My poker journey and making it all the way to pokerguru staking

March 15, 2019 in News

Hi everyone, this is my first poker blog rather my first blog ever, so, I’ll start by introducing myself and sharing my poker journey.

I completed my B.Tech last year in computer science from Vellore Institute of Technology, and I have been playing poker since my 3rd year in college. I come from an army background which has given me the privilege to travel to different places since childhood from Leh, Ladhak to Chennai, Jaisalmer Rajasthan to Shillong in the northeast. This has given me exposure to a lot of different people and new experiences. I always had a keen interest in human psychological behavior as I found many of our activities are illogical and baseless. For e.g., we tend to cherry-pick information that supports our beliefs while ignoring all data to the contrary. We tend to judge a decision based on the outcome rather than on the information we used in making the decision which is one of the reason only less than 1% people are able to survive as a professional poker player. The most significant obstruction to us that pulls us down from going ahead is ourself; most of us live in denial and have a hard time fighting our insecurities and don’t look at the bigger picture. All the big firms and MNCs capitalize on our irrational behaviors and maximize their profits,same goes in poker.

I always felt like pursuing a degree which would get me a decent job and was the easy way out. Very few of us get to live our dream and make it big in life, but it’s worth giving our best shot, as Sadhguru says “if a person is not living his life to his full potential then it’s a complete waste of the most beautiful gift you have.“

I always wanted to be independent so that I could choose to do whatever intrigues me at any point of time; as a result, I started trading in stocks at an early age even before joining college. I used to study for 5-6 hours every day to understand the Indian stock market and I successfully traded for couple years while working on the technical aspect everyday as I felt that making money would give me my freedom and I would be able to pursue whatever I want in life. Unfortunately, when Brexit hit my entire portfolio crashed, and I was left with pennies. That was the lowest point in my life as I had no clue what to do after that.

I got essential life lessons after that mainly, always take risks that are within your bankroll. I used to trade in futures and options, which is short term, and there is no easy way or shortcut to make money. Having little to no money with me I didn’t want to start trading again for the short term. Then a few months later, I was at a party and my friends introduced me to the beautiful game of poker. I didn’t take it seriously at all, and I just used to play for fun, but I was very intrigued by the game and that too very quickly. So I made an online deposit of 500 bucks and just started playing with little to no knowledge. I enjoyed beginners luck and somehow made 50K in the first weekend itself playing on the cash tables. After that it was my daily routine to play at least 3-4 hours, in no less than 4-5 days I lost it all back. It’s strange how we only analyze ourselves once something wrong happens, I lost it all to 2-3 regs on that site, and that got me thinking if there is more to the game than just luck. I was already fundamentally strong in the game theory aspect of trading which I found out to be very similar for poker, I picked up a few books on poker, understood that it’s a skill game rather than just luck and the luck factor is what keeps the game alive. This was the time I made my first deposit on Spartan Poker and started playing to the best of my abilities. I mostly used to play freerolls, micro-stakes just to get a better grasp of the game. In no time I moved up the stakes comfortably within the next year I had already shipped the Elite twice on Spartan for approx 5l. I even finished runner-up in IOPC HR for 9l, that was the time I realized maybe I can do this for a living as poker finally gave me the independence and freedom to do whatever I wanted.

I was very fortunate that PokerGuru Staking took me in as the resources and the technical knowledge provided are extraordinary. I could have never imagined doing even close to all this on my own. I am very grateful to all the members in PokerGuru for always looking out of for each other be it in poker or life, I never in my life thought that I could get coaching from one of the best if not the best poker player in the industry. I mean just playing with him is a lifetime opportunity, having him as a coach and giving all the insights is too overwhelming for me to explain in such few lines.