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Top 5 Blogs of 2020

2020 was a year that saw a rise in the creative endeavors of poker players. The stay-at-home lockdown months started a new trend of live streaming. At the same time, blogging also picked up substantially. PokerGuru Ambassadors contributed immensely to our repertoire of blogs, but that said, several first-time bloggers and industry operators pitched in with insightful blogs as well.

As we head into 2021, let’s recap some of the most popular blogs of the year gone by on PokerGuru! In case you haven’t checked out these blogs already, here’s a quick list-down.

The War Within – by Ramesh Rao Thotapalli

In his very first PokerGuru blog, Ramesh Rao Thotapalli kills many birds with one stone. He starts by sharing how an impromptu trip to Goa changed his life entirely by introducing him to poker.

Thotapalli points out that while the poker operators have been doing their part, the onus lies on them to curb industry malpractices like multi-accounting or ghosting.

“It takes grit and a lot of mental strength and courage and a hell lot of time to overcome the odds. I have known bankers and professionals with well-paying jobs quit their profession and take up the game professionally. Passion is one thing, courage to execute is an altogether different ball game,” he wrote.

He talks about how poker players don’t have an exit strategy and even admits to going broke on several occasions and facing a lot of heat because of bad debts. “This is the case with almost every poker player I know. People go broke for various reasons, the majority being indiscipline and variance.”

Thotapalli sums it up aptly by advising players to: “Stop chasing losses after a point…Quit for a particular period or forever…It might seem hard to get away from button clicking and do a “less rewarding” day job. But trust me, it’s good for you and your family. Don’t ever get into the vicious cycle of credit cards or personal loans to fund that poker journey. It’s definitely not worth it. You are not going to spin this around overnight.”

Ramesh Rao Thotapalli
Ramesh Rao Thotapalli


Read the complete blog here

One full year with PokerGuru – by Ankit Wadhawan

PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan penned a heartfelt blog in March, after completing a year of mentorship under Aditya Agarwal. Wadhawan described how the PokerGuru Staking team, i.e., Agarwal, Vikram “Lungi” Kumar, Kartik Ved, and Madhav “Maddy” Gupta, has helped him in his journey to become a crusher.

Wadhawan wrote, “My intention of joining PG was to improve my game, and that surely feels to be on track. I thought joining a stable and sharing profits would not be a good idea, but after one year, I can tell you, I wouldn’t have achieved whatever I have in such a short span of time without the help of Adi and the team.”

Ankit Wadhawan
Ankit Wadhawan


Read the complete blog here

Chaos beyond belief – by Rohit Mishra

This thought-provoking blog was put up by Rohit Mishra in March-end, just around when the country was gripped by the pandemic.

Mishra emphasized that we, as humans, need to have a greater appreciation for life, pointing out how the lockdown had affected livelihoods and even forced migrant workers to walk over 100 km just to reach their homesteads.

Sharing his take on the precautions that need to be taken, he wrote, “people need to understand that staying away from each other is the only way they can avoid this. This virus can transform and recombine into multiple strains depending on its interaction with humans. In short, it can mutate.”

Rohit Mishra
Rohit Mishra


Read the complete blog here

PokerDangal Turns 3-Years-Old Today – by Karan Gandhi

For the second consecutive time, Karan Gandhi, co-founder of PokerDangal, makes an appearance among the year’s top blog picks. Gandhi took to blogging in September-end, when PokerDangal turned three. He shared how the bootstrapped start-up had made a humble start from Varun Puri’s living room, eventually transforming into a successful 50-member organization.

Talking about the journey, Gandhi wrote, “When you’re working with a corporate, your acumen improves, and it’s up to you how you want to apply that knowledge in any field. I think you can sell anything if you have a passion for it, and this is how we built our team.”

He also revealed how the poker site had grown 150% in terms of acquisitions and concurrent traffic in 2020 compared to 2019!

Karan Gandhi
Karan Gandhi


Read the complete blog here

Road to Diwali Rush Leaderboard Win – The grind, the anxiety & the blunders – by Amit Kaushik

PokerStars India’s Diwali Rush leaderboard topper Amit Kaushik started a new weekly blog series in December. In his first blog, Amit recounts his schedule playing the Diwali Rush series. He confesses to grinding the full schedule for 12 days straight, playing over 12 hours each day. He also admits that chasing the leaderboard makes the grind more grueling and can take a toll on focus.

