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April 10, 2020 in News

Hello everyone, I am back with yet another blog. Firstly, I want to share a short update on my progress since my last blog. I am staying healthy, eating healthy but have neglected exercising for a while. Don’t wanna make any excuses for it, so I will be resuming that very soon. Poker wise, its been a very fruitful 2020 for me. I started off the year with a bang by shipping a couple of majors on PokerBaazi and Adda52. Then had a very profitable IOPC, where I did very well in the small events. Shipped a couple of small ones but couldn’t win the big ones.

After this, came a small lull for a month and then back on winning ways with a hot streak running from the last 30 days or so. So, I’m very happy where I am with my game. Also, a special mention to PokerGuru Staking as I completed a successful year with them this past month. Kartik, Maddy, and Vikram all have been really helpful with whatever was needed by me. Auffkourse Adi is the main force behind guiding me in the evolution of my game. No one can come close to what he does.

Now, coming to the matter at hand – the Coronavirus situation. I, along with my friend Ashish Ahuja (rocky), had moved in an apartment on the outskirts of our hometown Chandigarh just a couple of days before the lockdown. During the lockdown, the first few days were tough as getting supplies was a little difficult here, but after that, everything was fine. Both of us been crushing online since :).

We all should feel fortunate that we have a home and a family to count back on during this tough period. There are so many people who work far away from their homes and whose livelihood depends on daily wages. They have absolutely no idea what to do and what to expect in the near future as I don’t think this is going away anytime soon.

Also, we should try and cherish the time spent with our families and loved ones as who knows when you’re gonna get another time like this where everyone is together 24*7. Stay home, stay safe, and play poker responsibly. Don’t go overboard as it will be the temptation, considering there’s nothing much to do. Hopefully, everything will be better soon.


Poker travel – Part 2

March 20, 2019 in News, Featured

Hey guys, i’m back with the second part of my blog. I have completed my trip and wanted to share how it all went through. I finally managed to get a couple of live cashes under my belt. I came 55th in a field of 1455 in the TIPS main event for 1500 €. I was elated with that as it was my first official live mtt cash. Yes, that’s right , I finally got that monkey off my back after bricking maybe 9-10 live mtt series in Goa.

I wanted to talk about the difference in the fields I came across over there. Whenever I sat on a table there would be maybe 1 or 2 decent players on the table. Rest would comprise of just recreational players who were there just to have some fun. They would start slowly and as the blind levels kept increasing they start to chat up quite a bit and it was fun sitting and listening to them. Most of them would order a beer and chill for the rest of the day. I hate it when people on a poker table just wear headphones and cover their face with their hoodie/cap/shades. So, playing over there was a really refreshing and enjoyable time for me personally. Also, you cant get such big fields in India. Its just not possible.

The poker room over there was just crazy. There must be around 150-170 tables just in the mtt poker arena. Cash games tables were separate. It is probably the biggest poker room in Europe and home to the famous WSOPE. I would love to recommend people to attend that and not just be thinking of WSOP in Vegas. They even host televised high stakes cash games from time to time.

Moving back to my cashing the main. As soon as I busted I got a position card from the floorman ,which i took to the cashier and got my money instantly like in online mtts. There was no waiting whatsoever. Absolutely no hassle and no fuss. Everything is so well structured and organised. I didn’t even feel bad for not going deeper. But, I knew that from now on Goa is out for me. Not worth it at all (well maybe just WPT :P).

After the main I was supposed to go somewhere else and enjoy the vacation for a while but we saw that there was an event going on with 100k € gtd and there was going to be a big overlay. So, I couldn’t stop myself and decided to play the event instead. As luck would have it, I ran deep in that event too and secured my second live cash (12th for 1100 €). Was a little disappointed that I missed the FT but was a superb experience overall.

In the end i’d like to thank my great friend and fellow Pokerguru ambassador Ashish Ahuja to convince me to go on this trip. He had to push me quite a bit as I was quite stubborn and hellbent on not going for live events. Also, a big thanks to Manish Goenka who helped quite a bit in organizing everything for us to be able to go on time. Looking forward to the next edition.

GOT season so far…

May 5, 2019 in News

Hi guys, I’m back with a new blog. I want to write about some non-poker related topic this time. I am sure that you must be familiar with Game of Thrones. If you aren’t I don’t know which cave you live in. So here are some of my thoughts regarding the current season.

