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Year in Review, plans for next year

December 27, 2014 in News

Since coming back from Macau, I started playing some live cash and did decently well and that has kept me busy last few weeks. I actually went to Sikkim Mahjong Casino last week as well to play some live cash. I haven’t really gotten much time to play online except for an occasional Sunday, but I have been missing online terribly and am looking forward to getting back into full grind soon.
Poker has been lot of fun recently, one of the biggest difference between cash games and tournaments is the variance, playing soft live cash has taken my confidence to new level, over last 6 weeks dont think I have had a loosing a week, which is very different than what I am generally used to.

This year was a busy one and overall I am pretty satisfied with how I did. I played all of the big series online and did decently well without getting any major big scores, was pretty much a grind. For live poker tournament I made 3 trips to Macau, 2 trips to US and EPT London. Busting 16th, 30th and 35th in big field major tournaments is pretty frustrating, but I did ended up profiting overall, so its arite, live tournaments are pretty expensive considering the traveling cost from India and other expenses, so making money in them is always good.

Right now I am booked for Australia from Jan 16-Feb 3rd for Aussie Millions, followed by MPC in Macau in Feb end for which we will have the biggest Indian contingent ever in Macau so do plan to come out and join the crew. Lot of players from Kolkata are going to be making their first trip to Macau along with all the other tournament regs from India. MPC tournament buyins fits in perfectly with Indian poker market at present as well. Besides these two live trips, plan is to play live cash and grind as much as possible online (got to keep my tournament game sharp). I will be playing the next big tournament that is held in India, as long as I am in the country, its been quite a while since I met up with the Indian poker community and I do miss the good old Goa tournament days. I did try to go for the TILT series in Bangalore but ended up going to Sikkim. Its good to see the tournament scene getting revived in India and I do hope we have big series sometime soon even if it is with 30% TDS.

Last cpl mnths

November 9, 2014 in News

Been pretty busy since last blog, just traveling a lot. Infact, I hvn’t been home in Kolkata for more than a week in last few mnths. I just got back from Macau ACOP and this was probably my last trip for this yr, actually looking forward to spending cpl mnths at home and following a good schedule, these trips do take a lot out of you, or maybe I am just not young anymore 🙂

After I got back from US, with another disappointing finish in the Borgata WPT (live tournies are pretty frustrating, but we gonna keep trying), I went straight into grinding WCOOP. US trip was pretty good overall, I was pretty tilted having not gotten my Schengen Visa on time and having to miss EPT Barcelona, so was overall satisfied that I had deep runs in Miami and Borgata, think my live game is well balanced now and I do feel very confident playing live torunaments. WCOOP fields were massive and prizepools huge, but unfortunately just had one good sweat and WCOOP main weekend was one of the worst weekends ever, probably would have been better if I had been playing online before this series but it does take little time adjusting live to online atleast for me. After WCOOP I just hungout in Mumbai with the boys and decided to go to EPT London which was starting cpl weeks after WCOOP. EPT London was not very eventful, I ended up playing 700 UKIPT Main and the Main Event and didn’t make much noise in either of them. I did really enjoy my time in London though, my first trip there, stayed with fellow Indian grinder Buzzbee85 (Rohit). He had an aprtment right across from Lord’s and was very centrally located in most happening place of town. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were there, along with some online grinds we didnt get to do as much as outside stuff as we wud hv liked, but I really liked London and definitely seeing myself going back there much more often. Also the UK embassy gave me a sportsperson visa, which I thought was really cool. Online went pretty decent while I was in London and broke me even for the trip atleast, I also ended up playing a ton of SPIN N GO’s while there.

Got back to Kol for a week during the Diwali and then went for ACOP Macau. BBlack, Kavishk (he is 3/7 in the 15k HKD event now), AP Goel, Shanky and Donkab0mber made the trip and even though the trip was a lot of fun, as Macau always is, I ran horribly in every tournament, I played like I always do there. Pretty sure I am going to break the Macau jinx next yr.