He had an interesting take on the game, comparing poker to chess. “Each table can be considered as a different chessboard,” Kaushik wrote, “and you have to play differently and have different strategies on each board based on the opponents. Every important spot can be considered a chess move, and in every spot, you can make inaccuracies which are acceptable, you can make mistakes which cost you EV, you make blunders like making bad calls or bad bluffs which makes you lose a lot, and you also make some brilliancies with brilliant calls or folds. All of that exists in chess as well, and more-or-less in the same exact manner.

Amit Kaushik
Amit Kaushik


Read the complete blog here

As we welcome 2021, we will be bringing our readers many more features documenting the best and most impactful developments of 2020, so stay tuned!

Coronavirus Lockdown: Here`s How the Top Online Poker Operators in India Are Coping With the Crisis 

2020 looked like a bright year for live poker, that is before COVID-19 happened to the world. Like the other sectors, the pandemic has forced even the poker industry to revamp the way it operates. While live operators have been left in the lurch, online sites have been witnessing a significant surge in player traffic.

Facing the daunting task of catering to peak traffic and that too, without the familiar office environment, has forced operators to innovate and devise strategies to maximize the opportunity presented to them by this crisis. However, at the same time, they have had to overcome the logistical and other challenges that have cropped up for the exact same reason!

Most of our lockdown features have focused on the player community and live operators. Here we bring you an update on how the most prominent online poker companies have managed to run their operations with so many restrictions in place because of the lockdown. Here are more details on the behind-the-scene heroes and their super passionate teams that ensure things run smoothly round-the-clock.


Work From Home – The New Mantra

A large section of the online poker workforce is physically located across different places. Most of the PokerBaazi team is centered across Delhi, but it also has employees working as far out as Kashmir to Chennai, Gujarat to Bengal. Sensing that trouble was brewing, the site got their team working from home even before the lockdown began.

Varun Ganjoo, the Marketing Director at PokerBaazi, told us, “We had taken measures to ensure that our teams could work from home safely. Anticipating that such a need would arise helped us map out the important tasks and processes. Recently, we completed over 100 days of Work-From-Home!”

And it looks like this is how things are going to be for the foreseeable future. “As a technology-driven firm, we’ve been able to rely on online communication and video-calling, etc. to manage processes,” Ganjoo added.

Varun Ganjoo


The Spartan Poker team is working from home as well, and the brand has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that kicks in, in case of an emergency. The site`s co-founder and MD, Amin Rozani, explained, “Apart from that, with the lockdown in place the head of the departments have built processes for the smooth functioning and ease in the daily work of the team. Yes, all our employees are 100% productive, and all are working from home. The team has been phenomenal during this time, each team member has contributed to other team members who may have faced any concerns.”

Amin Rozani


Even the Poker Dangal team is managing the majority of its operations from home, and only those close to the office are reporting for work. “Some of them who live close to the office are managing to come over with the best possible precautions,” said the site`s co-founder Karan Gandhi.

Karan Gandhi


9stacks also preempting what was coming, directed its team to work from home two weeks before the shutdown was announced. Most of its Delhi-based employees have returned to their native towns and are working remotely, while a few among them decided to stay together.

The CEO and co-founder of 9stacks, Sudhir Kamath, clarified, “There hasn’t been any significant change with regard to internal communication among the team. We have an active slack channel where everyone is interconnected with each other along with that, we have regular team meetings for everyone via hangouts twice a week to have open space discussions, strategy creation, way forward, weekly plans which have resulted with positive workflow.”

Sudhir Kamath


Managing Operations – How Tough is It Now?

The action never stops for online poker sites (the successful ones at least). Still, to manage operations better, Spartan Poker has ensured that the essential technology and support are provided to employees to help them accomplish their day-to-day responsibilities. “Our admin & IT teams ensure the least downtime ensuring our customers are always attended to,” Rozani added.

For Poker Dangal, the COVID-19 crisis was a challenge that the team took on heads-up. Gandhi revealed, “The Poker Dangal team has pledged not to let any of its adverse effects reflect on the operations or daily business handlings. To avoid any unexpected flaws, each member of Team Dangal is coordinating digitally with their superiors.”

The servers of 9stacks being entirely cloud-based, the operator hasn’t faced too many problems in handling the surging traffic. What was tough was to get the internal processes realigned to the new reality. “It took some effort to ensure all team members could work effectively from their homes without compromising the productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Thankfully, we’ve always been using tools like Slack, Trello, Jira, and Github, which have made remote collaboration quite easy,” Kamath said.

