PokerGuru Tour….

March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey guys….

Its been long since i blogged so i thought of writing one just before PGT starts…..
I have been off from tourney action aftr APT held in November where i took down the 10k event for a whoppin 240k…..what is better than PGT to make a comeback after a long break from the live tournies….yeah guys landing in Goa tomorrow for PGT …..i m pretty excited as PGT is happening on a new venue and it would be superstitious for me to say that it is a lucky one for me…..all my live tourney cashouts have come here and i m hoping to take down some events in this one also…..

hope to c u all at the tables tomorrow and yeah may the best man win …..with some luck ofcourse 😉 😀

Aditya Agarwal

APT success nd 1st one as PokerGuru Team Pro…

December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys…..APT cumin down to India was an awesome experience ……. playing the international poker pros ……such a great blind structure with a whopping prize money in every event…..and not to forget the lovely models of course 😉
It has been a while since i joined the PokerGuru team and i have been striving hard to get some live tourney success……finally some success……yeah after missing the PGT main event title journey because of sum1s dueces sucking out on my queens and starting the APT on a good note by placing top 15 in the 15k event …….finallly took down the APT 10k event which is my 1st big live cash out as Team PokerGuru Pro for a whopping 240k prize money ……
everything was going rite on this day……made some brilliant moves alongwith some great calls…..was doing gud throughout the tournament …..enter the final table on a high as i was the chipleader nd had abt 32bbs with blinds 1500/3000…….On the final table, the very 1st hand, my stack got crippled when i picked up AK against sum1s AJ and board ran A 7 8 J 2…… nd i was left with 22 bbs which was quite decent then relative to the other players on the table…..from there on there was no looking back and went on to take down the APT 10k Event title by calling with A 10 against sum1s open shove with k 4 and i managed to clip 2 pairs on the board……..
It was such a lovely feeling taking down an international event on their 1st visit to India……i hope there are more tourney successes for me in the future …….lookin forward to PGT December event with their latest highroller attraction 6 max 50k buyin nd a little change in the structure as antes will start from the initial levels ….till then bbyeee guys….take care 🙂

Aditya Mastermind Agarwal

Pokerguru Tour and Aces Unlimited………Live tourney comeback for me…..

September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys ….i have been not blogging lately as i was off from poker……i made a live tourney comeback aftr goin to Goa for Aces and PGT….i wouldnt say much about Aces as it is an old organisation trying to promote poker in India but PGT opened with a bash ……PGT was one of its kind by breaking all the cash payout records… had an awesum blind structure which allowed the players to play deep nd not play bingo like in other tournament series….the highlight of PGT was PokerStars Pro Brian who had come to participate in the tourney….It was at new Pride poker room which has a better ambience than the previous one and is lively with 9-10 tables and 2 of them being in the corners for VIP games or high stake games….
now how did i perform in PGT…..i would say pretty decent exxcept the suck outs or bad beats which generally is the story for all the good players ;)…..the 1st event was 5k rebuy which had like 80 entrants …..i was pretty card dead in this one nd i was almost blinded out when i had to shove on Ac6c 4m my big blind only to find AKo at the button…….the 2nd event was by far the best deepstack tourney i have played till now (in India)……got time to make moves bluff rebluff etc nd did pretty well to reacch the top 10 when my queens got cracked and i became the final table bubble boy…..let me narrate the 3 consecutive hands i got ……firsstly i got AKo on my button when blinds were 2500/5000 nd i made it 10000 total nd everyone folded……second hand i got pockets KKs on my cutoff nd i made it to 10000 when folded to me and got no callers yet again but this time i showed my hand to keep up my reputation……now third hand i get pocket QQs and i do the same move by making 10000 total …..this time the big blind calls…..flop is 2 7 5 rainbow…..he checks i bet 15000 he calls…..turn 7 ..he cheks and i check behind……river is a 4 so now the board is 2 7 5 7 4……he bets 43000 and after a lot of thinking i call with my queens only to find dueces full of sevens……my stack got crippled ….i had like 6 BBs left with me and the very next hand i shove with A3 o and the dealer calls with k 10 and he makes a king pair and i got busted…..the third event was 10k turbo event which was fun ……all i could c was everyone shoving one by one on every table…….there i lost a coin flip with jjs to Ako to my friend from kolkata anil who went down to chop the the 1st nd 2nd prize….
PGT was overall fun ……playin with new faces……new poker room….new structure …..rake free tourney…..and last of all the beautiful silver trophies….i still regret abt the main event if i could have layed down queens thr and if things would have been different …..but that trophy would be mine in future PGTs…..
chalo then…..would be blogging next abt sum fishy cash games…..till then take care…cheers!!


