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Zachary Schneider Wins 2018 WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Hammond Main Event For $302,492

Zachery Schneider
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  • PG News October 24, 2018
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The three-day long $1,700 Main Event at the2018 World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Horseshoe Hammond pooled in a total of 1,094 entries that helped generate a prize pool of $1,657,410. Outlasting the massive field to win his second WSOPC gold ring was Zachery Schneider (cover image), who also took home an impressive payday of $302,492.

Posting his first live score in 2012, Schneider has come a long way to build his way up to $486,259 in career winnings. He had won his first gold ring at the $5,300 No Limit Hold’em – High Roller in 2015 for $101,250.

With the top 117 places assured payouts, several notables finished in the money including Aaron Massey (14th for $19,707), Kevin Johnson (23rd for $11,386), James Wilder (30th for $8,320), Indian-origin player Shiva Dudani (38th for $5,602), Ralph Massey (52nd for $5,005), Timothy Kane (59th for $4,525), Indian-origin player Arjun Srinivas (66th for $4,127), Taylor Wilson (73rd for $3,795), Aaron Messmer (96th for $3,215) and Indian-origin player Deval Shah (107th for $2,950).

Donald Hines (11th for $24,182) bubbled the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Nicholas Pupillo – 9,115,000

2. Zachery Schneider – 7,555,000

3. Sami Shurbaji – 2,800,000

4. David McDermott – 2,640,000

5. Jacob Baumgartner – 2,550,000

6. Giuliano Lentini – 2,320,000

7. Young Hoon Koh – 2,280,000

8. Mark Wahba – 1,700,000

9. Royce Matheson – 1,650,000

10. Sam Miller – 385,000

Final Table Recap

Sam Miller who had the shortest stack on the final table was the first one to depart. The elimination hand saw Young Hoon Koh moving all-in from the small blind with and Miller called from big blind holding . The board ran and Koh paired his queen on the turn, while Miller was eliminated in tenth place.

Royce Matheson became the first elimination in level 30. Jake Baumgartner opened to 250,000 from middle position, Zachery Schneider 3-bet to 850,000 from the hijack and Matheson moved all-in for 1,610,000. Baumgartner folded and Schneider called with . Matheson tabled . The runout missed both players and Schneider higher pair trumped Matheson’s hand, resulting in the latters ninth-place exit.

An hour later, David McDermott open-raised for 350,00 from early position. Nick Pupillo called from hijack and Jake Baumgartner called from small blind. The flop fell and Baumgartner promptly jammed with approximately 2,800,000. McDermott folded, while Pupillo called.

Nick Pupillo

Jake Baumgartner

The and 3x completed the board and Pupillo hit his nut flush on the turn, sending Baumgartner to the rail in eighth place.

In the very next hand, Pupillo raised to 300,000 and Mark Wahba shoved with 1,520,000 from the small blind. Pupillo tanked for a while and then called with against Wahba’s . The community cards ran , giving Pupillo a pair of jacks,ending Wahba’s run in seventh place.

During level 32, holding Giuliano Lentini moved all-in with his last 1,080,000 and Koh called with . The board fanned out and did not affect either player. Koh’s pocket rockets held strong against Lentini’s big slick and the latter was busted in sixth place.

Next to go was Young Hoon Koh who opened with a raise of 460,000 from the hijack. Schneider re-raised to 1,400,000 from the cutoff, putting Koh to tank who then moved all-in with . Schneider called with . The rundown brought and Schneider found a pair of kings on the turn to knock Koh out of the competition in fifth place.

Down to four-handed play, Schneider raised the button to 500,000 and David McDermott shoved from the small blind with . Schneider called and turned over . The flop came and Schneider flopped a pair of queens. The and completed the board but failed to improve McDermott’s hand, resulting in his fourth-place finish.

Following McDermott to the rail in third place was Sami Shurbaji. When Schneider raised to 600,000, Shurbaji moved all-in from the big blind. Schneider snap-called with against Shurbaji’s . The dealer flipped over on the board and Schneider bettered his hand to three-of-a-kind tens, thereby eliminating Shurbaji.

Zach Schneider (22,000,000) had a huge chip advantage over Nick Pupillo (10,500,000) as the heads-up play began. Pupillo tried valiantly to decrease the gap but ultimately lost out to Schneider. On the final hand of the event, with the flop open , Schneider checked and Pupillo bet 300,000. Schneider raised to 800,000 holding and Pupillo called with . The turn brought . Schneider checked and Pupillo yet again bet out 875,000. Schneider called to see the river . Schneider checked for the third time and Pupillo moved all-in for about 2,000,000. Schneider called and won the event and the gold ring with his two pairs of queens and sixes.

Zachery Schneider
Zachery Schneider

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Zachery Schneider – $302,492

2. Nick Pupillo – $186,823

3. Sami Shurbaji – $138,825

4. David McDermott – $104,417

5. Young Hoon Koh – $79,506

6. Giuliano Lentini – $61,258

7. Mark Wahba – $47,750

8. Jake Baumgartner – $37,640

9. Royce Matheson – $29,999

10. Sam Miller – $24,182

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