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Pulkit Kalia Wins PGT 30K Main Event, Kunal Chandra Bags 66K High Rollers Title

The October edition of the PokerGuru Tour concluded on Monday morning Oct 29 when PokerGuru pro Kunal Chandra won the 66K High Rollers tournament. Chandra beat a field of 35 players to win the first prize of ₹10,50,000 and a Tag Heuer watch worth ₹85,000. In the final hand, Chandra with beat Adarsh Limbu with from Nepal when he raised 20k pre-flop from the button. Limbu re-raised it to 40k. Chandra called. The flop was checked around. On the turn, which was , Limbu moved all in who was called by Chandra. The river did not help Limbu and Chandra took down the pot.

Kunal Chandra winner of the PGT High Roller Event
Kunal Chandra winner of the PGT High Roller Event

Earlier, in the 30K Main Event, Pulkit Kalia (cover image) was second in chip lead going into the final table and pegged his chances exactly at 36.28 percent to win the main event title. But the New Delhi resident converted the random 36.28 percent to 100 percent when he bagged the PokerGuru 30K Main Event title.

“This win has really pushed my confidence. The title means that I am actually playing better,” said Kalia.

The 24-year-old beat a field of 82 players to come up tops and pocket the ₹8,50,000 first prize. In the final heads-up battle with Karan Jain, that lasted roughly an hour, Kalia crushed Jain in two back to back hands that handed him the title. In the penultimate hand, Jain opened up the pot with a raise to 40000, which Kalia re-popped to 95000 with blinds and ante at 10,000/20,000 and 2000. Jain with moved all in and got a quick call from Kalia who tabled . The board helped no one and Kalia piled a massive double-up. In the very next hand, Jain with pushed all in with his short stack and again got snap called by Kalia, who showed .

Pulkit Kalia winner of the PGT October Edition Main Event
Pulkit Kalia winner of the PGT October Edition Main Event

Read the complete live coverage of the PGT Main event here.

The 66K High-Roller event started later in the evening with 35 players registering for the final event of the October edition of the PokerGuru Tour. In one of the standout hands of the evening, Sailesh Lohia with flopped a quads and won a big hand that involved Sumit Sapra, Kavish Kukreja, Rishad Badami and him. In the hand, Sapra opened with 850 in pre-flop action, to be called by Lohia, Kukreja and Badami. The flop: . Checks all around. On the turn , Sapra bet 2400 and was called by Lohia. The other two folded. After a check from Sapra on an river, Lohia bet 5600 which was called by the former. Lohia showed the nuts prompting a muck from Sapra. heads-up play came to Kunal Chandra and Adarsh Limbu with Chandra bagging the title.

Read the complete live coverage of the PGT High Roller event here.

Written By: Arindam Mukherjee

Sapra in chip lead in main event, Shridhar wins 7K Bounty event

After more than seven hours of play, PokerGuru Tour’s 30K Freezeout Main Event came down to the final nine players. Sumit Sapra, the winner of PGT’s 50K Freezeout 6-Max High Rollers tournament in July this year, stood as the chip leader at the end of the day. He had 311,500 chips, a massive 133,500 chips lead over his nearest rival Pulkit Kalia at 178,000 chips, with the blinds at 2000/4000 and 500 ante.

Just before the overnight break, Kenneth Sequeira, who was down to his last 50,000 chips, bursted the money bubble when he moved all in with against YJ Kim’s . The board helped neither, and Kim took the pot.

The chip count for the nine final players:

Sumit Sapra 311,500
Pulkit Kalia 178,000
Karan Jain 161,000
Rishad Badami 143,500
YJ Kim 137,000
Shridhar Kumar 136,000
Siddharth Singhvi 75,000
Rocky Motwani 59,000
Avadh Shah 29,000

PGT Main Event Final Table
PGT Main Event Final Table

PokerGuru got to speak to each of the final table players before they headed off to rest after a grueling night of intense poker.

Sumit Sapra: Current chip lead with 311,500

Sapra is a semi professional poker player who is also a financial analyst from Mumbai . He has been playing the game for 4 years now. He had a “pretty good chance” to win the tournament, he said.


Pulkit Kalia: 178,000

Kalia, from New Delhi, has been playing the game for two and a half years now. He pegged his chances to won the main event exactly at 36.28 percent.


Karan Jain: 161,000

This law student does not consider himself a professional but has been playing the game for three years now. His chances to win the event? “Very good. So far so good,” said Jain.


