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The month long SBR challenge is drawing to a close finish. I was lucky to have an opportunity to be a part of this challenge. main aim for this challenge was to grind with BRM and take shots when it seemed right. For the past month or so I have stopped playing on foreign sites just to see how the government stance on regulation and taxation of foreign sites goes to.There couldn’t have been a perfect timing for me to get involved in a BR challenge where I was going to be given a starting roll which i could grind up.

My BR ran pretty much the way i wanted it to making small but sure strides all the way. Barring the first two days where I went into a net 3k below BR I more or less went break-even or winning the rest of the days. I went in with a plan which at that time seemed decent but to look back i would definitely use another +EV line.These thoughts might come in handy to the people who are starting the PLO SBC today.

1.Play ur most volume during the starting days. I was busy with other work when the challenge started and surely missed some easier games when it started.

2.Grind with BRM but definitely take shots . “If you’re too careful, your whole life can become a fu**in’ grind”.

3.Unlike the line which I took of just completing the daily alloted hands for myself play till u feel ur the better player on the table and capatilise on the mistakes of others. “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.” Online i would say that’s like 10mins.

Just are lines copied from the Rounders movie but cant be ignored.


In general i would say there were a mix bag of players that I encountered.From your typical recreational player to the likes of casino tight nit regs.The most I played with is probably “godfather” and “Uncle” aka vinay. Godfather is on the tigher side but he definitely has shown how successful his strategy is as one can see his tally on the chart.He definetly has me praying to win a pot agaisnt him.To tough to get money out of him I just try targeting others.Vinay on the other hand is a much more situation oriented player. Stealing in position ,targeting the fish (Me) and not letting spots go. Even in the days I did not play i could see vinay start with a 2k roll on 2-4 10/20 tables and withing 2hrs he would have a few stacks everywhere. His only fault I would say but he himself called it out is being too much of a BANKROLL NIT. With only 4 days remaining in the challenge there are still chances of a surprise coming up and wont be an accident if its him doing it.


All along this month I have been traveling quite a lot.Took a trip to Thailand along with buddies from school days and its surely gonna be a trip remembered for a lifetime. Half of the duration during the challenge I was enjoying the beaches and parties there and grinding when my friends would be piss drunk lol (A plus for a non drinker). Right now am in Chennai heading to Kodaikanal to spend the weekend and by 5th this month will get to know what to plan ahead.

Lastly I would like to thank Spartan poker Team for the opportunity and congrats to SAMOH on becoming a TEAM PRO. Hope i make it to the top 3 in the challenge so that i can get more opportunities with the group that are trying to work the poker economy ground UP.



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The heading pretty much sums what has been a rather long wait for a somewhat decent outing online for me.I completely switched to MTT’s around December when i took a stake and started grinding the 5$ abi, previously I had a few small micro stake scores and a few FT’s in the MICRO MILLION series but nothing that seemed significant enough to let me grind higher BI outright.

I was being weekly coached in a group and was learning a lot from people who were by far much much better than me (Probably the best thing to do for someone starting afresh is to get a coach).I was doing decent enough in the micros (not that i was any good or i am right now 😛 People were just too bad) and grinding a decent profit for someone playing micros. Within the first 50 days on stake I had made a profit of 4k requested my coach to move me to higher limit. So by Mid January I was allowed to play up till 14$ abi. My hand histories were being periodically reviewed and it would be such a huge lie if i said they were anything but leak fests. Clearly remember chopping one 5.4KO and when that HH was reviewed did i feel like the worse player ever or what. Being in a group specially as u get to hear different options. PG Skype group had become a buzz place for a while but then it has since died down (not pointing fingers but it happened after someone left the group :P).

Past 6 months i have made a lot of friends in poker and most have defiantly played much more poker than me. Of all the people who i have met in poker till date Saby has by far been the most influential/helpful of all the rest. I myself met Saby in the PG Skype group and fondly remember winning 100$ of him in a bet that he gave me 1:10 against an overlay in some MTOPS event on FTP. He is frequently contacted by people for help but how much ever one wants to help they cant help the whole world.He picked like 3 of us to help us with poker. We couldn’t capitalize upon that opportunity as well and one day we created a ruckus in the group and he shut it down (well to my defense i didn’t start it :P). I was pretty sure i was on my own from there but he sometime later contacted me and told me to focus on playing/improving rather than waste my time over petty issues. Ever since he has been helping me from getting a stake house to beating into my head the fish things i do are wrong :P.

Coming back to the grind Mid January on i pretty much had been down swinging. I was going deep but Ft’s were being finished around 6-9 and we specially took the guard stone bubbling BIGS and HOT tourneys (u cant obviously hope to win flips again the VAMO power PESSAGNO can u). the significant ones i remember were 10th in Big 8 and busting hot 33 in 12th (coincidental the guy who busted me was my backer 😛 Happy that he shipped it though). Deep in any of these could have easily cleared me of MU and then some. Leading to the week i got my score this was my third deep run in the big 22 in a matter of 7days.Six-bet shoving into AA only the day before to finish 28th was fresh in my mind (lex veldius terms-But it was such a good SPOT). My Sunday session was winding down and i had done the impossible, cashed the Sunday Storm. With no more achievements to do i pretty much one tabled the tourney after 300 people remained.This was the Sunday when SCOOP started so the prize pool might have been a bit “BIGGER” than usual. Had pretty much grinded my own SCOOP L 27$ tourneys for 4 hours to get nothing.