Sound processes in place and team coordination have kept PokerBaazi at the helm of things. “Poker has been growing in India at a rapid pace for quite some time now, regardless of the Covid-19 situation. While we’ve always believed in providing players value for the time and effort they put in, we are now focusing on the softer aspects of poker with many new, inexperienced players entering the game. Keep an eye on our social channels for a major webinar on mental health and poker, kicking off mid-July,” Ganjoo revealed.


Customer Support From Home

It is business as usual (BAU), at least on the customer support operations front at Spartan Poker. The site didn’t really have to make any significant changes that impacted customers. The team’s energy and drive reflect in the site`s tournament and cash game offerings.

As for PokerBaazi, running daily operations and backend functioning was not much of an issue. The site has been processing withdrawals seamlessly for customers, even given the higher frequency. The team has also managed customer support effectively through chats and email. As Ganjoo added, Players have been appreciative of our speedy response time and have also been very understanding.”

Poker Dangal`s Gandhi underlined how the early issues with tech and backend support were quickly dealt with. “The lockdown did affect our business, but positively. This was unpredictable for us, too, as the economy has gone down, but our player traffic received a massive 70% boost. Our customers are highly satisfied with our services even during the pandemic. Like every other business, we also experienced minor problems with our tech and backend systems in the early lockdown days. However, we smartly managed to get out of the troubles in no time.”


Lockdown and Staff Productivity

With the online poker workforce slowly getting used to the work from the home mandate, some initial communication gaps were bound to crop up. This even resulted in a build-up of stress, but the operators came up with unique ways of overcoming these.

PokerBaazi has been regularly reaching out to its team to help them stay focused. Founder and CEO, Navkiran Singh, recently addressed the company`s employees in a 150-plus town hall meeting and allayed their concerns. The company also conducted a survey focussing on employee attitudes towards work-life balance, vacation time, and distractions at home, etc.

Navkiran Singh


Early into lockdown, Internet connectivity issues hit the Spartan Poker team, but the company acted quickly and sponsored cable Internet at home for all its employees. It has also provided the team with Netflix accounts so that they can enjoy their time off, and has been conducting fun activities on Fridays for them.

The company informed us, “Adding webcams to ensure we can have face to face conversations with the team helps maintain the bond amongst team members. We have weekly housie, bingo & other fun activities.”


Increased Traffic Raises Security Concerns

The surge in player traffic has brought security concerns to the fore. Spartan Poker has expanded its team for security checks while adding more compliance & quality checks in all its processes.

PokerBaazi’s robust surveillance system is being handled by a team that, though working from home, can monitor and assess any behavior that is not in line with the site`s fair-play policies.

Poker Dangal is backed by advanced security measures that continue to run brilliantly, according to Gandhi.


Has the Online Poker Industry Changed Forever?

9stacks’ Kamath feels it has. I think the coronavirus pandemic is going to have a big long-term impact on online gaming, just like demonetization had on PayTM and digital payments. Overall, we think that the current 100% increase in new user acquisition and the significant jump in revenue is transient, but there will probably be a lasting uplift of 30-40% for us.”

The poker community has responded to the health crisis by making active contributions for COVID-19 relief. The PokerBaazi team has been at the forefront of these efforts, “When we did the first charity edition of PMVS, we were able to raise over 10 lakhs for migrant workers and the underprivileged thanks to an overwhelming response. Time and again, players have stepped forward whenever there has been a need and an opportunity to help others.”

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising in India, work from home seems to have become the new normal. But is this temporary, or has the pandemic changed the online poker industry forever? We will have to wait and watch!

Top 5 Interviews That Rocked 2019

2019 was another fantastic year for the poker industry, and we were always on the front lines bringing you the inside scoop in exclusive interviews featuring industry leaders, the big winners, and upcoming poker talents. Based on the viewership, here are the top five interviews that really stood out in 2019.

This is not just a list, it is a meaningful reflection of the movers and shakers of the poker industry this year, setting the mood for an equally remarkable year ahead!


Anish Patra – Winning the Inaugural Millionaire Legends on Spartan Poker

November 10 was a fateful day for Anish Patra. The 27-year-old recreational poker turned semi-pro trounced a reg-laden field of 857 runners to win the first-ever The Millionaire Legends ₹2 Crores GTD on Spartan Poker following a heads-up deal with Vikranth Varma.