Rishad Badami: 143,500

Badami has come to play poker in Goa all the way from Dubai. Runners up in the 5K event last Thrusday, this insurance industry professional is confident to win the main event title. “I’m gonna win it 100 percent,” said Badami.


YJ Kim: 137,000

This Korean businessman has been playing poker for the last four years and loves it. A consistent final table finisher in tournaments in Goa, Kim is not satisfied with his chip stack on the final table. “Well, my chip stack is less. Let’s see,” he said.


Shridhar Kumar: 136,000

Shridhar is an infotech professional from Hyderbad and has been playing the game for just the last one and a half year. He considers himself an enthusiast. When asked about his chances, “Depends lets see,” said Kumar, who is in top form after winning the previous day’s 7K bounty event.


Siddarth Singhvi: 75,000

Singhvi has been playing poker for four years now and considers himself as a semi-professional. The infotech industry professional from Hyderabad is also a product of the PokerGuru Mentorship Program. When asked about his chances, “One double -up and I’m in,” said a confident Singhvi.


Rocky Murli Motwani: 59,000

This poker pro from the city of Mumbai has been playing the game for seven years now. “Made it till here, let’s see how it goes along now,” said Motwani.


Avadh Shah: 29,000

Shah thinks he had “almost nil chances because of my short stack” to win the main event. A telecom professional from Baroda, Shah has been playing the game for three and a half years now.

The previous day saw 119 players register for the PGT 7K Bounty event. The tournament ended after more than six and a half hours of play, when Shridhar Kumar (cover image), an IT professional from Hyderabad, shipped the tournament pocketing a cash prize of ₹2,00,000 and the PGT winner’s trophy. In heads up action, Kumar beat the defending PGT Main Event champion Vinod KK when the moved all in with . Kumar tabled after calling Vinod. No Ace on the board which read meant the title was for Kumar.

Shridhar Kumar winner of the PGT 7K bounty event
Shridhar Kumar winner of the PGT 7K bounty event

Edmund Lee Leads Day 1A of Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012

Wednesday marked the launch of the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 main event which had 89 players for Day 1A for the HKD $20,000 buy-in tournament that comes with a HKD $4,500,000 guarantee.

PokerStars Macau hosted their welcome party the previous evening and many players decided to take the day for recovery as they switched to Day 1B.

Edmund Lee (cover image) clearly had a fresh mind as the Hong Kong native leads the surviving 40 players with 119,175 chips. China’s Aimin Zhang is not far behind with 101,500 and his countrymen Rui Chen (82,975) and Lei Zhang (76,350) round out the Top Four stacks.

Other notables who will be returning to the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Friday’s Day 2 include 2011 Asia Player of the Year Shaq Lin (60,500), Sparrow Cheung (73,925), and 2010 Macau Millions champion Justin Chan who squeezed through with 7,800. Amit Varma too has made it to Day 2 with 22,950 chips.

Johnny Chan highlighted the modest-sized field but hit the rail along with David Steicke, Winfred Yu, Jacky Wang, and Red Dragon winner Victor Chen who also failed to make it until the end of the day. Team India`s Jasven Saigal and Samay Parikh also failed to make it to Day 2.

Day 1B is assured of a large number of notables as confirmations include MPCC champions Devan Tang (2009), Julian Hasse (2010) and Raiden Kan (2011); Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin, Bryan Huang, Raymond Wu and Vivian Im; and, No. 1 APOY ranked Nicky Jin, 2012 Aussie Millions runner-up Ken Wong, recent 2012 APPT Melbourne winner Sam Razavi, Team PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan, MPCC runner-up Abhishek Goindi, Amit Jain and Sameer Rattonsey.

The MPCC main event – day 1B begins Thursday at 3:10 pm local time. For live updates on the MPCC main event visit the PokerStars blog.

Team India has been turning on the heat in the side events. The latest side events saw Aussie David Zhao claim Event 3: $5,000 KO Bounty for HKD $101,500 while Japan’s Toma Tsugunari won Event 4: Charity Event for HKD $59,250 which included an entry into the Main Event and featured 4 Indians on the final table.

Event 3 had 115 players where 13 players cashed for a piece of the HKD $390,425 prize pool along with another HKD $115,000 awarded in bounties. The China-born Zhao had 9 bounties in his victory.

Event 4 had 87 players and 161 rebuys creating a pool of HKD $224,309 in money and entry prizes. Toma, a former tax accountant turned poker pro, won a coin flip in the final hand when his made a straight against India’s Bharathan Balasubramanian‘s pocket sixes. The board ran . The event raised HKD $43,500 for local charities.


