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WPT India: Yasheel Doddanavar Claims Career-First Title in ₹100K High Roller For ₹34.64 Lakhs

Yasheel Doddanavar Wins WPT India 100K High Roller
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis October 22, 2019
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The last day of the 2019 World Poker Tour (WPT) India was a chaotic one as three events crowned champions in PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot, PokerGuru Staking’s Madhav Gupta and rising talent Yasheel Doddanavar (cover image)! While Munot took down the prestigious ₹55K Main Event title for a hefty ₹63.48* Lakhs, Gupta aka ‘Maddy’ rounded out the series in style by shipping the ₹20K Mega Stack for ₹5.33 Lakhs. The UK-based Doddanavar took down the ₹100K High Roller title for a personal-best ₹34.64 Lakhs.

Doddanavar is one player we have written a lot about this year. The UK-based player has done well on the Asian circuit, more specifically at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) and Asian Poker Tour (APT) stops. In fact, he came incredibly close to claiming his first live title in the PHP 107,500 High Rollers 2 at the 2019 APT Philippines in May this year, finishing runner-up for PHP 1,225,000 (~₹16.34 Lakhs). He had also made his maiden trip to the 50th annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) this summer, where he posted a total of four scores for a cumulative $40,273 (~₹28.52 Lakhs).

The young player had started the final day of the High Roller with a modest stack of 40,500, but he steadily climbed up the ranks to reach the final table placed second in chips holding 1,070,000. He eliminated the likes of Manish Gandhi, Abhishek Rathod, and runner-up Aditya G. to finally get his hands on the WPT trophy and the ₹34.64 Lakhs cash prize – which happens to be his first score on Indian soil.


Final Day Recap

The final day of the High Roller started at 2 PM on Monday, with 48 survivors from a starting field of 97 entries returning from Day 1, led by Armaan Kochhar (165,500). With late registrations open till the start of level 13, the event ultimately logged in 127 entries, failing to surpass its predecessor, the 2018 ₹100K High Roller, which had registered 142 entries. The top 16 places were assured a min-cash of ₹2.32 Lakhs, with ₹34.64 Lakhs reserved for the champion.

Among the many late entrants who joined the fray on Day 2 was PokerStars India Team pro Aditya Agarwal. Though much is not known of his journey throughout the day, he was responsible for eliminating Yogesh Choudhary during level 12. The hand in question saw Agarwal raise to 3,000 with , and Choudhary moved all-in for 13,000 with . Agarwal called to see the rundown and rivered a full house, busting Choudhary from the competition. Despite starting strong, Agarwal fell short of crossing the money line.

Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal

Besides Agarwal, many other notables were eliminated short of the money line, including MTT specialists Sam Anand and Sagar Choudhury.

The money bubble burst on Sumit Sapra, who lost a crucial flip holding to Abhishek Rathod’s which improved to two pairs of aces and queens.

Sumit Sapra
Sumit Sapra

The first player to finish in the money was Nikhil Kedia (16th for ₹2.32 Lakhs). He was followed to the rail by Shawn Chatterton (15th for ₹2.65 Lakhs), Guneet Kwatra (14th for ₹2.65 Lakhs), Pradeep N. (13th for ₹2.65 Lakhs), Abhinav Iyer (12th for ₹3.04 Lakhs) and Gaurav Bhandari (11th for ₹3.04 Lakhs).

IPC ₹100K High Roller champion Pranay Chawla was another player running deep, but he ended up bubbling the final table. Chawla jammed from the small blind with , and Aditya G. called from the big blind with . The board blanked, and Aditya’s pocket nines eliminated Chawla in 10th place for ₹3.04 Lakhs.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Aditya G. – 1,110,000

2. Yasheel Doddanavar – 1,070,000

3. Kuang Hung Lee – 545,000

4. Abhishek Rathod – 505,000

5. Raman Gujral – 450,000

6. Abhay Bokadia – 380,000

7. Manish Gandhi – 335,000

8. Roshan Rodrigues – 280,000

9. Akash Malik – 275,000

WPT India ₹100K High Roller Final Table
WPT India ₹100K High Roller Final Table


Final Table Recap

Roshan Rodrigues was the first player who saw his run come to an end at the final table when his lost out to Abhay Bokadia’s .

A few hands later, it was Manish Gandhi‘s turn to hit the rail when his lost the race to Yasheel Doddanavar’s that flopped top pair, dismissing Gandhi in eighth place.

A level later, Akash Malik open-shoved from UTG with 285,000 holding and Doddanavar called with . The board missed both players, but Doddanavar’s pocket rockets sent Malik packing in seventh place.

The next player to depart was Abhay Bokadia, when a battle of the blinds ensued in which Bokadia jammed from the small blind with and Raman Gujral called from the big blind with . The runout brought Gujral a pair of nines, knocking Bokadia out in sixth place.

Down to five-handed play, it was Raman Gujral who fell out next. He shoved all-in from the small blind for 650,000, and Aditya G. snap-called from the big blind.

Raman Gujral

Aditya G.

Aditya rivered a full house on the board , eliminating Gujral in fifth place.

Doddanavar was on a card rush and was dealt pocket aces more than a few times on the final table – and almost one resulting in an elimination. After he sent Malik to the rail, the next player to fall victim to him was PokerBaazi Team pro Abhishek Rathod. Doddanavar opened to 100,000 from UTG, and Rathod moved all-in for 900,000 from the small blind. Doddanavar promptly called, tabling , while Rathod turned over . The board did bring Rathod a pair of aces, but it was no match for Doddanavar’s rivered set of aces, resulting in Rathod’s fourth-place exit.

The lone international player at the final table, Taiwan’s Kuang Hung Lee, finished in third place when his ran into Aditya’s which bettered to two pairs of tens and sevens, sending Lee to the rail.

The heads-up between Aditya G. (25.90 Million) and Yasheel Doddanavar (24.90 Million) began with both players almost evenly matched in stacks. Doddanavar being a far more experienced player, with a plethora of international scores to his name, brought all his skill and knowledge to play, eventually whisking the title away from Aditya.

WPT India ₹100K High Roller Heads-Up Betwen Yasheel Doddanavar & Aditya G.
WPT India ₹100K High Roller Heads-Up Betwen Yasheel Doddanavar & Aditya G.

On the final hand, both players moved all-in preflop. Doddanavar showed against Aditya’s . The community cards fanned out and Doddanavar rivered a pair of fives to capture his career-first live title along with a career-best ₹34.64 Lakhs payday!

Yasheel Doddanavar
Yasheel Doddanavar

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Yasheel Doddanavar – ₹34,64,965

2. Aditya G. – ₹21,50,670

3. Kuang Hung Lee – ₹12,84,425

4. Abhishek Rathod – ₹8,06,500

5. Raman Gujral – ₹5,97,410

6. Abhay Bokadia – ₹5,13,770

7. Akash Malik – ₹4,45,070

8. Manish Gandhi – ₹3,94,290

9. Roshan Rodrigues – ₹3,46,495

Content & Images Courtesy: Online Poker News, India

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