From 300 on to 100 i was always around 20bb range and was managing to double up when the need arose. When final 100 remained i started to pick up chips as people mostly started to tighten up plus i picked up a few big hands too at the right moment.With 27 remaining i was 4-5th in chips with a healthy 60BB stack atleast. Well things went sour from there and i pretty much doubled every shorty on the table to end up being 18/18, Still with 10BB and a 12 min structure. Pretty much all my moves from here on were shove fold spots.We somehow managed to sneak into the FT though had been 15/15 and 12/12.

FT I entered with 8BB and was way the short stack. i remember having 800k were the guy in 8th place had 2.1M. Was shoving my premiums like QJo and not getting called by people with “odds” (this one was sarcasm filled just to make it clear). Still winded down to 3BB while i was on BB. Looked down at J8o and we were getting it in.And then the action started UTg raise, 3 bet and a 4 bet and then onto me in BB.We fold and have 3 BB remaining.Then i pretty much had the rush of a life time.doubled on SB, doubled on D again.Then get QQ’s, pick up Aces against a utg open, which i played wrong obviously but lets go with the flow of me winning lol..By now my stake house had got to know i was deep and a few friends were there to rail. By this point i was 4/5 and guaranteed a decent payday.Then the guy open shoves 30BB on D to my KK for 20bb effective..thank u very much and shortly we were 3 handed.Both the guys that remained to put it politely as good fishes as me (this would ironic )…so I refused to take the deal and we all were almost even in chips.

There we re a few significant hands like one i opened 98s flatted a BB 3 bet flopped on open ender….flop went check check and when i turned nuts guy BOMBED on us when me made nuts only to check fold river. HU started with me being slightly behind in chips.It lasted some time with both of us sucking out for all of the chips in play. Last hand was pretty much a cooler for the stack size we had come down to .being all in pre with AJ against A10…flop came 789…did I wasn’t to see him pair his 10 on the turn
itself…turn river were blanks and from nowhere i had won the tourney.

This has to be the most significant of poker moment for me. I pretty much snap booked by tickets back home for a cousins wedding and had a nice time.Ya my sister she got some expensive shoes to say the least but thats okay. On my way home pretty much ran deep in a 25$ hyper waiting for the hopover flight :P. This past Sunday finished 7th and 11th in two 25$ hypers so lets hope next time we ship it . From here on i am just taking some shots into the final SCOOP events and then i will be back grinding low and semi-mid stakes. Getting better has to be on top of my priorities and as someone says “giving the math exam again and again wont make u better” so got to invest time in reviewing my game and improving.

I will like to thank all those who have helped me all this while..too many to name and those who have they know it by themselves.Thanks for the congratulatory messages I have got from everyone. Also i was told to write this blog so i hope i have done an okay part at it.Thank u everyone.

FYI-If u are still wondering we shipped the BIGGER 22 FINALLY….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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As u guys might know I sold a package to Mini-FTOPS and WCOOP which I had high expectations from. Sad to say I did not play well or run well. Everyone says they did not run well but had one of my important flips in the runs I had gone my way guess tide could have been different.
Here is a link to my end result of the package. I was allowed to play extra tourneys with the non-used rebuys.

This resulted in a loss of around 70% to investors. Being my second package only which I had opened for public rather than one particular person it was a lot of effort gone in vain. Bigger buy in events did nothing for me. The first 215$ event I ran pretty good but one major hand I did not let go of AQ in a hand on board of A2732 no draw flop…same suit 3 as A on turn and brick 2 river…Guy ended up showing me A7…I lost soon after putting it in with nut flush draw against top pair and bricking. This was my first decent outing in an event this buy in. Oh wait this was my first 215$ buy in event and playing like 5 hours and not getting paid was like so tilting. We are accustomed to those 11$ where everyone gets a piece of the pie once 4 hours end. :P.

Learned a lot about the regular tourneys that run too on the schedule and mostly FTP u got a crazy crowd. hehe


And that was that about the package. Guess the free sweats I offered to the Indian community regs for their help did not bring the required good KARMA  .NEXT TIME 😀


The loss in Challenge BR was accompanied by a decent bad ran in cash games too. At least cash one can say how much EV they have. I ran a good 500$ below. Not much volume. About 15k hands only which I was trying with the PT4 than HEM2.This has to be my biggest Challenge BR downswing after I went up like 200$ for the to end 160$ down. I had way bigger swings in my main BR (on downside too) but that’s thankfully not to be discussed here.I moved up to .1/.25 in this and although I won like 2BI’s here my losses, primarily tilt ones in lower games made me losses. This is the second time in my time since playing poker was I just spewing on the table. Thankfully after spewing 8BI I got some sense and simply switched of my PC.

PSO staking BAN

I got banned till 1st Jan in PSO staking forum for this rule.And boy did I laught about it.Its like kidpoker angry about the “first card rule”.How is this rule even practical.

“Hello jdsaz,

Looking at your stake thread I not sure if you ever read the staking rules at PSO as i not sure of any communication between you and your stakers and it also look like you sold some of your action off site.

If it was done thru Pm, Skype, another site or any other way that is against the rules all info must be in the stake thread.

At this time your not allow to Sell any shares at PSO until January 1st, 2014!!!


This all done am heading to GOA to play in the DCR CUP a poker tournament in Goa by Casino Royale. Am heading to play the ₹10 (150$) and ₹20 (300$) events there. I have sold package to this too being a live event and only 2 the variance is astronomical but will give it my best shot. Nothing happens then at least will get the chance to watch the regs play and hopefully interact with the Indian grinders. Probably them main online grinders won’t be there cause of the end week of WCOOP but let’s see who we find.