8800 hkd event got it in on J 7 9 board with KK vs AJ and lost 30k pot 100-200
25,000 HKD WU, Lost QQ vs A4dd allin pre for 80bb pot 11 away from the money to bust 42nd
100,000 HKD Main Lost AK vs AA for 80bb pot on day 2
11,000 HKD turbo got lost 90k pot at 2-4k AT vs AA

I had planned a 10 day trip and didn’t stay for the last 8800 spadie and 15,000 event, although in future think I am gonna plan and stay the entire trip. All of us stayed at Holiday Inn which will be our preferred hotel from now on (real good butter chicken for room service). Next Macau trip will most likely be MPC 22 which should be huge and the most likely next International tournament will be Aussie Millions, another place I have never played but have heard only good things about. Next cpl mnths I have decided not to travel anywhere and instead work hard on getting healthier, I have definitely made some progress this yr and would want to be in even better shape for WSOP, it always about the WSOP, talking of which dont forget to rail the WSOP final table tonight.
Till Next time, may your premiums hold and draws be live

WSOP first 3 events

June 11, 2014 in News

So far I have played a 1500, 1k and the 1k turbo. The first two I didn’t last very long and couldn’t get much going, it was only in the turbo that I finally got some momentum and was able to build a stack before the bubble, but unfortunately I 4b shoved 33 into AKs and lost CL pot, around 64k at 400-800(100), although my shove was very marginal/possibly bad, but luckily it was a flip and winning it would have put me in a very strong position on the bubble as the field was very weak, so its whatever, was a turbo so I dont really hate my shove that much.

I have settled in nicely and really looking forward to the remaining prelims. Today was my first day off and I got the much needed rest, think I was still a bit jet lagged till yesterday and finally got a full night’s sleep. Tomorrow is a 1500, although it wont be as big as the weekend one it still should be pretty big since there isn’t much going on this week.

Getting some momentum really boosts your confidence, after the 1k turbo I am rearing to go. I will be updating my twitter while playing from now on and will try and blog on my off days.

You guys can follow me on twitter at [url][/url]


May 21, 2014 in News

Scoop was a long fun grind and I am overall satisfied with the series. Had few good runs and was close to some big scores which was very encouraging. I managed to do well in the regular schedule tournaments so overall somehow managed to profit during the series although I did get completely crushed on last Sunday, which I wouldnt lie definitely hurt. Since I have been busy playing I hvnt had much time to watch videos or review hand histories in a while, early part of the yr I was spending too much time working on my game and less playing, got to find a balance in there somehow where I can manage to do both. So now that scoop is done and WSOP about to start, there isnt much going on for online mtts, although I do expect the fields to be much softer with lot of top online players heading early to the wsop.

APPT macau main event starts today with a 3225 USD main event. I think it should get more than 300+ and shud be around 250k for 1st, its one of the biggest and prestigious live events in Asia and I am really looking forward to it. Antilog, bblack and KavishK all decided last minute to come for the main as well and now we hv a very decent Indian contingent heading down there.

After appt macau I plan to comeback and grind online for couple weeks before heading to Vegas around min June, will update on that once I hv everything booked. Some good opportunities ahead, gonna try make best of em.

Macau, online grind and WSOP

June 5, 2014 in News

Macau APPT ended up being huge, getting close to 500 people for the main, it was def way bigger than I expected and wud hv liked to be more well planned for this trip. We did last minute bookings and were only able to reach Macau few hrs before day 1b, which was last day of the main. I was really tired but tried my best and busted in a coin flip AJcc vs Nicky Wong’s 44. After the main I played the 15k HKD event which ended up getting 190ish players. Kavish, Antilog and I got seated at the same table since we late registered together, besides them the table was pretty soft and was pretty disappointed when the table broke. I lost AK vs AQ for 30k early on, on the new table and busted soon after. My last event was 4k hkd event where I managed to get a 12th, I had a good stack for most of the tournament but cudnt get anything going towards the later stages and ended up getting short and busting k9 vs TT. The numbers in Macau saw an increase by 30% for most of their events, this is a great sign for asian poker and I will definitely going for the Red Dragon event in August which should be the biggest asian field tournament.

After I was done with live events in Macau, I spent most of my remaining time there grinding online and that has continued for the pas week I hv been at home. I feel my game is at a good place right now and couldnt be more excited for the World Series. I leave for WSOP tonight and will be there till end of the Main event. Last few yrs I hvnt been able to go for the entire time and I am super excited to be able to do so this yr. I reach there on 6th afternoon and will be playing my first event on the 7th.

These are the prelims I plan on playing and obv the main after that.