Anish Patra
Anish Patra

Patra pocketed a life-changing sum of ₹46.21 Lakhs for his win. Speaking to PokerGuru after his stellar run, Patra said, “The idea was always to play solid, pick my spots, and try and come in the top 2-3 places where all the money was. There was no pressure at all. I just wanted to play my ranges and take the mathematically correct decisions irrespective of the outcome.”

The Mumbai-lad, who now lives in Pune, entered the final table with the shortest stack amongst seasoned players like Sajal Gupta, Vikranth Varma, PokerGuru Ambassador Nadeem Basha, and Manish Lakhotia. “I started as the shortest stack and was down to about 5 big blinds at one point,” Patra recalled.

Patra charted an impressive climb to reach the heads-up play with Varma, where the duo quickly locked in a deal. Having had too many runner-up finishes in the past, as he describes as his “2nd place curse,” Patra was hell-bent not to miss out this time. “The pay jumps were significant, and entering a deal helped iron out the variance. ‘borntrouble’ [Vikranth Varma] is a solid player and big congratulations to him for playing the way he did. No regrets at all, and I was happy to share the prize money with him,” he said.

Read the complete interview here


Gaurav Gala – Leading Team India to Victory in the IFMP Asian Nation’s Cup

PLO specialist Gaurav Gala captained the six-member Team India comprising of Tanmay Bagga, Rishab Jain, Aditya ‘Bitti’ Agarwal, Prateek Mishra, Krina Gala, and Taran Mundkar at the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) Asian Nations Cup hosted at Taoyuan City, Taiwan in November. Gala was instrumental in strategizing the team’s spectacular performance that saw Team India lifting the IFMP Asian Nation’s Cup trophy for the first time this year!

Gaurav Gala
Gaurav Gala

In an exclusive interview with PokerGuru, Gala spoke about the winning strategy that helped them lift the cup. “Our initial plan was to finish in the top four and qualify for the world championships. Match Poker is a Team sport, one needs to follow a team strategy with discipline to succeed. To select the player with the right skill set who fits perfectly into the team strategy, that is what a ‘horses for courses’ strategy is,” Gala said.

Team India suffered a few setbacks in the first two sessions, and so after the third session, Gala decided to make a few changes. “Taiwan’s change in approach caught us on the wrong foot. Bitti [Aditya Agarwal] played well but faced the wrong side of variance, and we slipped to the third position. Prateek [Mishra] and I were following every team and their player’s gameplay, we had to counter Taiwan’s play and target the Singapore team who were playing kinda passive. The change bore fruit as we knocked off 20 points from the top.”

Under Gala’s stewardship, Team India will be seen competing in the World Championship slated for February 2020 in Peru. “We are motivated and egging to give it our best shot,” Gala added.

Read the complete interview here


Puneet Dua – BalleBaazi, PPL High Roller Run, Past Wins & More

Puneet Dua is a man of many talents, but one thing has remained a constant – his passion for poker. In 2016, he made heads turn when he took down the inaugural Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) ₹25K Main Event for ₹10 Lakhs. Three years later, Dua once again grabbed the spotlight when he stormed into the final table of PokerBaazi’s PPL #35 High Roller 6-Max ₹70 Lakhs GTD with over a third in chips. He eventually finished third, taking home ₹6.97 Lakhs.

Puneet Dua
Puneet Dua

Luckily, the flips fell my side mostly. Players were exposing a very wide range, you expect that short-handed so had to adapt, picked more chips in the late stage when less than 25 players were left. I prefer playing short-handed, always,” Dua said, reiterating his run during a heads-up interview with PokerGuru.

Dua is currently the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the fast-growing fantasy cricket platform, BalleBaazi. “It’s been BalleBaazi for the last 27 months now, looking forward to being coached in January before becoming a frequent customer at the live tables. I have been spending whatever little cash game time I have at OFC tables, I really enjoy playing the progressive & ultimate format.”

Read the complete interview here


Co-Founder of Poker Dangal, Karan Gandhi – Talks About the Startup’s Journey So Far

In 2017, four passionate poker diehards got together to set up Poker Dangal. The site launched operations in 2018 and has been growing its player base steadily since. Co-founder Karan Gandhi, who heads the firm’s Business Development vertical talked to PokerGuru at length on the making of Poker Dangal and future plans.

Karan Gandhi
Karan Gandhi

“We are 4 co-founders in the company – Varun Mahna, Varun Puri, Shashwat Jain, and me. The team is a mix of IITians, BITSians, and XLRI graduates, so we know what we want to drive in terms of our customer experience and value proposition.”