Bought bunch of stuff and August sale which got delivered now. None for me. My size was available. Most stuff for my sisters and some for the family. Lets hope they will enjoy their bday gifts. September is the favorite months in the calendar for me for all my sisters have bday this month but poker pretty much made me suck whole month. GOA and then we get back to the grind in OCTOBER.
Other FPP news am in round 4 of the FPP sats so let’s say we have a chance to make it to WCOOP ME and cash in our ONE TIME .. lol






Year end blog

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This particular month has been totally different for me poker wise. Live games have totally dried up cause of exams and vacations. I took joined a stake house which pretty much meant the end of playing cash online. Major reason being I had been long looking for a coach to help me in MTT’s. This staking meant I would be getting coached alongside the stake.

Things seemed to click instantly and am doing decent till now (jinxed it…down 60 of my abi :P). No 4-5 digit score but grinding small field tourneys only. Finally was able to win my first MTT online. Did that take ages or what? A small 4$ 8max tourney with 480 UT, which made he even more satisfied that my few bigger scores before. Made a decent number of FT’s all sites combined but small sized meant only 2-3 were noticeable being 11$ 7.5k GTD , 11$ 6max 5k T and a 5$ 6max hyper.

Took my stake on 28th last month and have been pretty much at it every day since. Have learned a lot in what has been 2 sessions with my coach, but when you’re in a group which is always talking poker u pick up things without even noticing. Don’t have much else to say just wanted to put my last blog down for the year.

CASH 400$

So while I took the challenge to convert 100$ to 100k u can pretty see that I was only able to complete 5% of my goal. Combine this with what I made my investors we would probably looking at total profits for the year being around 10k .Ouch that hurt a bit writing LOL.

Acoimbra the POKERSTARS team pro from whom the idea of doing the challenge is around 70k for the year and made a deep run in the 2k WCOOP challenger ME.

So this is where I end my BR challenge. Have some sick grind ahead of me and probably the way am running a good downswing too 😛 .GL to all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year :D.

Ahhh almost got myself a good Christmas gift writing this blog and 1 tabling a 5$ 6 max hyper tourney but wasn’t meant to be :P. #nojustice #inthisworld


Procrastinating ONLINE POKER 😛

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Been a while since I blogged but more concerning is it’s almost 12 days since I played a real money hand online. Played few small FPP tourneys but that just what has been my outing in poker online in the recent days.

Primary reason for me playing less online has been a lot of LIVE action around. I have being playing a lot but none of it online. After playing in these games around a month and even having had only one losing session (that too less than 1 BI) I don’t feel like they are worth the effort to sit there and grind 6 hrs daily. The games are utterly badly organized mostly how a HOMEGAME runs. No Knowledge on when to act on their turn. Asking advice from others even after repeated WARNING during a hand and worse of all they are making me PASSIVE SMOKERS, which is the most –EV spot for me.

What good comes out of the games is I generated enough to give the upcoming 3 Event series in GOA casinos a shot. These games for me were anyway coming at an end since I sold a package for Mini-FTOPS and WCOOP which starts tomorrow so I will try playing ONLINE a little bit today to get back into the grind.

Also as everyone who plays poker a bit would say LIFE/HEALTH comes first and POKER later can very much be glad after seeing my kitchen. My valet was also not too glad on me “spewing” two Goa BI in the supermarket lol.

Talking about spews spend like 4k FPP in August VIP (Hoddies are worth it sadly none my size :'( ) store plus didn’t want to spend all my FPP so gave a friend $’s to buy a bit unnecessarily expensive gift for Dad for his birthday .

I lost around 1k of my side roll primarily in .5/1 deep ante cash games so that might also have been a reason i didn’t grind online. Three stacks were sick coolers within an hour..Always KK into AA. First two times i was the one who shoved bt the last time i almost folded to his 6 bet shove but then I voice in the head says “cant be again can it”. Reason i say i could have got away is i have like 20k hands on the guy. Rose through the ranks together and he is a confirmed knit lol.

Challenge BR update


Up only like 30$ from the August 9 update.

So hoping my next update is shipping something big in the package and gl to all playing FTOPS and WCOOP.



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I was warned of it, i knew it happens to all poker players but i never knew the brunt of pain it would bring. I have been playing poker online from the past 20 months but i never had such a variance prone month. If I’d be losing in MTT’s (which i very often do :P) i get in back in cash, if cash was going amiss I’d shift to micro SNG’s and grind back from there. But hear me out here am not writing to cry out here am writing to tell u what i learnt .Cash games are less variance prone cause of only stack size variance issues, take a one outer deep in a tourney and u realize you suddenly lost a cool 5 digit sum which to begin with was never yours. There are a lot of things a poker player needs to ask himself while facing variance/downswing.

Am a playing bad, am I tilting, why I always find myself chasing losses, should i take a break? I probably will answer this Q is my prospect


Hell ya i am: P…am not playing the standard plays cause i normally play higher on my non-challenge roll and trying to outplay everyone.Poker is a game of SKILL but don’t over thing u can make someone folds KINGS cause you know he has them and you played the hand in such a way that 99% time with ur line u have him beat.I was playing 5/10 cent 9 man deep ante with the challenge roll and after being a regular in these games for about 2 months i tried to change my game…OVERDID IT…from being a winning player there i lost about 40BI there this month and some last month.

(also have asked a few places but never got the answer to this Q, is 5/10 cent deep ante game still called 10NL when the buy in there is 25$) #fishasks

Also although i did lose decent amount there a certain part of it is sure the wrath of variance.

This is the link to my al time challenge bankroll cash graph.


Am down about 400$ in EV here. Not a good feeling when u had only 1k segregated for cash from total.

This one is from October only


My sharkskope marking end of September i the graph.