Poker tournament in Kolkata on May day

May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys
I m sure that in this scorching heat everybody would be playing only one sport i.e. POKER… last blog was about cash games in Kolkata…..In this blog i would like to share details about a recent poker tournament that took place in Kolkata last Sunday….
Let me 1st tell that all the participants were highrollers and they play pretty big stakes cash games in Kolkata and some of them was playing a poker tournament for the 1st time…. now comes the details….
It was 25k re buy tournament (re buy available till the 1st hour) and then add on was optional…the starting chipstack was 25k and anybody could rebuy if their chip stack came down to 10k or below….total there were 23 entrants and prize pool went upto 15L 😉 aftr all the rebuys and add ons……total there were 3 prizes decided (1st 55% 2nd 30% and 3rd 15% of total prize pool)……Generally rebuy tourneys r full of action nd players play very aggressively (as seen online and in Goa ) but here on the contrary , everyone was playing a little on the tighter side at the beginning but as the tourney commenced and when re buy period was about to end ppl strtd playing aggressively…..Now let me tell about sum of the hands….
at the early stage nd i mean the very 1st hand on my table( which was relatively much aggressive than the rest of 2 tables)…. 2 players went all in on the flop of 8 7 5 and turn came 6 and river 5…..the guy who moved all in 1st showed 6 7 and the other guy showed A 8 and river saved him by pairing up the board and making higher 2 pairs….
then just b4 the rebuy period ended a person lost with AA to Ad10d when board ran Kd 7c 6s Jd 2d……
i was card dead yet another time nd dint have much to do except 4 stealing chips at the right moment to keep me alive……as the re buy period ended and add on was done i had chipstack of 51k my original buyin + 1 addon …..i was again doin wat i have been doing in the 1st round until there were 16 players left nd we came down to 2 tables….1st hand on this table when blinds where 1500/3000 i picked up big slick and a guy b4 me made it to 8k and i went all in wid 40k and it was a snap call 4m him… my utter dismay i ran into big slick …..then the blind increased to 2k/4k and on my cutoff position i picked up KcQc with 9 big blinds left….after the small nd big blind position every1 had folded so i decided to shove in only to run against big slick or rather 2 big slicks…..yeah thats rite both small nd big blind position picked up AKs….so it ws KQ vs AK vs AK and board ran j 9 2 6 8 and i got knocked out of the tourney in 12th position…..
would cum up with sum more poker action 4m Kolkata ……
till then take care and keep bluffing 😀

IPL kicks off with a stunning match and some online plays after that….