Gandhi added, “We have achieved many firsts in the industry and are continuously learning and unlearning every day. From acquiring PokerMet to launching 5 Card PLO to successfully running Dangal Value Series, it has been a great learning curve for us.”

He admitted that acquiring the defunct site PokerMet helped the site gain players’ trust and was emphatic that the team is working committedly to offer a better poker playing experience to players.

PokerMet was struggling because of many reasons, and we wanted to help the players who were facing the consequences of this struggle. The positive vibes and image we got post the acquisition have been invaluable. Constant product innovation is the key to customer delight, and we will make sure to keep evolving and innovating.”

Read the complete interview here


CEO of PokerBaazi, Navkiran Singh – Talks About a Trailblazing 2018, Baazi Rewards & ‘The Game Changer’

The past two years have been significant for PokerBaazi that has streamlined its software and player rewards system in a major overhaul. At the year’s outset, CEO Navkiran Singh spoke to us on the various factors that have helped position the site among the top-rung leaders in the domestic circuit.

Navkiran Singh
Navkiran Singh

“The growth has been great in these last 4 years. PokerBaazi now has a registered user base of over 5 Lac. The numbers have also grown 60-70% yearly,” Singh said, underlining how the software upgrade was a testimonial to the team’s passion and commitment for improvement.

“With this (software) revamp, we gave name to our core value of #NeverStopImproving. Now, our immediate focus is on polishing the beta version and getting out the complete version out asap.”

Singh also shared the idea behind The Game Changer that made its inaugural run from February 20-24 with a staggering ₹2 Crores in prize pool guarantee.

The site’s player trend-setting rewards system – Baazi Rewards was another game-changer for the brand. “Our goal while designing the rewards program was to try and cater to every single player by providing them with benefits based on games, stakes, and hours that he/she plays…We wanted to give them all the options, the best possible prizes, and the best rake-back model. It’s the most comforting feeling to see players’ overwhelming responses.”

Read the complete interview here


With the year-end just around the corner, we will be bringing you many more features documenting the best and the most impactful developments of 2019, so stay tuned!

Top 5 Blogs of 2019

With the year-end fast approaching, it’s as good a time as ever to recap some of the most informative and popular content on PokerGuru – poker blogs!

Being a poker news media site, it’s our prerogative to provide readers with the latest news of the domestic and international poker circuit. However, over the years, PokerGuru has also extended its platform for players to share their experiences. Since the live poker staking stable AceJack got rebranded to PokerGuru Staking in January, our growing team of PokerGuru Ambassadors has played an active role in blogging about their poker experiences. I am sure most of you have have read blogs from them sharing their excitement on shipping a big guarantee tournament or read about them talking about their upswings and downswings or even discuss how their poker training was progressing.

The blogs shared by PokerGuru Ambassadors even influenced other members, including industry operators, to chip in with their experiences. While there was a multitude of exciting and thought-provoking blogs that were published on PokerGuru all year round, we have narrowed down our list to the top five poker blogs of 2019 based on the number of views each blog received.

So, without further ado, here are the top five poker blogs of 2019!


My Poker Journey So Far – Motto For Now is Work Hard by Ratul Steves

A rising star at PokerGuru Staking, Ratul Steves, is an online phenom. Even though the Chennai-based player is yet to register a live score, he more than makes up for it with his enviable online scorecard. In his very first PokerGuru blog, Steves talks about his poker journey and joining the poker staking stable, AceJack (now PokerGuru Staking), in 2016.

Ratul Steves
Ratul Steves

In his blog, Steves addresses a very pertinent question that poker players are often asked – why do you play poker professionally? Needless to say, Steves has a very fitting response.

“I have been asked by many of my friends – why play poker professionally? I’m sure that is a common question in our field. My answer to that is simple, I enjoy the sport and see an immense scope in playing it professionally. Some other advantages are that I can play it from the comfort of home (well, sometimes), and since I like traveling, this career option works out in my favor.”

Read the complete blog right here.


Grind. Grow. Repeat. by Mithun Mahesh

PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun Mahesh is one of the most popular bloggers on PokerGuru with a growing legion of followers. A fan of behavioral psychology and neurosciences, Mahesh’s blogs provide insightful perspectives on the mind sport. While all his blogs were very popular, the one that got the best response has him talking about the importance of poker players to maintain a strict grinding routine.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh

Mahesh wrote in-depth about his grinding session and post grinding session routine. But perhaps the most important part of the blog was his views on physical and mental fitness.