I didn’t lose much here but boyyyy could that graph have been different: P (later on that)


I normally sit online am open 12-15 tables. Most sessions of mine end up being getting buried and then tilt chasing back. Will give u an example. Just the other day i was 15 tabling 6max deep .Within 2 hrs. I was 2k hands in and stuck 22BI if u had answered as 10NL in #fishasks or 11BI if 25NL: P. Now being stuck i reduced the number of tables and went down to 4 tabling. Fast forward 11hrs and i was still grinding and slowly recovering losses until the tables went dry in the morning. This is happening very frequently with me am working into it to reduce number of tables plus working on my game in the HUD.



Well ya i should take a break

HORSE****.Am not going to. Not because I am not ready to believe i played bad but because am agreeing to work on my game and not do the same mistakes. Monetary losses in poker have stopped having much of an effect on me ONLINE. Still can’t call a 2000Rs raise LIVE whereas i would have snap called 35$ online same spot. Well i guess 2000INR gets me 5 large dominos pizzas and 20$ meehhhh we r not in America and doubt it would fetch me 5 there too :P. joke


The worse sting happens when u happen to end up in cooler spots. This month i had a fair share of those and well i dedicated a page to them 😛



Post 5 here is the GEM OF THEM ALL.

So this month has to be ending I am disappointed how it all went. From the last time i blogged to the bad Packages and the deep run bad beats. OH I forgot to mention this i was lucky enough to sat from the 500FPP to the 5k FPP, from there to the 25k FPP sat to PCA (poker stars Caribbean adventure) package. All in all 105 people played it and there were 5 packages up for grabs. I had some big names on my table from Timex, flushentity, pratush to Lipofund. Well to sum it all Lipo fund moreover owed me both in the 5K sat and the 25k sat but it was an amazing experience. Couldn’t close on the package ended up 32nd after 3-4 hours but was fun. On the side was playing the 100k GOLD STAR FREEROLL where i though might as well reimburse the 15K UT here when i took this F3T [url]http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/5567044_BC3C1223C2[/url] ,just 15kUT normal 3k CL equity pot at least .

Can’t end the blog in a sad note so all I must say is NOVEMBER prepare to be my BITCH 


CASH 500$

TOURNEY 1700$ (incresed cause of bonuses and VPP milestones being reached.)



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Almost a month since I last blogged, it’s been a happening month poker wise. The MicroMillion series was back this month and I had plans to play a decent amount of it. Wasn’t going to play all 100 events like last time but still intended to play a major chunk of it mostly to chase the awesome leaderboard top prize which was Sunday Million 215$ tickets for 6 months… At first sold only for first 50 Events at 2+2 knowing I did not want to wear myself off like last time. Didn’t get into any TLB races like last time cause no one was able to organize. Wanted to book a TLB bet with nit mori but he was looking for 200-1000$ range. Asked around a few people to stake me half in the bet but got no takers :’( .

Starting of this month I played a bit of cash…only 6k hands and ended up losing like a 100$.Pretty much took a break until MM started on the 14th.The big difference I noticed between previous and this MM was the change of my turbo game. Simply to put it I suck at turbos pretty much, seems more like a crapshoot to me overall. But with help I was able to understand my mistakes and was able to make a few runs though nothing went on to make a huge conversion.
Event 7 the one I came second in saw another Indian make FT of which was a good sight to see. 😀
I did not have as many cashes this MM like last time bt Event 35 I managed to FT. More of a luckbox run in the end but guess that’s “VARIANCE neutralized “?
Here is #theRUN

After this event I had a fair number of TLB points. Was around top 20 in overall ranking so knew I had a pretty decent shot. Moreover this time top 100 in TLB were being given out 215$ SM ticket different from last time where only top 50 got it.I came in 33rd last time so was hoping to better it this time.

After the end of my FT I sold another pack at 2+2 for events 51-85.This pack was pretty much me getting Barry greenstined .
A bit of that rail
This pack ended at a loss with only one run majorly where I reraised shoved river into a rivered BOAT with J high 😛 #fish .
By then I had grown m TLB points to 200+ and was in the safe zone to receive one SM ticket at least and more if I hot a miracle: P.
Things didn’t happen that way and final 15 events never brought any sweat .. Capping Main Event exit with a cooler KK vs AA.

After Micro million I wanted to learn more about how to play tourneys and applied to varios staking forums that would give staking and coaching.Hope I get into one and get to learn the game at a faster pace.


CASH 400$

Also got the 215$ SM ticket for MM TLB..lets ship that 7th December 5M gtd SM.only 1.3M UT 😛

Gl to all and may December get a lot of $ gifts 😛


HERE I am again to bore u 😛

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these were originally 2 blogs in PSO..didn’t think they were worthwhile to post small blogs in PG so both together nw


For those who haven’t been following me from the start itself let me simplify it for u what’s happening. I undertook a BANKROLL challenge to convert 100$ to 100k within a matter of 1yr.I did not have a happening first 3 months but the last 4 have been pretty happening. I play my side roll on mainly FTP .So this is my bankroll update after finishing up with my MicroMillion CHALLENGE (a part of 100k challenge) in JULY.
For simplicity I will take my % as 50% in my MM package though I had a little less. We ourselves made a profit of 1650$ in MM tourneys.

Previous BR update was 1430$ with 4 10$ stellar rewards.

Cash in July

Breakeven the starting days and then ups and down. Though I would grind cash during MM also but it was simply not possible. Tried once lost 30$ in 21 hands snap left the ring game.

http:// photo JULY_zpse22547e9.jpg

Got demoted to SILVER STAR in August because I fell 800VPP short of GOLD.

Unlocked the 50 $ 5k VPP stellar rewards. Have 8k FPP’s.
55$ ticket I won in PSO league. And pending will get 215$ WCOOP ticket for coming 33rd in MM leaderboard which will have MM investors % in it.


