short-stacked and was eventually eliminated when he moved all in on the button for 6,850,000 and was called off by Segal. Ayguen was clearly in the lead with card 3card 2 against Segal’s card 3card 3 and the card 2card 2card 3 kept him ahead. However, the card 2 on the turn gave Segal a straight draw and the card 3 on the river completed his straight, busting Ayguen in third place.

The heads-up play between Wojciech Wyrebski and Segal didn’t last long and soon the final hand was dealt. Wyrebski open-raised for 3 Million from the button with card 3card 2 and Segal moved all in with card 3card 3. Wyrebski retaliated with a snap-call and was the player at risk. As the rail watched with anticipation, both players got up to see the board run out. The flop came card 3card 2card 3 and Segal paired his king, while the card 1 on the turn meant that ace was the only out left for Wyrebski. However the river card came the card 1 and Wyrebski was relegated to a runner-up finish, while Segal won the tournament.

Tamir Segal
Tamir Segal

Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Tamir Segal – €203,820

2. Wojciech Wyrebski – €125,966

3. Aksel Ayguen – €92,385

4. Dariusz Glinski – €68,331

5. Hannes Neurauter – €51,854

6. Francesco Delfoco – €38,349

7. Flavio Decataldo – €29,104

8. Krasimir Yankov – €22,281

9. Bjorn Bouwmans – €17,209

10. Nelio Gatta – €13,410

Image/Content Courtesy: wsop.com

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