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WSOPE 2018: Timur Margolin Takes Down €1,100 Monster Stack NLHE For 2nd Gold Bracelet, Dhawal Lachhwani Finishes 10th

Bharath Janardhan & Timur Margolin
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With 666 runners in contention for the top prize, the €1,100 Monster Stack No-Limit Hold’em at the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) saw fierce poker action these past five days. Once the last hand was dealt, it was Timur Margolin who was the last player standing and took home an impressive €134,407 in prize money. Margolin defeated Raul Villarroel in the heads-up play to claim the title and has become the third player from Israel to score a win in the series so far.

Team India’s bracelet hopes were pinned on Dhawal Lachhwani who was the lone Indian to progress to the final day after Manish Goenka’s (29th for €3080 -₹2.60 Lakhs) elimination on Day 2. Lachhwani started out with a healthy stack of 1,650,000 but fell short right before the final table at 10th place for €6,949 (~₹5.87 Lakhs).

Another Indian challenger, Bharath Janardhan had also entered the event but was eliminated empty-handed on Day 2.

Coming back to the winner, Margolin was presented with his career`s second gold bracelet by owner of King’s Casino, Leon Tsoukernik. His maiden WSOP bracelet had come in this summer in Las Vegas, where he won Event #43: $2,500 NLHE for $500,000.

“Amazing, it feels awesome. I was sitting at home watching the live stream and seeing what the boys were doing so I said I have to come to King’s Casino. This was the first tournament I played here and managed to bink it,” Margolin said after his win.

The event distributed payouts from a total prize pool of€639,027.Christian Thiry (17th for €4,455), Quan Zhou (21st for €3,669), Asher Assis (26th for €3,669), Manish Goenka (29th for €3,080), Jeff Madsen (73rd for €1,738), Chris Ferguson (74th for €1,738), Maria Lampropulos (88th for €1,652), Anatoly Filatov (91st for €1,605), and Michael Magalashvili (98th for €1,605) were among the notables who took home a piece of the prize pool.

Day 3 Recap

14 players came back on Day 3 with Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho leading the lot with his stack of 4,350,000.

Filho’s father Luiz Ferreira (14th for €5,513) was also in the field and was the first player to be eliminated on Day 3. Ferreira moved all in with ace-ten that were defeated by Mario Llapi’s pocket queens. Ferreira then flopped a straight on a king-queen-jack flop. However, the king on the turn gave Llapi a full house making another king on the river a formality as Llapi collected the pot, sending Ferreira out to the rail.

Shockingly, Filho (13th for €5,513) was the next player to be eliminated after a brutal day on the felts that saw him chip down in a hand where he moved his last 700,000 in the middle with against Mykhailo Gutyi’s . With the board running , Filho failed to improve and joined his father at the rail.

With Andrei Konopelko (11th for €6,949) and Alexandre Viard (12th for €6,949) hitting the rail in quick succession, the event was one elimination away from the official final table.

Indian challenger Dhawal Lachhwani had a tough ride on the final day and went short on stacks. He then moved all in for his last few chips from the small blind in a four-way pot. There was no action post-flop on the board that ran and all the four players tabled their hands. Lachhwani showed 10x8x, while Sebastian Ulrich tabled the best hand with , as Lachhwani’s tournament run ended in 10th place, with him bubbling the final table.

Dhawal Lachhwani
Dhawal Lachhwani

Final Table Recap

Mario Llapi was the first player to leave the final table in a hand where action began with Henrik Brockmann raising to 250,000 from early position, and Llapi moving all in for 2,310,000 from the small blind, prompting Brockmann to snap-call. The cards were tabled and Brockmann’s were leading Llapi’s . Llapi did pick a straight draw on the flop but the on the turn and the on the river bricked out for him forcing him to exit in ninth place.

Not long thereafter, Amar Begovic was eliminated in eighth place when he moved all in for his last 295,000 with under the gun and was called off by Brockmann with from early position. Michal Mrakes also called with from the small blind and so did Mykhailo Gutyi from the big blind with . The flop fell after which the action checked to the on the turn. After three more checks, the landed on the river where Mrakes bet 225,000 and Brockmann instantly called with his smaller full house. Begovic who could only manage an eight-high was relegated to the rail.

Several hands later, the action folded to Tamas Szunyoghy who moved all in for 2,030,000 from the button with and was snap-called by Raul Villarroel from the small blind. Villarroel held a superior and stayed ahead on the flop. The turn and the river changed nothing and Szunyoghy made his way out to the rail in seventh place.

Next up, Ulrich raised to 325,000 from the hijack with and saw Mykhailo Gutyi defend his big blind with . The flop fell and Gutyi jammed all in for 1,410,000 with top pair. Ulrich asked for a count before making the call with his two-way straight draw. The appeared on the turn giving Ulrich the nut straight and Gutyi was left drawing to a chop. The river saw Gutyi leave the tournament in sixth place.

Michal Mrakes was eliminated in fifth place when he confronted Margolin in a hand where the latter opened for 320,000 from under the gun with and Mrakes moved all in for 2,130,000 from the cutoff with . Action folded back to Margolin who decided to call. Though Mrakes picked some outs on the flop he couldn’t get there on the turn and the river, and was railed out.

Henrik Brockmann returned to the rail in fourth place in a four-way hand where Margolin opened to 400,000 from under the gun with and Brockmann moved all in for his last 1,900,000 on the button with . The blinds folded, and Margolin snap called, putting Brockmann at risk. The flop kept Margolin’s ace-queen ahead. The turn dimmed Brockmann’s chances to survive and the on the river confirmed his elimination.

In the very next hand, Sebastian Ulrich was sent packing when Margolin limped in with from the small blind and big blind Ulrich checked his option with . The flop ran and Margolin led out for 200,000, which was called by Ulrich. Both players checked on the turn. After the appeared on the river, Margolin pushed in another 375,000 and Ulrich moved all in for his last 2,675,000. After asking for a count, Margolin made the call with his full house. Ulrich was eliminated in third place.

Raul Villarroel’s heads-up match with Margolin lasted less than an hour. In the final hand, Margolin moved all in on the button with and Villarroel who held instantly called for his last 2,400,000. The flop came and Villarroel maintained his lead but the turn paired Margolin`s nine and his hand held on till the river, sending Villarroel to the rail in second place.

Timur Margolin
Timur Margolin

Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Timur Margolin – €134,407

2. Raul Villarroel – €83,042

3. Sebastian Ulrich – €57,447

4. Henrik Brockmann – €40,388

5. Michal Mrakes – €28,863

6. Mykhailo Gutyi – €20,974

7. Tamas Szunyoghy – €15,502

8. Amar Begovic – €11,656

9. Mario Llapi- €8,920

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