7 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
8 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
9 Jun 14 1k Turbo NLH $1,000.00
11 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
13 Jun 14 2.5k NLH $2,500.00
14 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
15 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
18 Jun 14 3k NLH $3,000.00
21 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
22 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
26 Jun 14 1.5k NLHMonsterStack $1,500.00
28 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
29 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
1 Jul 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
2 Jul 14 Little One for One Drop $3,333.00

I sold some action on PokerGuru marketplace and will be updating religiously from Vegas. Couldn’t be more excited since WSOP is the reason why I play poker for a living, plus I get to hang out with my closest friends whom I dont get to see for most of the yr.

In Macau I did an interview with pokernews if any of u want to check it out here is the link


Post WSOP update

September 8, 2014 in News

So I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have been active on twitter, u guys can follow me at [url][/url]

Post WSOP, I came back home and started playing online. I had planned to go to Macau but then I decided that since its the 100th EPT at Barcelona, it would be a better idea to go play that (travelling expenses were too much to make both the trips, plus had to get European Visa). So I skipped Macau and sent in my application to get Schengen visa with cpl weeks of time in hand to get it done. However I didn’t get my Visa on time and had to cancel my tickets and stuff (lost out on about 2500 between stay and flights, had to change my tickets cpl times as well). This was extremely frustrating since EPT Barcelona turned out to be one of the biggest tournaments of the yr with it crushing all field size records. I ended up playing pretty tilted online during the 7-10 day period I was waiting on my visa and went on a downswing playing like shit, completely deserved that. At this point I decided to screw Barcelona and just go to US to play SHRPO 10mill gtd and WPT Borgata. However, I was yet to get back my passport from the embassy who were still reviewing my Schengen visa application. I had almost given up hope when I finally got my passport on the day of my US flight and was able to make in just in time for the SHRPO, a day later and I cudnt have come and would have taken another big hit on my tickets/hotels and stuff. It was all worth it though, as the tournament was absolutely great and I thought I played really well, even though I was pretty jet lagged and almost on no sleep for most of the tournament. Def gonna try and get few days earlier for these big events when I am flying so far for them, obviously this time I had no choice but gonna make an effort to come at least 2 days before I got to start playing. As everyone knows the tournament had a 2.5 mill overlay which is 15 crores making it sick value. I ended up getting 30th for 39k (29k after tax =/), I was feeling pretty good and def felt I was gonna make a deeper run, but lost KK vs QQ and QQ vs KK and finally busted when i reshoved 21bbs with 66 into 99, was a pretty tough last day. Was very disappointing tbh.

After Miami I had a nice lil break where I went and stayed with my frnd at tampa and then went to Connecticut for a frnd’s wedding which was a lot of fun, my first American wedding. On the wedding day we started with playing 18 holes of golf which took close to 4 hrs, followed by shooting guns and grilling for 2 hrs, than we went back, checked into hotel close to venue (since we were gonna get really hammered) and got dressed up for the wedding. Drank a lot and danced a lot, [url][/url], from towards the end of the reception.

Yesterday, we drove down to Atlantic City and will be here till the end of my trip, I have a flight back on the 19th straight from here to Mumbai, WPT final table is on 19th, so unless I final table the event I shud be in Mumbai to grind the last 2 weekends of WCOOP. Got two tournaments that I am going to be playing in Borgata, first one being the 360$ 1 mill gtd with 5 starting flights over 3 days, shud get more around 4-5k people and shud be paying over 200k for first (thts what I hv been told, not entirely sure on tht but I do think the 500 here last week with similar structure got 4k people) and the second tournament is 3500 re-entry wpt starting next weekend, shud be pretty massive as well a soft field (lot of good players will be in skippin this for wcoop). I will hv some free time, since I am just playing these two and I might go play some cash in downtime or play online on these NJ sites, but def gonna try to be playing something.

Will be tweeting during these Borgata tournies. Also gl to all Indian grinders during wcoop, feel free to post hands here [url][/url], will definitely be spending more time on the forums next cpl weeks.

WCOOP challenge and FTOPS, THOS bangalore event and 2 mnths to WSOP

March 29, 2014 in News

Whenever there is a relatively quite period online, PokerStars comes up with something HUGE. The WCOOP challenge is back this weekend along with FTOPS startin on Sunday. WCOOP challenge has a 700$ buyin 1 mill gtd, 1k 1mill gtd and 2100 2mill gtd, all 3 of these shud be pretty big events, they hv cpl more but these 3 are the ones I most looking forward too. I hv been getting killed on fulltilt lately, ftops shud be pleasant change from the reg infested tournies there and shud make for some big prizepools. This is a big weekend in a while and I cudn’t be more excited, took a little break for a week and now feel completely charged up and ready to go.