I am a huge fan of the show and have seen each and every episode and admire so many characters. But I have been so disappointed in the current season. I don’t know where the writers are getting their inspiration from. It’s looking more and more like a Bollywood movie with Arya Stark killing the Night King as every hero kills the villain in the end. I mean the night king is supposed to be the smartest and the strongest but gets outwitted so easily. Theon so easily saves her sister without anyone from iron islands or the golden company posing any trouble at all to him. I mean this is the same guy that jumped out of the ship when she got captured.

The first episode of the season was good overall with the build-up. Daenerys and Jon Snow enter Winterfell to a cold reception from the locals and Sansa, Jon reuniting with Bran and Arya, Sam getting the news of his family and the expressions he gives were just amazing and finally, him telling Jon Snow about his real parents everything was looking on the up and up.

It all went downhill from there. There was no backlash from the locals towards outsiders, no consequences for Jaime Lannister for killing the mad King and attempted killing of Bran, Theon is all of a sudden welcomed in Winterfell and so on. When did everyone become so forgiving? There were some good scenes though. Arya losing her virginity (Auffkourse) as it could have been her last night alive, Jaime making Brienne a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and ending the episode with Jon telling Daenerys his truth and Daenerys’s reaction is epic.

Finally comes the much-anticipated war between the dead and the living. this war was seven years in the making and direction in this episode was so amazing that I couldn’t even see half the things that were happening. It was so dark and with the Night King doing some of his trickery it was even harder to know what was going on the battle plan is chalked out and it takes just a couple of minutes for Daenerys to deviate from that go her own like a rogue Bollywood movie hero. Obviously Snow follows her blindly. everything that follows is all so blurry and don’t wanna discuss that. one thing to notice was how does Sam Tarly survive?? I mean he can’t even hold up a sword straight. to make things worse two people who saved him a couple of times ended up dead themselves, so finally when Jon sees Sam in trouble he just ignores it. another Bollywood moment was when Jon Snow is standing among 100s of newly woken wights and is fighting them off like a Salman Khan movie. After all this Jon is in front of the undead dragon Viserion who used his iced fire to break down the famous wall but is unable to penetrate the small walls of the corridors in Winterfell.

All in all, I am a little disappointed so far but hopeful that they will redeem themselves in the coming episodes. I am and always will remain a fan though no matter what!!!

P.S. – just wanted to throw a prediction out there. Daenerys to turn villain at the end as she really wants the throne to herself.

Poker travel

March 7, 2019 in News

Hello all, my name is Arjanveer Singh chadha and I’m writing my first poker blog about benefits of travelling outside India for poker.

Everyone who plays poker dreams about travelling for poker to various places. There is a huge stigma among us that travelling outside India for poker is very costly and not worth it. That is total crap. Even I use to think that who will go through all the fuss and land up in Goa itself whenever I felt like going for live events.

I am currently in Rozvadov, Czech Republic for my first international poker event TIPS. Even though I haven’t done well in the events so far I am glad to be here and play with such a different crowd. You get to play against all different types of people and everyone is very friendly. You can easily talk to them about their living style, hobbies etc once you get over the language barrier. Even the dealers joke around with you

The main benefit is that everything is so organized that you don’t have to ask anything. All the events are listed online with the tournament structures and everything. Players always stand in an organized manner whenever they are registering for an event. The staff is well maintained and organized and the dealers are rotated timely.

Secondly, there are far more events to play in a short span which helps in reducing the variance. In Goa there is only one event a day and if you bust your day is done. Also, the guarantees in these events are much higher than in Goa.

Next comes the financial aspect. Granted that you would pay double for your air tickets but it is totally negated by the fact that there is no tax levied unless you are travelling to USA (some countries have 10% also). Stay and other expenses are pretty much the same here. Another huge benefit is that you get the prize money as soon as you bust out of the tournament. You don’t have to wait for 2-3 months for online transfers to come in .

Lastly, I would like to state that travelling outside India for poker is a really good experience and an eye opener for everyone. That’s it from me. Hope I changed someone’s mind at least .

P.S. – There is no dress code for the poker room .You can sit with shorts and slippers. No one cares .