I did make some extra money in leaderboard contest in 2+2 and others but that doesn’t count in the BR.

[B][I][U]Xflixx(TEAM ONLINE) challenge. Nice time to learn 6max and ZOOM[/U][/I][/B]

My current BR stands around 3100 and i got to know about xflixx challenge through a friend. I myself am doing the acoimbra (again TEAM ONLINE) challenge of 100$ to 100k but different to what he is doing I did not just limit myself to tourneys and SNG’s only. I played a fair bit of cash past few months and since I have somewhat of a decent MICROstake BR I can split it between cash and tourneys now. I myself have made only 550$ in cash but net for cash games is 1100$, this being cause we luck boxed the 100B Milestone hand in stake share. Oh u agreed also huh that am a luckbox, totally forgot I was 15-24 tabling all the 2 weeks until the final day :/ that does take some effort mind u.Am trying to learn more of tourneys atm but there are certain times I have like 2hrs free I can play neither SNG’s nor tourneys, also cause am a pro at turbos (sarcasm..i suck at turbos) cash games can easily fill that void.

So split is here then
All the cash played is in 9man Holdem and 6 man PLO so this couldn’t have been a better opportunity for me to see a PRO come down to micro stakes and grind it up while youtubing about it everyday.

His(xflixx) channel on youtube for any micro stakes player interested in learning cash..the GRIND IT UP CHALLENGE


Also here is acoimbra’s channel for the 100k challenge



MicroMillions challenge

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Since I said i will be be blogging here too so here goes

Finally I will be able to do the challenge i have longed to do since the first MICROMILLIONS.PLAY THEM ALL.Yes i intend to play each and every one of them.Whats even better is that i was able to sell my PACKAGE …



Most help was from the Indian Community specially the PokerGuru people along with PSO chipping in for some sweats .

The package sold off very fast much to my amusement and surprise which has even encouraged me more to put in my best effort.There are still 12 DAYS left before MICROMILLIONS start.There is a lot of things I can do before the DAY arrives.

On my plate presently i am fighting out the PSO series which for who don’t know is a series of events exactly similar to the WSOP schedule but with micro BUY-ins (though some mix games have been replaced by Courcheval).This is organize by PSO (Poker School Online) which is POKERSTARS official free-training and learning site.The Leader-board prizes are always pretty awesome.


Unlike the free-leagues that PSO offers this being a buy-in series the entry numbers were less only around 500 people are in the leader-board so one can assume a thousand people must have participated uniquely with 142 being the maximum number that was registered for a single tourney.


I am writing this with 2 events and the ME left. PokerStars has added free money in it on top so it should have a good enough prize pool too.I have had a sick run in last 6 events..(AFTER SELLING THE PACKAGE..hehe..THE GL AND WISHES HAVE STARTED WORKING ALREADY) ..barring a 2-7 triple draw event i busted early I made final table in all 5 other events finishing 1st once for another “virtual bracelet”, two 2nd place finishes out of which one was a spew for sure, other i got hero-ed by second pair after I took a very strong line 3handed and considering ICM considerations and my line it was a sure fold..and 3,4 and 7th respectively.This has vaulted me from being around 15th in the overall leader board to being in top 3 atm. I feel so bad for missing some events mainly because of tilt since i had made 4FT’s in the first 7 events of the series itself but had such bad-beats in them after entering like 3 of them as chip-leader that i didn’t feel grinding micros only, sending me out on the rail at ranks below 5th.Somehow i came back after missing few in between and somewhere along I felt i had a chance and pressed the gas pedal.

Events i played till now

[URL=”https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxE-dRSI4IVQNkdydFRiUWxBTTQ/edit?usp=sharing”]https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxE-dRSI4IVQNkdydFRiUWxBTTQ/edit?usp=sharing[/URL] (when u click this high chances are a gibberish code will come, u need to download it and view in an internet explorer, any will do)

The leader-board top prize is the SUNDAY MILLION ticket. Sadly the leader is 115 points ahead and it wil need the sick run to continue to catch him in so less number of events…The heat is on for the rest 4 places with players in touching distance of each other.

Its just today and tomorrow that needs to be good and u might see me playing the SUNDAY MILLION soon… though it will be safe to assume i have 22$ ticket locked up if not 33$ one.

So PSO series ends tomorrow ie 7th. I will still have 10 days until MICROMILLIONS.

I plan to get back to my cash game roots and try and made 400$ profit in these 10days..that way i will have made all the money I need for my share of MICROMILLION which i presently am thinking of putting at 45%.

This month i have only 270VPP till now which is far below what i need to maintain GOLD VIP status next month too. So we r gonna have a 150VPP/day goal as well but not at the cost of losses. If i feel i am playing bad i will stop immediately whatever the VPP count may be. MICROMILLION will get me like 220VPPs total so its gonna be a close run again this month in reaching GOLD star. Might grind cash if i am single tabling in MM…Simply cant stand single tabling.

If i thought last month was a good grind am sure an even more epic grind is coming for me this month. With all the SUPPORT i have got from the poker community i don’t want to let anyone down.The main MICROMILLION blog will probably come right after i finish with cash games and just before the start of Event 1 of MICROMILLIONS.





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[B]My Be(A)st Moment On Pokerstars[/B]

My Best moment in poker can be argued to a sad moment as wel for me in poker…

This is how it all started…i had being making a steady roll by playing the 1$ 45man non turbo and had made 700 FPP’s in the process also…Sunday was approaching and i felt like playing some Sunday major.