“Unfortunately, physical and mental fitness is the most neglected area in our poker community, but undoubtedly it is the most significant one since we have decided to spend the rest of our life on a gaming chair. I work-out at least 5 days a week mostly in the noon, a mix of strength and cardio exercises at a moderate intensity essentially with a proper diet which won’t dumb you down. I practice “mindfulness meditation” post-work-out, which helps improve in-game awareness and avoid mental fatigue during long grinds. I was able to reduce my massive caffeine intake and other stimulants following these practices.”

Read the complete blog right here.


Downswings & Mindset by Laksh Pal Singh

Another well-known PokerGuru Ambassador, Laksh Pal Singh, wrote about one of the most relatable subjects in poker – downswings. All players go through them, and it’s not always a one-time thing. Downswings can happen multiple times throughout a poker player’s career. Players must have a well-adjusted mindset to cope in times like these.

Laksh Pal Singh
Laksh Pal Singh

Singh’s blog focusses on the factors that lead to a negative mindset, the consequences it can have, and how it can be dealt with.

Singh opens his blog by mentioning the significance of having a proper mindset, “A good mindset is key in poker, and as professionals, we often find ourselves in situations of negative mindsets. I personally have been going through this phase, and I’m happy to be able to talk to you guys about it.”

Read the complete blog right here.


First Month under the tutelage of Adi… by Faiz Alam

Faiz Alam is an accomplished poker pro both in the live and online versions of the game. In his blog, the PokerGuru Ambassador speaks about his tutelage under one of the finest Indian poker pros around – Aditya Agarwal.

Faiz Alam
Faiz Alam

The blog was written about a month into Alam’s mentorship under Agarwal, and the former described how his tutoring sessions had helped him gain more confidence in his gameplay.

Alam wrote, “More sessions followed, and I could feel my confidence growing with every session. I could see that whatever Adi was saying in the sessions was leading to a big improvement in my overall gameplay.”

Read the complete blog right here.


Changing Destinies One Step at a Time by Karan Gandhi

Karan Gandhi, the co-founder of one of the fastest growing online poker sites in India, Poker Dangal, blogs about the site’s largest-ever tournament to-date – the Destiny Changer ₹25 Lakhs GTD. The event was the first time that the site awarded a whopping ₹10 Lakhs to the winner.

Karan Gandhi
Karan Gandhi

Gandhi goes on to share how the tournament was initially meant to be named ‘Journey to a Million,’ but later, the phrase was instead used as the tag line for the event.

Explaining the vision of the company behind hosting bigger guarantee events, Gandhi wrote, “The aim was to start hosting bigger guarantee tournaments, and we were waiting for a few software changes as well, which we got done recently. We received a lot of player feedback, and once these changes were incorporated, we thought about hosting a bigger guarantee event. The idea was always to give the maximum value. Hence we decided to do this and keep the up top very heavy. We tried to put a lot of effort into designing the structure of the event and even the satellite schedule, and it has been successful so far. You keep learning every day though.”

Read the complete blog right here.


Besides these top five blogs, many other gems got left out but are definitely worth the read.

Some other suggested blogs include:


The Aftermath of Bootcamp – My Biggest Score in Domestic Sites by Ratul Steves

Here Steves writes about how he championed PokerBaazi’s ₹1 Crores GTD Value Bomb for a career-best ₹16.20 Lakhs.


Recapping my recent DPT run and preparing for EPT Sochi Next by Jayjit Ray

The reclusive Ray opens up about his run at the 2019 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) February edition, especially his eighth-place exit in the Adda52 ₹65K High Roller, while also discussing his preparations for the upcoming European Poker Tour (EPT) Sochi series.


The Icebreaker & My Recent DPT Xpress Run by Anant Purohit

Here the first-time blogger talks about his poker journey, as well as claiming his first-ever live title in the ₹15K Main Event at the 2019 Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) Xpress June edition.


Blogging my way to the felts! by Nikunj Doshi

Back in February, PokerGuru threw open the ‘PokerBaazi Game Changer Blog Contest’ wherein players were asked to post an original blog for a shot at winning tickets to The Game Changer 1.0. Nikunj Doshi was one of the winners of the contest and chose to blog about his introduction to poker and his first visit to a Goa casino. He shares the three biggest lessons he learnt from his trip to Goa, making for what is an excellent read for aspiring players.

As we near the end of 2019, we will bring you many more features documenting the best and most impactful developments of the year, so stay tuned!

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