Gurpal Singh

3rd in the hotter 75

January 28, 2013 in News

hi guys

its been long since i blogged

i was at family function on 13 jan i got drunk early around 11 30 do i decide to head back home and play some poker

i register my self to hooter 75 can came 3 rd in the field of around 4000 odd people have had been my biggest online win so far…adi had given s our first post fold session 2 days before my win which kinda really worked for my game…..i was really about to bubble the tourney when i folded a good hand utg just to get-in the money…the next hand after the bubble i get double up with jj…..i was just crawling through the tourney in the last 10 % of the people left for atleast 1 hour….i was not getting good cards even ….but i took advantage of some good spot and crawled through….when i was 23/ 25 left…then i open shoved twice which got though and the third time i shoved with aces which gave me a much needed double up….then i sucked out monster_dong with my a5>aq….then i became the cl with 18 to go….then i never looker back i was super aggro i never lost the chip lead until 4 people were left…. i reachd the ft with nearly 35% of the chips in play the i lost a huge flip with my 55

had a another deep run in t coop event 17 when i was 8/31 left and the first prize been 111k…i swcred my chance when i showed a vvv tite player i never thought hes gonna call but he woke up with kings and i busto 31

over all its been a good learning curve and i am getting a grip of the game slowly

over all its been a great month for online people of India with some good score with akash malik finishing 4 in the milly and 67 the next week ……arjun pasricha won 51 hyper…..prabath got 3rd in the hotter 75…..samohh finishing 18 in the milly….dhaval got a few deep finishes so did sushi… to forget mr Amit r jain who is having a lot of big scores…hopeing for a seven figer score from some of the sickos in near future…..
good luck guys c u on ps tables

happy new year

January 7, 2013 in News

hey guys

i have not been playing Poker was in a holiday mode was celebrating my new year in Goa had a pretty good time with friends and family had a blast at sunburn…

i had to attend the session which adi was giving to the the pgmp 2 batch….so i decided to catch up adi and sit with him when he was taking the session …..we had a good chilling time samohh and all bunch of his friends…..then i loved watching him play plo on stars till 1 am ….then i deciced to head towards the casino…. on reaching to casino was disiponited that on 2 full tables were running and 1 plo table was running short handed….so i decied to to play some plo with some know faces like gulati and nitish on the table ….. very first hand i got a double up and the was no looking back…won a huge pot against nitish more than 100k which i called his pot size shove with my top pair and a queen high flush draw and a openender and hitting my straight…. after 8 hours of grinding booked a good profit then when straight to airport…..

now gearing up for tcoop will be playing mid stakes tourney ….hopeing for a good result

take care


December 14, 2012 in News

was in Goa for 10 days had a great time chillling with my friends …stayed far away from casino at ashwem beach ….its one place to be if u have 2 take a break from from poker and party in Goa….then i decided to shift to panjim to play a couple of side events at the atp..


i reach casino for the first side event and find the place in mess…the staff was arranging tables for the tourney to kick of which eventually did after 1.30 hr delay

i busted out on the third level of play …i made a move buy going all in on the turn and the villan calls me with j high flush draw…but eventually he wins j high

the next day i went to play the second event the head hunter

i was sitting between rakesh ji on my right and the samohh on my left….i was playing quite aggressively winning 8 out of 10 hands was running good also been delt with aa twice in same orbit… then comes rahul melwani who late registers and sits to my left and very first hand he gets double up from me 88

it was a good experience will be coming to goa for few more live tourney specially the pgt

average weekend

November 20, 2012 in News

hi guys

this weekend had been average playing nearly8-12 hours session each day and not cashing in much…. played all my fav turbo’s…. i was kinda building up stack in most of them and then bleeded most of the chips trying to sleet chips or running in monsters…


i played quite a lot sit n go…reached 4 final table but could not even ship one of them….i had a great chance in one of them when i reach the ft i had the cl and nearly 50% of the chips in play i lost a crucial pot when my a8 ran into qq and aa was crippled and was out in 5th


i reached home late was dunk so i decided to play as my day cannot pass until i play poker….i registed in 8 to 10 mtt turbos but could not do much i thing …. so i decided to sleep and regain my energy for the Sunday grind


as soon i got up first thing in the morning without eating my breakfast i register my self to Sunday splash threwed away 30 rebuy ….i played all the hotter turbos below 22 $ but could not cash in a single one…..i was card dead most of the day ans was getting cards out of position which resulted me in bleeding chips…. need to work on my play when u get card out of position will ask adi sir about it or may be when the time comes he will teach ….

epic hu for me in micro million hu turbo tounry

i was my third round i have won previos 2 comfortable… my hu starts we were given 100 bb first hand i three bet him light and won…then second hand we when to a razing war and i end up losing ak against his a4o as 4 hit the river ans i was left with 6 bb…..then after ever 2 to 3 hand i was doubling up then came a point when when we were back to 100 bb….then came a hand when i decided to call his min raise with 72s ans flop comes 345 rainbow then i called the bet on the folp to make my straight and his over bet shove on turn only to suck-out his qq…this all happen in first 2 level of play with in 10 min…. its was nice feeling for me

hoping to run good this week

learning curve

November 16, 2012 in News

its been really nice attending all the 4 session with a very good bunch of people

have been learning how to play different stack from different position ….and shoving ranges from different positions and the [B]value of shoving[/B] in the last the session

i am just putting in the things which i have learn into-play its been working out quite well

had a deep run in mm and few in other turbos….i could have run more deeper but played few hands out of position….and i need to control my aggression….but i believe things will filter out well when i practice more…

will be playing mm over the weekend lets c how deep i can go

cheers till then

the beginning

November 10, 2012 in News

hi friends

this is my first ever blog

i have been so lucky that i go selected for the pgmp2

Indeed its an enriching experience to be a part of your session… has all-ways been my favorite sport and learning from such a experience man is great

just have attended 2 classes from the great man feels like have led to experiential learning of opening ranges from different position and 3 betting light….eagerly waiting to learn more

i am lucky be a part of this valuable learning experieance

now waiting for the micro millions to start will be playing most for the tourneys hopping for a good result will keep your guys posted

until next week…..

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