My AOPS Mini Main Event victory last Sunday and how I worked my way to the top of an epic FT

June 23, 2020 in News

Hi everyone, back to blogging after a good break. Since my last blog, there has been steady progress. I have been focusing a lot on grinding during this time, especially when the variance is in my favor. I have been taking at least one hour out every day to study.

I have been doing consistently well in MTT’s, but the breakout victory came in the AOPS Mini Main Event, which I shipped for my biggest ever online score worth 30 Lakhs last Sunday.

I managed to bag chip lead in one of the flights going into day 2, and it was smooth sailing for the most part, winning small pots here and there. The main move came during the final 2 tables, where I managed to win a couple of crucial flips to get that chip lead going into the final table.

Then came the FT, and as I was the chip lead by a margin, I kept putting pressure on everyone. There were 2 outstanding players on my table, Sanat “mehro” Mehrotra and Sriharsha “Ivey” Doddapaneni. Sanat was short in the beginning, so it didn’t matter much. Sriharsha was second in chips and I rate him in the top 3 if not the best player in India. So, I decided to attack everyone else and play tight against him and not give him any chips.

My plan worked as I had hoped and I kept knocking players out and soon had a monster chip lead with me, Harsha and Sanat left. Then came the hand which pretty much handed me the victory. Harsha limped from SB, and I checked my BB with 9T HH. The flop came 46T rainbow, Harsha checks, I bet 1.5 bigs. Harsha c/r to 5.5 bigs with around 23 bigs behind. I decided to flat. The turn was a King. Harsha continues with 7.5 bigs. I call again thinking to call off most rivers. The river came 4, and Harsha jammed the rest of his 15 bb stack, and I called it off. Harsha had 78 HH and missed his up and down straight draws, and we won the hand and got heads-up with a 6:1 CL.

It was just a matter of time after that. The winning hand was 77>q9s pre-flop all in, and I held.

IMO, this was the best final table I have ever played in my career and I was really proud of myself to have come out on top of that in such a big event where it mattered the most. The feeling of winning the event was amazing as I had come close to winning a big one a couple of times before but didn’t quite make it. Trusting the process and consistent hard work does pay off.

Now, I am motivated as ever to bank on the momentum and continue crushing.

That’s it for now. Until next time…

Arjanveer Singh Chadha

Finally Eating Right For My Health & Playing Right For Some Wealth

November 28, 2019 in News, Featured

Hello everyone, I am back with yet another blog. It’s been a while since I shared my progress, so I wanted to pen down something.

I went through a rough phase these last 4-5 months with both my health and in poker. My health really deteriorated as I used to eat outside food almost every day, and my movements were minimal throughout the day. This, along with a scattered sleep schedule, really took a toll on me. This affected my game, and my social life also tremendously.

So, I finally took a step to improve on it and moved back to my parent’s house for a while as I knew I needed some help to get me started on the right track. Since then, I can proudly say that I have been eating much healthier and have even started going out for daily walks. I feel so much better every day now and am motivated to keep on improving my health.

I know many poker players neglect their health for the grind, which is very wrong. Maintaining good health, eating right, and following a decent sleep schedule can go a long way in helping you in your overall poker endeavors.

Now coming on to the poker side. I think I was not in the right mindset to play poker for a while. I kept neglecting everything else and just used to grind daily, which resulted in me playing bad and hence getting bad results for a while. I kept telling myself that it was just some downswing and will get over soon.

Finally, when I decided to do the other stuff correctly, I took more time to study and got my game reviewed and got to know about so many leaks that had entered my game.

After some hard work and a clear mind, my game and my results started to improve a bit, and this past Sunday was my best ever. I final tabled the Spartan Poker Millionaire with not one but two stacks. So according to the rules, my stacks merged into 1, and I got an 8th place finish with the relinquished stack. Then I went on come in the TOP 5, which was the main aim of the event as all top 5 were getting the same amount of ₹11 lakhs each. But I was the biggest winner as I even got the 8th place along with that :).

I ran deep in a couple of other events, too, which took my cashed amount for the day to over ₹15 lakhs. It felt really amazing to know that my hard work was rewarded so quickly, and I am motivated to continue to do so.

I want to give a special shoutout to Aditya Agarwal. He is someone who never stops in helping out and motivating all his students regularly. His work ethic is unbelievable, and I would love to achieve that one day.

I hope this wasn’t boring to anyone, and if someone is suffering from similar issues, it might be helpful to them. Until next time. Cheers!

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