April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys IPL starts with a perfect kind of match where you find all sort of things happening although my city KKR lost but nonetheless it was gud to see the leader of the men in blue continue with his winning streak……After the match i thought abt getting into the grinding mode and started playin online on FulTilt where i was 4 tabling…..
I started off with 25000$,10000$ and 2 of multi entries in 40000$ KO guarantee…… In one of the kO tourneys i ws like card dead and was not involved in much action and ended up having close to 20 BBs with blinds 60/120 …….Thn i get AK on big blind position nd utg makes it to 420 who happens to b the chipleader of the table and was playing aggressively…..everyone folds and action comes up to me and i go all in being sure that i will b atleast in a coin flip situation with utg calling and indeed it ws a coin flip situation whn he snap called with his !0s …..Board came 6 5 6 4 4 and here i again lose a coin flip situation which has been happening to me more than often :|……
In the second KO tourney also i was pretty much card dead and lost in a similar kind of coin flip situation with AQ vs 99s and the board came J J 2 8 7 ….
In 10000$ tourney it ws full of action and i kept on getting krazy hands like back to back queens on button and cutoff position and thn beatin aces with my 4s….again lost some coin flips which made my pretty gud stack to a less than avg stack … on my button when blinds were 60/120 with 15 ante i tried to steal the pot with Jd 9 …..i pot bet which i had been doing earlier with my gud hands and the big blind called me with 5d 8d and flop came Ad Kd 10d …..he checked so i bet half the pot size and he flat called……turn came 8h, he checked and i checked behind him to get a free card and river came Qs so board ws Ad kd 10d 8h Qs he went all in and i snap calling him only to see that he flopped a flush…..dunno whether i played it right or not but i m sure that he cannot call me with that kind of hand pre flop in that position….
any ways lastly in the 25000$ tourney i was just killing it with my stack way more than average and bullying the table with anything and everything until i got pocket Qs only to find some one having pocket Ks……i was on big blind position with blinds 120/240 ante 25 and i had close to 35 bbs…utg bets 600 the cut off and button flat calls ….thn i make it to 2545 everyone folds and button moves all in and i snap call him only to see the stupid play with pocket ks on button…..yeah i lost of course but limping from button with such a strong hand as Ks whn pot bettin has already been done is very sstupid and unjustified but i guess these stupid plays would only payoff me in the future ……
too much of writing …pheewwww… that is all for now as i am done with the writing nd planning to sleep to get up fresh and enjoy IPL matches today …… if any of u feel that the hands i discussed could be played better then feel free to comment ….till then signing offf….

Bad run in home games in kol….

April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys …..
i m blogging after couple of weeks since i introduced myself…..i have not been playing much online because of some work and stuff so i would like to share bad run in the home games last week……
we were playing 8 handed 5k buyin game with blinds 50/100 …..i was pretty card dead and was playin little tight but stilll i managed to bleed somehow and my stack size ws abt 3k whn i picked up big slick under the gun….i limped and person after me bet 600 and 3 people called and on my turn i went allin being sure that nobody was better against my suited AK though there was chances of a coin flip situation…..and the player aftr me went all in with rest of them folding….that person had pocket tens and the board came 9 6 2 4 4 and i lost yet another coin flip situation…..but best thing was i didnt feel bad about it after losing so many coin flips online….then i rebuy with 5k and in my big blind i get pocket aces and aftr raise re raise nd all in, the situation is that 3 of us r all in with KQ vs AA vs A10 and board came k k 10 7 k and i lose on aces to KQ ……then i rebuy for 10k and i was playing decently until i got a cooler when i flopped a set of 5s against someones set of 9s and of course i was stacked 🙁 …..i decided to rebuy for last 10k and on my dealer button i got big slick yet again……some fish made it to 2400 aftr straddle and re straddle and 2 players called and knowing that table was full of lose players i went all in with 10k with one player callin me with KQ against my AK……….i was happy to imagine myself tripling up until the board came k 10 7 Q 2……i lost with KQ being my nemesis hand….i stopped playing :O
i would share some more experiences in my next blog…till then take care and keep bluffing 😉


April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys,let me introduce myself in the 1st blog. My name is Aditya Agarwal and i stay in the city of joy Kolkata and i am a final year engineering student specializing in Information Technology from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. My poker alias is mastermind and i would be pretty much thrilled to tell you guys how i started off with the wonderful game of poker.
I started playing poker back in the year 2007 when I had made a facebook account and came across the Texas Hold’em application while browsing it.I knew nothing about the game then and started playing the game with free chips that one gets after logging in the application. Gradually i gained interest in the game when i came to know about the rules of the game and found out that it is way more skilled than the Indian “teen patti “. After learning the game i taught my friends and started playing home games with ₹200 Buy in and blinds 2/4. Then we happen to meet few poker players in Kolkata itself who knew the game from a very long time and gradually i went on developing my skills playing along with them.I even won the very first poker tournament in Kolkata which had like 20 entrants.
Much has changed since then as the poker players in India has grown exponentially and with it the stakes have also grown bigger and bigger.As far as i am concerned i am right now playing home games in Kolkata with 5000 Buy in. I often travel to Goa for playing the tournaments held at Casino Royale and i have been doing good there.I also started playing online poker tournaments this year and i hope that i would achieve some milestones in the online world of poker .I think this pretty much sums up my poker story.

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