But still my bankroll was very small and i didn’t feel like putting even 1% of my bankroll into events i didn’t feel i have an edge in…So keeping my $’s aside i planned to play the Bigger 11$ and Sunday Storm…the only question was where to get the buyins from…i searched for the best possible FPP option available and found out the 70FPP 9 man sats that gave entry to 1 person to STORM…so 7:30pm Local time i setup for the grind… firred 2 70FPP SNG’s and began… the Storm happens 11:30pm local time whereas Bigger 11$ happens at 00:00hrs…i had 10 attempts and 4 hours to make my buyin… the 10 events happened and i was able to secure 2 entries… crushingly sad part was i was head up 5 times holding major chiplead 4 times and i blew 2 of them..one because of a huge bad beat and other cause of an ill timed 3 barrel bluff..so there i was with 22$ in hand so i registered the two events…

I started pretty good in storm rose up the ranks bt then became moreover cardead… Bigger 11$ had also started by nw and i was smooth sailing in both… i played pretty knit in bigger 11$ at start and also made a major fold.. at that point it was a big fold for me to make…

here’s how it happened.. i played them bad i know.. bt i was pretty sure the guy had a 10 post flop and would chase whatever happend… i should have 3-bet pre only and taken it doen… other guy paid him of with J9

[replay hand_id=415215 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=0DB0B63F8D]

everything was going smooth until i picked up AA in STORM.. a guy raises middle posion.. i 3 bet big with almost a pot size bet left behind on the flop when if he calls my raise.. he calls.. flop is 3 7 9.. no fluush draws..i check he bets.. he had a big stack he could easily do that with any overpair and Ace so i was more than confident to call and moreover had intended to put the money in on the FLOP only… he shows me 33 and i BUSTED

Bigger 11 i was pretty chatty on the table and picked my spots perfectly also observing the way everyone was playing which allowed me to fold this preflop

[replay hand_id=415214 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=F1C92D593D]

i was so sure he had AA that i called it out on chat as soon as i folded

chipped up well… almost cooler this ..either i am very strong or very weat there

[replay hand_id=415222 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=EC60583797]

ONE MAJOR THING I NOTICED TO RUN DEEP IN A TOURNEY UR AK (Anna Kornikova) has to be on your side.. like this

[replay hand_id=415219 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=B24C01313F]

i was always in top 30 1000people down.. then i starting fading in the backpack when 27 were left… played a bad hand BLIND vs BLIND and that is guess what costed me everything in the end…

Last hand jammed this.. standard play on button but the big bully in BB wakes up with better

[replay hand_id=415225 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=F49AE7F407]

And i was left to wonder what could have been… my biggest score online then… but then i recognised there is always a tomorrow and my day will come soon to just got to keep on working hard


[B]Getting right back on the Horse[/B]

So will start my grind back on PokerStars from Monday onwards…

this is what i have left right nw

Main BR-104.5$
Sunday BR-8.1$

Round about 110ish… with this week leading to the 7th anniversary Sunday MIllion i plan to play the 1$ turbo sats to the 11$ Super sat…1.65R sats into ME and 1.02$ hypers if by any chance then only on Sunday before the Event…

Lets do this right nw

RANDOM UPDATE-oh dam i forgot to update the blog about recent happenings and only updated the thread

thread link here

in short i won a few 1$ sat to supersat 11$ and a 1.65R to Sunday million 215$

so bankroll nw

so current bankroll- 314$
Sunday grind bankroll- 9$

WBCOOP 1 2 3 4 and a costly 2 outer twice :([/B]

Yayyy WBCOOP started …all ready with 10 bullets to run in it…

First event was a very nice structure bt a big turn check raise bluff and a river value bet bluff on a hand costed me pretty much all my chips… -LESSON- PEople dont fold top pair whatever happens lol

Event 2-My favourite game OMAHA was on offer here…how could i ever miss this

Played my natural PLO game…chipped up..made a solid image and then made moves around…at one point was down to 8BB with 150 left..ws 148/148 with around 108 paid if memory serves me right

Crawed back..this hand is commitment when i start it


It was a good going till bubble which was the 5.5$ SCOOP ticket…

i cleared the first cash then it was the 11$ SCOOP ticket that was guarateed to me …and then this happened..what was the guy even thinking..lol…our very own PSO instructor ahar010 was there to see


sad got only 11$ ticket..

THIS BEING THE FIRST 2ish outer on river..not exactly 2 bt u get my point


I wanted to play this bad but since we have only 10 tickets at disposal i chose doing a very hard decision to skip this

Event 4-PLO/NLH

This was also tough for me to skip but i had started a 2.2$ PSO tourney that had a SUNDAY MILLION TICKET on offer and was playing well there so wasn’t much of a hard decision to skip this in the end


I was playing well there,,and had a pretty healthy chip stack going into FT..but two brutal hands happened back to back which i lost both even after having the guys dominated both times

[replay hand_id=419460 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=B8D62E12F9]

[replay hand_id=419459 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=A720AF10D7]

Entered FT pretty short but was pretty determined to win..u can see my twitter why i was sure showing my commitment lol @jdsazpoker

played solid won a flip and a domination to get a healthy stack

was 4/4 after some time and a well time tilt call by opponent handed me the chiplead

[replay hand_id=419463 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=86ACD30BFC]

played well and ended HU with 1:1 chip with a good read on my opponent..played like 20 hands wheere chipstack did not change much…

i had also made note that he was raising big if i limped the BUTTON..so after losing some pots i did this..and when hence the COSTLY 2 OUTER came AGAIN…215$…was so close

[replay hand_id=419464 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=D203BEE903]

GL to all those friends and aquaintances playing the SUNDAY MILLION 7TH ANI 2morrow..some other time for me then



Also i need some other help guys…am continuously trying to improve my blogs by posting graphics but i am having problems with how to put pictures in ..on how to make boom player hands directly visible instead of a link..would like if someone could post i link where i can find help..gl guys gg



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I and very glad to say that the MM challenge I took to play all 100 events I was able to complete. I personally had two primary goals one being all 100 events and second being PROFITABLY. MM was within my BR but I thought it would be better to sell a package as this would help me make new acquaintances in the poker community, less variance and also get me people who are at my back in the 10days or so grinding the MM.

