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Young Gun of Poker: Sahil Chutani

Sahil Chutani
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  • PG News February 11, 2016
  • 4 Minutes Read

The past year has been an exceptional one in recent times for poker players in India, with a resurge of tournaments and a blazing poker scene in India. This in turn saw many new faces claiming a place of their own and one such name was Sahil Chutani (cover image), who among his other achievements final tabled the IPC December Main Event at fifth place for ₹5.1 Lakhs.

Sahil is a 25-year old Delhi lad, with both his parents working for the Govt. He majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering, before moving on to poker full time. Sahil plays under the online moniker $lim$hady19.

Here, we have Sahil speaking about his poker journey in his own words. The software professional, who soon quit his job for the love of poker, is extremely candid, while sharing his early college days, the struggle to go pro and his problematic state of mind.

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