Event 3: $5,000 KO Bounty – Final Table Results

MPCC event 3 winner David Zhao
MPCC event 3 winner David Zhao
PositionPlayer CountryPrize
1David ZhaoAustralia$101,500
2Bharathan BalasubramanianIndia$66,400
3Hongyi SunChina$44,900
4Artem LobusRussia$37,100
5Huimin HuangHong Kong$29,300
6Mansour KhorramshahiThailand$25,400
7Sumit SapraIndia$21,500
8Xiaodong XiaChina$17,600
9Andrew LamHong Kong$13,700
10Roman BabelaCzech Republic$9,625


Event 4: Charity Event – Final Table Results

 MPCC event 4 winner Toma Tsugunari
MPCC event 4 winner Toma Tsugunari
1Toma TsugunariJapan$59,250
2Amit Roshanlal JainIndia$49,250
3Farboud FeridounUSA$26,900
4Jasven SaigalIndia$20,400
5Philip ChowHong Kong$16,900
6Paphawin LaodeeThailand$15,200
7Sangeeth MohanIndia$13,000
8Abhishek GoindiIndia$11,200
9Chai Hong LeongMalaysia$7,000
10Chuanbin YaoChina$5,209

For official side events results click here.

Sumit Sapra Takes Down PGT High Rollers Event

PGT July edition is now in the books and the final event of the series i.e. 50K High Roller`s event had 36 entrants ponying up the ₹50,000 buy-in making for a total prizepool of ₹1.8 Million. Mumbai`s Sumit Sapra (cover image) was the last player standing after he beat Lawrence Sanjay heads-up and took home the top prize of ₹7.5 Lakhs and the special F1 Tag Heuer watch.

Final Table

After PokerGuru Team Mentor Rohit Bhalla busted on the final table bubble with against Lawrence Sanjay’s , it was time for the 6-max final table. Other notable finishes were Husain Lakda in 9th place, Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal in 10th and Raman Gujral in 12th place.

On the 6-max final table it was Bobbe Suri who was the first to depart. Shravan Chhabria followed him out next. His bust out hand went as follows:

“Nitish Gupta raised 16k from the button, Shravan Chhabria in small blind re-raises to 40k, folded around to Nitish and he moves allin, Shravan calls.



The board opens , and Nitish takes down the pot, eliminating Shravan in 6th place.”

Mukund Dasharathy hits the rails in 5th place. At level 14, 4000/8000 with an ante of 1000, Mukund initiates action with a raise of 20,000 and Sumit Sapra re-raises 42,000. Lawrence Sanjay and Mukund both call. The flop is checked by Lawrence, Mukund shoves all-in and Sumit Sapra calls. Sumit tables while Mukund shows . The turn card is the , giving some hope to Mukund but the 5c on the river seals the deal and Mukund is eliminated in 5th place.

45 minutes later it is PGT event 1 winner Kavish Kukreja who shoves all-in from under the gun position, and Lawrence Sanjay makes the call.



The board went all diamonds; and Lawrence has a higher flush than Kavish, eliminating him in 4th place.

Shortly thereafter Nitish Gupta finishes in 3rd place, when he moved all-in from the big blind over Lawrence Sanjay’s 25,000 raise in the small blind. Lawrence’s pocket cowboys hold up against Nitish’s pocket eights and Nitish cashes INR 275,000!


After a swingy heads-up match we finally see the final hand of the tournament at blind levels 6000/12000/1000. Lawrence Sanjay raises 26,000 from the button, Sumit Sapra re-shoves and Lawrence calls:



The board went , Sumit hits a one card flush on the river to eliminate Lawrence in second place. Lawrence takes home INR 4,50,000, and all glory is to Sumit who pockets INR 750,000 along with the special Tag Heuer F1 watch and the PGT high roller`s title.

PokerGuru Tour INR 50,000 High Roller Final Results:

1st – Sumit Sapra – INR 7,50,000

2nd – Lawrence Sanjay – INR 4,50,000

3rd – Nitish Gupta – INR 2,75,000

4th – Kavish Kukreja – INR 1,50,000

5th – Mukund Dasharathy – INR 1,00,000

6th – Shravan Chhabria – INR 75,000

Read the complete live coverage of this event here.

The PokerGuru team thanks all players who came down to support the event along with management and staff at Casino Royale, Goa for their co-operation and role in making the series a success.

The next PGT will take place from 25-28 Oct at Casino Royale, Goa. All details will be updated on the PokerGuru Tour page soon.

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