I was met with a huge response for my package from the Indian Poker Community as well as PSO where I had made sure I would sell at least a certain amount of my package. All in all I had almost 50% of myself. I had taken 1200$ for the package but was certain I won’t be using those many rebuys.
This was the offered package


This was the package thread

This was the Rail thread


We started the series of with bubbling the 3rd event with KK with AJ to a 4 bet shove by the huge stack…no big deal 97 events were still there. To my surprise it did not take that long and in 7th EVENT itself I was having a deep run along with being semi deep in 9th EVENT PLO.

We managed to make FT and after watching the replay I can say I knitted around lol . Made a few good folds pre and played spots and premiums for the start. Oh did I mention being short on FT bubble I busted a guy when I shoved 78 into his A5 when he had 3-4 BB..he flopped an A I runner runner made a straight :P.
Managed to get 3 handed and get a deal in my favour. Reason being I as always am talkative at the table and as it happens the guy I had been chatting throughout the tourney happened to be the chipleader 3 handed. He was also a 3 IDIOTS and Bollywood fan. If u see the FT replay on stars u will understand what I mean here.
Got down HU against him only and boyyy did he river me so many times :’(Saw on replay.But wait thr’s a hand in HU itell him what he has and hero call him A high ..weeeeeeee..BUT as always we run bad at flips and came second 
Stars FT blog


As u will see from the rail thread I was playing pretty good till event 45th.I made few more deep runs to come in top 1% of field only to end around 40th and 60th if I remember right .I was on top of the POKERSTARS TLB leaderboard and had 200 points already. THEN IT HAPPENED. Fatigue started setting in plus a huge compound of bad beats.

Some and I mean some. Check rail you will understand what I went through: P


This hurt most cause this was pretty deep in 1R


Ya runner runner..y couldn’t it have been simply his 2 outer and that’s it.
Couldn’t boom a MIX game hand bt lost with 90% equity in it at same time .
Otherwise would have been chipleader of both tourneys at same time with bubble approaching.

More standard stuff




Could have never thought I would be so glad to send money to people from my account as I felt when I was giving out investors their share.

This was the final look at hw package went


We came from 1st to end up 33rd in leaderboard to win a 215$ WCOOP ticket. (had my eyes on the 5200$ WCOOP ME :’( )
Also I had been leading the 2+2 contest till event 92nd bt then I was pushed to second by a better player am sure.Won a bit there too.


Some sickos these guys are jareth and LA.

The MM challenge so ended up being a SUCCESS.With 630% ROI after unused rebuys refunded.
Not writing much in this blog cause have given enough links to posts and if u start reading them with the effort I did in writing will take u quite a while :P.
Gl at the tables people and thank you everone for the support.
Oh almost forgot as I had said GOLD star freeroll ended up as bonus for package in which i had decent run in. Also few people are going to get free sweats into the 215$ WCOOP event for being supportive and helpful during the challenge :D.



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Hi people i am a frequent blogger on Poker School online and since i want to improve my chances to get into the next PGMP i will post all of this yr blog i wrote


[B]Starting to get a feel…i hope i am[/B]

Its been almost 5 days since i started my challenge to convert 100$ into the magic 100000$… (Andre coimbra challenge)….

I started pretty good and in my first session only booked a profit … other session also went good.. bt then thr was a backlashto my original bankroll ..which was 75$.. so i took the momnet to add 25$ to make it officially the 100$ to 100k challenge…

Am currently at 114$ with an extra ~8$ in the SUNDAY grind bankroll..

i might take a hault over in a day…Am going to GOA…its the only place in India whr casinos r allowed..i won an online 100$ ticket for a tourney over thr..mostly around 100 people r gonna participate and first prize would be in the 2000$ range…whatever happens its a freeroll for me and i will enjoy it…

2 of my friends have also won a ticket…one has a 100$ ticket..whereas another friend has the 100$ ticket plus the 700$ ME ticket…he is also putting 200 of his own $’s to play the event between the starting 100$ event and 700$ ME…will tell u afterwards whatever happens..till then enjoy and gl at the tables



Am still in Goa while writing this blog entry…

we arrived in Goa like 6 hours before the tourney and settled in a hotel nearby …after few hours of rest we went into the casino..The casino poker floor was all full of the cash game tables and pretty much with people oozing and dropping money from their pockets

Heard a hubband say to his wife to lose only a certain amoout of money..i wont say what that amount was bt its enough to pay for an average yearaly tution fee in my country…

We went and started to rail a few cash tables…A hand so happened that the after 2 limpers the middle position raises 6x…cutoff min reraises to 12x.. the limpers get out of the way…nt being afraid of the 3-bet the intial raiser 4 bets to 24x…cutoff thinks for a while and shoves…intial raiser calls…He then starts asking the cutoff guy if he had QQ’s or JJ’s pretty much telling his hand out that he had AK…being a cash game it isn’t necessary for the cards to be turned up…Cutoff says no and the flop is opened…10 10 K… cutoff jumps up with a loud sound and tables 10 10 for QUADS… turn comes a 6 river K… a so was wishing intial guy had KK…bt he said he had AK and mucked… the pot was enough to cover most of my bankroll online…