Last week was THOS event in Bangalore which kicked off with 2 tournaments in association with PokerGuru (for updates u can check under live updates), it was pretty awesome event and first time I played a tournament in land-based pokerroom. Over 100 people showed up from all over India, first time I hv seen the entire indian poker community outside of Goa. It was awesome meeting everyone in Bangalore, lot of people came up and introduced themselves who I hadn’t met before, its always nice to meet new upcomers and aspiring poker players. Two upcomers 2 yrs ago had come to Goa and introduced themselves similarly and now are regular fixtures in tough cash games across the country, both of em dropped out of college and took up poker as profession (not something i recommend ever under any circumstances), but they took the plunge and left Bangalore and went to Goa, to see them do so well makes me very happy and see many more people following their path. Bangalore seems to hv the most young players with many legal cardroom offering low rake, low buyin games for them to get their start. Other places from what I hv heard try and follow the same rake structure as Goa or the similar, with rake caps at 5% 10$ or 20$, which just makes the games unbeatable. I hve been hearing about more legal pokerooms opening all over the country along with other interesting developments on the online front so could be interesting 6 months for Indian poker, anything which takes away the monopoly and absurd rake structure from Goa has my blessings.

Its getting to that time of the year again, WSOP starts May end, ideally I would like to go for APPT main in Macau, right before WSOP and then the entire World Series, should be finalizing the trip soon. Next 2 months its all going to be poker and I will be looking to get in the right mindset for the series. This year I am really of cussed on doing well, gonna be my 8th year, so time I win something big. We should have a bigger contingent from India than last time and shud make for some fun rails whenever one of us is deep.

So that’s about it, will be making an announcement very soon regarding a paid PGMP program for players looking to go for the world series and are making the plunge to higher buyins online, it will be Chris Dombrowski (cdbr3799 online and won a bracelet last yr) and me doing the program together. We are still figuring out the details and will be announcing everything here shortly.

GL at the tables, and as always post hands in the PokerGuru forum and not on social media if u want advice from serious players and not recreational ones.

Macau Trip Report and TCOOP

January 23, 2014 in News

Just got back from Macau and it was as always quite an experience and a welcome break from the online grind, I really needed this. As most of you all know we had a nice little sweat in the main but things cudn’t hv gone worse when it mattered. I’ll write my day 3 hands at the end. The whole experience was quite awesome and PokerStars did an excellent job of having the biggest MPC ever. The main was just 5 short of 1,000 players and all the side events got pretty big field as well. Lot of the smaller 3k hkd events were paying close to 200k hkd for 1st, which make me kinda regret not going earlier, as well as not planning ahead to play the highroller, which I really shud have but just didn’t plan things out well in advance. We had an excellent contingent down for the event, most of the goa regulars and the most serious tournament players in India realize the value of making these trips and I predict a huge Indian contingent for the MPC in August. I really don’t see myself playing the scam schedules of Goa in anytime in the near future, I am pretty much done with Goa for now. The Indian Poker community is really strong, now that most of us have known each other for over 3 yrs and everyone get along really well which makes for a real fun and wild time. The Indian players are getting better as well and I had predicted a few of us would do well in the main, sahil me and akki made a nice run in the main and a lot has to do with amount of time we spend playing tougher tournies online, this field was really one of the softest I have played in long time. This is going to be a big year for Indian players at the WSOP, remember u read it first here.

Plan now is to grind pretty hard online and work a lot to get back in top 10 of pocketfives, its not going to be easy but I am ready to get it done. I have no travel/live poker plans till WSOP. TCOOP is starting today and I cudn’t be more excited, there are going to be a lot of events paying over 100k to 1st and the fields in the regular tournaments will be bigger as well, so should make for a good 2 week grind. I will be spending time on the forums, so if you guys want to post hands and stuff go to hand advice section on the PokerGuru forum and do post ur thoughts on other people’s hands as well, only gonna help ur game.

Day 3 hands from MPC:

I started with 293k at 4-8k was about 12/80.

I opened first hand j4ss on btn for main raise, Victor teng in sb pilled 110k I folded.
I opened KhTs on hijack for 17k, bb fish called. Flop Kd 4s 7s, he leeds 18k I call. Turn 2h he bets 22k I call, river Qs he checks I vbet 42k he calls with q7dd.
Bustout hand utg opens to 16k on 230k stack, I shove TT in late position, he tank calls with AQ.

