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Happy 355

September 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

16th September i played my 1st ever game on PokerStars ‘Hot 0.55’

Little did i know about the game, little do i still know.

It’s been 355 days.

Names like ‘intervntion’ ‘bblacklegend’ ‘antilog’ ‘donkab0mber’ were like the Hrithik roshan of the industry to me where i was not even Rajpal yadav :p

355 days from there and today here i stand with a small profit, 10k games and ready to play my 1st Wcoop event today.

I think i owe a lot to the industry and everyone involved in it.

I think i was very very lucky to have met some of the best people in my journey till now who never treated me like a naive junior and trusted me everytime and showed trust in me.

i would take this opportunity to thank:

-Donraja Anna for putting so much faith in me. It boosted my confidence to such heights.

-Raghu bhaiya who i dont know if i can ever thank, helping me with almost everything. He treated me like a brother even though we had just met.

-Vinay sir for motivating me and guiding me always.

and to

-Abhishek sir who has been so so patient with me, I think i am one of the most irritating student a teacher could ever have but i think sir has never ever been even a bit rude. how do you stay so calm? lol.

Well i think it was hell of an year but its just the 1st step. I I would like to thank everyone in the industry also for being so kind and giving.

I know i am definitely not the top 50 players in the country but my Sunday pack sold in 30 minutes!!!
And icing on the cake was when bblack sir takes a look at that and tells me that i need to correct my schedule. [that felt so good]

-i think in this one year i achieved 5% skills, will keep putting in hard work and keep grinding.

and to everyone who has been a part of my journey, for the faith you have shown in me…

Someday i shall be the best i promise you all.


The Nervous 1st Blog. Phew 🙂

May 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Damn, How do i start?

Yet another ‘poker aspirant’ in the house (:p)?

Will anyone be interested in my story?

That’s what is going through my mind while i start with these initial few lines…

Arrrrgghhhh socializing has never been my forte!!

[B][U]September 2011[/U][/B]

Everyone feels they are special. Destined for something BIG. Right? Who doesn’t :p
That feeling that someday, sometime you will be the best, be Iron Man/Bill Gates/Osama bin laden?
Well every teenager has his silly dreams and i had a pocket full of them
*that bin laden part was my reason behind taking aeronautical engineering (missiles :p)

Soon into college i realized that its easier said than done. I can’t be ‘bin laden and damn i was heartbroken. I needed someone who would cheer me up,
who would spend time with me and make me happy.

AND I found her.

Yes, you guessed it right!

I got a girlfriend.

Or wait……. I know i am a bit lucky but this lucky? Helllll Noooo;)

This was the time i got introduced to the Zynga Poker and [B]BOOOOOMMMM[/B].

-Instantly got Hooked to it.

-Playing 10 hours a day.

-Hitting 5M in afternoon—>Reaching 0 by night—> Off to bed

-This was my schedule for about 6 months

[B][U]We can make cash playing poker. WHAAAAAAT? Realllyyyy? Lets Do it.[/U][/B]

[B][U]Early 2013[/U][/B]

Soon i came to know that real money poker exists lol. But how can i make money with 0 bankroll?

Yes i did things the old fashioned way. [B]Freerollssss [/B]:p

-Deccan Poker [Mass multi accounted the freerolls with college friends 😛 ]
-888pokerz [Won some small buyin tourney, Got good 10k there]
-Royal Tilt [Won around 30k in tournaments]

Now all this while i knew nothing about poker, as in literally NOTHING.
Every Sunday i would buy 25$ from jdsaz who was the biggest player i knew in manipal and would play the storm and bigger11 thinking one day i’m gonna ship one of these.

Little did i know. :p

Soon all these Indian sites vanished and i was left with a few thousands and a poker face. 😮

-My Bankroll diminishing daily [wasn’t exactly my BR that was all i had except the pocket money i got :p]

Now only way to make some money was to start winning on the PokerStars.

This is when I start ‘GRINDING’

To be contd..

PS- too nervous to continue will be continuing further tomorrow. Do read. Cheers 🙂


Reviewing with you guys.

November 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey guys, I’m up for doing some homework off the tables.

As important it is to put in good volume and be focused at the tables whats even more important is how much you study the game and how much edge you have over your opponents.
For what we do at the tables is just a very small part of the big picture.

So what i’m gonna do is, I’m gonna do HandHistory review with anyone from our community who is interested, we can talk about our game, discuss spots/ranges, how we can maximize the use of HUD, spots where we can exploit our opponents etc.

I play a lot of tables and tend to miss a lot of soft spots and i think with this drill we can learn and can talk over certain spots and maybe have some more ammunition up our arsenal the next time we play.
It’ll help both me and you as we can definitely look into a tournament with a new perspective and there’s always room for something to learn from everyone.

Disclaimer: I’m no pro, i’m just trying this out to practice and learn as much as i can and discuss different lines and what everyone thinks about spots and the game altogether. I don’t have many friends here in manipal who play online so you guys are my only Indian family whom i can work and learn with.

What we need:
1) You must have a HUD software(Pockertracker/Holdemmanager)
2) Skype [ [url][/url] ]
3) Team Viewer [ [url][/url] ]
4) A microphone.

We would share screens via Team viewer and talk/discuss through Skype call.

Some of you might know these things but i have added the links for anyone who needs them.
I would also be obliged if any pro is reviewing or something and if i can jump in and maybe learn even the slightest of bit.

Please pm me or leave me a message here if interested and we can fix something up.
Skype: Sharad.rao2


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