The 100$ tourney i was freerolling into started at 9pm… before that we passed our time enjoying the unlimited food and drinks…i did nt comsume any alcohol and satisfied myself with juices itself…I DON’T DRING AT WORK

At the start of the tourney we were handed our table seat numbers and to our delite all the 3 of us were seated on different tables…I was table 6 seat 8… i went and sat at the second last seat when a guy comes up and asks me to shift one seat before..i say am in my seat bt he tells me the tourney is 10 handed…WHATTT..what a drag….hate 10 handed tourneys

Wait a minute i have seen this guy somewhere…he sits down at the 10th seat and thats when i remember where i have seen him…Happens so he is the TLB points leader for INDIA at pocketfives…just my normal routine…pro having position on me….rest of the table included 2 ladies…four 30ish old guys…a 50ish tr old guy who seemed to be in the wrong place to say the least and some guy to my immediate left probably 23-24 leaving me the youngest at the table…..

Structure was 5000 chips 25 min levels…

Played very few hands in the starting levels just tried to get a hang around what was happening at the table…one guy bust his flopped tripped to runner runner fullhouse….then saw some weird overbet river bets by the lady to my right…boyy was a in a jungle or what…different to my expectation the TLB leader wasn’t tring to bully from the start…everyone knew who he was and his few raises at late positions were 3-betted and taken down….

First major hand

I get deal AcQh at SB(50/100)

round to me with 4 limpers…i don’t want a huge pot OOP so prefer just to complete and see the flop…BB checks…flop is Qc 10c 6c…JIN…flop all checked.turn 10….nt the best of cards i was looking for bt am nt worried yet….turn a lead 50%..get called 2 places…nw this could get trickey…nw river comes Kc….its pretty much my hand unless i got semi coolered nw..i lead 40% now and both folded

another had was a raised cut K9..SB complets BB moves out..flop 3 5 10 rainbow ..nw the lady leads to me..pretty weird..i felt she connected bt nt strongly…i casualy call…turn Q… she checks i bet 600…very much repping a made hand…she calls it …river i saw her trying to ansiously wait for river to be dealt…river came A…she checks,,,i take a 1000 chips bet it ..she folds…

I hardly got any pockets or premiums in the whole tourney…44 once,,had to fold to a 4 bet before action came to me…77 that i raised early position and frm nowhere got 4 callers and giving blinds enough odds to call..flop 35J..SB leads BB reraised..i simply fold…happens SB had J$ and sucked out river to BB 35…

There were two ladies on my table bt never got them in my cards together..nor the cowboys or rockets…got jacks once which i having an effictive stack of 25BB limped utg thinking to jam on anyone who raise..no one raises buttons calls…BB the old guy with the carefree attltude calls…flop Q high..he literally almost min bets ..i call…turn K..nw he bombs it..i let my jacks go…

This old guy had been the pain in everone’s A** on the table..playing any two and hitting them..more than that a guy tried to bluff him 2 streaks with Q high and he kept calls with KQ on a very wet board….KING high wins

The TLB guy started playing hypers on his I-phone and seemed diinterested in the tourney as a whole maybe too small stakes for him….whatever

Wont go into many hands bt i lasted 4 hrs and and final hand i had was this


UTG lady puts a 1000 chip and brings one more from behind…dealer informs she canot raise nw and that would be counted as a call…i had lost a pot some hands back and had 4800 left..i look at her and say okay i’ll do it for u and pust my stack in with AdKs

Everone fold to the other lady who i had been talking to throughtout she looks down and tells me she has to call this…i intial limper who wanted to raise utg also calls…pot 13K (around average at that time..the tourney was pretty shortstacked as a whole ..no room for plays)..i get up and let the 2 ladies play for a side pot…Flop 9c 3h Kh…i show no reaction to the flop…intial utg players donks 1000 into the pot..gets called..turn 9h..nt the card i want to see i said to myself…check check…turn Jh…thats was such a yuk cards i knew it…utg bets 5k…late position player fold…i thought i got flushed away…she flips her hand JcJs….no i got setted…i show my AK..wish everone luck and leave..got to know later she cashed for a 10th place so i can atleast say i lost to someone who won something i guess…gg all….and HOW IS IT WHEN I TAKE A LEAD ON FLOP IN A RACE DO I GET RIVERED …

what can i say the ladies got me and they were’nt QQ..gg…will be back here soon and gonna bring the house down

still a pretty good experience and did i say food excuisite



I am back to the 100$ start-up money leaving the Sunday grind 15$ aside…

I have been missing something in my grinds…my long sessions have been the worst hit of them all.

As i had told before i started by making my BR online with playing the 1$ 45 man non-turbo frOm a starting bankroll of 10$ so am nOt all shattered by my downswing.

One more reason i started this challenge was because i wanted to learn how to play turbos…

Am at almost at the same road when i felt people play any two at the 50 cent level…i know if u jump up to 1$ there isn’t much of a jump bUt still the plays r different at-least that’s what i noticed in my previous encounters at theses levels…

So most over here will think its a wrong decision to move up during a downswing bt my decision in also based on my assessment of my previous encounters and my familiarity to the 1$ game where i have numerous notes on the regulars…Also am thinking of buying a poker software and want to set aside 100-150$ for it…maybe will use my Sunday grind BR at first for this.

Its been a recommendation by “acoimbra” to buy the software in his blog…he is currently at 190$..good going sir… #AintOverTillTheFatLadySings


Have been a bit busy primarily shifting to an apartment and setting up all the basic necessities in order so as soon as i get my net connection will start grinding big ..probably by the coming TUESDAY..

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