Was pretty brutal after playing pretty solid and not getting in to many spots to come in such a great spot and last all of 20mins on day 3. We’ll get em next time.

Work hard, Dream Big

October 30, 2013 in News

Been continuing to work on my game, this involves watching videos, hand histories, going over forums and very importantly reviewing my own game. Every tourney I feel that I could have done better, I pull up the hh immediately after I bust (at times in middle of the session) and go over it. While going over a hh I try and pay attention to whats working and whats not. I have also been saving hands during my session on a notepad, pretty much any hand I hv a doubt on. Also been trying to pay attn to what areas of my game I can improve, at times I hv been opening too wide, or 3b a lot or reshoving way too wide, whatever part of my game I feel its not working I try and improve on it before the next session.

I am in complete lockdown mode and will be working/grinding very hard whole of Nov/Dec, screw balancing life. There are 3 marriages I need to attend in Nov but beside that I hv no other obligations as of now. Besides Monday I should be putting in lot of Volume (will play as much as I feel like it, somedays long session and somedays short, but not gonna be missing a day). Right now a full weekday schedule amounts to around 1200 in buyins and Sat/Sun combined is around 7k, so its around 10k-12k in buyins each week. I am still shying away from some of the more reggy higher buyins, but I should be in there before the mnth end. Its bit of a boring period of online grinding with no big series/promotion being held, but again, I look at it as an opportunity to get wayy better before the next big series.

I turned 29th on Saturday and got my bday gift day later, choppin 100r on stars for 47k and 6th in T-rex for another 5500, was a nice 50k winning day and was long due. I have decided to keep my table count less (been skipping all the small turbos and stuff) and focus on majors on Sundays, I never had more than 9 tables last Sunday and that definitely helped me not make mistakes, which is very crucial when deep, guess I am not so good at mass multi-tabling anymore :

So yep thats about it, will be updating weekly on how the grind is going

2013, Macau Poker Cup and 2014

January 15, 2014 in News

2013 was the year I put in some serious work to get my poker career back on track, I have come to terms with the fact that online poker will never be the same after black Friday, but there is still plenty of money to be made and things are only going to improve. My game has been a work in progress but I am much at par now with other HSMTT regs, while still getting better every week. Each week I put in 3-4 days of good grind (we do live in like worst time zone to grind online mtts) and rest of the days I am working on my game and getting ready for next grind. I went on a nice little heater towards the end of the yr which was very rewarding for the work I put in. I still have some way to go before I start straight out crushing but shudnt be tht long to get there now.

Its been quite a monotonous routine and that’s why I am pretty excited to be heading to Macau for MPC. Will be playing the 11k hkd and 20k hkd events, havent played live since wsop, so looking forward to some live poker. We have big Indian contingent down there, a lot of good friends I haven’t met in a while so really looking forward to hanging out and discussing some poker with them. A lot of us are playing our best poker yet, wouldn’t be surprising at all if a cpl of us get some runs, I’ll def update facebook if I go deep and blog too. Will try and get some of the other boys to blog as well.

For 2014, I plan to grind tons till WSOP in June and go for the entire 6 weeks this year. If I continue to work hard and put in the time I have been I should be back in top mtts online players and that’s the goal. would make me very happy. Wish me luck!

WCOOP Update

September 22, 2013 in News

Been busy playing a lot so haven’t really had too much time to blog, so figured will put up a quick update. So far WCOOP been pretty disappointing, with no real runs to talk about. I have been working very hard when I have not been playing, there was definite adjustments and work I needed to put in to get to par again and feel much more confident each day. I have some personal goals, it might take some time but with hardwork and dedication I am pretty sure I’ll get there soon enough. I have been having some runs in the daily scheduled tournaments, really enjoy the early 55fo 54KO and 265 KO they are perfect small fields to keep variance low, everything else in the schedule is a big field. I hv been doing good in these 3 and try and start my session with them at 8 pm and my last deep stack tournament is big 162 around 1.30 AM.

Weekends have been very expensive, with some even bigger than your standard Sunday buy-ins today I have decided to cut down on volume, will be playing less tables. Will be skipping most of the daily turbos and some of the smaller buyins Sundays are the most important day of the week and today will be one of the bigger Sundays of the year, with mini ftops main (final tabled it last time) and penultimate weekend of WCOOP.

