A Milly Title Amidst Lockdown

May 5, 2020 in News

Hello everyone, this is my first blog on PokerGuru and this comes after I made my career best score last Sunday on Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire. I’ve always wanted to ship one of these big ones.

Firstly, let’s talk about the matter at hand. This lockdown has been a bag of mixed emotions – though it has its upsides of being closer to family and back in my hometown but then it has also got me away from my grind house. The curtailed freedom also doesn’t help. Living at home, one just cannot help with a few distractions which are inevitable during long grind hours but then again for me personally my food habits and diet schedule have improved dramatically since my mummy is always there to look after it.

I’ve just been home lately as we all are, been playing poker most of the days. Sometimes when I feel a tad worn out, I try and play games like CS or AOE with my younger brother and my cousin. Otherwise, I watch movies and documentaries etc.

Ok coming back to my victory, I think this is my first deep run in any event of this magnitude (The Millionaire, MoneyMaker, EndBoss, AOPS Main, SSS HR etc) let alone a final table, so I was pretty motivated to do well this time. I sailed smoothly throughout day 2 after reaching ITM with around 30 bigs.

There were a lot of tables and I was auto piloting my way through them and suddenly I noticed that only 40 odd players were left in this event, which then made me focus on this one table all the more. TBH, on reaching the FT and sometime into it, I became one of the shorter stacks and due to which I was so desperate to get myself back in a comfortable situation that my stacks in the other remaining tournaments suffered. I bled in SSS and Adda millions, but then again it fared well for me in the end.

Unsurprisingly this FT also had a good mix of regs (like Sahil, Maddy and Dirty) and a few fun players. I was very careful when it comes to taking my spots and observing how other players are treading.

I’m hugely grateful for this score. Just that day early in the morning I was talking to a close friend about how I’m on a downswing and have been facing the wrath of variance and feel the need to study more and get in the groove without having a clue that the day would end for me in such a way. This has definitely ended the downswing temporarily but I don’t want to have it as an excuse for me to not study and hone my skills.

For now, I’m definitely looking to invest a considerable chunk of this score – since I’m new to investing in stocks and barely have a clue, I’m constantly picking off info from my friends who do.

Lately, I’ve also been watching BBZ’s streams on YouTube and watching Sam greenwood’s videos on RIO. Usually I devote 2/3 hours a day to studying before I hit the bed early in the morning when there’s a lot of peace and silence in the house so I’ve no distraction whatsoever.

In the end, I’d like to bid adieu by saying that I’ve been long enough in this game to know getting big scores and downswings are inevitable part of poker. One should really try to keep a level head through ups and downs without letting variance affect your confidence in your ability. Let’s work hard and crush harder. Peace out ?