Sahil and Sushi are here and all we have been doing since wcoop started is playing/working on poker. We took one day off and went out for dinner, but besides that its been just poker. 8 days left in WCOOP, time to make em count.

PS: PGOL tonight on PG homegame on PokerStars, winner gets 30min session with me after wcoop is over, gl.

WSOP update

July 6, 2013 in News

It was pretty brutal and tiring gettin here to Vegas, this year I traveled alone as well, which definitely made the journey even more tiring. I got here on Tuesday nite and was able to meet up with the Indian contingent. Everyone is staying at the rio itself which makes it convenient for all of us to hang out together whenever we are done. People who are here from the regular Goa scene are arjun pasricha, abhishek goindi, kavin shah, samay parikh, sailesh lohia, sanjay lawrence, akash malik, amit “come on” jain, pulkit kalia, Acepoker9 (maruti), rahul raju,rahul melwani, praz corea, sumit asrani and apoorv goel. Everyone will be playing the main event in the next cpl days. Akash Malik has been most consistent so far making several deep runs while Raju was super close to the bracelet in the 2500 being 2/23 going into day 3 but busted early in day 3. He is again deep in the lil one drop and has 200k at 5-10k with 67 left.

My first event was the 1k on Monday, I was pretty jet lagged but I still went and played, nothing much happened and I was card dead pretty much entire day before loosing AJ vs 99 to bust, I cud hv re-entered but was feeling out of it and decided to get some rest and fire away on day 1b.
1b was much better and I was able to stack upto 10k and was feelin good, table was real soft and people were playing very weak for most part. After late reg ended I lost a huge pot at 100-200, I opened to 400 ep, good aggro players makes it 900, shortstack on btn who had joined our table after the registration closed and had been actively shoving his shortstack shoves 4100 or so, I rejammed JJ and get snapped by the 3bettors AA, btn has AK. Flop is J high but he rivers a clean one outer Ace to win the 26k pot and bust me, I mean I did get it in bad so its w/e.

Friday was the last 1500 wsop prelim and it ended getting 2500 people.

Key pots from the day which I remember:

50-100: I open TJdd to 225 utg (I hv 8k to start the hand, villain covers). Get 2 callers in ep, flop is A T 2 1d, I bet 500 get one caller, turn is 7d i check call 850, river is Jh I check call 2250 loose to A2hh

75-150: I open KK to 300 on 3k stack, 2 shortstacks move allin with 44 and JJ, I hold and chip upto 8k

75-150: I win KK vs AA of 12bbs stack allin pre

75-150: Young girl opens CO to 350, sb old str8forward weak guy calls, I call bb with Q8cc. Flop Ah Ts 8s, I leed 725 only the girl calls. Turn Tc I check call 900, river brick goes check check I win

150-300: I open 73cc on btn to 600, bb weak player calls. FLop A 3 5dd he check calls 500, turn 8 check check, river 3 he leeds for 2200 I make it 6100 he folds

150-300: Utg opens to 700, 2 people call MP, I call with 14k in sb with TT. 4 ways to the flop, Ac 7d 9h, gets checked around, turn is Tc i leed 1600, original raiser calls, good young asain player calls on btn, river is Kc gets checked around, original raiser shows AA and wins

200-400: I open 88 to 800 late position, young aggro guy calls btn and bb calls. Flop 9 J 3 i check call 900, turn is 2 i check call 1750, river is T goes check check and I loose to JQ

200-400: I open KcKs utg to 800, same young kid calls and btn calls. Flop Qh Ts 7s, I check call 1200 from the young kid, turn is 3 I check call 1650, river is 6d i check call 3600 and beat his AQ

300-600: I open KT on btn to 1200, bb fish calls. Flop A K 9 goes check check, turn is T guy check calls 1125, river is T he check calls 4800 and mucks

400-800: I open 7Tdd to 1600 (35k eff, I had 50k), young kid makes it 3600, i make it 7100 he makes 10,500 I put him, he snaps with JJ and holds, I am down to 15k

500-1000: Old guy shoves 4bbs I iso with my 14bbs stack with A6hh, I loose to his A9
500-1000: I open shove QTo with 9200 and loose to AJ

I had 50k with 70 mins left in the day at 400-800 and then lost that huge pot. Even though just bubbled making it to day 2 and money I was pretty happy getting in 10 hrs of playing (I survived 10 lvls), playing main event on Sunday, seems lot of us will be playing 1b, will update on how things go.

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